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Outdoor Alliances Podcast

Outdoor Alliances Podcast

By Alex Burkett

The Outdoor Alliances Podcast with Alex Burkett, a next-generation marketing podcast for Outdoor Hospitality Industry owners & professionals. Your source for marketing updates, business advice, and great conversations about all things in the Outdoor Hospitality industry. You'll learn how to use marketing to your advantage and fill your park.
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Ep 23- Things to Consider When Designing Your Website

Outdoor Alliances PodcastMay 13, 2022

Ep 113- Create Some Campground Marketing Magic
Sep 11, 202316:01
Ep 112- Latest News: Drones, Creating a Better Booking Experience, & State Association Issues
Aug 21, 202313:15
Ep 111- Woodall's Supplier Showcase: Campground Accounting
Aug 16, 202316:03
Ep 110- Engaging an Audience & Launching a Brand New Instagram Account
Aug 14, 202316:33
Ep 109- Using Social Listening to Better Understand Your Campers
Aug 07, 202313:07
Ep 108- Marketing in 2023: H1 by the Numbers
Jul 17, 202316:13
Ep 107- Leveling Up Your Marketing Game & Figuring Out What Really Works
Jul 12, 202311:38
Ep 106- Ben Quiggle from Woodall's Campground Magazine on its “Campground Masterclass” Series
Jun 30, 202322:05
Ep 105- One Simple Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool You Can Use to Grow Your Business
Jun 14, 202312:33
Ep 104- Get the Most Out of Your Promotions & Special Offers
Jun 12, 202312:06
Ep 103- My Take on The State of the RV Industry
Jun 01, 202310:29
Ep 102- How to Protect Your Reputation & Not Let Emotions Get in the Way
May 31, 202312:27
Ep 101- Do More With Less When You're on a Small Marketing Budget
May 30, 202312:21
Thank You for Helping Us Reach 100 Episodes!

Thank You for Helping Us Reach 100 Episodes!

Thank you to all of our listeners for your continued support and listenership of our show, the Outdoor Alliances Podcast. We truly appreciate the feedback, our community together, and spending time with us throughout your week. Here's to the next 100 episodes!

May 30, 202302:57
Ep 100- How (& Why) to Update Your Google Business Listing
May 25, 202314:57
Ep 99- Latest News: KOA on Customer Retention, America’s Outdoor Rec Package, Sam Zell Passing, & More
May 22, 202312:09
Ep 98- What to Consider If You're Thinking About Virtual Tours
May 18, 202311:11
Ep 97- Engaging With Your Pinterest Followers: How To Be Successful
May 17, 202310:53
Ep 96- Tips to Take Excellent Photography at Your Park
May 16, 202312:50
Ep 95- Google Ad Revenue Slides + AI Race, Ad Efficiency Improves For Meta
May 08, 202307:14
Ep 94- Christine Taylor from The Towne Law Firm On Current Legal Challenges Facing the Camping Industry
Apr 28, 202328:32
Ep 93- The #1 Marketing Metric You Need To Pay Attention To This Season
Apr 27, 202307:45
Ep 92- ADA Website Compliance: Taking the First Step
Apr 26, 202315:21
Ep 91- Free SEO Tools to Grow Your Website Traffic
Apr 24, 202311:54
Top Traffic Channel - #3 Creative Video Marketing
Apr 19, 202307:10
Top Traffic Channel - #2 Online Advertising Using Google Search
Apr 18, 202305:47
Top Traffic Channel - #1 SEO & Search Traffic
Apr 17, 202307:07
Ep 90- How to Improve Your Park's Visual Imagery & Branding
Apr 14, 202310:19
Ep 89- What Is Engagement & How To Track It on Social Media
Apr 13, 202310:40
Ep 88- 3 Ways to Boost Your Campground's Bookings with Effective Online Reputation Management
Apr 12, 202310:25
Ep 87- How To Make a TikTok (That Has a Chance to Go Viral)
Apr 11, 202317:54
Ep 86- How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Park's Opening Weekend
Apr 10, 202318:54
Ep 85- Using Email Sequences & Automation to Make More Money
Apr 07, 202314:38
Ep 84- Mark Koep on What Makes a Great Website

Ep 84- Mark Koep on What Makes a Great Website

Mark Koep, CEO of, raised some interesting questions for park operators Wednesday (March 29) during his digital marketing session at the California Outdoor Hospitality Association’s Summit in Roseville, Calif. Let's examine his findings and dive further into how we can apply these principles to great website design.

Read the full summary from Woodall's Campground Magazine here:

Want to catch up on past episodes and learn more about marketing? Visit our podcast website at

Apr 03, 202318:11
Ep 83- How Paying Attention to Your Reputation Can Get You More Bookings
Mar 13, 202316:21
Ep 82- RV Self Park is Shaping the Way RVers Travel & Could Change How Parks Are Built
Mar 10, 202321:34
Ep 81- How to Use Social Media to Sell More Site Nights
Mar 06, 202311:26
Ep 80- How to Think Like Your Guest & Become Better at Sales
Feb 27, 202314:48
Ep 79- Steve Cody, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO and Co-Founder of
Feb 24, 202325:01
Ep 78- Why Setting The Best First Impression Means Everything to Your Guests
Feb 20, 202315:00
Ep 77- Sean Wood from NAI Outdoor Hospitality Brokerage on Real Estate Trends in the Outdoor Hospitality Industry
Feb 17, 202322:37
Ep 76- Google Pixel's Super Bowl Ad & Marketing Lessons You Can Learn
Feb 13, 202309:48
Ep 75- Mike Sorensen from Wild Energy Co. on Energy Monitoring for Electric & Water Pedestals Plus Partnership with App My Community
Feb 10, 202317:30
Ep 74- Camping Industry Resources to Help Your Park Grow
Feb 06, 202310:11
Ep 73 - Joe Mehl, Director of Marketing at Alliance RV
Feb 03, 202315:54
Ep 72- Chat GPT and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools
Jan 23, 202311:09
Ep 71- Donna Bordeaux from Campground Accounting
Jan 20, 202326:50
Ep 70- 3 Ways to Extract Value from Customer Data
Jan 18, 202315:40
Ep 69- Cara Csizmadia from the Canadian Camping and RV Council on 2023 Canadian OHCE
Jan 13, 202323:06
Ep 68- How Marketing & Culture Can Help You Hire Better
Jan 09, 202311:33