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Welcome to the On Air Brands Podcast! Bear witness to a creative agency at birth and the steps it takes everyday to become a successful business. You'll hear thoughts on creative life, building businesses and relationships as well as inspiring concepts on how to fulfill your own entrepreneurial dreams!
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E45: Are You Creating Content That SELLS?

On Air Brands PodcastMar 09, 2022

E45: Are You Creating Content That SELLS?
Mar 09, 202228:10
E44: How To Get Better Clients Through Educated Leads
Mar 02, 202226:49
E43: Using Your Podcast As A Natural Marketing Channel
Feb 23, 202234:28
E42: Finding The Balance Between Your Personal Brand & Corporate Brand
Feb 16, 202235:34
E41: The Dos & Don'ts Of Guesting On Other People's Shows
Feb 09, 202233:32
E40: How To Use Podcasting To Nail Your Dream 100 Strategy
Feb 02, 202230:25
E39: The Mental Blocks That Keep You From Monetizing Your Content
Jan 26, 202224:08
E38: How To Overcome Mental Blocks With Starting A Podcast
Jan 12, 202227:54
E37: Lessions From The Trenches On Podcasting With Special Guest Mike Ham
Jan 05, 202237:28
E36: Podcasting Is Still The Best Content Creation Method Going Into 2022, Here's Why.
Dec 15, 202136:05
E35: 8 Easy Social Media Frameworks That Can Supercharge Promoting Your Podcast
Dec 08, 202130:01
E34: What Are You Doing To Maintain Your Podcast Guest's Relationships?
Dec 01, 202123:30
E33: Is Your Brand’s Podcast Making These Mistakes?
Nov 17, 202137:09
E32: Don't Build Your Business On Rented Land, Offline & Online
Nov 03, 202137:44
E31: You Need A Home Base For Your Podcast & Content
Oct 27, 202128:25
E30: How To Become An SEO Master
Oct 20, 202130:40
E29: How To Build Your Brand & Gain More Listeners By Utilizing Facebook Ads!
Oct 13, 202133:28
E28: Do You Use Your Podcast Strictly For Selling?
Oct 06, 202133:09
 E27: Is Your Podcast Organized?
Sep 29, 202141:36
E26: Start Your Podcast With A BANG! Using These Tips
Sep 22, 202135:41
E25: How Can You Put The Spotlight On Your Guests
Sep 15, 202128:54
E24: How To Do Email Marketing For Your Podcast
Sep 08, 202140:50
E23: Getting People Excited To Give You Money
Sep 04, 202138:30
E22: Hit The Ground Running With The Season 0 Strategy
Sep 04, 202136:16
E21: Are You Even Successful?
Sep 04, 202131:24
E20: How To Build Your Audience
Sep 04, 202133:03
E19: How To Get More Referrals And Why You Should Extend The Referral Sales Process
Jul 30, 202147:14
E18: How To Get More Engagement On Your Content
Jul 30, 202143:06
E17: Running Out Of Content Ideas For Your Marketing? Use Adjacent Content Marketing
Jul 30, 202138:06
E16: Timeless Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business
Jul 09, 202146:43
E15: How To Stop Being Spammy (Especially If You Think You're Not)
Jun 30, 202138:36
E14: Is Your Business Too Boring To Have A Podcast?
Jun 23, 202144:50
E13: How To Improve Your Marketing Communications With The A.I.D.A. Model
Jun 16, 202146:51
E12: Are you being flexible enough to reach your goals?
Jun 14, 202140:46
 E11: How To Get Consistent With Your Content Using The Power Of Habit
Jun 02, 202144:48
E10: Is Your Business Built On Rented Land?
May 26, 202139:29
E9: How To Successfully Market Your Business With A Podcast
May 20, 202147:26
E8: Podcast Interviewing
May 17, 202146:17
E7: Improve Your Content With These NLP Techniques
May 05, 202149:52
E6: PODMAX VaynerX interview with CMO Andrea Sullivan

E6: PODMAX VaynerX interview with CMO Andrea Sullivan

Welcome VaynerX CMO, Andrea Sullivan in this bonus episode from PodMAX!  Andrea and host Todd Giannattasio take a dive into what it means for your brand to become a media business, and tell your story in ways that connects with culture. Gone are the days of producing a massive TV spot that runs for a year while you cross your fingers and hold your breath. You now have the opportunity to launch, learn, and iterate your marketing on a daily basis with direct feedback from your market. This approach means more impact and less wasted efforts on marketing that doesn't work. But it also requires a shift in mindset and behavior. Hear Andrea's advice for how your business can make the transition for success in today's digital world. 

For the full video version of this episode, check out Connect with Andrea at Check out her companies on

May 02, 202139:47
E5: The Power Of Your Words: What To Say & When So You Increase Your Influence
May 02, 202143:48
E4: The New Business Religion Your Company Needs To Be Following
Apr 22, 202139:47
E3: Is Your "Why" Broken And You Don't Know It?
Apr 21, 202132:04
E2: The Modern Entrepreneur's Mindset Shifts For Success
Apr 14, 202139:26
E1: Designing Your Business For Success
Apr 08, 202140:00
E8: How To Get On Podcasts And Grow Your Impact By Guest Podcasting
Mar 24, 202136:54
E7: How To Get Guests For Your Podcast

E7: How To Get Guests For Your Podcast

Want to get great guests on your show but not sure where to start or what to do?

In this episode, you'll learn all the different strategies for getting podcasts guests, what killer mistakes to avoid when doing guest outreach, what to look for in guests to guarantee they'll make for a great episode, and more.

Mar 18, 202145:41
E6: Branding Your Podcast

E6: Branding Your Podcast

If you're in business, you have a brand. Intentional or not...but what does "brand" mean and how do you create one that sets you up for success?

It's not just a logo and a tagline...

It's how people think about you and talk about you when you're not in the room.

It's your reputation, the culture of the community that you build...

It's driven by the voice you use, the underlying message theme throughout what you do, and talk about

The way you look and show up

The way you sound

You'll learn exactly what you need to have and do so that you intentionally build a brand that people love, talk about, and want to do business with today's episode!

Mar 10, 202153:21
E5: What Makes A Great Podcast Episode?

E5: What Makes A Great Podcast Episode?

This is the question all hosts, current or aspirational, and even guests need to know the answer of.

We break it down in this episode #meta what makes a great podcast episode:

- What is value and how do you make sure your episodes are full of it?

- Are you talking about the right topics that make for a great episode?

- What elements do your episodes need in order to be great?

- How can you show up as a host to deliver great episodes that your audience loves?

Listen now to learn how to make great podcast episodes!

Mar 03, 202144:01
E4: The Best Podcast Strategy That No One Is Talking About
Feb 24, 202128:28