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On Social Impact

On Social Impact

By Neil Hopkins

A podcast devoted to the incredible work of social impact, not for profit and community enterprises.
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A conversation with Richie Bloomfield, Urban Roots London

On Social ImpactDec 03, 2020

A conversation with Ada Swierszcz - Good Foot Delivery, Toronto
Dec 20, 202015:44
A conversation with Ryan Fukanaga, Free Geek Toronto
Dec 19, 202020:10
A conversation with Hanna & Morva, CommuniHelp
Dec 18, 202028:10
A conversation with Abby Stec, Elephant Thoughts
Dec 17, 202021:50
A conversation with Barry Martin, Hypenotic
Dec 16, 202029:60
A conversation with Marc Soberano, Building Up
Dec 15, 202026:54
A conversation with Lawrence Alvarez, Toronto Tool Library
Dec 14, 202056:11
A conversation with Andre Vashist, Verge Capital
Dec 13, 202044:17
A conversation with Jodi Lastman, Park People
Dec 12, 202033:30
A conversation with Peter Deitz
Dec 11, 202038:40
A conversation with Brendon & Scott, Southridge Jam Company
Dec 10, 202032:18
A conversation with Michael Braithwaite, Raising the Roof
Dec 09, 202037:60
A conversation with Steven Bourne, Ripple Farms
Dec 08, 202048:42
A conversation with Rafik Riad, Buy Good Feel Good
Dec 07, 202032:35
A conversation with Tim Nash, Good Investing
Dec 06, 202050:51
A conversation with Nurjahan Begum, Progoti
Dec 05, 202035:29
A Conversation with Kyle Shantz, Centre for Social Innovation
Dec 04, 202031:34
A conversation with Richie Bloomfield, Urban Roots London
Dec 03, 202036:17
A conversation with Tom Megginson

A conversation with Tom Megginson

This is a repost of a conversation originally shared in February 2018.  Since the podcast, Tom has launched his own practice - That's A Good Story:

Tom Megginson is the Creative Director of Acart Communications in Ottawa, an agency which carries out a huge amount of social good work.

In this conversation, I get the chance to ask Tom about some of the trends which social impact businesses can use to get their messages across, how to build a great agency/client relationship and also find out what motivates him in the social good space.

If you want to connect with Tom to keep the conversation going, here are the details:
Twitter -
LinkedIn -
The Ethical Adman Blog -

Music: Higher Up by Shane Ivers -

Dec 02, 202043:48
A conversation with Preston Aitken, Hire Up Youth
Dec 01, 202030:37
ON Social Impact - introducing the repost series

ON Social Impact - introducing the repost series

Across December, I will be reposting the amazing social impact conversations from the first series (and a bit) of ON Social Impact. Find out a but more about what's going on in this quick reintroduction to the awesome world of social impact business chat!
Nov 22, 202002:10