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Owning HER Health podcast

Owning HER Health podcast

By Lissette ( Lisa) Holland

Lissette Holland (aka Dr Lisa, PT) has been helping women enjoy the human experience of their curvier hustle and divine design for over a decade. This show features women growing a creative career fueled by professional significance and family-friendly lifestyle.

Dr. Lisa offers her wisdom on the body, mind, soul and purposeful experience of being a woman and helps listeners get in touch with other great minds through the lost art of female conversation and community.
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The Backbone of A Best Selling Health Book

Owning HER Health podcastNov 05, 2019

The Backbone of A Best Selling Health Book

The Backbone of A Best Selling Health Book

Episode 52 invites you to Meet Dr. Justin Trosclair D.C. and come away learning about writing an Amazon Best Seller, marketing brand in creative ways through email and book positioning and how someone that was in private practice for 7 years in Denver, CO, sells his practice to go become a very rare bird as a foreign expert chiropractor in a hospital setting across the globe in Yunnan Province China.

Yup, a true renaissance man.
Nov 05, 201901:03:16
Warning! Time Sensitive Special Fri 13th Harvest Moon Episode!

Warning! Time Sensitive Special Fri 13th Harvest Moon Episode!

RECLAIM Your Moon Wisdom

As Episode 51 Came to me on a download to speak to you! 

Warning, this episode is not for anyone not into stars and moons or spiritual fitness.

This will test all you Virgo vibing perfectionists listening in because There is nothing fancy here or firmly structured.

There is some echo but I got no time as this is a time-sensitive wisdom share that only came in late this morning and so I am sorry but...

Deal with it.

Opportunity knocks...

So I am writing a couple of books. I know, insane and yet not surprising to hear about me living in parallel worlds right?!

In all seriousness, I have been getting so many downloads switching between

  1. The Women's Health book that approaches our body and functions through the filter of our subtle body in tune with natural energies.
  2. The Curvy Hustle Manifesto I got going down

So, I launched this today because it was so Full Moon it must be for you and not necessarily for my normal book writing.

Plus... Opportunity knocks. I did not care to publish on Wed. I just did not have the flow this week on Monday or Tues like I normally do so maybe this was supposed to be your message because I got this done in all of a couple of hours verse a week! 

And so, the Episode with Dr. Justin Trosclair DC talking #CurvyHustle book marketing and his secret on becoming an Amazon bestseller will be yours next week. 

For now, today is the day to get in tune.

Instead of us getting distracted, listen in to this episode as I discuss...

  • The very important natural symbolism of today!!!
  • The feminine wisdom of the Moons and Menstrual cycles and seasons of life
  • The Matriarchy and the essence of it in our selves as well as historically in cultures such as Ancient Egypt
  • The macrocosm of the Universal wisdom of Nature reflecting against the microcosm in the healthy woman's form and function. 
  • How if you are feeling crummy, please take these tips and try it out. 
  • Go visit the extended Vlog over on my Website 

In fact, Let's make it a challenge. Do the simple and sane work I suggest. 

Email me or contact me in 30-60 days over @drlisahollandpt on FB and IG and tell me what changed in your life?  

Here ya go! Listen in.

The content is super powerful wisdom that I totally want you to grasp because this is an amazing opportunity to support your work as a Goddess living her best life! 

Tell me what you think. 

Sep 13, 201946:22
Stopping Sales with Copy Cat Marketing? A Chat with Kevin Kwan

Stopping Sales with Copy Cat Marketing? A Chat with Kevin Kwan

To celebrate turning the BIG 50 here on Owning HER Health

I decided to break the mold and have a Goddess Chat with one the Conscious Men in my global network of amazing Emerging Solopreneur leaders! 

Kevin Kwan is the Chief Copywriter and Founder of Bright Dot Marketing and THE guy I recommend to go to if you are not moving your message to the masses in a way that converts to money!

His private FB page is awesome. 

Kevin has walked the talk and you know we like that here in my Wisdom Masterminds.

He grew one gym into two gyms and ran them for 7 years, and during that time also launched his own online program multiple times making 15-20k per launch.

So how can you own your financial health better? 

On his website, he explains how he was doing "everything" (leading a team of 18 employees, managing over 300 client’s expectations, and shareholders) and figured out fast that it was NOT his jam" 

So with a curve, he hustled and now he found a marketing Zone of Genius as the founder of

In this episode we discuss : 

  • How Kevin pivoted his career 
  • The need to bring value in a smart way to your audience
  • The difference between sales and marketing
  • The different energetic feel of sale's push versus marketing's pull 
  • Where to meet the talk with the walk of your brand with the science and the art of copy
  • How the hell do you market to a brand new market like in a Blue Ocean? 
  • How to not end up paying for the wrong help at the wrong time
  • What exciting and major value he has for my audience that is creating a course or content that they need to convert over on his FB page

To reach out to Kevin catch him over on Facebook at 

Freebie 40 min help! 

or via his website where you can investigate how to uplevel your copy for sales or everyday and digital media content. 


Sep 06, 201938:59
A Labor of Love: Birthing Behavioral Styles

A Labor of Love: Birthing Behavioral Styles

Ever wonder why people show up in the world as they do?

Ever want to jump into someone's head and communicate a little better?

Then this "Labor of love what I do" - Labor Day episode #49 is for you! I

  • I explore why we in healthcare are actually driving the business of healing in every conversation we have working with someone every day
  • How meeting people where they are and Unifying your message with their expectations is yoga off the mat and drives clients to buy into completing a plan of care way better than your promised gadgets.
  • How understanding the who you support is just as needed as the understanding the what you are supporting.
  • What various profiles need to hear to move them towards or away from us every interaction 

Everyone is, of course, a blend of personality styles just like in Vedic philosophy, every human is a blend of several energetic profiles. In fact, the science of yoga is where I learned the fine art of seeing people behind the pain of the injury.

My dominant personality is Influencer ( no surprise I produce a podcast right?).

My core motivator is knowledge and discovery, as I would suspect a majority of my audience is here too. That blend led me towards taking action to seek a psychosocial objective because talking chakras and koshas was just not going to translate well for prime time.

This wisdom and my desire to make the world more beautiful, another core motivator for me,  led me to learn how to use reliable psychosocial metrics to ask better questions and get better answers and then develop the Integrative Life Coach training for my peers so they can help me beautify the world by coaching people in pain into a brand new outlook on their life because of the struggle .

You get to learn these tools from me now and that might cause you to see out this solution for your gaps in communication. 

And that is how this works...We all get what we really want out of knowing ourselves and our behaviors and understanding the audience we have for the desired outcome we can share.  

In this episode, I talk about this new need in the skill set of every client-centered service provider's toolbox. 

I also provide a mini training in learning the 4 most common personality types to look for in yourself and those you speak with tomorrow.

Finally, you will see that being a high-level care provider that is a great salesman does not need to keep marketing as hard. 

Sep 03, 201930:22
Be Careful About Getting Lost on Your Yoga Mat

Be Careful About Getting Lost on Your Yoga Mat

In this episode of Owning HER Health, we get real on:

~The look of most yoga students, classes and studio traffic
~The path my guest Shanna Small took from growing up in church to Down Dog on a yoga mat in India
~How she found herself lost in her own yoga practice
~Where service meet the business of living a modern-day sustainable life
~What her story has given her perspective on and where she is being called next
Aug 14, 201957:17
Who is the Doctor of Women Part 2

Who is the Doctor of Women Part 2

I Pick up episode 47 with the interesting conflict I left off on 46 with. How is the fem leaning woman surviving in the masculinization of Childbirth, puberty, menopause and sexual satisfaction and functional needs? Is she there? I see her emerging and it is a welcome evolution.

I leave you the audience to tell me, in your experience, if not you, then "Who in the paradigm of women's health care is pushing the return to the untangible sisterhood of goddess wisdom as the barometer of quality care?"
Jul 27, 201922:16
Ep 46 Who is The Best Doctor Of Womanhood?

Ep 46 Who is The Best Doctor Of Womanhood?

In Episode 46 of Owning HER Health, I am challenging the idea that Gynecology owns the feminine health conversation.

Trigger alert: I am also challenging the psyche of a woman that decides her professional role is to take charge of another woman's body when the woman feels out of control of her own.

So who is the Doctor of Womanhood in your mind?
Jul 17, 201928:57
Ep 45:Bon Voyage: The Ageless Voyage into Menopause & Beyond!

Ep 45:Bon Voyage: The Ageless Voyage into Menopause & Beyond!

In episode 45 of Owning HER Health Podcast, we discuss Post Menopause Vitality as the new norm and Dr. Susan Clinton's Upcoming Magnificent Menopause Program which is ready to move you into the best years of your life after the shackles are removed and you can really dig into that gathered goddess Wisdom!
Jul 10, 201944:39
Ep 44: The New Feel of a Strong Woman

Ep 44: The New Feel of a Strong Woman

Are you at a point in life where you got some benchmarks and awards but find yourself confused as to what is next in your world? Then THIS EPISODE of Owning HER Health is THE ONE that will give you clarity and a home.
Jun 26, 201931:33
Ep. 43: Keep Your Crown On Sister and Heal, Optimize Thrive

Ep. 43: Keep Your Crown On Sister and Heal, Optimize Thrive

If you are currently experiencing the labor pains of birthing a rehab or wellness business with your partner while finding yourself growing up yourself and birthing a brand new version of your life then be sure to listen in to this Goddess Chat with guest Dr. Amanda Ling, physical therapist, health coach, and host of "A Healthier MidSouth" podcast.
Jun 19, 201940:58
The End of Being A Pissy Runner and A Mom!

The End of Being A Pissy Runner and A Mom!

Episode 42 of Owning HER Health is talking all about the embarrassing and often normalized condition of poor bladder control, especially when trying to be active after pregnancy.

If you are a runner with a history of bladder control concerns

If you are a post-partum mama of any age

If your core just never restored no matter what you do

Jun 12, 201942:32
How to Recover the Goddess Inside After Sexual Abuse

How to Recover the Goddess Inside After Sexual Abuse

Trigger Alert! Dr. Lisa and Brooke Terrell are having a Goddess Chat on the profound impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Brooke is a Clinical Certified Traumatologist, a Board Certified Coach recognized by the International Coach Federation and holds an M.A in Counseling Psychology, but most relevant to most of her clients she is also a sexual abuse survivor herself. This episode explores that conversation.
Jun 05, 201938:23
Ep 39 Owning Our Beauty is not Selfish w/ Jaclyn Harris

Ep 39 Owning Our Beauty is not Selfish w/ Jaclyn Harris

In episode 38 I venture into that body love conversation and my guest weaves it beautifully into a conversation about of self love.

Jaclyn Harris is Reclaiming Our Beauty Power with her company Jaclyn Harris Wellness. Her hashtag #theMeFirstMovement is taking the selfish feeling out of placing ourselves as a priority.
Apr 14, 201838:58


Can you imagine the shame of needing help with just getting out of bed "Your Time of the Month" and being told for years that you are crazy, lazy or way too soft for your periods or even that you are making it all up?

In Episode 38 we celebrate proclaiming WOMEN WITH PAIN DOWN THERE MATTER. March is Endometriosis Month and Dr. Sallie Sarrel is explaining how our reliance on Hysterectomy as a cure without a complete excision for this disease's care is unacceptable.
Mar 20, 201843:22
Ep 36 How to Reclaim the Self Through Sudden Loss

Ep 36 How to Reclaim the Self Through Sudden Loss

Life Took Me By Surprise
Often I feature the painful stories that bind us Medicine Women chatting about the transformational pains that birthed each one of us. As you will see, my featured Goddess sister of Episode 36, the beautiful Thea Baker was no exception.
Mar 11, 201846:53
Episode 35: The Goddess of Yoni-Heart-Mind Power &  Discovering Your Sacred Guidance

Episode 35: The Goddess of Yoni-Heart-Mind Power & Discovering Your Sacred Guidance

Episode 35 brings in the Lovely Elise Carr, the woman behind StellaMuse    Known as the ‘Pioneer of Yoni-Heart-Mind Power’ she mentors, councils and advises clients through a journey of "Awakening from Within" through Sacred Guidance, Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul but getting her to this space is a whole other, less than the typical winding story.   

In this Goddess Chat Elise and I tap into the Tantra off the mat by speaking of how to weave the feminine divine into the masculine shuffle of the world right now.

We also speak about...

  • Her fierce dedication and spirited insight she found through her own warrior goddess story that started in one thing and became something completely different. 
  • How she defines and guides Sacred Guidance and why she feels called on a mission to lead others away from fear and illusion and into courageous love and mental clarity.
  • How she has come from a place of international globe-trotting as a model back home to harmonizing her own physical body, emotions, and heart with the mind and how she used personal relationship lesson to form a brand that guides other couples deeper into knowing each other as a Soul

Elise Carr, M.A. is also a dedicated student of the Esoteric Mysteries and a certified; Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master, and Holistic Life/Health Coach, as well as a Writer, Speaker, Model & Artist. I know you will find her story a refreshing perspective on owning our health and significance. 

Are you struggling with feeling sexually empowered, trust, empowered or financially secure as a woman?  What are you working on to take that ownership of your holistic harmony back?  I am on a mission to #SaveTheSisterhood from these pains so Comment below. 

#ItTakesAVillage #MedicineWomanRising #2GetHERweRise 

Care to explore more of your Special Force of Nature as a Health Leader? Read more HERE 

Jan 29, 201846:19
Episode 34: The Divine Guidance of Living With Depression

Episode 34: The Divine Guidance of Living With Depression

Episode 34 features Warrior Goddess Tina Busby who is a Charlotte, NC based mental health advocate on a divine mission to take the shame out of the mental disease. Tina has experienced her own battles and wins and offers insight on the journey.
Jan 16, 201853:51
Ep 33 Carol Lovell Calvert , Light worker

Ep 33 Carol Lovell Calvert , Light worker

Carol Lovell Calvert, is not your average older woman waiting around for time to pass. No, Carol is outside living it. As a long time energy worker with a flair of developing women's circles, her latest is called Sterling Silver Sisters, The Evolved Woman.
Jan 05, 201837:25
Ep 32 A Mompreneur with Core Desires Beth Learn

Ep 32 A Mompreneur with Core Desires Beth Learn

Had to Go With Instinct on This one

Beth Learn's Goddess Share about reclaiming your core after baby and talking body love with your teen feels much more like a mid-December new Moon kind of thing . Find out how you can empower your sons and daughters by actually reclaiming the power of your own mama wisdom rich body.
Dec 17, 201754:25
Finding HER BLiss W/Dr Amy Wheeler, PhD, C-IAYT

Finding HER BLiss W/Dr Amy Wheeler, PhD, C-IAYT

In our #GoddessChat it is very clear Dr. Amy Wheeler, PhD, C-IAYT pulls from her eastern and western medicine experiences while training athletes, mental health clients, and community yoga as well as developing research projects and diving into trauma and women's health.

I am grateful to hold space for her now as a sister friend in our Guru Goddess Tribe and I know there will be more wisdom shares from her in our future. BONUS GIFT IN SHOWNOTES to train with Amy!
Nov 23, 201740:02
Holding Space for The Masculine Areas of Pain

Holding Space for The Masculine Areas of Pain

In this episode 30 of Owning HER Health, I get to celebrate the blossoming of one of my first professional coaching clients, Dr. Susie Gronski, an evolving star in the world of men's pelvic health. Dr. Susie is a bright star in the sadly quiet world of Men's Pelvic Health and she is determined to change that silence with her new book The Ultimate Cock Block.
Nov 19, 201739:55
Ep.29 Living A Goddess Life By Design

Ep.29 Living A Goddess Life By Design

The Challenging Part Of Being A Healthy Unicorn

In Episode 29 Beth Badour, PT offers insight in the complex world of living well while battling a possibly debilitating disease. She shares a conversation many are not used to which is how hard it has been to be well educated, holistically healthier and more proactive than most patients. The Western model has little to offer her in continuing to feel well and she doesn't fit their model of debility and disease.
Nov 01, 201737:05
Ep 28: Make a Smarter Change as a Hot Mama

Ep 28: Make a Smarter Change as a Hot Mama

Are You suffering from "The Change"?

Episode 28 features My Lovely British friend Pamela Windle, Bsc Hons, Dip Hypo, CHBP, GHR Reg, GQHP. Pamela is a both a Women's Health Coach and a Hypnotherapist plus owner and founder of the website where you can connect with her and her holistic menopause guidance programs from anywhere around the world.

The Heat On This Episode
Pamela and I discuss the mental and emotional energy flow of this time and how that affects our body.
Oct 18, 201736:01
Part 2 of The Mother Daughter Complex

Part 2 of The Mother Daughter Complex

Warning: This episode may be a trigger to some unresolved childhood emotions.

Episode 27 is a deeper continuation of the conversation we began last episode in 26 with the influence our mothers have or lack of mothering can have on the rest of our lives as #HER daughter.
Oct 05, 201739:11
Are You Suffering from The Mother Daughter Complex?  Part 1

Are You Suffering from The Mother Daughter Complex? Part 1

Every woman I have ever helped or been in conversation with can relate to the challenge of being a woman who knew or never really got to know the inner thoughts and challenges of her mother.

Every woman I have ever helped or been in conversation with can relate to the challenge of being a woman who knew or never really got to know the inner thoughts and challenges of her mother but did you know that contact set a blueprint for your entire health story?
Sep 28, 201727:34
Are you Missing the right Kind of Pleasure?

Are you Missing the right Kind of Pleasure?

Episode 25 breaks apart the belief that Pleasure is so taboo -   The time has come to talk about sex in a more spiritual, soul filling way and my guest Irene Fehr is all about that!  Are you so scared to ask for it, receive it, surrender to it, and give yourselves permission to like sex, money or power? Has life or pain filled up so much that you can't enjoy it? This episode is going to open your mind up to how your ability to be intimate can deeply affect your psyche and invade your physical health, self-view, lifestyle, success, and pain!   The Guilt, The Fear Around Wanting it Better   I know many conservative women in my old clinical practice struggled with the guilt, fear, and authority to call the shots in the bedroom. I have seen how that inner dialogue can play off as pain in the body. I have seen some pretty tight pelvic floors and stress related conditions show up in the muscles of the pelvis, jaw, hips and low back and upon healing, we find that this pattern of hold in the body had much more to do with feeling bad inside about wanting pleasure than actually not having it available.   When Being Touched Feels Wrong   I have also seen many women deal with years of painful periods after being sexually abused and avoid being intimate with that body area due to dysfunction.  It is as if the body is punishing the woman for not receiving pleasure or is caught up in mind/body loop to guard against passive entry.   Sometimes we are protecting ourselves from a history of receiving it the wrong way.   Irene Fehr knows all about that.    As an Intimacy & Sexuality Coach, advocate, adventurer, and healer Irene is on a mission to help people have more love into their sex life and more sex into their love life. Known for authentically sharing her own personal experiences as a sexually empowered woman, Irene gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in uncharted territory.   In this Talk we explore:
  • The myths and sadness making pleasure being a taboo subject
  • How Irene leads women and couples on a journey of sexual growth, expansion and connection.
  • How receiving, as in the role of our bodies during sex, is actually a really feminine force of abundance, surrender, and flow into our minds and bodies.
  • How important it is to change the the way sexual health has been historically linked to two things: STDs and avoidance of pregnancy for our sons and daughters.
  • She ends our call with a really wonderful gift for everyone to learn SO MUCH MORE. ( See the link in the notes below)
  This episode is sponsored by The Mind Body Brand Academy where you are only 8 weeks away from a bigger voice and a clear direction on a personal brand. visit   WAIT.......A BONUS GIFT FROM IRENE TO THE TRIBE !!!!   Irene offers a "Sexual growth program" which dives passionately into sexual problems ( no pun intended). She has graciously offered our listeners an invite into her support with her Free guide: From Tired to Turned On: 3 Steps to Reigniting Desire & Wanting Sex Again. Go grab it and enjoy your next date!  Visit Irene and get learn more at
Sep 07, 201740:56
The Power to Rise and Not Run amongst Strong Sisters

The Power to Rise and Not Run amongst Strong Sisters

Are you a strong woman finding yourself leading in the wrong social circles for your professional leadership success? There are many ways we run away from our highest potential to lead merely because we chose to feed into our ego, our fears or core conflicts and not nourish the upcoming grandeur. This episode offers ways to avoid that.
Jul 25, 201729:02
Episode 22 : Be Bold

Episode 22 : Be Bold

Episode 22

So how does a stay at home mom move from dealing with the sudden onset of a child's illness to being a firecracker speaker while also leading her team of wellness women to new heights?  Find out in Episode 22 of Owing HER Health where I interview Charlotte based Health Entrepreneur, Kim Wojnowich on doing just that.

Kim challenges other moms out there to Be Brave. As a mentor for a growing business, a speaker and a mom, wife, friend and daughter amongst her many roles, she is working on doing just that!  

We sat down recently to discuss how she went from knowing nothing about selling and building teams to now leading one. We also spoke about her experience Owning HER daughter's health and finding ways to help others navigate autoimmune disease. According to The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, there are now 50 million americans with some form of autoimmune disease . Her mother and daughter were two of them. When her daughter was diagnosed at such a young age her eyes really opened up to her own power to heal using her love, the smarts of nutrition and some patience. 

In this episode we discuss...

  • How being bold enough to demand a better health solution for her daughter opened up the door to a whole new work/life harmony and power in life
  • How she found a new passion in something she thought she never would or could do.
  • What she learned about the power we each have over auto immune disease

( HINT: None of her physicians told her to do it) 

  • What she has learned about her own health needs from being the care giver of both her parents and her kids
  • How she is stepping up and helping others live bolder and braver now

Learn More About Kim

You can find out more about Kim's business team opportunities , services and speaking at her website and Facebook  or name brand other social media. 


Jul 11, 201741:04
Episode 21 Are You Fighting Hard Enough To Feel Well?

Episode 21 Are You Fighting Hard Enough To Feel Well?

Episode 21 features the inspiring Maiden glow of Dr. Laura Ricci .

Laura is a licensed doctor of physical therapy specializing in Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, as well as a certified Women's Health and Functional Nutrition Coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute (IWHI). As she continues to study nutritional endocrinology and tangents such as essential oils, Laura's path to becoming a healer by walking through the fire herself is inspiring.

Through her own medical challenges, including cancer and major orthopedic surgery; she found a passion for nutrition. From that experience, Laura wrote and taught the Nutrition Pre- and Post- Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery course for the IWHI. She has also been interviewed on multiple online summits, including The Healing Pain Summit and the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit.

Make sure to take advantage of the Limited Time WELLNESS BONUS BELOW 

In this goddess chat ...

  • We discuss how Laura was able to flip several years of pain and turn them into the fuel and resources for a global virtual health coaching practice
  • How she sees treatment, coaching, teaching functional nutrition lectures, and public essential oil education classes fitting in 
  • How her Mother's own Mama Guru feminine natured intuition not only saved her life at age two but continues to feed into her intuitive nature now.
  • The cool discovery she made while healing from cancer and other illnesses tied to her mother's voice so long ago.

We also speak a lot to the natural power we as women don't take advantage of and how knowing our own boundaries and meeting our shadows as friends can be some of the best medicine we have.

The chat finishes with some essential oils talk, how to find her on a computer near you and all the wonderful ways Laura can work with all of us in her global practice.  

Learn from Laura

You can learn more about Laura and her services by visiting her website or emailing her at


Care to learn more about essential oils? Visit Laura at Her Dr Laura's Essential Oils Education FB page HERE

WELLNESS BONUS FOR MY PODCAST LISTENERS..... Join our team as a Wholesale member or a fellow Wellness advocate under the Guru Goddess tribe (Wellness Advocate Number #3980805) by June 31st and get an free diffuser and start up support from me PLUS a year of ongoing tools and shares from Laura's team!  

Jun 27, 201742:44
Episode 20 :Lifestyle Healing with CEO Kari Thorstensen

Episode 20 :Lifestyle Healing with CEO Kari Thorstensen

Episode 20 of Owning HER Health has me speaking with Lifestyle Tech Goddess Kari Thorstensen about her new platform MBody360, an all in one HIPPA compliant wellness tool that is helping hundreds of health leaders make better use of their time and resources. If you are building a health or wellness tribe of your own, you will want to listen in and watch the video on You Tube

We talk about...

  • MBody360 as one of our Goddess Chat sponsors that I am happy to share
  •  How the platform works through A mini webinar for all you health and wellness professionals looking for ways to engage your community and set yourself apart from the crowd with recipes, shopping lists, download options, video shares and HIPPA compliant messaging for keeping in touch with your clients.  There are also a whole list of different dietary plans covering everything from clean eating to Ketogenic trials.

This episode also available in video format HERE so that you can get a great look at the demonstration Kari gave us. 

 Key Points...

  • Overcoming Risk Aversion and moving out of the box in healthcare
  • How using MBody360 can highlight your brand
  • Building applications that can take your health care support out of your 1:1 appointments and into the lifestyle of your clients is an important advantage for health entrepreneurs.
  • Find out the latest tools I am using for the Goddess Tribe and get advice on setting up a similar web of support and get 20% off by useing Code VIPGURU-20% at checkout after your FREE TRIAL BELOW

Let me know all the ways you are thinking about using this episode info in the comments below. How can something like this immediately improve your services? If you are a potential client, would you find it helpful for meeting the wellness goals of your life? 

Free Trial Sign Up -

Join My Next Guru Goddess Wellness Challenge

App Store -


Google Play -


Jun 13, 201751:46
Feminine Leadership,Flowers and Power of Owning Matriarch Wisdom

Feminine Leadership,Flowers and Power of Owning Matriarch Wisdom

IN Episode 19

I had the pleasure of interviewing Prominent Yoga Therapist, Business Coach and Yoga for Survivors(R) creator Laura Kupperman in a very Matriarch Wisdom conversation that held the amazing energy of two passion filled entrepreneurs that are inspired by their feminine wisdom. Laura has been featured in numerous media outlets such as The Elephant Journal, LiveStrong Quarterly and Los Angeles Times for her leading lady work in Yoga Therapy and Business mentoring. 

So what makes this episode different than my others? 

This is the first episode I had the opportunity to talk shop with my lady biz mentoring hat on. We cover several important topics women who lead, whether at home or out in the world, need to know so for those of you who are struggling with that bolder voice, this will be an energetically lifting episode for you. 

This is also the first episode where my featured guest was talking from a place of such relevant loss as woman, the loss of her own mother at ten years old which I found to be very inspiring. What I find most interesting is how early, after losing her first mirror for reflection of a woman in this world, Laura was able to flip that pain, make decisions that were not always popular and guide herself a couple of times to navigate her skill set and service points in this world.

If you are someone who is thinking they wasted their time studying such and such, only to find themselves in a seemingly completely different career now, Laura's path to goddess wisdom will CALM your mind.

Take away Lessons to be Learned

  • Women Need to Take on an entrepreneurial mindset through life when they are co creating a healthy and happy life
  • How she mixed art history into their life in a very atypical way
  • How Yoga changed HER Life and Found HER at the right time and leads HER work
  • How she used HER intuition and gut feelings, natural feminine traits, to move from the corporate training world to a life of better Harmony making money on and off the mat
  • What do beautiful Poppy flowers have to do with your ability to nurture your Business health  
  • What is the space for feminine leadership to rise right now and how can we get better at looking to the inner goddess tribe inside for important decisions

The Take Away

My one real take away about Laura is that she is a woman that is not afraid to tell others that she is doing her own shadow work in order to become more of a light for her tribe. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT NEED in order to truly become authentic in your guiding work.  In many ways I think the loss of such an influential mirror as a mother, early on, just before life lit that Maiden Fire might have given her an intuitive advantage to look at HERself in the mirror and not see her mother during formative years.  While this hold the potential for heartache, having that constant mirror, especially in the case where mom is so bright and you are not yet, is actually a real battle for many women I see in pain on multiple levels of self worth and personal service to this world. I am sure Ma Guru, the Universe gave her the path because she alone could create a wisdom. There are fingerprints such as her wonderful program Yoga for Survivors(R) as well as the changes she has made to many as an influential mentor that can only be patterned by some wanting to see themselves in their work. 

Where to Connect with This Goddess Guide

Laura Kupperman is presently organizing her involvement as co chair of the Yoga Business oriented CIC #6 pre conference offering at this year's

May 26, 201737:27
A Goddess Chat on Owning Our Health

A Goddess Chat on Owning Our Health

Warning Episode 18 may trigger feelings of discomfort or victimization.

This goddess chat is for those of you that struggle with digging deep into your mud to change.  It will be hosted both on my You Tube HERE and the podcast because I am hoping to get some thoughts back from you about making personal development tools like self reflection and the resultant transformation less scary in your life!

We all Self Edit Change

I begin by exploring our own barriers against growth and change and welcoming transformation even when our lives are a struggle and go into exploring some of the ways I changed my perspective on what success meant especially:

  • The surprise I found when life presented me when motherhood
  • Why owning my feminine feelings opened my eyes to the social bias I, even as a strong, productive maiden had absorbed moving up the ladder of 1970's- 1990's career success.

About 12.5 minutes in I turn the questions onto you, the audience to share in this conversation.  How can I best serve you to Own Your Health and Purpose right now.

  • How can the ones that have put away the victim archetype empower other women in her tribe as well as support the ones who are still in the victim mind?
  • How can we support the women who have stepped out of her old tribes and find the others that will support her being different now?
  • How do we protect our sisters from being distracted on the external change things?
  • How will we unify the female collective and transform social systems, limiting rules, masculinized internal and external resistance and be able to promote this new, waxing and waning cycle lifestyle? 
  • Do enough women want to change or do they just want things to change around them? 

Tough questions sometimes to ask ourselves and even harder to publically own a comment on but I am challenging you to answer why women may be getting in their own way with transforming the world and societal expectations. Luckily we are doing it together in this episode!

Please Join this goddess chat. Every one of you hold important wisdom. 

For Upcoming Personal Development, Lady Boss Living and Family Friendly Support Subscribe to My New You Tube Channel HERE

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May 12, 201735:12
Episode 17 Owning The Goddess Vocation of Motherhood and Not losing Our Soul

Episode 17 Owning The Goddess Vocation of Motherhood and Not losing Our Soul

Episode 17 Comes at you after a bit of a Spring Break for me and proves that through the vocation of motherhood and marriage we are still evolving into our world based purpose and grandeur.  

In this chat I speak with a yoga educator friend and former client Mama Guru Maria Griemel, RYT. Maria is currently living in Germany after a life living in the Eastern World and the USA and we discuss the layer social conditioning plays into how we carry our pains as women and the honoring of the work of our body.  In this episode we discuss...

  • How do we as women determine our personal value and success.
  • How our health in the relationship we hold with our value in ourself affects our mind and relationships and value in the world.
  • Why is it so important to hold onto our personal stories as sacred and not lose our personal life in the role of Mama Guru
  • Her hard personal lessons dealing with post partum energy drains, dutiful wife and extended family expectations, setting boundaries and recovering from chronic pain.
  • How community and communication are setting up the next phase of her inner trust in her inner guides and setting the path for more purpose in her life. 

Don't Miss this REAL LIFE talk on The Evolution of Goddess Strength In Vulnerability

Maria was so gracious enough to share her story and her personal development mission along with the bridges she is building for refugees from those experiences and understanding her skills beyond the home. As one of my Belly Guru Yoga Educators I am so very honored and happy she continues to share the classical / therapeutic lifestyle traditions of Dharma yoga inspired yogic living in Germany right now . Beyond sharing her grace and hospitality on this interview ( She invites us all to Bamburg anytime) Maria has for me, demonstrated her blossom so much much since first meeting with her as a client in 2013. 

If you are a Mama questioning if it is selfish to want your own time, wondering if your own story matters or dealing with illness and wondering how to shift perspectives, you will love this honest, girlfriend chat interview.

If you would like to learn more about Maria or work with her in Germany please comment on the blog HERE or contact her at her FB page Maria Griemel Yoga. Comment on the blog 


Apr 24, 201747:16
The Wounded Double Goddess & The Yoga of Feminist Healing

The Wounded Double Goddess & The Yoga of Feminist Healing

If you are a Man or Woman challenged by mixing your life up between a linear and curvy Hustle then Episode 16 Is for you from the podcast to the show notes on my Owning HER Health Libsyn show page. LOTS OF WISDOM NUGGETS FOR HEALTH & SUCCESS TO SHARE 

This episode is one of my favorite Guru Goddess Subjects to chat on. I am offering about 40 minutes of FULL ON deep Medicine Woman LOVE as we discuss some of the history of women supporting ( or not supporting) women while supporting themselves in society and in their own bodies.  It is not meant to be a monologue so comment below on the libsyn show notes and make this a two way conversation! 

And...I give a big shout out to use your Audible special offer HERE to download a free book and get a 30 day trial from today's sponsor to get some motivational resources if you are inspired by this conversation so check below for the resources.

In Episode 16 of Owning HER Health We discuss...

  • How women very well may be in A Brave New World by choice and reductionist models of care 
  • How female physiology and inner cyclic chemistry is so divine 
  • What makes us so unique ( very powerful and different than any other females in the animal kingdom) 
  • How women are forgetting they do not need to obtain permission to use their innate connection to nature and natural attributes
  • How ignoring the Double Goddess perspective on Feminism is hurting true gender equality happen
  • How manipulating our cycles is not a form of feminine power 
  • How a choice of vocation might need to change during each cycle of life
  • What your modern day story is and the story your children need to read.


The Double Goddess and Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble Get them HERE 

Watch Abundance Now video by Lisa Nichols HERE 

Visit my Amazon Favorite Lisa Nichols Books  HERE 

Support emotional balance during menstrual cycles

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Mar 30, 201745:25
Episode 15 : Owning Our Health Through Our Space

Episode 15 : Owning Our Health Through Our Space

What can You Learn from A Girl?

In Episode 15 we explored that as I hosted Emily, Michelle, Lindsey, Ashley, and Nicole from Girl Scout Troop 3515 of the Hornet's Council here in Charlotte, North Carolina. They showed up reminding me of my inner Guru Gal energies of joy and laughter in balance with getting down to business and nurturing the world. 

This episode is filled with several K.I.S.S. ideas like easy DIY products to save your lungs and livers using natural materials you likely already have at home and lots of Great Links Below!

Did you know that , depending on how you decorate and clean that your inside air quality is likely worse than outside your home?

Reduction of toxins in our homes was the main topic but then something really awesome and cool happened, that only a room filled with women can bring forth, we naturally began to expand our talk into how having the power to help ourselves is a way to actually expand and change our world

Our generational Woman's Circle on that starts around minute *18:30 and goes on onto the last minutes or so rounding out a wonderful conversation! 

After hearing about environmental health we got into...

  • Holding our own Power and practicing our feminine attributes of nurturing by helping our families at any age
  • Other ways we can honor the body
  • What 12 year olds are thinking about their body, mind and actions in health
  • How our personal actions are actually able to be social ones
  • A very empowering chat on what is most important about having done this project
  • DIY projects for the whole family

and more....Please comment on the blog or show notes because they are excited to answer your questions! 

One last Take away about helping the Next Generation and Yourself

It is so important to hold space and opportunity for women's circles of all ages in order to pass on OWNING HER HEALTH. A really important reason to Share This episode with your children, family and neighbors with young women. Girl Scouts is an example of that and sometimes we forget the wisdom shares of multi generations will happen both ways. So don't always leave the young ones out of talks on sex, money, moods and personal power! We all need to remind each other to listen to the Inner Goddess Tribe!  

These Guru Gals had such characteristic girl joy and giggles and fun to share while they taught and held their end of the #GirlTalk and that is the beauty of it!  That is what they can remind us all to bring back into our work and play! 



Environmental Health Plants: Get a plant for every 100 sq feet! 

4 Popular ones....Peace lily, Garden Mum, Spider Plant and Dracaena ( thank you girls for leaving me one!)


Citrus Solvents like Lemon or Orange oil, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Coffee grounds, Borax, essential oils

For those interested in Essential Oils Wellness, hop on over to my store HERE and click on the DIY link to see a bunch of ways to make your own effective cleaners , endocrine supportive non chemically fragrant body care products.

If you are ready to bring wellness through oils into your life then join my team by clicking

Mar 14, 201734:00
Episode 14 Owning HER Health with Michelle Lyons, PT, MISCP

Episode 14 Owning HER Health with Michelle Lyons, PT, MISCP


This episode Michelle Lyons , the founder of , is a leader in the circles of international women's health particular in the areas of integrative cancer care, menopause , pelvic recovery and surgical healing. Based out of Ireland, her private practice offers a different and holistic array of physiotherapy service with an entire approach towards celebrating the female form.  Her website is filled with resources and bog posts on topics ranging from hysterectomy to constipation to women and back pain and female athlete support. She is a wonderful vibrant goddess sister and I am so excited to share her with those of you outside of the women's health professional circles because her wisdom can connect the dots between chronic orthopedic symptoms, resistant gynecological conditions and overall feminine personal development and self empowerment needs. 


  • Women's Health as a layering of support and empowerment
  • How we are Breaking Our Hearts
  • Attitudes Matter 
  • The place for Traditional feminine powered medicines such as community, conversation, herbs and happiness in our roles

One of the most important topics I think we discuss is feminine powered action Michelle and I discuss the Feminine Art of Not Caring What Others think and if that resonates with you . I suggest you take advantage of YOUR FREE 30 DAY TRIAL AND FREE DOWNLOAD HERE for my listeners for a great short book called " The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life" by Marc Manson 

Then, Make sure to connect with Michelle and Celebrate that Super Power via wonderful shares on her website or Facebook .  You can get a list of her upcoming courses , the Women on Fire Event she co hosts soon (if you are listening from the UK)

Don't be surprised if after listening to our chat you may just find yourself wanting to suddenly brew up a cup of nettle tea as you work on your vision board of how to take charge of your body and your life! 


Let us know your thoughts on optimal feminine living in comments! Your thoughts matter. 


Download your free Guide to self Vulvar exam, curing your constipation or Pelvic floor exercises now at

 Join Her Conversations on FaceBook

Take Pride in Taking Feminine Action for Your Health and Wealth and Peace of Mind :

Download Your copy of " The Subtle ARt of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life" by Marc Manson

Feb 28, 201735:38
Inspired by Pain this Goddess offers Healthy Legal Love & Inspiration

Inspired by Pain this Goddess offers Healthy Legal Love & Inspiration

Lucky Episode 13 is my Special V Day edition on Owning HER Health 

where we celebrate true BODY LOVE with lawyer and women's health advocate Erin Jackson. I reached out to Erin after hearing her story on another podcast and connecting through social media and found her to be truly a mission driven goddess. In this episode we speak of personal empowerment and the sensitivity needs in Health care. She has a few tips from personal struggles when encountering people with persistent and chronic pain.  In fact, Erin is so giving and open about her struggles with her pelvic health that you should make sure to scroll down for how to enjoy her blog and connect with her professionally.  If you are a health provider needing to set up a safe practice, her law practice consults are also on her impressive resume!  Oh and do not forget to grab your Valentine's gifts by my sponsors and below in the show notes. 

Guest Bio

Erin Jackson definitely exhibits the Guru Goddess Tribe Vibe. As a healthcare attorney at Jackson LLP, she is the Managing Partner and spearheads the firm's regulatory compliance practice. She is also president of a non profit looking to start many pain care conversations around the country and I was truly inspired with what Erin has done with #HERpain and #HERstory about it.


With a personal history of pelvic pain that began in her teens, Erin speaks nationally about her experience and the importance of patient-centered care.  Erin was raised in the Chicago suburbs and attended Elmhurst College. She went on to earn a master's degree and then to graduate as the top-ranked member of her law school class. She is a published author whose scholarship focuses on the intersection of the law with women’s health issues. Erin also serves as the President of the nonprofit Inspire Santé, which broadens awareness of pelvic pain, and she is involved with the US National Committee for UN Women's Chicago Chapter and NARAL's Illinois Choice Action Team. 

Go Erin Go! Shine that Light. 

In this episode we spoke about ...

To learn more about Erin or get in touch with her as a healthy lawyer or chat with her as an advocate friend Contact Erin via .....

Twitter:           @healthy_lawyer
Phone:             (847) 440-5028 / office
Address:          Inspire Santé, NFP
                        900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104
                        Evanston, IL 60202


Feb 14, 201736:57
Moving Our Goddess Acts of Fear into Confident & Transformative Action

Moving Our Goddess Acts of Fear into Confident & Transformative Action

Marching For What Power?

In episode 12 I am coming off the Women's Health Marches all over the world and talking to the Goddess Tribe about how we can use that global feminine energy to gear up our psyche for Self Love this February. February promises love and with this episode being between the marches and my Valentine's Day pelvic love episode I thought it was a perfect time to discuss how these marches showed the fear , trust and confidence issues so many people have which blocks them from truly loving themselves and others. I think some of the catalytic force we are feeling now come up big time from those primal feelings and would love your comments back on questions I propose in this session such as...

  1.  How do we take the fire of fear and move that into something that lasts instead of burning bridges? 
  2. Where can we educate and collaborate together in trust instead of fear? 
  3. What are women really looking for when we say we want power?  What does that power mean to you? Is it body, mind, money, personal value?

Join the conversation

This episode of Owning HER Health is sponsored by is the premier provider of digital audiobooks. The site has over 180,000 titles to choose from in every genre: thrillers, business, romance, comedy, sci-fi and more. Audible titles play on iPhone, Kindle, Android and more than 500 devices for listening anytime, anywhere and this is definitely how a #ladyboss gets her learning and entertainment on the run done!!!


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Feb 03, 201728:40
Susan C Clinton: Integrative Physio Extraordinaire

Susan C Clinton: Integrative Physio Extraordinaire

 On Episode 11 I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Susan C. Clinton PT, DScPT, OCS, WCS, COMT, FAAOMPT a leader in the Women's health field and the profession of Physical Therapy as a whole. One would think someone who is that accomplished would not have time for a Goddess Chat but Susan proved me wrong and not only made the time to share #HERstory but had some great inner wisdom to share for strong lady leaders who are birthing dreams instead of children into this world. Don't miss the last 5 minutes where She mentions some great resources for clinicians with Jessica Drummond for self care as well as her initiative and we discuss how forming a circle of trust with fellow women is the way to rise!!!! 

  1. This episode is sponsored by Paul Gough's Business Growth School and leading online audiobook center

Click HERE to join Paul's free webinar training this weekend 1/28 & 29th 2017 and grab your free 30 day trial and book credit HERE 


We Talk HER STORY... Hurricane Katrina destroyed HER home & Health

Susan ,the woman behind all HER accomplishments in the world, shares her pain and progress after losing everything to Hurricane Katrina, including her personal health and how stepping back to reassess what she wanted while recovering was actual a good thing.  Lessons learned along the path less traveled as a therapist for elite dancers to older women have set up her many skills around patient centered care and world wide trainings. We discuss how all the pieces have influenced her journey to a private practice .  

 Susan , the therapist is quite accomplished in the field of rehabilitation. Having been most recently awarded the 2016 recipient of the Elizabeth Noble Award from the APTA Section on Women’s Health. She serves on the BOD of  American Pelvic Organ Proloapse Soceity (APOPS) and she is an inaugural BOD for the Global Women’s Health Initiative (GWHI). A Lady Boss PT in her own right, Susan is co owner of a private practice in Sewickley, Pennsylvania called Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness, LLC and  is active in implementing better womens health initiatives in both local and global initiative as well as actively teaching and conducting research as an adjunct instructor for various professional programs.

While Susan is active with the American Physical Therapy Association, she is also very proactive in her specialty areas which include an impressive trifecta in orthopedics, womens health and orthopedics. To learn more about her practice, educational offerings and ideas on the move visit :

Susan Coel Clinton on FaceBook 

Chat with Susan @sccpa1 on Twitter 


Don't Miss out on getting Smarter, Sexier, Happier or Carried away Special Offer for The Owning HER HEALTH Audience

Building a business of your own? Get into Paul Gough's next business school class Feb 2017. Download your blueprint starter packet HERE 

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Dr Julie Granger, PT, DPT, SCS, Maiden Goddess & Owner of Prism Wellness Center

Dr Julie Granger, PT, DPT, SCS, Maiden Goddess & Owner of Prism Wellness Center

On episode 10 we open up my Winter Season of Owning Her Health and boy my guest does not disappointment us with #HERstory.

This episode is sponsored by Paul Gough's Business Growth School. Learn More HERE

Dr Julie's story will inspire and also redefine success for you!

My friend and integrative colleague, Dr Julie Granger doesn’t just treat athletes – she is one. The one time All-ACC Honor Roll Recipient was a member of the Division 1 Women’s Varsity Swimming and Diving Program at Duke University but sustained a career-ending shoulder injury and her subsequent year in physical therapy at Duke ultimately solidified Julie’s career path. In 2012, Julie received her board certification Sports Physical Therapy from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and has been focused on the young female athlete in womens health. In 2016 she redefined pediatric physical therapy with the launch of Performance Rehabilitation & Integrative Sports Medicine ( PRISM) but emerged from the flames as a Maiden Goddess kicking Cancer's Butt with a lot of learning and growing into her health and wealth along the way.  

What's Next...

Now with a new bill of health and the upcoming launch of her ebook for Young Female Athletes, Julie is refocused on building her Prism "StronGirls" , her private practice for youth athletes out of her home and a whole new artistic perspective on holistic health and success in this world.  

Visit Julie on her Blog at

Sign up for first dibs on her E book and a session at Prism Wellness Center ( Performance Rehabilitation and Integrative Sports  Medicine

On Social Media at


and Her Female Athlete Course for the Integrative Women's Health Institute 


Jan 10, 201737:50
Episode 9: The Guru Goddess Guides
Dec 07, 201631:48
A Personal Medpreneur Story
Nov 22, 201622:15
Walking the Path with Legal Goddess Lisa Fraley , JD

Walking the Path with Legal Goddess Lisa Fraley , JD

In this episode I got to have some fun chatting it up with another creative , professionally trained Lisa who, like me, created her own tribe out of her Law School story.  

If you are doing anything online or need to combine your creative flair with a traditional business like law or health care, she is your go to lady AND she has a FREE $197 gift for you.

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP is a Legal Coach(R),Attorney and the creator of several courses such as "Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare"  the legal course for coaches and entrepreneurs, and “7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened”, a mini legal-e-course, and the co-creator of “Damsel Goes Bare” with Gena Shingle Jaffe. 

Now I am supporting this Goddess Sister because My tribe knows I like to KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE ( A KISSable Life) because my brain is such a flurry of activity so if you are a budding online entrepreneur like me, I personally recommend Lisa's legal templates for protecting your butt immediately HERE

I especially love her story on how she uniquely grew into calling herself a Holistic Lawyer® by combining her years graduating with honors from school , working as a Health Care Attorney in a large corporate law firm and her coaching skills as a certified Health Coach and Life Coach. Not only that, but she is helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs since 2012 by using HER health and wealth story to help them protect themselves, their businesses and their brands by creating contracts, terms and conditions, corporate entities and trademarks with lots of Legal Love™ - so they don't have to worry, stress, or fear that they’re legally naked or exposed.

She is a smart and creative health/wealth goddess and I loved sharing her vibe in this interview!  

7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened Mini E-Course $197 value but FREE with coupon code DRLISA


Nov 15, 201628:04
Join us in Celebrating U.S. Veteran Dani Cook
Nov 11, 201633:03
Meet CEO and Integrative Wise Woman Jessica Drummond MPT, CCN, CHC
Nov 01, 201633:53
Learn Matriarch Wisdom from Cynthia Luther

Learn Matriarch Wisdom from Cynthia Luther

In this episode we discuss how 50 is the newest way of embracing a wise and full life. The Third Season of  life is your time to shine instead of waiting for society's permission. 

I met Cynthia on the sidelines of my husband's youth sports league ,Performance Edge Lacrosse . Life is what you might imagine down here in picture perfect, family friendly Fort Mill SC and that is why her everyday story of self empowerment interested me.  She hasn't written a book or made her millions ( yet) but what she has done out of her own resolve to own her life this year gave her a blossoming career , a healthier body than in years and to think it all began with a simple social conversation. Send this one to a mama guru friend. 

Nov 01, 201629:01
Meet Shine Goddess Dr. Bri, PT, DPT

Meet Shine Goddess Dr. Bri, PT, DPT

Tickled pink about the energy of feminine collaboration on this episode. Just 30 minutes of mutual celebration here.

Dr. Bri believes in whole-woman wellness and addressing the mind, body, and spirit in everything related to healthcare and self-care, applying this concept first with herself so that she can "be the light" for her family and clients. When I met with Brianne, we spoke of what fueled her fires , played with some wellness hip circles at the end and it was right before her deciding some even bigger moves which you can follow up on her You Tube for.

Right now Dr. Bri's personal evolution includes the completion of a 200 hour yoga teacher training course which culminates in Ibiza, Spain in May 2017. After that... Who knows? Hoping to get her back on the show after her graduation this summer . Right now, Her primary intention is to ENJOY the journey that's unfolding. 


Nov 01, 201627:15
Kingpin Maker Story Teller Colleena Jazrawi

Kingpin Maker Story Teller Colleena Jazrawi

This warrior goddess guest, Colleena Jazrawi shares her wisdom as a former client and now mom of 2 with a two entrepreneur parent household.  We get to chat about the warrior goddess mentality many generation x and Y women share and her "WTA" acronym you are going to want to use as a mantra to get over some personal resistance.  One great point Colleena shared on creating our own lifestyle success when finding just the right balance for family and Warrior Goddess Career had her an her family doing things a very bold way.

Nov 01, 201640:40
Welcome to My show!

Welcome to My show!

Let me Introduce this Goddess Mission! 


Hello! I am Dr. Lisa Holland PT ( minus the other gang of letters after my name) and after 11 years doing things my way in healthcare and another decade before that walking the old school lines, I am on a mission to bring back the art and pleasure of wise girlfriend conversation. Every two weeks you will meet other warrior goddesses and get some tips from our conversations. Those that subscribe to #TheVIBE can expect a special treat delivered every month. 

The Struggle is Real...You Need to Tune In and Tune Up!

Now as a mom and wife of a fellow entreprenuer balancing my love as a lady biz mentor, women's health therapist,  life coach and my own best friend,  I have seen many women, including myself, hold ourselves back.  We are really exhausting our own power.  Not only that, our personal health and wealth is often low on the totem pole. Plus, we sometimes hold other back as well instead of celebrating our emerging sisters as boldly as hell!!! 

The Sisterhood of the Guru Goddess Tribe

So what do smart women share behind closed doors when they feel good enough about themselves to have open honest conversation?  Wouldn't you like to know! This episode is a short introduction into what to expect as we get started on talking openly about our bodies, the struggles on our minds, the demands we feel with relationships and roles.  Future shows will feature how we used our lemons in life to make the lemonande that keeps the flame of our passions and relationships with ourselves and others alive.

So take a peak, sign up for #TheVIBE HERE and follow me over on FB for daily K.I.S.S.essss . While there, Tweet me a show idea and pop on over to @drlisahollandPT for a visual shot of inspiration.  

Welcome, Dear Sister and conscious Brothers....You finally found your Vibe. 

Oct 31, 201602:52