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OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. This podcast features interviews with exhibiting artists.
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Interview with The Singh Twins

OUTPUT galleryOct 01, 2020

Interview with Bryan Biggs

Interview with Bryan Biggs

The OUTPUT podcast heads to Liverpool's oldest building and the UK's oldest arts centre to talk to artist, writer, curator and historian Bryan Biggs about spending 30+ years in Liverpool's arts scene, the Bluecoat's current interrogation of its colonial origins, and the many projects he's been involved in over the years - also features a number of tracks selected by Bryan: expect art-punk, reggae, roots and more.

Aug 17, 202201:11:06
Interview with Ciarán Wood

Interview with Ciarán Wood

In the latest episode of the OUTPUT podcast, new host / gallery director Michael Lacey interviews Ciarán Wood about his current exhibition at the gallery, and a film which weaves footage shot by the artist's father in the early 2000s into a poetic exploration of Liverpool's social, architectural and class histories. Other topics discussed include Wood's life as an artist around the UK and Holland, how people from New Brighton view Liverpool and what his best karaoke performance is...

Jun 21, 202249:40
Interview with Sumuyya Khader

Interview with Sumuyya Khader

Sumuyya Khader, one of Liverpool's most popular emerging artists, joins us on the OUTPUT podcast for a wide ranging chat covering her postal exhibition, politics, society and life. Listen to find out more about Sumuyya's path as an artist since graduation up to the recent founding of Granby Press, the challenges facing young black artists today, and strategies for tackling those challenges. A full transcript is available from

Instagram: @Sumuyya / Twitter: @Sumuyyaa

Interviewed by Gabrielle de la Puente

Jul 23, 202145:41
Interview with Hassnat Sikander

Interview with Hassnat Sikander

This episode of the OUTPUT Gallery podcast is an interview with exhibiting artist Hassnat Sikander, whose work explores the emotional and psychological impacts of cultural enforcements. Hassnat uses text, collage, spoken word and sound to raise awareness about injustices towards women and the mental health issues that are often neglected within traditional communities. Hassnat and host Gabrielle de la Puente discuss Hassnat's practice within the context of her experiences and struggles, her current "punkjabi" focus which combines elements of traditional Punjabi culture with a punk aesthetic, and her experiences as an artist since being one of OUTPUT's first exhibitors when the space opened in 2018. A full transcript is available from

Jul 08, 202139:18
Interview with Radical Womxn's Dance Party

Interview with Radical Womxn's Dance Party

Gabrielle speaks to two members of Radical Womxn's Dance Party about their postal exhibition at OUTPUT Gallery, which aims to bring wider attention ideas around prison abolition. They discuss this project (which is a collaboration with CAPE - Campaign Against Prison Expansion), the ways which anyone can get involved in the movement, and the sense of harmony and nature that underpins their radical left wing politics. 

Jun 22, 202134:16
Interview with Leo Fitzmaurice
May 21, 202139:56
Interview with Mali Draper & Dan Waine
Apr 23, 202137:34
Interview with Donal Moloney
Mar 26, 202156:54
Interview with Jon Edgley
Dec 03, 202048:55
Interview with Nick Smith
Oct 29, 202047:18
Interview with The Singh Twins
Oct 01, 202059:46
Interview with Gold Maria Akanbi

Interview with Gold Maria Akanbi

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. For this episode, we speak to Gold Maria Akanbi, a neurodiverse British-Nigerian multidisciplinary artist. Akanbi showed as part of group exhibition OUTPUT OPEN 2 last year and now returns for a solo show of painting work that fills and covers the walls of the gallery. In this interview, we discuss lockdown, art and the state, searching for nirvana, healing through the process of making, and the new exhibition at OUTPUT which is open from September 3 - 27 here in Liverpool. 


Host: Gabrielle de la Puente

Artist: Gold Maria Akanbi / @goldmakanbi / @metallicnuance

Contact: / / @outputgallery

Jingle: Michael Lacey /

Sep 03, 202042:03
Interview with Chila Kumari Singh Burman
Aug 06, 202001:19:21
Interview with Lo Tierney
Aug 05, 202038:55
Interview with Joseph Cotgrave
Aug 05, 202042:36
OUTPUT gallery - Origin Story
Aug 05, 202050:30