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On the Bar Fly

On the Bar Fly

By Fe & Mo

We eat, We Drink, We Travel and We talk about it. Travel On the Bar Fly with Fe & Mo. With funny stories, conversation and some travel tips we will bring to you our adventures around the world, mainly the USA, Canada and Australia. Serving up a cocktail or pouring a draft beer, we sit down and try to recall our crazy, hilarious, intoxicated travel stories. Pub Crawl the World We consider ourselves social travel enthusiasts with a drinking problem or two. As our Drunk Sock Monkey Stan gets more famous around the world there will be more fun and adventurous travel tales to come.
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The best tip to travel during a pandemic.

On the Bar FlyApr 11, 2020

Can You Get a Good and Bad Review?

Can You Get a Good and Bad Review?

With all the travel we do, we have gathered many reviews of bars, pubs, restaurants, taverns and more. We are the quiet people watching, eavesdropping and we pay attention to every thing! We also have some opinions. I did not edit the audio in the episode so you can understand what I have to deal with 🤣  when having a conversation with the man. We are just sitting at our bar at home discussing what makes a bad review. Some places are good at one thing and suck at something else.

Jul 23, 202137:22
Our trip to Key West

Our trip to Key West

We travel to Key West Florida.

We are so looking forward to getting back to Key West FL🤗 If you have not been, go! One of our favorite vacation spots is in the Keys. Key West Florida  is like a Vegas without the gambling and desert. With fake tattoos gone wrong and Darth Vader, we made it through the vacation with most of our dignity in tacked We sorta behaved there but it is a great way to not be yourself lol

Jan 07, 202123:02
Our drunk history, when were young.

Our drunk history, when were young.

This episode of Travel On The Bar Fly we sit and reminisce about the gross alcohol options.

 Back in the day is way back in the 70's and 80's, before we were legally allowed to drink alcohol. Yes we did it! We found the cheap stuff, we did it in secret and we threw up. What were you drinking back in the day? You could call them the good ole days but things were simpler and we were dumb and lucky to get out alive (a bit dramatic there) What were you drinking back in the days of sneaking around?

Oct 21, 202025:32
No Travel Permitted: Locked Down and Naked

No Travel Permitted: Locked Down and Naked

There was no travel in this episode as were in lock down. During the summer, we were alone, naked and drinking in the backyard. 

After months of just us, we were Looking forward to be able to out again, but not the part of wearing pants again. We sit outside, having a few beers talking out leaving the house again. we also talk about donkey balls and shooting the dog ball. Basically this episode is about balls, and maybe some other stuff.

Recorded in summer of Covid-19 and Corona with lime.

Oct 19, 202024:37
The Guide to Infuse your Alcohol for Sensational Cocktails
Jul 30, 202017:17
The best tip to travel during a pandemic.

The best tip to travel during a pandemic.

The best tip for travel during the pandemic or any world disaster is very simple. DON'T travel during a pandemic. 

We were getting home from overseas as the pandemic unfolded. The trip was planned for months and is a yearly adventure, but... we went, we made the best of it, and now we have made it home. 

Bangkok Thailand and Sydney Australia trip. 

I wondered how to get back home and had a few plans changed, but we could get home before the lockdown. You think that would be enough nail-biting adventure, but not by far. 

Then lockdown and quarantine. The vehicle remained in another country for weeks gaining parking fees.

Apr 11, 202001:04:47
We should not be left unsupervised!

We should not be left unsupervised!

Travel On the Bar Fly Episode with a few thoughts and stories. One thought being that we sometimes have good ideas, but none of them are in this episode. 

We think these stories are funny, stupid and maybe a waste of time, yet we put them on the podcast anyway.

We know what to do with frozen dog poo.  They don’t need the posters in bathrooms.  Do you wear a mankini?  Also, a cameo from Harley, the jerky bird

This episode proves that sometimes we should not be left unsupervised, but also think we just have our supervision join in the fun.

Feb 25, 202016:39
How we ended up at the sex museum Again

How we ended up at the sex museum Again

On our trip to New York City, we visited the sex museum. Was very expensive to get in but we did see a dress made of pubic hair and a sex bike.

On the episode we also explain how we ended up in yet another sex museum this time in Las Vegas, NV.

We visit the sex museum because it was a package deal for the Penis Puppetry show. Beer, a strip club and a show all included. We did learn a lot, it was very tasteful, almost classy for a building full of vibrators and porn history. When we travel to Las Vegas I guess it does not stay in Vegas.

We found some exciting places to hang out. We also found some really strange places to hang out.

Jan 19, 202028:14
Travel with Drunk Sock Monkey Stan

Travel with Drunk Sock Monkey Stan

This Travel On The Bar Fly episode clearly shows how crazy it can be traveling with a drunk sock monkey. This episode also reflects how much we suck at editing. We travel , drink and eat better than we actually tell you about it.

Yes, we travel with a sock monkey, my daughter gave to me so I would not be lonely. This Monkey has been with us for 10 years and has only been molested once. Stan is a famous Sock Monkey in our little worldly bubble. We will tell you about the time I chased an anti-fracking Clown down the street in Sydney, Australia. He was on a unicycle, so I had to be quick.

Jan 11, 202021:48
Do People Eat Road Kill?
Dec 14, 201917:23
December 13, 2019

December 13, 2019

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Dec 13, 201900:23