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Optimal Living Advice

Optimal Living Advice

By Greg Audino | Optimal Living Daily

Greg Audino, certified life coach and actor (Westworld, NCIS, New Girl), answers your life questions.
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010: What is a Life Coach? A Look Into the Career of Coaching Others in Life, Relationships, Health, and Wellness

Optimal Living AdviceDec 11, 2019

267: Optimal Living Advice Merges With Optimal Relationships Daily
Aug 02, 202103:29
266: I'm Happy About My Marriage, But Uncertain About My New Identity - Identity Crisis After a Big Transition
Jul 30, 202107:23
265: Are There Ways to Know Whether Or Not I Should Marry Someone - Uncertainty Before Committing and Getting Cold Feet
Jul 28, 202107:00
264: How Can I Be Comfortable Trying New Things That Go Against the Values of My Friends and Family
Jul 26, 202108:41
263: How Do I Get Out of a Creative Slump - Advice For Artists and Non-Artists on How to Develop Ideas and Inspiration
Jul 23, 202107:20
262: How Can I Find Love at 50 When There Are So Few Singles Left - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs the Right Way
Jul 21, 202106:57
261: How Do I Know When to Say "Yes" More and Embrace Life, Versus When to Say "No" More and Set Stronger Boundaries
Jul 19, 202107:59
260: Does My Self-Love Rely on How Much I Care What Other People Think About Me - Learning to Love Yourself Differently
Jul 16, 202108:01
259: Does My Teen Lack Confidence, and If So, How Can I Help Him - Signs of Low Confidence and Overcoming it
Jul 14, 202107:49
258: I Think My Husband is Depressed, But I'm Worried About Confronting Him - Defining Depression, Overcoming Indecision
Jul 12, 202109:11
257: Should I Try to Meet Someone and Have a Baby in Case I Regret Not Doing it Later - Honoring Life's Phases
Jul 09, 202109:01
256: Are There Any Ways to Silence a Racing Mind - Looking at Obsessive Thoughts Differently and Avoiding Overthinking
Jul 07, 202108:48
255: Should I Finish My Career and Education Paths Just Because I've Started Them - Uncertainty About Life Choices
Jul 05, 202108:17
254: As a Military Officer, How Can I Help My Enlisted Prevent Burnout - Redefining Military Leadership and Struggle
Jul 02, 202107:51
253: What Should I Do When My Efforts to Overcome Addiction Aren't Working - New Hypotheses For Addiction Recovery
Jun 30, 202107:56
252: Are My Dates Too Afraid to Tell Me That They Don't Like Me - Questions to Ask as Dating Frustrations Pile Up
Jun 28, 202108:21
251: What Steps Can I Take to Become More Present - Arguing Against the "Being Present" Fad and Alternative Meditation
Jun 25, 202110:50
250: What Struggles Should I Prepare For as I Near My Elderly Years - Common Mental Health Problems For Senior Citizens
Jun 23, 202108:40
249: How Can I Set Boundaries That Support the Person I've Grown Into - Beating Perfectionism and the Need For Control
Jun 21, 202108:33
248: How Do I Approach Major Financial Decisions as a Father and Husband - Identifying Needs and Working Together
Jun 18, 202107:46
247: Is My Trauma Too Much For My Relationship - How Couples Make Relationships Work In Spite of Personal Suffering
Jun 16, 202109:47
246: How Do I Set Goals When I'm Stuck in an Eat, Work, Sleep Routine - The Truth About Goals and Leaving the Rat Race
Jun 14, 202107:06
245: Is There a Way to Organize My Home Without it Feeling Like Work - A New Approach to Cleaning and Maintenance
Jun 11, 202108:06
244: Why Can't I Lead Myself As Well As I Lead Others - Identifying Leadership Qualities and How to Integrate Them
Jun 09, 202108:07
243: How Can I Save My Parents From My Rival Siblings - Using Personal Strengths and Examining Conformists Versus Rebels
Jun 07, 202107:25
242: How Can I Overcome Anxiety About Calling the Dentist and Driving Downtown - Anxious About Daily Tasks
Jun 04, 202108:36
241: How Can I Stop Bad Memories of Embarrassing Moments From Popping Up - Self-Compassion Facing Troubling Thoughts
Jun 02, 202106:32
240: Why Can't I Break the Fear That I'm Constantly Upsetting or Offending People - Speaking Freely and Self-Acceptance
May 31, 202106:60
239: What Can I Do to Avoid the Stereotype That Women Should Be Selfless Instead of Chasing Their Own Dreams
May 28, 202107:22
238: How Can I Stay Positive When I Can't Find Work - Creating A Routine and Mentality For Productivity and Self-Care
May 26, 202108:45
237: How Can I Achieve All My Goals Without Enough Resources - Managing Time and Building Self-Compassion
May 24, 202106:22
236: I Don't Believe I'm Worthy of Love, What Do I Do - Analyzing Our Thoughts Objectively And Receiving Proper Help
May 21, 202108:57
235: How Can I Be a Better Listener For My Boyfriend - Characteristics of Good Listening in All Relationships
May 19, 202109:52
234: How Do I Stop My Adult Son From Making a Decision I Think He'll Regret - Changing Your Parenting Approach Over Time
May 17, 202107:49
233: I'm Open to Anything Life Offers, So How Can I Be Motivated - Generating Personal Progress and Acceptance
May 14, 202106:12
232: Isn't Artificial Intelligence Becoming Too Much - Managing Fear of Robots and Technological Advances
May 12, 202107:23
231: How Can I Raise My Daughter When I Think We Both Have A.D.D. - Effectively Parenting Attention Deficit Disorder
May 10, 202107:55
230: What Qualities Make a Relationship Special - Differentiating Between a Good Person and a Good Relationship
May 07, 202109:08
229: Should I Uproot My Life to Be Near Family After Retiring - Knowing When it's Right to Go Live With Family
May 05, 202109:03
228: [Part 2] How Can I Stop Sabotaging My Relationships - Practical Strategies For Overcoming Self-Sabotage
May 03, 202109:16
227: [Part 1] How Can I Stop Sabotaging My Relationships - Practical Strategies For Overcoming Self-Sabotage
Apr 30, 202107:16
226: Should I Change My College Major to Something I'm Passionate About - Questions For Planning Your Future
Apr 28, 202110:40
225: How Blunt Should I Be When I Criticize Loved Ones - Offering Constructive Critcism and Receiving Criticism
Apr 26, 202109:14
224: Is it Good to Dabble, Or Should I Focus on One Thing - Knowing When to Adjust Your Schedule and Interests
Apr 23, 202108:16
223: Will My Friendships Be Different After Losing Touch During the Pandemic - Rekindling Relationships After COVID-19
Apr 21, 202107:09
222: How Hard Should I Try to Fix a Fractured Family Relationship - Developing Our Own Beliefs About Family Values
Apr 19, 202110:07
221: What Happiness Advice Am I Supposed to Follow - Positive Psychology and Mistakes We Make When Trying to Be Happy
Apr 16, 202109:11
220: Is My Boyfriend Toxic or Do We Just Have Different Personalities - Identifying Destructive Relationship Behavior
Apr 14, 202108:21
219: What Should I Do When My Best Friend is About to Marry Someone Terrible - Having a Tough Talk With a Loved One
Apr 12, 202108:37
218: Should I Stick to My Guns or Change My Opinion - How Tactical Open Mindedness Benefits You and Your Supporters
Apr 09, 202107:10