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Orchard Outlook

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Tangible, practical advice and information. Orchard Outlook is a podcast by Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. hosted by our Tree Fruit Specialist, Michelle Cortens. These insightful discussions can help any grower navigate commercial tree fruit production for sweet success. Perennia is a technical development agency based in Nova Scotia, Canada with the mission to help farmers, fishers and food processors be more prosperous and profitable.
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E6 S2. Part 2 Still Speaking of Sprayers

Orchard OutlookMar 10, 2021

E1 S4. From Windstorms to Windbreaks: Guest Jenny Liu
Jan 04, 202332:57
E6 S3. Chilling Out in Storage: Guest Dr. Robert Prange
Sep 28, 202233:35
E5 S3. Cover Cropping Curiosities: Guest Tianna DuPont
Sep 07, 202220:40
E4 S3. Part 2 Springing into Scab Season: Guest Dr. Srdjan Acimovic

E4 S3. Part 2 Springing into Scab Season: Guest Dr. Srdjan Acimovic

Mar 30, 202238:42
E3 S3. Part 1 Springing into Scab Season: Guest Dr. Srdjan Acimovic

E3 S3. Part 1 Springing into Scab Season: Guest Dr. Srdjan Acimovic

On today’s episode of the Orchard Outlook podcast we are finally putting the spotlight on the most economically significant apple fungal disease! You guessed it, apple scab. We need to know where this fungus is lurking and its relationship with weather conditions. Our guest Dr. Srdjan Acimovic joins us on Part 1 to uncover the organism responsible for scab (recorded on March 9, 2022).


Dr. Srdjan Acimovic is an Assistant Professor of tree fruit and specialty crop pathology at Virginia Tech’s Alson H. Smith Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center. In a prior role he was an Extension Associate of plant pathology at Cornell University’s Hudson Valley Laboratory. Dr. Acimovic was a recipient of an Early Career Achievement Award by the American Phytopathological Society in March 2021.

Show notes:

· The Acimovic Lab website:

· RIMPro decision support service for the management of pests in apple:

· In this podcast, Perennia representatives and episode guests mention the RIMPro service but it is neither an endorsement of the service nor a suggestion that similar services are ineffective.

· On Twitter @SAcimovic_Vtech


Host: Michelle Cortens, Tree Fruit Specialist

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Music: A Sunny Day by J. Tones

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Mar 23, 202222:33
E2 S3. The Coolest Chat about Early Dormant Pruning: Guest Dr. Richard Marini
Dec 15, 202128:51
E1 S3. Creepy weeds: Guest Dr. Lynn Sosnoskie
Nov 03, 202129:21
E10 S2. Ghosts and Skeletons of Powdery Mildew
Aug 11, 202141:26
E9 S2. Loving Local Food
Jun 30, 202112:20
E8 S2. Don’t play with fire blight (ENCORE)
May 26, 202126:11
E7 S2. Welcoming Weather Stations
Apr 28, 202129:44
E6 S2. Part 2 Still Speaking of Sprayers
Mar 10, 202130:57
E5 S2. Part 1 Speaking of Sprayers
Feb 24, 202137:25
E4 S2. Don’t sneeze at blossom thinning
Jan 28, 202122:57
E3 S2. Bitter and Sweet Sides of Cider
Dec 16, 202031:56
E2 S2. Confronting Climate
Nov 25, 202022:27
E1 S2. Rooting for Water Management
Oct 21, 202033:51
Stop the Hop
Jul 22, 202013:09
Dealing with Diseases

Dealing with Diseases

Dr. Peter explores the fuzzy fungi that cause powdery mildew and a slew of summer rots including black rot and bitter rot. Then shifting our focus from fungal diseases to bacterial, she explains how to curb the spread of a tumour-like growth known as crown gall and infamous fire blight infections.

Dr. Kari Peter is an Associate Research Professor of Tree Fruit Pathology who loves to help with a burning question about tree fruit diseases! She is located at the Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center in Biglerville, Pennsylvania.

Jun 24, 202032:34
Microscopic Meddlers Part 2

Microscopic Meddlers Part 2

Tom shares insights from his research program that is focused on replant management for perennial fruit crops and the ecology and management of plant-parasitic nematodes. Tom explains exactly who is taking microscopic munches out of your root systems and feeding on productivity.

Dr. Tom Forge is a research soil ecologist and nematologist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, at the Summerland Research and Development Centre. He’s captivated by the diversity of micro-animals in the soil – especially nematodes that are economically important plant parasites.

May 06, 202036:20
Microscopic Meddlers Part 1

Microscopic Meddlers Part 1

Keith describes why digging for facts is better than jumping to conclusions – because replant disease acts in concert with adverse soil properties. Learn how to modify the soil in a replant situation and have your questions answered about soil fumigation.

Keith Fuller is a soil research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada based out of Nova Scotia. He is a familiar face in our local apple industry, fascinated with soil, and currently involved in a project on replant disease.

Apr 29, 202020:16
Downloading Decisions

Downloading Decisions

Jon gets techy – in an approachable way – by explaining what tools are available to tree fruit growers. Make your smartphones smart by downloading tools for pest modeling, predicting fruit set, and pocket pathology.

Jon Clements is an Extension Educator for commercial tree fruit growers with the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Apart from the usual farm calls and meetings, he has an interest in computers that has helped him embrace decision-support tools.

Mar 25, 202031:54
Save a Watt

Save a Watt

Efficiency Nova Scotia folks share some powerful messages about energy efficiency including how you can save money and lower your operating costs.

Kraig Porter has been the Onsite Energy Manager in Agriculture for Efficiency Nova Scotia since 2012. His passion for environmentalism led him to study in the NSCC Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology program. Janet Tobin has a background in marketing and communications, and was drawn to Efficiency Nova Scotia because of its culture and broad-reaching impact to Nova Scotians.

Feb 26, 202025:36
Getting to the Core of Breeding
Jan 15, 202023:58
Digging into Drainage
Dec 18, 201921:34
Winning at Weed Control
Nov 20, 201919:17
Fine-tuning Fertility
Oct 16, 201923:21
Sensing Fruit Maturity
Sep 18, 201926:23
Apple Maggot Birth Control
Aug 21, 201922:02
Don’t Play with Fire Blight

Don’t Play with Fire Blight

In today’s episode, we talk about the bacteria Erwinia amylovora that creates a scorched appearance on infected apple trees, accurately termed fire blight. 

Producer: Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc

Host:  MICHELLE CORTENS, M.Sc., Tree Fruit Specialist Michelle is the Tree Fruit Specialist for Perennia Food & Agriculture Inc. and she performs farm extension activities for the province of Nova Scotia. She has a Master of Science through her research on apple trees and is a certified Professional Agrologist. Michelle has been awarded for her achievements in community involvement and leadership.

Guest:  Dr. George Sundin is a Professor of Plant Pathology and runs the Tree Fruit Pathology Lab at Michigan State University. He performs extension and research in tree fruit disease control including management of fire blight, fungicide resistance, and the evaluation of new bactericides and fungicides.  


Follow us on Twitter: @nsperennia @nstreefruit

Connect with us on: Instagram: @nsperennia Facebook: @nsperennia 

Music: A Sunny Day by J. Tones 

Logo Created by: Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. 

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Recorded by: Podcast Atlantic 

Recorded and Edited by: Michael Boyd 

Aug 07, 201926:01