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The Object-Oriented UX Podcast

The Object-Oriented UX Podcast

By Sophia V. Prater

Join Sophia V. Prater on a dive into the weeds on UX systems, information architecture, human psychology, and simplifying the complex.
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Episode 019 - OOUXing Security with Andrea Neuhoff and Kristen Kite

The Object-Oriented UX PodcastAug 05, 2021

050 - (ORCA Series #6) - My Cat Saving Fire Department with Holiday Vibes
Nov 30, 202338:41
049 - (ORCA Series #5) - Object Guide Strategies for Ridiculous Clarity
Nov 16, 202328:57
048 - (ORCA Series #4) - Top Attributes to Consider for Every Object
Oct 29, 202337:02
047 - Nine Traits of a High-Value UX Designer
Oct 05, 202331:09
046 - (ORCA Series #3) - CTA Disco
Sep 14, 202345:07
045 - Defining Inheritance with Richard Gower
Aug 24, 202301:30:03
044 - Implementing OOUX at IKEA with Kamil van Buuren
Aug 03, 202301:06:56
043 - Facilitating ORCA Sprints with Allie Ofisher
Jul 13, 202301:17:30
042 - OOUX at Trello with Caitlin Steele & Liam Greig
Jun 22, 202301:00:54
041 - OOUX Yoga with Ewelina Nowakowska
Jun 01, 202349:24
040 - (ORCA Series #2) - Eight Hot Tips to Level Up Your System Modeling Prowess
May 11, 202330:21
039 - Content Design at Wealthfront and, with Chase Roberts
Apr 27, 202356:08
038 - OOUX at HelloFresh with Jake Zukowski
Apr 13, 202301:09:07
037 - Joe Natoli on OOUX (a sneak peak into our new course!)

037 - Joe Natoli on OOUX (a sneak peak into our new course!)

NOW AVAILABLE! Sign up for Joe & Sophia's Udemy course: OOUX Fundamentals!

In this super candid conversation, Joe Natoli and Sophia sit down to talk UX process, sketching, creativity, agile, and how OOUX can fit into to all of the above, "meeting you where you are". We'll give you a look into the new course that Joe and Sophia are launching on April 1st, 2023 — a course that targets the fundamentals of OOUX and can get you rocking and rolling in about a weekend.

Joe brings his 30+ years in the field of UX to explain to us how OOUX can solve so many of the problems he's seen out in the field. In addition to his consulting work, Joe's THE guy to teach you UX on Udemy. He's taught almost 300,000 students there. And with this newest course with Sophia, he'll introduce them (and hopefully you!) to OOUX and the ORCA process.

Mar 30, 202301:05:19
036 - UXing in the Dark, Finding the Light
Mar 09, 202344:43
035 - (ORCA Series #1) Start any UX Project with Noun Foraging
Feb 17, 202343:17
Episode 034 - Running ORCA Sprints at Autodesk
Jan 26, 202301:00:04
Episode 033 - The ORCA Sprint with Sophia V. Prater
May 12, 202201:05:55
Episode 032 - How to "Dev-ign" with Keith Rich and Anthony Gallo
Apr 21, 202254:08
Episode 031 - Applying Value Paths to OOUX with Samuel Hulick
Mar 31, 202201:27:52
Episode 030 - Why designers should “dev” with Caroline Sober-James
Mar 10, 202256:46
Episode 029 - Mapping Content Ecosystems with Scott Kubie
Feb 17, 202201:02:44
Episode 028 - Metaphors and Moment Prisons with Lou Rosenfeld
Jan 28, 202201:03:06
Episode 027 - OOUXing Whiskey with Steve Smith
Jan 07, 202201:24:44
Episode 026 - Atomic Design and OOUX with Brad Frost

Episode 026 - Atomic Design and OOUX with Brad Frost

As you probably know, Brad Frost is the author of "Atomic Design," the creator of pattern lab, and a design systems advocate and educator. He writes front end code, writes about writing code, and consults to companies looking to create successful, effective design systems. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Brad discuss how technology is like a river, why it's important for everyone on a project to have a shared language, and how design systems are like furniture parts. 

If you like this conversation, make sure to scroll back and listen to the first three episodes of the podcast. I’ve got some introduction episodes as well as a conversation with Dan Mall, which as you might expect, compliments this episode nicely. As a huge fan of the atomic design philosophy and brad frost himself, I am super excited to share this conversation with you!


Follow Brad on Twitter: @brad_frost

Keep up with Brad on his site:

If you haven't read "Atomic Design" yet, what are you doing? Buy it here: Atomic Design

Cohort 6 of the OOUX Certification Program is being pushed to February. If you want to be a part of that cohort I STRONGLY encourage you to get on the waitlist by going to We will only email you when enrollment opens. Promise to respect your inbox.

If you don’t want to wait until Feb, you can get started now by enrolling in the Self-Paced Masterclass which is the exact same content, just without the bells and whistles of the certification. And if you decide you want to upgrade to the certification when enrollment opens, you just pay the difference. See a side by side comparison and

Not convinced? Check out to see what certified strategists say about OOUX and the course.

Dec 03, 202101:29:36
Episode 025 - Bridging Development and Design with Miriam Suzanne and Sondra Eby Eisenstat
Nov 11, 202101:12:54
Episode 024 - Value Paths and OOUX with Samuel Hulick
Oct 21, 202156:32
Episode 023 - Understanding the System with Cassie Eddy and OOUX
Sep 30, 202153:58
Episode 022 - Introducing object-oriented thinking to LinkedIn with Harrison Wheeler
Sep 16, 202101:08:21
Episode 021 - Is OOUX just a useless IA rebrand?
Sep 02, 202141:44
Episode 020 - How to Sell UX Research with OOUX
Aug 19, 202139:43
Episode 019 - OOUXing Security with Andrea Neuhoff and Kristen Kite
Aug 05, 202101:15:46
Episode 018 - OOUXing your UX Career with Amanda Worthington
Jul 23, 202101:21:08
Episode 017 - Using OOUX in the wild with Caroline Sober-James
Jul 08, 202101:04:57
Episode 016 - OOUXing Healthcare with Imogen Levy
Jun 24, 202101:19:06
Episode 015 - Living in Information with Jorge Arango
Jun 11, 202101:22:55
Episode 014 - Writing is Designing with Michael Metts and Andy Welfle
Jun 07, 202154:18
Episode 013 -Taxonomy Folksonomy and Knowledge Graphs with Ahren Lehnert and Bob Kasenchak
Jun 07, 202101:43:27
Episode 012 - Designing Resilience with Jeremy Keith
May 06, 202101:17:15
Episode 011 - Bringing OOUX to Microsoft with Sarah Barrett and Rachel Price
Apr 23, 202101:15:35
Episode 010 - Information Archaeology with Ren Pope
Apr 08, 202101:00:02
Episode 009 - Embodied Cognition with Andrew Hinton
Mar 26, 202101:20:14
Episode 008 - Designing XR via OOUX with Cornel Hillmann

Episode 008 - Designing XR via OOUX with Cornel Hillmann

Cornel Hillmann is a CG Artist, XR Designer, and Entrepreneur. He is the owner and creative director at STUDIO.CGARTIST.COM and Emerging Entertainment and has worked with brands including Panasonic, Jaguar, the Singapore International Film Festival, and other big names. Hillmann is a leader in XR (Extended Reality) design and he wrote the handbook on getting started in designing for the Unreal VR game engine, "Unreal for Mobile and Standalone VR: Create Professional VR Apps Without Coding." His upcoming book, "UX for XR: User Experience Design and Strategies for Immersive Technologies" is about how existing UX concepts will steer the transition of current digital environments into the new frontier of XR. In this episode, Sophia and Cornel discuss how Timothy Leary steered Cornel into virtual reality design, what UX designers can learn from XR, and whether or not reality is a hologram. 


Follow Cornel on Twitter -

Connect with Cornel on LinkedIn -

Keep up with Cornel on his website -

Preorder "UX for XR: User Experience Design and Strategies for Immersive Technology" -

Mar 12, 202101:07:56
Episode 007 - Building Design Systems and Systems for Building Designers with Ben Callahan Replay

Episode 007 - Building Design Systems and Systems for Building Designers with Ben Callahan Replay

This is our last episode of 2020! We are revisiting the December 2019 episode with Ben Callahan.

Ben is a design system expert and the founder and president of Sparkbox. At Sparkbox, Ben has created an amazing workplace that facilitates learning, exploring, asking questions, and pet projects. We talk about how that awesomeness came to be and what’s working well today. (Team leaders, please take notes.)  We also talk about taking time to tinker and figure yourself out—while the world seems to change right underneath your feet.

Of course, we get into design systems, too.  We nerd out on documentation and discuss how being on the “design system team” can be a great part of company hazing >cough, cough<  onboarding.

If you are revved up to apply for Sparkbox’s apprentice program, here’s your link:

Connect with Ben on Twitter:

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn:

Dec 18, 202001:06:56
Episode 006 - Object-Oriented UX in Business and in Games with Caroline Sober-James (Rerun)
Dec 03, 202054:27
Episode 005 - Content Modeling with Carrie Hane
Nov 19, 202057:56
Episode 004 - OOUX As A Foundation For Interaction Design

Episode 004 - OOUX As A Foundation For Interaction Design

In this episode of the podcast, Sophia takes us on an audio walk-through of the "calls-to-action" methodology of her ORCA process. She will guide you through how to get started designing complex systems, how to make a CTA Matrix that's based on real-world objects, and why doing so will pay dividends before you even start sketching your UI. You might want a pen and paper for taking notes 😉


Sophia's 2016 article, "OOUX: A Foundation for Interaction Design" -

Get on the wait list for Early Bird pricing on Cohort 4 of the OOUX Strategist Certification program -

Nov 05, 202044:58
Episode 003 - Putting Your Components in Context with Dan Mall
Oct 21, 202001:00:43
Episode 002 - Get Your Hands Dirty With the ORCA Process

Episode 002 - Get Your Hands Dirty With the ORCA Process

Today's episode is an audio WORKSHOP that’s going to teach you the basics of OOUX and the ORCA process. If you listened to the first episode, you should have a zoomed-out, big picture Idea of what OOUX is all about. But in this episode, you’ll actually get to practice OOUX! 

NOTE: If you are driving or walking, feel free to keep listening to about the first 25 minutes in which I give an overview of the process and reiterate some of the main OOUX principles. 

Once we get into the exercises you will get SO MUCH MORE out of this if you sit down with a pen and paper and follow along. And if you did this with me while listening to the UX Hustle episode I recorded back in August, it’s definitely not going to hurt to do it AGAIN. Especially if you feel like everything didn't fully click into place. 

Okay, after the intro tunes roll, we will jump right into it. IF you want to know more about OOUX, sign up for the OOUX Newsletter so you can get the inside scoop about upcoming trainings and Cohort 4 of the OOUX Certification, which will start at the beginning of 2021. 

Sign up here:

Also, please join us on Meetup at to participate in the OOUX Happy Hour. Our next Meetup—which is not even announced yet—is going to be all about OOUXing your UX Portfolio. So if you need or want to revamp your portfolio you definitely won't want to miss out on this event and the dynamic community we are building at the Meetup. Ok y'all, happy OOUXing!


OOUX Happy Hour Meetup:

Sign up for the OOUX newsletter:

Print the design challenge:

Oct 08, 202058:48
Episode 001 - An Updated Look at "Object Oriented UX," the Article
Sep 24, 202058:54