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"Officially Outed" Podcast

"Officially Outed" Podcast

By L. Shalone

a positive twist on what it means to be outed

The "Officially Outed" Podcast is an inclusive digital media company focused on sharing the music and stories of indie and/or LGBTQ+ artist in our "Outed" interviews, lifestyle and entertainment commentary in "Out and About" and dialogism on social/economic issues impacting the underrepresented communities in our "Out"Standing segments.

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L. Shalone
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Outed(S4) OOP47: JoWork - "415"

"Officially Outed" PodcastOct 25, 2022

Outed(S4) OOP47: JoWork - "415"
Oct 25, 202257:43
Outed(S4) OOP46: Medino Green - "Clap"

Outed(S4) OOP46: Medino Green - "Clap"

Is it inspiration, or is it imitation that’s created your newest favorite song? The growth of TikTok began in 2017, and became the latest juggernaut used by the music industry to determine what is a hit, or even create them. Artists are having to choose between being original or being viral, and it’s impacting how they create and how we listen. We’re going to talk about Black music in the Tiktok era. Joining us for this show is Queens-bred MC, Medino Green, as we continue to celebrate #Pride2022. Green’s new single “CLAP” is out now! Medino Green Bio: Medino Green, the hip-hop artist from Queens, NY, hit the scene back in 2009. Small in stature but big in his lyrical ability, he is one of a kind, standing at a mere 5’6”. A true product of the 90’s, with his flashy braggadocio, in your face style, Green is inspired by artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Fabolous, Lil’ Kim, and NAS. He’s remained true to the classic sounds of the era that has inspired him. With his latest mixtape, "inMyBag," Green reminds us why he is unique. The mixtape includes 10 freestyle tracks over familiar beats, including tracks like “Medino Say’s” to “GRN Bomb,” his New York cadence reminds us of where he’s from no matter where he’s at. In addition to the Mixtape, Green also put together a few videos inspired by Rap City’s Big Tigger in the Basement, also another classic moment for hip-hop culture while supporting his fellow queer artist peers by hanging their photos on the wall beside him. These days Green is gearing up for his debut album Mackadocious dropping later this year. The first single out the gate is “CLAP” which is available to stream on all music platforms. Watch this show on our website: Stream “CLAP” by Medino Green: Stream the "inMyBag" Mixtape by Medino Green: Watch the Medino Green Freestyle via DJ Baker's YouTube: Become a Queue Points Insider: Subscribe & Review Us on Apple Podcasts: Review us on Podchaser: Subscribe on YouTube: Follow Us On Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow DJ Sir Daniel On Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Mixcloud: Follow Jay Ray On Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Medino Green On Social Media Instagram: Twitter: #Pride2022 #videopodcast #blackpodcasters #podcasting #LGBTQ

Source: Queue Points Podcast

Sep 14, 202244:15
Outed(S4) OOP45: Hemmingw8y - "Dope Boy"

Outed(S4) OOP45: Hemmingw8y - "Dope Boy"

Hemmingw8y is an R&B soul Artist Residing in Atlanta, GA. The Tennessee Native was raised in the church, where he found the soulful influence of his music. Hemmingw8y’s goal is to make you feel something through not just the music itself but also in his lyrics and distinctive tone. The Performer emerged slowly but surely after relocating in his teenage years from Clarksville, Tennessee to the Magical City of Birmingham, Alabama. Although Dancing and Being a Disc Jockey consumed the majority of his time living there. It gave him the opportunity to make himself an all-around entertainer. As this new Alias Hemmingw8y is created based on the famous writer/novelist Ernest Miller Hemmingway, a different yet familiar vibe is added to the world’s r&b and soul catalog. Hemminw8y’s tone and vibe have been inspired by artists such as Anthony Hamilton and John Legend while still providing modern feels from artists such as Brent Faiyaz, Elhae, Kenyon Dixon, and Victoria Monet.

Source: VoyageATL

Aug 24, 202201:02:05
Outed(S3) OOP44: JP Caruzzo - "Hood Therapy"
Sep 16, 202154:03
Outed(S3) OOP43: Dominque 'Dminq' Robbins - "30"

Outed(S3) OOP43: Dominque 'Dminq' Robbins - "30"

DMINQ is an American R&B artist hailing from the box state of Colorado! His style is one that is completely all his own very unique, but also big bold and charming. DMINQ is becoming a force to be reckoned with so stay tuned as he takes you deeper and deeper into his life musically.

Jul 23, 202155:42
Outed(S3) OOP39: B. Aquarius - 'Growth 2'

Outed(S3) OOP39: B. Aquarius - 'Growth 2'

Brandon Boulware, known by his stage name B. Aquarius (formally YoungB215), is an American singer-songwriter, New Orleans Bounce rapper, and producer. Born & raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Started out making beats 2007 – 2012. He has opened up for artist like Brittney Taylor (Love & Hip Hop New York) & up and coming artist Sim Santana. He has also performed at various venues around Philadelphia most notable The Fillmore & Voltage Lounge just to name 2, as well as Washington, DC and Center Stage in Atlanta, Ga.  


Instagram: B_Aquarius 

Twitter: B_Aquarius215

Jun 20, 202151:03
Outed(S3) OOP42: IAMRebelWill - "Addicted"

Outed(S3) OOP42: IAMRebelWill - "Addicted"

Born and raised in bilingual Montreal, Toronto-based Pop/R&B entertainer, IAMREBELWILL is influenced by the showmanship of Janet Jackson, the eclectic artistry of Andre 3000 and the vibes and feels of Kaytranada. 

“Addicted” is the launch single of Rebel’s upcoming project, RebelFuturism (late 2021). “Addicted” is simply an anthem on being hopelessly in love,” declares IAMREBELWILL. “ I spent a huge portion of my life afraid to be myself and this project allows me to finally be authentically Rebel! My ultimate goal is to use my voice to challenge the stereotypical perspective in mainstream pop music and help empower the underrepresented LGTBQ+ and POC community to be fearlessly themselves.” 

RebelFuturism, is seductive, contemporary R&B, soaked in the neon bleached nightclub vibes of house bass-lines, infused with irresistible pop hooks and melodies. “It’s a soundtrack for modernity, addressing sexuality, sexual fluidity, identity and equality,” says Rebel. “As a proud queer black man I wanted to create something that gave a voice to my experience and a voice to folks whose stories the majority of time are not told.”

"Addicted,' produced by Nick Katz, Tafari Anthony Davis & Anthony Williams, is the lead single off of RebelFuturism (Fall 2021)



Facebook/Twitter/YouTube: @IAMREBELWILL

Jun 13, 202101:00:33
Outed(S3) OOP41: Canade - "Magic Hour"

Outed(S3) OOP41: Canade - "Magic Hour"

Ronald Canady, has been influenced by the foundation of contemporary R&B, but infused with Gospel and Pop. From the tender age of 7 years old, as anonly child, he watched his grandmother sing in the choir and listened to his mother casually cover Anita Baker songs. The heart and soul of the choir and the raw emotion his mother shared singing songs such as, “365 days” ignited his passion for music as an art form and allowed for the recognition of his own talent. Music blossomed within him as he grew to perform with an award winning group, “the Jazz Singers”, and instilled the dream in him for a solo career. For the past ten years, Canade – his artist name - has performed at open mics, showcases, and talent revues both locally in the greater Atlanta area and NYC.

Cultivating his own sound by challenging the norm, Canadecovers deep cuts and obscure nostalgic gems in his sets that most artists would never even think of. With his complex lyrical content and compelling arrangements, he’s getting back to what R&B/Soul music is at its core, honest and raw. Canade’s brand is a complete package of complexity and sincerity. His sound, a compilation of a wide range of influences, is different than today’s music - not manufactured or copied.

Canade is a representation of authenticity and his story of redemption is heartfelt. He uses his platform to uplift others and it vividly paints his relationship with GOD. Compassion, empathy, transparency, and true forgiveness are only a few topics touched by this alien in his music.

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, he’s resilience is captivating and inspiring. He’s ready to walk in his light and nothing will stand in his way. With persistence, passion, and purpose, he is ready to give the world something to imitate.... but never duplicate.

Jun 07, 202101:01:30
Outed(S3) OOP40: Tramel - "Popped Off"

Outed(S3) OOP40: Tramel - "Popped Off"


Tramel Harris is a powerhouse known for his contagious personality, cool demeanor, deadly reads and dynamic vocals!Tramel is not only a singer, model, actor known for his appearances in popular indie films such as Aspired; and TheAssistant). He’s also the co-host of the popular podcast “TheCorporate Mouth”, and co-hosts of “ATL wants to know” which airs of Outpour media platform.

With Tramel being the next big thing in R & B, He has a wide array of captivating melodies, harmonies, and smooth transitions. He currently has an EP out called“Six Page Letter” and a new single out called “PoppedOff”.

December 2019, Tramel made his debut in the music world with his smash hitSingle. Tramel recently gained even more notoriety with the debut of his freshmanEP “Six Page Letter,” (hit singles include"All on Me" and "It’s Real") released inOctober of 2020, which peaked at #25 on the R & B iTunes charts.

Tramel YouTube:

The Corporate Mouth YouTube:



2 6 9 . 2 5 1 . 4 0 3 0

D B B L U E F L A M E @ G M A I L . C O M

May 30, 202101:10:46
Outed(S3) OOP39: Young Royal - "Hurt Raised Me"
May 23, 202152:49
Outed(S3) OOP37: K $tarr - "Rockstarr"
May 10, 202101:12:01
Outed(S3) OOP36: Ali Steele - "I Can Only Be Me"

Outed(S3) OOP36: Ali Steele - "I Can Only Be Me"

Ali Steele, singer / songwriter business owner of Ethnic by Ali, and 1/3 of Issa vibe adventures was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He was subject to bullying for the color of his skin at a very young age. This caused him to write.

Mr. Steele became a songwriter at a fairly young age of 14. At that age, he knew he had a gift. He eventually produced a published record. While still working on music in his spare time, he also yearned for more.

He grew up in an adverse environment where self-love and pride were not taught. He wasn’t exposed to nature and never missed it. As he got older, he became exposed to different artists and public figures such as Erykah Badu and Dr. Llaila Afrika who helped show himself love and acceptance. He became engulfed in learning African roots and traditions, as well as developing a strong pride for the color of his skin.

This newfound love of himself motivated him to start a business called Ethnic by Ali. He chose that title as a celebration of ethnicity, and Ali is his middle name. He also felt as if the name, Ali, meant a lot to his family since it is a shared middle name amongst some of the males in his family.

“Ali” means the highest one.



Ethnic by Ali:

Issa Vibes Adventures:

Bio from 

May 05, 202101:02:28
Outed(S3) OOP35: Craig Watutu - "Champain"

Outed(S3) OOP35: Craig Watutu - "Champain"

Craig Watutu is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. He developed a passion for music from an early age. He was classically trained from the age of 7, and after graduating from NYU where he majored in psychology and minored in music business and Africana studies, he decided to pursue a career in music. He describes his music as eclectic R&B and soul with a pop appeal, taking elements from various genres of music. His inspirations come anywhere from jazz music in the 1920s and Motown music in the 1960s, to China’s mando-pop and Ghana’s highlife, to the new era of electro and trap music. He cites Sarah Vaughan, Kim Burrell, Frank Ocean, Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, Lauryn Hill and Beyonce as some of his biggest influences. After a life-altering event and loss, he went on a spiritual quest to find meaning and healing and it led him further into music. He channeled all his energy into writing and has been perfecting his craft under the guidance of Tony Conniff and Jodi Gray, and it’s his hope to bring back the classic sound of R&B and Soul that connects with people. His lyrics are often introspective, emotional, raw and often deal with topics such as love, heartbreak, loss, substance abuse and mental health, all through the eyes of an Asian in America.  Apart from his music endeavors, Craig has always been actively involved in his community. From serving on various boards of student organizations at NYU, to his extensive volunteer experience with World Vision, he’s always firmly believed in giving back to the community. During his time in Ghana, he spearheaded a benefit concert for underprivileged youth, as well as worked as a PA for the biggest talent show in Ghana called Stars of the Future. Just in the past year, he worked as a publicity fellow for Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative, a gay rights organization based in New York, and he started his own accountability group called Accountability Periodt, which seeks to help artists achieve their goals through weekly goal setting and mentorship. Currently he’s the president of Future Executives, an organization that equip young entrepreneurs with tools to achieve their dreams. For more on Craig Watutu, you can go to his website or find him on IG @craigwatutu.
Apr 25, 202101:08:52
Outed(S3) OOP25: "boyfriendbydangelo"

Outed(S3) OOP25: "boyfriendbydangelo"

Boyfriend by D'Angelo forthcoming third collection is designed with "Changing the Game with Street Wear" in Mind.  Rather he is designing and creating, or reminding you The Shit We Do For Love "TSWDFL," you can best believe he is doing it with Style, Class and Grace.  Check out Boyfriend by D'Angelo because everyone wants one!

Apr 21, 202152:33
Outed(S3) OOP34: Efin Hookah - Black Owned Business Feature - Hookah Services

Outed(S3) OOP34: Efin Hookah - Black Owned Business Feature - Hookah Services

We are celebrating Black Owned Business Efin Hookah.  Efin Hookah is the next wave of e-hookah enjoyment that provides mobile hookah service for private events, lounges and entertainment promotions.

People ask what does “Efin” mean? Efin is another word for Smoke from Yoruba Africa! “e” for electric ....”e” for Everette (my name) ...”e” for Efinhookah (smoke hookah)

To book: In box on IG

Apr 18, 202147:13
Outed(S3) OOP33: MAN Williamz "Makeup"

Outed(S3) OOP33: MAN Williamz "Makeup"

MAN Williamz is an upcoming independent hip-hop/rap artist with a fresh new voice and style, especially for the Black LGBTQ+ community. As a former dancer and choreographer, Williamz wishes to express himself and his experiences visually through artistic music videos and achingly personal lyrics that resonate with queer people on a spiritual level. His debut single, “MAKEUP” has been out since February 2021 and has already hit 100,000+ views on YouTube, which is a promising start for this exceptionally bold and unique artist.
Williamz’s music preserves a political element while being entertaining and enjoyable for the masses. He is vocal about his goals to inspire young, LGBTQ+ artists of color. In his words, “You never know who may be inspired” and that is what motivates him to keep moving forward. Williamz is driven to ensure that queer and POC creatives get the recognition and platform they deserve to have their stories heard. Williamz doesn't shy away from his queerness. His music, dance, and entire existence are activism.
It is quite recently that the Black LGBTQ+ movement has gained accelerated momentum. Even though the music industry has witnessed numerous queer black legends throughout history, their queerness has been swept under the rug and utterly ignored. It is finally time to own diversity in sexuality as part of the identity of black artists. That is what Williamz is striving to achieve with his art. He has embraced his sexuality and turned it into the focal point of his rap music. His lyrics, choreography, and the tone of his music videos all gallantly feature gayness as a critical element.
Originally from the South of Chicago, Williamz is aspiring to go global. The 2020s will surely see this passionate musician blossom and bloom into a worldwide sensation. It is exciting to see Williamz fearlessly embark on this new journey. This is just the beginning of a new chapter.
Stream MAKEUP on ALL Music streaming platforms!
@manwilliamz-FaceBook, IG,Twitter
Apr 11, 202144:13
Outed(S3) OOP32: Diamond Blacc - "Shannon's Son"
Apr 04, 202155:55
Outed(S3) OOP31: LS Lane -"Kundalini"

Outed(S3) OOP31: LS Lane -"Kundalini"

Meet LS Lane, CEO of Adnoc Entertainment. In an era where male MCs are taking over the music scene, LS emerges as the lone female maven to fill the gap of the sexes. With an undeniable sex appeal and beauty, this gifted lyricist, songwriter, producer, model, & host is more than a pretty face.  She possess the feminine energy known as "Kundalini" and brings a level of energy that can take on any opponent in the game. LS Lane is embarking on a journey to right the social injustices through her efforts in the community. For LS Lane its "GET LIVE or GET LOST."

#GETLIVEorGETLOST #wholetlaneinthejungle #refugeesofatl

Femcee, Entertainer, Songwriter, Host, Producer, Entertainment 

Apr 03, 202155:32
Outed(S3) OOP30: Poetiik Soulja -"The Longest Night"

Outed(S3) OOP30: Poetiik Soulja -"The Longest Night"

Poetiik started collecting his thoughts together in his autobiography entitled, "Unleash the Inner Me", a descriptive and graphic memoir of his personal accounts growing up as a youth and coming to grips with his own individual identity. 

He is a LA--based independent LGBT artist with with a brand new debut album titled, "The Longest Night" that's out now on all digital platforms.  He is also an actor notable for his acting debut portraying the character, Darnell Chambers on a web series, "Momma'z Boi" Poetiik Soulji is no stranger to the spotlight, including producing and casting, now lets go on the music journey with him. 

Apr 02, 202150:28
Outed(S3) OOP29: Aaron Thomas - "Jupiter"

Outed(S3) OOP29: Aaron Thomas - "Jupiter"

From Gospel stardom to topping the R&B iTunes Charts... Aaron Thomas is a triple threat and a legend in his own right. Consistently emerging making history as an artist. Known for his distinct vocal styles & aberrant song melodies. There's clearly no limit to his talent as he brings forth an addicting sound of raw emotion and lyrics that leave you in a frenzy*.


Mar 14, 202101:09:32
Outed(S3) OOP28: Don+ - "Make A Move"

Outed(S3) OOP28: Don+ - "Make A Move"

Don+ brings us the R&B music infused with 80's, 90's and early 2000's that reflects the sounds and emotions you find from each era.  Don+ is dropping his debut EP, "Make A Move" that is sure to take us on a journey and nostalgic R&B ride from artist such as Aaliyah, Faith Evans and many other from the R&B golden era and some modern hip-hop beats.  Get you listening ear ready for the sounds of Don+.

Feb 28, 202101:19:08
Outed(S3) OOP26: Phylle -"Worthy"

Outed(S3) OOP26: Phylle -"Worthy"

LARRY “PHYLLE” CARTER II is speaking to a generation. His platform is R&B and the message is simple: love and equality for all people. He states, “Music was my escape as a child. I was very shy and I didn’t fit in. Music is the only thing that gave me comfort.” Phylle gives a glimpse into that world in his visual “The Worthy Experience” released December 3rd. It is a must see. Having shared the stage with some of the industry greats, this Urban Gentleman is poised to take the industry by storm with his new EP “WORTHY” available December 13th 2020. It will be available everywhere you buy and stream music. “My music is evolving into a movement of LOVE.  I call it Healing Soul Music.” Contact Instagram: Phylleworld Twitter: Phylleworld Facebook: OfficialPhylle
Feb 14, 202146:03
Outed(S3) OOP24: Shawn Red - "Do All Gays go to Hell"

Outed(S3) OOP24: Shawn Red - "Do All Gays go to Hell"

Shawn Red, from Paterson, NJ, jumped on the music scene at the urging of a friend who heard him singing.  Since then he has gifted us with three projects including '"Tough Love," "Too Good for You" and his current EP "Do All Gays Go To Hell."  

Shawn Red has a smooth voice and after taking his career serious along with his determination to make it in this business, he begin working on new music including his forthcoming single "Give Me All Your Love."  Not new to the game, keep an out for this upcoming artist and his new EP “🔥Do All Gays Go To Hell🔥?” is available on all streaming platforms!

Jan 31, 202101:02:40
Outed(S3) OOP23: Prince Cat-Eyez - "9 Livez"

Outed(S3) OOP23: Prince Cat-Eyez - "9 Livez"

Dubbed hip-hop's "Ghetto Prince Charming," Prince Cat-Eyez, openly gay rapper, songwriter and activist, encourages individuality and breathes a breath of realism into his music with his distinguishable vocals and in-your-face lyrics along his many performances turn many heads. 

Prince Cat-Eyez aims to help erase homophobia from rap music and challenges stereotypes by shedding light on the fact that LGBT people come from the ghetto too, and can do anything, often times even better that their heterosexual counterparts.

Check out his latest project "9 Livez" out now and prepare your ears for new music in 2021 on his new record label, Marshall Park Entertainment.


IG: Prince Cat-Eyez

Jan 28, 202150:55
Outed(S3) OOP22: "Frenergy" featuring De'Von Forbes, Tevin Labrice and Martel Star

Outed(S3) OOP22: "Frenergy" featuring De'Von Forbes, Tevin Labrice and Martel Star

"Frenergy" is a series about three friends, who go through some crazy moments living in ATL. Last season, Corey went through a lot, the loss of his mother and finding out some issues with his personal life. Prince had a relationship drama and he lost his job. Nick found a new man and started to see life in a new way. What will these guys go through in season II?  Download the WatchACTV App now to catch up on Season II!  

In this episode we get some vocals from Tevin Labrice, Martel Star shows us how to "Flex" and we hear from the Award Winning Producer Devon Forbes and his amazing story.  Oh, I forget to mention Ciara owes him $3.00 dollars and he still wants his money! IG: @frenergytheseries, @watchactv, @aconnectiontv, @master_devon, @tevinlabiceofficial, @martelstar

Jan 17, 202101:01:34
Outed(S2) OOP21: "The Mister" featuring Wesley Henderson, Bakari Shuman, Rico Cassadine and Ryan Marcus (Season II Finale)
Oct 18, 202001:02:16
Outed(S2) OOP20: Bugz Gutta - "The Pynk Gorilla Effect"

Outed(S2) OOP20: Bugz Gutta - "The Pynk Gorilla Effect"

From the dark streets of Virginia to the Big Apple, Bugz Gutta is not defined by his past instead becoming one of today's most influential LGBTQ artist of today.  He is a hardcore, no nonsense style rapper who is open and honest about his sexuality and many other topics of the LGBTQ such as fighting for transgender lives and rights.  

Bugz Gutta, along with his boo and business partner are building an empire with Pynkgorilliaentertainment and their line-up of artist. Stay tuned for new music from this dynamic duo and the family of artist.

Sep 06, 202001:13:34
Outed(S2) OOP19: Redd Krucial - "Seven-VII-7"

Outed(S2) OOP19: Redd Krucial - "Seven-VII-7"

Take this journey to the old-Atlanta hip-hop sound with Redd Krucial as he gives audiences a little insight into his life, the best way he knows how...his music.  The raps flow smoothly and his style is so natural.  Then he preps us for what's next by blessing us with an exclusive introduction to his new music single "Real Nigga" from his forthcoming album Seven-VII-7.   Redd Krucial brings back that nostalgia we are missing, Redd is so ATL!

Aug 30, 202001:19:39
Outed(S2) OOP18: Atia - "Into My Own"

Outed(S2) OOP18: Atia - "Into My Own"

Ever wanted to meet one of the most influential women in the world?  The multi-facted, multi-talented, and Jay-Z's better half? Yes, you say! How about a face to face at the 2013 Presidential inauguration with the queen of R&B? Beyonce, who is typically surrounded with her very own personal security detail might seem inaccessible to most.

Meet the 26 year old. bi-linguaI singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer, Atia, standing at a pint sized 5 feet  tall, herself walked to the through queen who Bey's security detail and respectfully introduced herself to the queen who unsurprisingly welcomed her with open arms.

One listen to her sultry vocals over her R&B/Hip-Hop fused singles "Used 2" and "Best of You" from her EP "Just Like Boys" will get you to see what "it" is that has so many industry veterans chomping at the bit to work with Atia. 

Atia is ready to show the world why she's a force to be reckoned with.

Atia can be found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat @ATIA1126

Aug 09, 202001:12:03
Outed(S2) OOP17: (The Famous King of Positivity) I.K.P. - "The Poetry of Color"

Outed(S2) OOP17: (The Famous King of Positivity) I.K.P. - "The Poetry of Color"

Kenny M. Alvarez or I.K.P. (The Infamous King of Positivity) is a Brooklyn, New York-born, Norfolk, Virginia-raised rapper-producer. His moniker represents a commitment to creating art with a focus on self-empowerment and compassion for communities affected by HIV and AIDS. I.K.P. honed his performance and recording skills during his five-year service in the United States Marines Corps. After being discharged honorably, I.K.P. attended Full Sail University, in Winter Park, Florida graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business.

I.K.P. has founded Reigning Positivity Music, and is currently working on his next projects with Ivan Corpening also known as MNDCFT, a producer-engineer who’s credits include work on platinum-selling and Grammy-nominated SZA’s album Ctrl.

These days, you won’t need to search long for artists breaking boundaries on gender norms or sexual fluidity in many other genres. I.K.P. brings the ability to bridge the gap between hip-hop’s nature for storytelling of disenfranchised people with the humanity in alternative lifestyles.

Kenny "I.K.P." Alvarez
Founder, Reigning Positivity, LLC 
Co-Host, The Herbal Tea Podcast
website:: IKP.ME

Jul 26, 202001:23:51
Outed(S2) OOP16: Rico Cassadine - "Scorpion Sting"

Outed(S2) OOP16: Rico Cassadine - "Scorpion Sting"

Rico Cassadine is coming to you straight from the ATL streets to your ear with his music or visually as an actor, known for The Mister (2019) and When Love Takes Over.

Take this journey with us as we learn more about Rico Cassadine and his dirty south rap roots, why he loves to "act up" and we get to the "Thick of It!"

Jul 12, 202001:26:11
Outed(S2) OOP15: Medino Green - "GRN"
Jul 05, 202001:03:60
Outed(S2) OOP14: "Black Lives Matter - Civil Rights 2020" featuring Vickie Parker-LBSW, Calvin Pegus-MPH and L. Shalone-MSA

Outed(S2) OOP14: "Black Lives Matter - Civil Rights 2020" featuring Vickie Parker-LBSW, Calvin Pegus-MPH and L. Shalone-MSA

Panelist Vickie Parker, LBSW, Calvin Pegus, MPH and L. Shalone, MSA sit down to discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement and the impact to the ongoing fight for our Civil Rights in this country, George Floyd and other cases including LGBTQ+ community, the "Early Impacts of Cultural Sensitivity Training"  that Calvin Pegus is doing,  workplace diversity, and how music helps us cope with the mental and emotional trauma.

Jun 28, 202001:03:02
Outed(S2) OOP13: Young Kaii - "Memories"

Outed(S2) OOP13: Young Kaii - "Memories"

Young Kaii, formerly known as K Star, is a talented female rapper who fell in love with hip hop at a very young age. Writing her first verse at fourteen, Kaii discovered rapping and writing as a way for her to release the stress of a not-so-perfect home environment. Using her life experiences as a driving force, she began to turn the negativity of having hustling brothers and poverty stricken parents into lyrical masterpieces, which are found on her reputation-making mix-tapes. Soon after,Young Kaii released a series of mixtapes including “The Gossip Volume 1,”. Which has created a huge buzz not only in her hometown but in places like New York, Miami as well as her parents' home of the Dominican Republic. In her home city of Providence, Young Kaii has continued to work diligently to gain respect and popularity as a known voice in female rap. Her versatility stems not only with her ability to produce punch line after punch line, but also from her hunger for success, and willingness to push the envelope. She has achieved greater notoriety in her ability to reinvent herself. Young Kaii decided to embark on an all inclusive mixture of music which includes rap and R&B. Thus, her persona, Young Kaii, is one that will draw old and new fans together in enjoyment of this fuller persona of herself. On her up and coming album, due out later this year Young Kaii will introduce R & B melodies as well as giving fans her traditional eclectic rap style; sure to expand her reputable platform. Ultimately, these key ingredients make Young Kaii an unstoppable artistic force in a widening musical arena. Young Kaii continues to focus on her Team *ARTABLAZE*, recordings , and performing and traveling throughout the country to help gain momentum for her up and coming career. For Young Kaii, there are no limits!
Jun 21, 202001:13:26
Outed(S2) OOP12: Rahim Brazil - "Closure"

Outed(S2) OOP12: Rahim Brazil - "Closure"

Rahim Brazil is an Hiphop artist/entertainer, Actor, Director and Radio personality from Baltimore, MD. It is rare that anyone comes across an artist that is self-motivated, inspirational, extremely talented, and a genuine representation of true artistry.
His music offers an invigorating sound that captures his listeners attention. His unique music style is made of melodic harmonies, lyrical punches, energetic movements, and realism.
Currently Rahim Brazil has released a new single “Superstar” off his sophomore album entitled Closure. He shares stories of his past to where he acknowledges the ending of cycles that no longer serves us.
Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, he intends to make his way through the industry performing at shows, killing stages, speaking on panels, hosting events and inspiring the upcoming generation. When Rahim is not working on music he is actively creating movies and tv programs.
In 2017 he proudly created Dream House Television Network, an in-line streaking Platform that show movies, docu-series and various shows. He is the writer and director of the Hit series Twisted, which gained over 500k views on YouTube. 2020 will be the start of a new journey as he takes it up a notch and stepping into his star potential. Rahim Brazil is more than a star, but a trailblazer.
Connect with Rahim via his social media handles:
@Rahimbrazilonline @RahimBrazil
Jun 15, 202001:04:46
Outed(S2) OOP11: Pryme Tyme - "Give It To Me Now"

Outed(S2) OOP11: Pryme Tyme - "Give It To Me Now"

One of my favorites drops in for a follow-up, sharing his single "Level-Up,"give us an update on his new single "Give It To Me Now" and talks about his decision to change his artist name from Mister Banks to Pyrme Tyme. Watch the video to "Level Up" and listen to "Give It To Me Now" on youtube at and follow Pyrme Tyme on IG @MisterBanks304. We look forward to the forthcoming project and stay tuned for the release of new music from Pryme Tyme.
If you haven't listen to his first interview, go back to Season 1, Episode 1 and to peep put the artist formally known as Mister Banks.

May 28, 202034:09
Outed(S2) OOP10: Kerry D - "D.N.A"

Outed(S2) OOP10: Kerry D - "D.N.A"

Kerry D is new to this season of "Chasing Dallas" but not new to the daily grind of chasing his dream to bless the world with his gifts.  Rather its from his soulful sometimes gospel melody found on his EP D.N.A. to his sultry sound on "Blow Ya Mind" as one half of the group RM8.  Take a journey to learn more about this singer/songwriter from Ohio to becoming a Texan.  You will enjoy this one.  Video to 'Blow Ya Mind" out now!

May 03, 202001:04:48
Outed(S2) OOP9: SashaRenee - "F.L.A.V.A"

Outed(S2) OOP9: SashaRenee - "F.L.A.V.A"

Take this journey to Kentucky with me! Here comes the brand new F.L.A.V.A in ya ear with SashaRenee!

Critics describe Sasha Renee as playful, lyrical, and honest. Stephen Trageser of "Nashville Scene" magazine wrote about Sasha Renee before a show she did in Nashville, TN at The Stone Fox, stating "With a boxer's grace and lightning speed, she shifts from mellifluous and soulful to fierce and piercing." Sasha Renee is an independent hip-hop/soul femcee originally from Louisville, KY. Sasha Renee's first project was a mixtape titled "A Proper Introduction" Hosted by K Camp’s Atlanta DJ, DJ Genius and released in 2011. Sasha has since released another mixtape in 2012, a compilation album in 2014, an EP in 2017, various singles and is set to release her F.L.A.V.A. EP by April 2019. Check out Sasha Renee's archive of work on Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Bandcamp and continue to keep up with new releases on Spotify.

Featured Tracks: "My City," "Dedicated" (feat. Berran Lee & Jordan Jetson), "Candy Bars," "What You Need," "Misery and Pain" and "Crush" (feat. Kori Black.

Apr 19, 202053:17
Outed OOP8: Casp3r - "Watch Out"

Outed OOP8: Casp3r - "Watch Out"

Take this journey with me to the West Coast.  It's hard growing up in the LBC right?  Well Casp3r, an emerging indie artist out of Los Angeles has done just that.  

Casp3r is a 20 year old from LA attending college in San Diego - USD to be exact, where he does small venues to showcase his music at open mic night around the city and open to more opportunities to share his craft with the world in the LA or SD area. Rather he is in the studio, collaborating with other artist or on the yard studying, you better "Watch Out."  Once Casp3r gets ahold of the mic, "It's Over!"  Stick around for the ride with Casp3r, as he takes you through some his highs and lows in his life journey through his music on his upcoming project " i.AM.Lost."  In Casp3r's own words, "Its no where to go but up from here!"

Sep 09, 201938:43
Outed OOP7: "Lipstick and Cognac" featuring Yac

Outed OOP7: "Lipstick and Cognac" featuring Yac

Rodney comes to the "Black Mecca"  from Gulfport, MS.  After running into a couple of thorns in his dating life, Rodney begin conversing with his friend saying, "I’m going to start a channel about relationships and it doesn't  matter if you are straight or gay, let’s just talk about it since love really doesn’t have a color or gender when you truly think about it."

Rodney decided that his own insecurities was holding him back and within weeks of talking about the show idea with his friend, they went live and the views and comments were off the chain. People really liked them together because Yac provided a male homosexual perspective and Patreceia (Lipstick) gave a married heterosexual female perspective providing the foundation and start of Lipstick and Cognac. Within two months they were interviewed by podcasters, had an opportunity to have their own radio show on Kluster Media Radio and from there were picked up by Rollingout Magazine to film the show every Tuesday at 4 pm est.

Lipstick and Cognac are fast-rising stars who bring a new and diverse perspective to the table. Lipstick’s down-to-earth voice of reason pairs well with Cognac’s tell-it-like-it is personality. Together they are a crazy, intellectual, no-holds barred duo that will keep you laughing. The Lipstick and Cognac show create a judgment-free space to openly discuss relationships and day-to-day issues that we all encounter in this thing called life. Gay or straight, black or white, single or married, everyone has a story and Lipstick and Cognac provide an open platform to discuss topics plaguing the everyday person. You can catch them every Tuesday from 4 PM to 5 PM EST on and Rolling Out Live via Facebook (credit: Voyage ATL).

Contact Info:

Website: Email: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Other:
Aug 26, 201933:13
Outed OOP6: Coriology - “Be With You"

Outed OOP6: Coriology - “Be With You"

At the corner where music intersects with jazz, soul, pop & rock, you will meet Coriology. His artistic approach to music has gained the attention and respect of many audiences.  Coriology adds a strong perspective to the conversation around what it means to be funneling through the up, down, internal, and external age-old journey of being happy and in love with thought provoking raw insights into the modern search for love and companionship, from both a heterosexual and homosexual perspective. The singer has been able to hone his vocal and instrumental talents performing on stage with icons such as Mariah Carey, Kirk Franklin, Stephanie Mills, and Monica. 
Jul 29, 201947:46
Outed OOP5 - Oliver Twixt - "Lolly"

Outed OOP5 - Oliver Twixt - "Lolly"

Oliver Twixt, originally from South Florida, has been able to capture dozens of audiences with his unconventional sound, quirky aesthetics, and electrifying personality.  His slick lyricism ---- has already led the Head Nerd In Charge.  Aside from rap, Twixt is also a media personality. Having received a co-sign from celebrity media personality Funky Dineva Ross, Twixt serves as his lead media contributor to his website.  Extending his contributions to art and entertainment you can catch his big personality on "Chasing Atlanta". Oliver in full production including a 90's rap influenced EP, as well as the launch of his very own production company.

Jul 15, 201944:10
Outed OOP4: "The Grooming Quarters" featuring Tahir Woods

Outed OOP4: "The Grooming Quarters" featuring Tahir Woods

We go "Out and About" with Tahir Woods, Celebrity/Platform Barber and so much more. Tahir has been featured on Bravo and BET and has been called upon to groom some of Atlanta's top celebrities. Take the journey with Tahir who overcome the mean streets of Philly to becoming one of Atlanta's premier Master Barbers. During episode 4, Tai gives you a front row seat to his his story and journey. Looking for a barber in Atlanta...visit StyleSeat and book Tahir Woods today, but you better hurry because he stay's booked!
Jul 01, 201957:15
Outed OOP3: Stayce Dylan - "The Introduction of Saint Francis”

Outed OOP3: Stayce Dylan - "The Introduction of Saint Francis”

Zimbabwean born, Atlanta raised artist Stayce Frances Dylan is navigating her way through her very own lane by not only producing her own soundscapes but also delivering potent raps filled with bravado, charisma, resilience, and dose of comedic relief. Listen as she shares her journey. Her self produced debut EP Flowers For Stones: Vol 1 Devil Be Lyin will be released on July 29th under her label Golden Bees & Silver Birds LLC, she is sure to not only entertain you but capture your heart.
Jun 17, 201942:20
Outed OOP2: Manny K. Soul - "Blazing Love"
Jun 15, 201939:15
Outed OOP1: Mister Banks - "I Got The Sauce"
Jun 15, 201942:50
Outed OOP: "The Prequel" featuring OOP Host L. Shalone

Outed OOP: "The Prequel" featuring OOP Host L. Shalone

Introduction to the "Officially Outed" Podcast featuring the CEO and podcast host L. Shalone.  In "The Prequel" provides listeners with a preview of the mission and purpose of officially outed podcast and background into the name.  Officially Outed podcast was created to put a positive twist on what it means to be outed for Indie and LGBTQ+ music artist.  We want the world to hear their music content and thus we are "outing" their music.  Join L. Shalone as he shares each artist story and music in the "Officially Outed" Podcast (O.O.P.).  Artist interested in being featured on O.O.P., should forward an email to with the Subject Line: Out My Music.  Artist should have an Electronic Press Kit or fact sheet along with a MP3 mastered version of song(s) being featured.

Jun 15, 201909:55