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Otherworldly Divergence

Otherworldly Divergence

By Otherworldly Divergence

Otherworldly Divergence is led by your hosts Tyla and Adam. We sit around and discuss all things Paranormal, Supernatural, Spiritual, True Crime, Conspiracy, or whatever else happens to pop up.

If you know Adam and Tyla, you know how absolutely ridiculous they are together. This will be a party.

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to add to the discussion and witness their goofy shenanigans and bloopers that may or may not be cut out of the final edit.

WARNING: We use explicit language. We can’t help it.
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Otherworldly Halloween with Chris Riley & Mackayla Hill

Otherworldly DivergenceNov 01, 2020

Otherworldly Halloween with Chris Riley & Mackayla Hill

Otherworldly Halloween with Chris Riley & Mackayla Hill

We spend this Halloween with special guest host, Chris Riley, a voice actor who plays Fen'rahl "Fen" Everbren in the upcoming show Unexpectedly Serious Turn. Chris and his fellow cast member, Mackayla Hill, joined up together to read stories submitted by listeners for this Halloween special. Join us as we listen to our listener's spooky stories, meet Chris (and Fen'rahl), tell some of our own personal ghost stories (Adam & Chris had one in the same place!), and talk about scary otherworldly creatures that Fen'rahl and his fellow adventurers may encounter. We recorded this episode REALLY close to midnight on October 30, so we started encountering quite a bit of paranormal activity as well, so keep an ear out in case you happen to pick up some EVP that we may have missed. 

Happy Halloween!

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