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By Benjamin Life

Harmonizing The Web of Meaning
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ImpactDAOs & The Purpose Economy EP_03

OmniHarmonicJun 10, 2022

ImpactDAOs & The Purpose Economy EP_03

ImpactDAOs & The Purpose Economy EP_03

Ale Borda is a visionary leader in the emerging domains of web3 and social impact. She wrote the book ImpactDAOs with Kevin Owoki, articulating “the foundational atomic building block of an emergent, regenerative, peer to peer, pluralistic civilizational scale infrastructure for funding public goods.”

Public Goods, which Ale and I speak about in the episode, are goods that are both non-enclosable and non-rivalrous, two essential design criteria for creating new systems that can overcome the self-terminating trajectories of our current win-lose civilization.

Ale also works with Fifty Years, an impact venture firm that supports founders with big visions for solutions that address humanity’s most entrenched challenges.

One of the key takeaways of our conversation is the notion that ImpactDAOs may signal the earliest stages of an entire economic paradigm in which all individuals are able to participate in meaningful, self-governed, purpose-oriented, positive-sum collaboration for the benefit of all Life. In order for such a system to emerge, it must out-compete our existing system in efficiency, cost, and accessibility. Ale and the community of visionaries and builders she’s convening are setting out to do just that through the creation of peer impact networks, shared knowledge and best practices, and new funding mechanisms that up-regulate for collaboration, all-win competition, and synergy.

In our discussion of interoperability and a commons-based approach to social impact, I mentioned the work of my beloved colleague, Sheri Herndon and her role in inter-organizational synergy and field-building. You can listen to Sheri’s podcast here.

On a personal note, I’ve chosen to leave Facebook and Instagram due to their ontological constraints on healthy dialogue. Please find me on Twitter to continue the conversation, and, if it inspires you, share this episode on all your favorite channels.

Jun 10, 202201:20:31
Initiation & Ritual EP_02

Initiation & Ritual EP_02

Continuing from the exploration of the regenerative turn in the first episode of Omniharmonic, today I spoke with Jordan (Josie) Siegel, a beloved friend and kin on the journey of embodying a vision of a more beautiful and ethical world.

We discuss the role of initiation and ritual in a time between worlds, the relationship between metamodernism and animism, and the courageous choice of relational, sovereign participation in the web Life.

Josie’s participatory container for visionary creators, the Rootcamp Collective, is producing their next Groundworks, “a devotional accountability structure + community network for discipline-ready visionaries” May 24th-June 14th, 2022 and June 30th - July 21st.

You can learn more @

May 13, 202201:57:06
The Liminal Web EP_01
Apr 09, 202202:04:27
Welcome to Omniharmonic EP_0

Welcome to Omniharmonic EP_0

It’s not the note you play that’s the wrong note. It’s the note you play afterwards that makes it right or wrong. - Miles Davis

As humanity awakens from the meaning crisis,  we face the profound existential question of how to live in harmony,  with one another, with the Earth, with the technology we create. The  simultaneous emergence of exponential existential risk at a civilizational scale alongside the development of the internet’s  decentralized third wave (web3), has compelled humanity forward on its  developmental trajectory towards a planetary regenerative civilization.  Moving from centralized authorities of truth into a web of  intersubjective embodied meanings, truth itself is reborn through the  “regenerative turn” as we come back to Life, come back to ourselves as Life, and come back to one another as Beloved Community.  Instead of aspiring to a perfected, abstract, disembodied, axial sense  of Truth, we can instead begin to develop the collective practices  necessary to generate structures of shared meaning that serve the  ongoing development and expression of Life and beauty.

In the face  of the profound responsibility of creating healthy ecologies of  meaning,  we are called forth to find new methodologies of producing  coherent structures of shared values and culture that support Life in  thriving. This ecological approach to the many layers of harmony  (physical, psychological, conceptual, technological, and cultural) takes  us on a journey of deep listening, deep inquiry, and deep participation  as active agents of harmony embedded within the web of Life.

Omniharmonic  is an ongoing domain of inquiry, specifically exploring: how can I live  in harmony with all that is? How can I create what is mine to create in  a form that is harmonic with Life’s patterns and principles? How can my  perception of what is dissonant or disharmonious be an access point for  the perception of higher harmonies?

If these concepts and  inquiries are new to you, I invite you to listen from a place of  curiosity, to ask for the clarity you seek, and lto ean in as a fellow  participant on this journey of expanding harmony, wholeness, and  thriving.

It will take all of our majesty to create the world we need.

Apr 08, 202204:31