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Opal's Lounge

Opal's Lounge

By Opalstruth Dylan

Are you interested in the metaphysical? This is the podcast for you. As we are just getting started we have ideas for topics but if you have any recommendations/suggestions please feel free to email them to
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Summoning Nonsense (S1E2 Closets/Mothers Day)

Opal's LoungeMay 07, 2022

Summoning Nonsense (S1E2 Closets/Mothers Day)

Summoning Nonsense (S1E2 Closets/Mothers Day)

In this episode, we discuss coming out of the closet, or rather the closetS. The "closet closet" but also in the broom closet and no, not in the cleaning way. Don't get me wrong we both love a good clean environment. But much more is in store than cleaning floors.

Listen in as we talk about our experiences as separate individuals but also together as childhood friends.  Challenges we faced, lessons we learned, and the beauty of it all. 

We hope this episode reaches those that will resonate with it, especially as you find your own truth. Know that there are those out there who understand or have a similar perspective/experience.  It's okay to talk about it.

This episode is dedicated to Deanna. Thank you for being the truest example of unconditional love. Though it wasn't always easy. Know now we see you, we validate you and we love you. Happy Mothers Day. 

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there no matter what the situation or circumstances are.  You are loved. 

May 07, 202201:16:11
Summoning Nonsense

Summoning Nonsense

Join two Childhood best friends as they share stories of the past, lessons of the present, and manifest the future.  Listen in on the lounge as we talk Spirit, metaphysics, and a whole host of craziness. With these two the cauldron is always brewing some nonsense. 

Apr 09, 202240:58
Bi-Weekly Meditation Group "Ground, Surround, Connect" 10/20/2021

Bi-Weekly Meditation Group "Ground, Surround, Connect" 10/20/2021

Guided meditation(s) for Grounding, Surrounding, and Connecting. Basics to build upon.

Use these as three separate mediations or all together. Use this Guided meditation as a tool to build a foundation of Grounding Surrounding, and Connecting then form your own way that is most comfortable for you! 

If you would like to join us Live, we meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 8 PM EST. 

Join the Opal's Truth Facebook page for details or email for Zoom link. 

Any Feedback, Comments, or Questions can be sent to

Oct 21, 202127:27
Getting to Know Hanna B.

Getting to Know Hanna B.

In this episode of "Getting to Know" you will meet Hanna.  Hanna happens to be one of my friends and an amazing one at that!  She always has an interesting, new, or confirming perspective on a multitude of topics. Hanna has also grown so much over the years. hearing her on the podcast is sure to be a real treat!  Thank you Hanna for being on the podcast!!  I can't wait to have you back for more! 

Aug 27, 202150:23
"Life After The Reading" With Myka

"Life After The Reading" With Myka

In this season "Life after the reading" you will hear conversations with Opal's Truth clientele as they share their experience with Dylan. 

Discussion Topics:

How has their experience been?

What happened during their experience?

How has it impacted their life?

Etc. Etc.

Jul 23, 202134:49
Opal's Lounge Community Group Discussion 7/7/2021 #3 Meeting

Opal's Lounge Community Group Discussion 7/7/2021 #3 Meeting

In this episode we talk about shadow work, touch on boundaries in the workplace, and how to cleanse your energy. 

Jul 23, 202157:31
Community Group Discussion 5.19.2021 (introductions, discussion; shadow work, meditation).
May 21, 202101:36:12