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Life by Design

Life by Design

By Otoabasi Bassey

Learning and sharing ideas for more intentional living and self improvement. Motivational vibes. ❤️⚡️
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S02E06 - On Control & Relaxed Productivity

Life by DesignFeb 23, 2022

S02E06 - On Control & Relaxed Productivity
Feb 23, 202219:59
S02E05 - You Have More Control Than You Think
Feb 22, 202209:49
S02E04 - The Craftsman's Mentality & Keeping the Goal in front of You
Feb 09, 202223:59
S02E03 - The Craftsman's Mentality
Feb 08, 202206:45
S02E02 - The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen & Learning to Suffer II
Feb 02, 202219:50
S02E01 - The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen
Feb 02, 202209:24
S01E44 - The Wonders of Airplane Mode & Why What Brought You Here Won't Take You There
Dec 01, 202126:15
S01E43 - Airplane Mode, The Greatest Productivity Hack
Nov 30, 202108:48
S01E42 - Working the System & The Dark Side of Success
Nov 17, 202122:60
S01E41 - Making the System Work for You
Nov 16, 202109:10
S01E40 - Getting the BHAG, Surviving the Wilderness & Raising Your Success Ceiling
Nov 10, 202131:31
S01E39 - How to Get The BHAG
Nov 09, 202111:42
S01E38 - Cultivating Burning Desire and Avoiding Overwork
Oct 06, 202127:56
S01E37 - Cultivating Burning Desire
Oct 04, 202107:29
S01E36 - Counting the Cost and Cultivating the Mind of an Artist
Sep 22, 202128:48
S01E35 - Counting the Cost (1+1=2)
Sep 20, 202107:24
S01E34 - Knowing What You Want & Supercharging Productivity
Sep 15, 202125:41
S01E33 - Do You Even Know What You Want?
Sep 13, 202108:25
S01E32 - Becoming Yourself & Turning Pro
Sep 08, 202127:01
S01E31 - How to Become Who You Are
Sep 06, 202110:58
S01E30 - Learning to Suffer and Upgrading your Environment
Sep 01, 202133:26
S01E29 - Want to be Happy and Successful? Learn How to Suffer
Aug 30, 202106:56
S01E28 - On failure being better than doing nothing and why you should be where you are
Aug 29, 202116:21
S01E27 - Success is Better Than Failure, but Failure is Better Than Doing Nothing
Aug 23, 202105:04
S01E26 - Monetizing Art & How to Approach Self Help
Aug 18, 202123:22
S01E25 - How to Actually Make Money off Your He(art)
Aug 16, 202105:27
S01E24 - Transcending Success Porn & Turning Shit to Sugar
Aug 11, 202120:06
S01E23 - The Thing About Success Porn
Aug 09, 202105:03
S01E22 - Unplugging, Mental Health & Effective Problem Solving
Aug 04, 202119:59
S01E21 - Sometimes You Gotta Unplug to Recharge
Aug 03, 202106:02
S01E20_Embracing Change & How to Pursue Goals that are Out of Your League
Jul 21, 202120:16
S01E19 - Allow the Journey to Change You
Jul 19, 202104:31
S01E18_Why Direction is More Important Than Position, and How to Raise Your Vibration
Jul 14, 202120:25
S01E17 - Where You Are Going is More Important Than Where You Are
Jul 12, 202104:26
S01E16 - Letting Go & Levelling Up
Jun 30, 202122:27
S01E15 - Let Go
Jun 28, 202104:51
S01E14 - Why You Must Protect Your Creative Space & How To Have a Super Productive Work Session
Jun 23, 202134:32
S01E13 - Protecting Your Creative Space
Jun 21, 202107:10
S01E12 - Sharing Some Time Management Tips for Creatives & Principles for Getting Things Done
Jun 09, 202130:42
S01E11 - How to Get (Important) Things Done Pt.1
Jun 07, 202107:07
S01E10 - What It Means to Live by Design & The 6 Levels of Creative Thought
Jun 02, 202125:49
S01E09 - Life as a Design Problem
Jun 01, 202107:54
S01E08 - Life by Design
May 31, 202106:03
S01E07 - On Failure, and Why You Should Always Be Creating
May 26, 202120:07
S01E06 - You Pay For Success With Failure
May 24, 202104:39
S01E05 - Updating My Thoughts on Self Reliance & Expanding on What It Means to Build Your Stack
May 19, 202122:35
S01E04 - Self Reliance
May 17, 202106:32
S01E03 - Exploring the Nuances Between Good and Great, and How to Rekindle Your Passion
May 12, 202128:20
S01E02 - Don’t Let Good Get in The Way of Great

S01E02 - Don’t Let Good Get in The Way of Great

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

There are many things that are good, but only a few that are truly important, and truly great. Many times, what stops us short of greatness and our full potential is not failure or doing the wrong things. It’s giving too much time and energy to things that are merely good.

In this blogpost recording, I explore the differences between 'Good' and 'Great' and how we can go the merely good, and go for great.

May 10, 202106:57
S01E01 - Welcome to the Show...Again.

S01E01 - Welcome to the Show...Again.

Second time's the charm. Or is the third? Anyway, welcome back to the Life by Design Podcast. I am looking forward to being consistent with this show moving forward. Season 1 begins now and will run for about 24 weeks, and we'll take it from there. 

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May 08, 202106:01
Clarifying my thoughts on ‘Leverage’

Clarifying my thoughts on ‘Leverage’

As I draft and refine my thoughts on Leverage for my blog post, I chat with my friend Kay about the key ideas I’m wrestling with and trying to put across.
Mar 04, 201904:25
Let your moves stack on each other

Let your moves stack on each other

Trying to get things done and pursuing a long-term goal can be daunting. You are aiming at an eventuality that is still quite far off. You have a sense of where you are going but don’t know quite know how to get there.
You see the mountain top, the main goal you are trying to accomplish, but you are still far off. You have started by doing it badly, but that’s just step one of hundreds of steps to get there.
Is there a way of thinking, a way of acting, that allows the actions we take to build on each other, to gain momentum, and build into a giant snowball racing furiously to our destination?
I think there is, and it’s a combination of strategic thinking and aiming for the domino effect.
Feb 26, 201907:21
Start by doing it badly

Start by doing it badly

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Apr 29, 201806:07
How to get important things done II

How to get important things done II

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Apr 24, 201806:00