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The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

By OptimalWork

Hosted by Dr. Kevin Majeres and Sharif Younes, co-founders of OptimalWork, The Golden Hour will help you learn to challenge yourself in each hour of work according to your highest ideals. We discuss all aspects of Dr. Majeres's approach to work, which he developed in his private practice and teaches at Harvard Medical School, and show how it applies to everyday situations like professional work, study, sleep, and relationships.

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90. The Deadline Benefit

The Golden HourJan 31, 2022

163. The Power of Agency
Oct 02, 202329:15
162. How to Conquer Procrastination
Sep 25, 202326:39
161. How to Develop Lasting Motivation
Sep 18, 202330:03
160. Punished by Rewards?
Sep 11, 202327:06
[Rebroadcast] How to Be Generous and Still Thrive

[Rebroadcast] How to Be Generous and Still Thrive

At OptimalWork, we often emphasize generosity as a crowning ideal: a key character quality to strive for. But this raises some questions. Should you just give everything to everyone? What are the limits? What if people start to take advantage of your generosity? In this episode, we discuss how to set boundaries that will help you maximize your generosity by making it sustainable. Find more at

Sep 04, 202327:46
[Rebroadcast] How to Have Deeper Conversations
Aug 28, 202327:54
[Rebroadcast] Challenging Anxiety
Aug 21, 202329:06
[Rebroadcast] Making Wise Use of Small Blocks of Time
Aug 14, 202326:48
[Rebroadcast] Boost Your Sleep Skills
Aug 07, 202330:50
154. Mastering Your Brain’s Predictions
Jul 31, 202326:60
153. Break Through Your Brain’s Predictions
Jul 24, 202324:19
[Rebroadcast] Why You Should Aim for Silver Instead of Gold

[Rebroadcast] Why You Should Aim for Silver Instead of Gold

You may have a goal of achieving a high level of performance with no difficulty, no inner turmoil whatsoever. In this rebroadcast, Dr. Kevin Majeres and Sharif discuss approaching challenges in a different way: not aiming for effortless success, but rather for acceptance of difficulty and perseverance — what Dr. Majeres calls aiming for silver, rather than gold. Find more at

Jul 17, 202325:19
[Rebroadcast] How to Face Imposter Syndrome
Jul 10, 202324:45
[Rebroadcast] An Unconventional Way to Stop Wasting Time
Jul 03, 202330:36
[Rebroadcast] How to Dehypnotize Yourself
Jun 26, 202328:07
148. Why Leisure is More than Just Rest
Jun 19, 202327:03
147. Why Growth Goals Are Better than Outcome Goals
Jun 12, 202326:21
146. The Problem of Toxic Positivity
Jun 05, 202327:26
145. The Best Way to Do OptimalWork
May 29, 202331:04
[Rebroadcast] A Summer to Remember
May 22, 202329:34
143. Why People Pleasing is a Trap
May 15, 202326:40
142. Making the Most of Challenge
May 08, 202324:31
141. The Inward Living of Ideals
May 01, 202327:24
[Rebroadcast] How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

[Rebroadcast] How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

One of the consequences of living in threat mode is that you often feel overwhelmed. Your view of yourself and your situation becomes fixed, and you can lose your optimism. In this rebroadcast, Sharif and Dr. Kevin Majeres discussed how to regain a sense of possibility and freedom whenever you’re overwhelmed.

Apr 24, 202330:47
139. Reframing Without Limits
Apr 17, 202323:28
138. Is Dopamine Worth the Hype?

138. Is Dopamine Worth the Hype?

#138: There is increasing interest in dopamine, a molecule that is closely related to our experience of pleasure, reward, expectation, and motivation. It’s involved in negative processes, like overindulgence and addiction, but it can also be harnessed to set virtuous cycles in motion. Surprisingly, as Dr. Kevin Majeres and Sharif discuss, the dopamine molecule is involved in the very spiritual processes of living ideals and deepening bonds.

Apr 10, 202323:06
137. Striving for Self-Mastery in Conversations and Meetings
Apr 03, 202329:04
136. The War of Art
Mar 27, 202324:42
135. How to Flourish in Work and Life
Mar 20, 202325:04
[Rebroadcast] Turn Problems into Projects
Mar 13, 202331:28
[Rebroadcast] How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself
Mar 06, 202325:52
132. Living the Ideal of Temperance
Feb 27, 202325:02
131. The Four Degrees of Humility
Feb 20, 202328:21
130. The Confident Mind
Feb 13, 202325:39
129. A New Approach to Mental Health
Feb 06, 202327:21
128. Cultivating Mindfulness of the Heart
Jan 30, 202326:19
127. The Power of Reframing
Jan 23, 202324:50
[Rebroadcast] How to Learn to Love Anxiety
Jan 16, 202324:31
[Rebroadcast] Early to Rise
Jan 09, 202323:11
[Rebroadcast] Beginning the Year with High Hopes
Jan 02, 202326:09
[Rebroadcast] A Cheerful Giver

[Rebroadcast] A Cheerful Giver

In this rebroadcast, Dr. Kevin Majeres and Sharif discuss the nature of service. Working with a spirit of service means shaping yourself so that you’re the kind of person who is ready to give cheerfully to all those around you. Although this requires that the work you’re doing be helpful, the essence lies more in the way you do it: with a willingness to form and prioritize bonds with those closest to you.

Dec 26, 202223:09
122. Is Courage Still Relevant in the Modern World?

122. Is Courage Still Relevant in the Modern World?

#122: The classic example of a courageous person is one who can approach the possibility of death in battle. But this case has little to do with work in the modern world. Is courage, then, irrelevant? In this episode, we discuss what courage means in a modern work context and why it is not just relevant, but essential for thriving.

Dec 19, 202229:55
121. Why Motivation Is Crucial for Forming Deeper Habits
Dec 12, 202230:07
120. How to Approach Every Challenge With a Sense of Newness
Dec 05, 202227:56
119. How Work Can Help You Integrate Conflicting Parts of Yourself
Nov 28, 202233:23
118. An Unconventional Way to Stop Wasting Time
Nov 21, 202230:36
117. Should You Expect Fulfillment from Your Career?
Nov 14, 202228:01
116. How to Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses and Keep a Growth Mindset
Nov 07, 202228:57
115. How Scary Movies Are the Key to Overcoming Anxiety
Oct 31, 202225:12
114. Helping Others Become Givers Instead of Takers
Oct 24, 202228:14