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Numbers As Faces

Numbers As Faces

By OSISA Comms

Numbers As Faces is a podcast series that forms part of the #NumbersAsFaces creative campaign, which is a collaborative storytelling effort by Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and five (5) content creators from across the region.
With each episode we bring you stories from everyday people who have been personally impacted by COVID-19. We shed light on how Southern Africans are coping with the Covid-19 pandemic and how it is shaping our lived experiences.
We see the numbers that have been affected by this pandemic. We all are, in one way or another, Numbers As Faces.
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#08 Love During a Pandemic

Numbers As Faces Jun 14, 2021

#08 Love During a Pandemic
Jun 14, 202129:51
#07 Blind Musician’s Senses Restricted Due to COVID-19
Jun 11, 202129:37
#06 The Hub: Empowering Basotho During COVID-19
Jun 07, 202128:60
#05 Misozi
Jun 04, 202130:04
#04 Cultural Erosion
May 31, 202134:25
#03 Recovering from COVID-19
May 28, 202127:36
#02 Losing a Loved One to COVID-19
May 24, 202132:40
#01 Meet the Team
May 21, 202118:40
Numbers As Faces

Numbers As Faces

Numbers As Faces podcast aims to share the stories of how Covid-19 has impacted Southern Africa and its cultures.
Each week will feature stories from everyday people on how their lives have changed during this Pandemic.
May 10, 202102:20