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All Dogs are Good Dogs Podcast

All Dogs are Good Dogs Podcast

By Pack Leader Help: Rehabilitation & Training

A true breakdown of all dog behavior and training issues, All Dogs are Good Dogs is the home to DIY dog training. Whether you're an owner, dog trainer or just a dog lover, we discuss every issue imageable in the dog world and don't shy away from controversial topics.
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S2. E5. Will Arnaout Freakin Pawsome "What's your process of addressing dog behavior?"

All Dogs are Good Dogs PodcastMar 07, 2023

S2. E5. Will Arnaout Freakin Pawsome "What's your process of addressing dog behavior?"
Mar 07, 202301:02:36
S2. Ep4. What dog training method is the best for your dog?
Jan 17, 202325:18
S2. Ep3. Dog on Dog Aggression
Dec 03, 202238:06
S2 Ep.2 Multi-Dog Households and My Two Dogs are Fighting
Jul 26, 202222:18
S2 Ep.1 Reward Systems, How can I wean off so much food?
Jun 30, 202218:58
Ep. 11 The Denise Fenzi Interview/ Choice vs Structure and Behavior Modification
Apr 25, 202256:49
Ep. 10 The New Dog Trainer/New to the Dog Training Industry (Spills tea)
Feb 23, 202228:36
Ep. 9 The Rescue Dog/Behavioral problems

Ep. 9 The Rescue Dog/Behavioral problems

Take your time getting to know your rescue dog. This should be a slow and exciting process but many times, owners and rescues, set the dog up to fail.
1. Make them wait calmly before exiting your car
2. Take them for a long long long structured walk (where they are not pulling you everywhere, sniffing, zig zagging, fixating, going wherever they want, etc)
3. On leash, guide them through your home allowing them to smell and then put them in their crate or on their dog bed and allow them to relax
4. Create a routine based on invitation versus expectation where YOU are in control of all your dogs decisions, including where to go inside and outside, what state of mind they are in and how the greet people, objects and other animals
5. Reward only a calm state of mind by only allowing them to exit the crate when calm, fed when calm, allowed outside when calm, leashed when calm, petted when calm, and so on
6. Allow them to smell new people, animals environments while not exciting them by saying things such as "Oh what is that buddy?!", "Do you want to go see that?", "What do you think boy??"
7. Walk them everyday for at least 1 hour
8. Crate them!!!!

Feb 17, 202222:42
Ep.8 Stranger Danger (My dog doesn't like new people)
Jan 09, 202227:50
Ep.7 Therapist Ashley's thoughts on bettering your relationship with your dog
Dec 16, 202139:34
Ep. 6 The Dog who Listens Sometimes/Working around our Dogs problems
Nov 10, 202113:18
Ep. 5 The Anxious Fearful Dog

Ep. 5 The Anxious Fearful Dog

Anxiety comes from comes from confusion and confusion comes from lack of consistency. Today's episode discusses how to deal with anxiety and fearfulness in dogs, why it happens and what owners can do to help their dog feel calm and confident. 

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Sep 16, 202124:24
Ep. 4 The Over Excited Dog

Ep. 4 The Over Excited Dog

Excitement is the root to most behavioral issues owners deal with. This episode discusses how to curb, jumping, nipping, pulling and other over-excitable behaviors your dog might be exhibiting. 

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Aug 19, 202126:24
Ep. 3 The Dog with Separation Anxiety

Ep. 3 The Dog with Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety: Why it occurs and How to fix it 


One of the most difficult and pervasive behavioral issue dogs and owners deal with is separation anxiety. In my experience, this issue is also the most over-drugged and misunderstood for vets and trainers. ⠀

In my opinion, separation anxiety is a relationship issue, not a true behavioral issue. It’s when the dog doesn’t trust their leader to leave. Most of the time, separation anxiety isn’t the only “issue” that the dog is dealing with. ⠀

Almost every dog I’ve worked with that previously dealt with separation anxiety was either drugged or recommend to be drugged, which is really unfortunate. ⠀

In my experience, dogs and more importantly, owners, who are dealing with behavioral issues have these habits:
✔️ Unearned affection
✔️ Way too much freedom inside and outside the home ✔️ An owner who feels sorry and humanizes the dog
✔️ Lack of structure exercise
✔️ Sleeps in bed with the owner or doesn’t sleep in crate
✔️ Owner who gave up on Crete training
✔️ Owner doesn’t practice separation from dog then they are home and allows dog to follow them everywhere ⠀

How to help?
✔️teaching place ✔️structure mental and physical exercise
✔️ Practicing making your dog stay in one area and allowing you to leave ✔️Crate training
Obviously these factors vary depending on the relationship between dog and owner but these are the most common. It’s basically a recipe for separation anxiety. ⠀

I want owners to know that separation can be dealt with and fixed without the use of drugging dogs. There are steps you can take to help your dog feel safe when you leave. It’s possible.

Aug 07, 202114:36
Ep. 2 The Reactive Dog
Aug 03, 202121:18
All Dogs are Good Dogs Ep 1: Meet your trainer, Brianna Dick

All Dogs are Good Dogs Ep 1: Meet your trainer, Brianna Dick

To learn more about Brianna from Pack Leader Help head to or
Instagram: @Packleaderhelp
Tikok: @Packleaderhelp

Don't forget to comment, like, subscribe and review! Thank you so much.
Aug 02, 202105:03