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Our Collaboration Station

Our Collaboration Station

By Cynthia Boyd

Our Collaboration Station is a space for people to connect and encourage one another to pursue their goals and obtain their PEACE in life! Individuals, of all walks of life, will work together to share their stories and uplift others in a positive way.

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Traveling Grace

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Living in my BLESSINGS

Our Collaboration StationFeb 21, 2022

Mindful Meditations- Friendship over 40 feat. Tabitha Felder
Sep 02, 202301:23:22
Prayer 3 - A Book of Prayers- A Prayer for Faith (God’s Graciousness)
Aug 24, 202323:14
Prayer 2 - A Book of Prayers - A Prayer for HEALING
Feb 04, 202309:20
Prayer 1 - A Book of Prayers - (A Prayer for Prayer)
Jan 25, 202325:20
I am back!!! Happy New Year
Jan 07, 202310:46
Mindful Meditations featuring Tamara, host of Finding The Oasis Within Podcast
May 28, 202201:20:05
Business Minded, An interview with Anna-Kay Hutchinson, Host of For Change Be Bold Podcast
May 20, 202242:16
Part 2 Embrace your DREAMS (A book review)
May 11, 202227:28
Part 1 Embrace your DREAMS (A book review)
Apr 13, 202234:30
Take your time
Apr 01, 202217:37
Living in my BLESSINGS
Feb 21, 202220:01
Business Minded -An interview with Shera and Courtney, Owners of Friendship Formulas LLC!
Jan 15, 202232:08
GROWTH - Prepare for 2022!!!
Dec 30, 202124:45
Daily Mindful Meditations: about the journal
Nov 30, 202111:47
Oct 26, 202109:15
Step out on FAITH
Oct 18, 202108:06
Pour POSITIVITY into others
Oct 11, 202107:03
Be present.
Oct 04, 202103:41
Mindful Meditations- An interview with Pej, host of The BadassFabulous Podcast!
Sep 19, 202154:40
Lead with LOVE!!! -Season 3 FINALE
Aug 31, 202125:58
Business Minded- An interview with Dr. Monica Boyd, Owner of Compass Pharmacy in Texas
Jul 02, 202127:56
Taking a RISK or HAVING FAITH? How do you approach new opportunities in your life???
Jun 30, 202127:32
Business Minded-An interview with Kelsey Hoke, Owner of Hoke Specialty Service LLC!
May 22, 202150:24
Answered Prayers
Apr 02, 202133:59
BUSINESS MINDED- An interview with Angelica host of A Little Bit of Everything with Me Podcast!

BUSINESS MINDED- An interview with Angelica host of A Little Bit of Everything with Me Podcast!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Latin Podcast Awards 2020 Winner Angelica Goncalves Vallecillo who is also a Podcaster, Designer, Speaker, and Host of  
A Little Bit Of Everything With Me Podcast! Out of Toronto, Canada, Angelica used her amazing voice to share her story on her bout with Dyslexia as a child and the impact that it has on her life as an adult. In this episode, she shares with me the difficulties in having a learning challenge and we also highlight the MAJOR achievements and accomplishments that she has made over the years. She also gives words of encouragement to parents who may be raising children with learning difficulties. Please check out her business brands and follow all of her social media platforms by clicking the links below! Gracias for being a part of my Our Collaboration Station Podcast, Angelica! I look forward to our future interviews/episodes! 👏🏾🎬🎧 🎙 AVG Fashion & Lifestyle: Latin Podcast Awards 2020 Winner  Instagram: alittlebitofeverythingwithme/
Facebook: alittlebitofeverythingwithme
Website:  #podcasting #dyslexia #positivegrowthanddevelopment #coop #thecoop #anchor #spotify and more!
Feb 08, 202101:05:30
The 13th month of 2020!!!

The 13th month of 2020!!!

This episode was recorded January 20th, 2021. I hope that everyone is off to a phenomenal start for the new year! Enjoy this episode. It is filled with motivation and inspiration for all. #motivation #inspiration
#anchor #spotify #iheartradio #amazon and more!
Jan 24, 202118:52
Reflections and a SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU!!!
Dec 31, 202011:47
Business Minded featuring Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle Podcast!

Business Minded featuring Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle Podcast!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ken on my ‘Our Collaboration Station Podcast!’ 👏👏👏 Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle Podcast is a phenomenal podcast that sheds light on several different topics. Ken, the host with the most, shares a variety of inspiring stories and he also shares his opinions on current events. He has amazing guests podcasters, entrepreneurs, artists, and more, that he interviews on a regular...not to mention, he has a FIRE music line up throughout his shows! 🔥🎼🔥 Be sure to check out his podcast, Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle Podcast on all podcast listening outlets.

#motivation #inspiration
#anchor #spotify #iheartradio #amazon and more!
Dec 23, 202031:48
Business minded- An interview with Megan Rena - Owner of MEG’S MYSTIC TREASURES LLC

Business minded- An interview with Megan Rena - Owner of MEG’S MYSTIC TREASURES LLC

Hi everyone! Today, I sit down and chat with my AMAZING daughter Megan and we talk about life and what it is like for her as a small business owner in the midst of a pandemic. Visit her website at to purchase some beautiful jewelry pieces!!! You can also connect with her via Facebook and IG @megsmystictreasures and you can reach her via email at #motherdaughtertime #businessowner #businessminded #blackownedbusiness #COOP
Oct 29, 202029:11
Sep 13, 202026:56
Aug 03, 202017:49
I have a right to remain SILENT.
Jun 17, 202032:23


👏 👏 👏 📖 🎉 🎉 🎉 Here I will share my book, MY WRITINGS IN THE SAND: A 21 DAY INTERACTIVE GUIDE TO OBTAINING PEACE as an audio version (written and narrated by yours truly). The 21 DAY Peace Guide is near the end of the story for your reference to follow.
Everyone has a life story. Your story may be more complex than mine or mine more complex than yours; but we all have a story. My Writings in the Sand: A 21 Day Interactive Guide to Obtaining Peace, has been designed to inspire, encourage, and motivate people to live their best life, all while obtaining peace. This manuscript has been created as a blueprint to reference and follow on a daily basis. It is structured with the intent for the reader to become spiritually disciplined and motivated to spread love to others and share God’s Word with all. The reader/listener should use a personal journal as a tool for the reader/listener to access for writing their thoughts and feelings down each day, with the hopes of developing their story and ultimately sharing it with others through writings of their own. Everyone has a life story. Hold yourself accountable for writing your vision and achieving your life’s goals in the most peaceful way possible! The content in these audio files are the sole property of Cynthia Rena Boyd, owner of Listen and Learn LLC in Kennesaw, Georgia and author of MY WRITINGS IN THE SAND: A 21 DAY INTERACTIVE GUIDE TO OBTAINING PEACE. You are not to utilize this content without my permission. If you would like to request permission to use said content, please email You can tune in and listen to Our Collaboration Station on, Spotify and many more listening outlets! ***Cover artwork created by Peter Burgess. #obtainyourpeace
#iheartradiopodcast #COOP OBTAIN YOUR PEACE!!!
May 28, 202001:24:10
Obtain your PEACE...a visualization activity
Apr 19, 202016:42
Where is the hand sanitizer located? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Apr 01, 202019:17
Life...a man’s perspective ft. DJ Phly
Mar 11, 202034:37
Life...a man’s perspective ft. DJ Phly (Trailer)

Life...a man’s perspective ft. DJ Phly (Trailer)

🚨 Trailer alert!! Here’s a quick snippet of my upcoming podcast episode. 👏 👏 👏 I had the pleasure of connecting with DJ Phly from The Phlycast, his podcast on DJ Phly held a very inspirational conversation with me as we talked about life and he elaborated on what living life looks like from a man’s perspective. This full episode will drop on my podcast, Our Collaboration Station, on March 6th, 2020. Be sure to tune in as you will not want to miss the knowledge that he shares on this topic!!!
Feb 28, 202004:08
Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Of course each and every day is a day of love, and each day is another day for us to love one another and ourselves unconditionally. Tune in to hear a bit about how I view love, and feel free to share your views on love as well!
Feb 14, 202013:57’s ALL about CHOICES. Choose wisely!’s ALL about CHOICES. Choose wisely!

I had the pleasure of interviewing my beautiful sister, Dr. Monica Boyd Onujiogu, and we discussed the importance of making choices and the impact that our choices have on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Listen to the valuable insight that Monica sheds on this topic!
Jan 30, 202023:45
Consistency is key!

Consistency is key!

This episode is simply a quick check-in to see how my amazing listeners are holding up with their New Years Resolutions/Goals! Are you on a positive path to mastering them, or have you found it challenging and feel the need to give up or quit? I share a few quick tips here to keep you motivated as you reach your goals.
Jan 16, 202011:21
Learning the ART of WRITING with Marc and Kristina Ritorto

Learning the ART of WRITING with Marc and Kristina Ritorto

*Some audio issues* Marc and Kristina Ritorto are a phenomenal father/daughter duo, who have written multiple books which include I AM A SURVIVOR along with THE INVISIBLE GIRL, written by Kristina and THE CABAL-THE SAGA BEGINS, written by Marc. Listen in as they discuss details about their publications and learn about how they developed their interests and passions for writing.
Jan 03, 202018:16
The year 2020....Can you see it clearly?

The year 2020....Can you see it clearly?

This episode is filled with important information on how to enhance yourself for the upcoming new year 2020! Listen closely to ways that you can enhance yourself, and become your BEST self, in order to successfully achieve your goals!
Dec 28, 201924:31
How to understand suicide with Paula Fontenelle

How to understand suicide with Paula Fontenelle

Our Collaboration Station had the pleasure of connecting with Paula Fontenelle, author of the book Understanding Suicide: Living with Loss. Paths to prevention. She shared her own personal experience on this topics, and gave valuable insight to the listeners on this sensitive subject. Thank you Paula!
Dec 06, 201933:51
Preparing for tomorrow, today

Preparing for tomorrow, today

This first segment explains a little sprinkle about me and about what YOU have to look forward to as we collaborate together. Thanks so much for listening!! All the best to YOU!
Nov 19, 201920:26
November 18, 2019

November 18, 2019

Nov 18, 201900:52