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Pods from the Far Beyond

Pods from the Far Beyond

By Palden Jenkins

Insights, visions and truths from the end of the world - well, from an organic farm at the far end of Cornwall, UK - by Palden Jenkins, a veteran of the movement for change.

About life, the world, other worlds, ancient worlds, future worlds and the rather interesting world of Paldywan Kenobi.

Palden is a partially-disabled terminal cancer patient. He's also a veteran in the movement for change, with not a lot of time left, who has a few things to say before he goes. He watches the world from far away and sees a few things that many people with busy lives don't have time and space for.
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Accelerating Earth's Evolution

Pods from the Far BeyondApr 26, 2023

Healing the World 2

Healing the World 2

Second in a series of thoughts and observations about world healing. This for people interested in helping the world evolve and break through, using meditation and innerwork.

When I was organising gatherings and camps in the 1980s, some quite remarkable things took place that demonstrated the capacity of innerwork to change things. In the early 1990s I was asked to write a book on behalf of the Council of Nine, some cosmic beings, not of this Earth, who had a lot to say about world healing, and this set me off on a path.

This later developed into two innerwork projects working with this - the Hundredth Monkey Project and the Flying Squad. In these we developed a bundle of techniques and built up a momentum over a twenty year period, in which we gathered a lot of experience around it all.

Now, in late life, and while I can, I'm bringing together my thoughts on world healing in writing and podcasts, to leave to posterity, in case they prove useful. And this is part two (there might be five-ish). 32 minutes long, with evening birdsong on our farm at the beginning and end, and lovely music by my friend Galen in Oregon.

With love from me, Paldywan Kenobi.

May 19, 202332:45
Accelerating Earth's Evolution

Accelerating Earth's Evolution

What extraterrestrials think about the situation on planet Earth, and how we can break through and save our world.

This is me reading from a chapter taken from the original manuscript of the book The Only Planet of Choice - essential briefings from deep space, which I wrote in 1991-92. It contained material from the Council of Nine, some high-level cosmic beings, channelled by Phyllis Schlemmer during the 1970s-90s.

It's a series of interviews with Tom, the spokesperson of the Nine, by an interesting group of people who worked with the Nine, including scientist Andrija Puharich and former racing driver Sir John Whitmore, together with others. Interspersed by commentaries written by me. This is the pre-publication version, containing information that was removed from the book before publication.

It was a great honour to write this book, which came out in 1993. An interesting listen, introduced and outroduced by the early morning birds at our farm in West Penwith, Cornwall.

Love, Palden

Apr 26, 202355:42
Healing the World 1

Healing the World 1

First of a series about my thoughts and experiences around world healing consciousness work.

Over time I've gathered quite a lot of experience in this, in my own explorations and working in groups. In the 1990s I ran the Hundredth Monkey Project - camping retreats for 100 people doing inner work with world issues of the time. Afterwards I was involved in the Flying Squad, a smaller group that worked together intensively for twenty years. (Find out about these on my website.)

In the podcast I'm asking questions about what we're really aiming to do, and how to go about it. If you're interested in helping the world, or if you practice any kind of meditation or spiritual work, this might interest you. Because we have a big problem in our world today, and it's all hands on deck.

Love from me, Palden

#meditation #planetaryhealing

Mar 26, 202332:53
Gritty Stuff

Gritty Stuff

Sometimes life is a real grinder, shoving us through things that can test us to the limits, whether or not we like it. But there's always something to learn from it all.

I went down to the woods below our farm to sit by the stream, and this is what came up. A streamside chat about going through stuff - in my case, cancer is a large part of that - and dealing with this very strange sitaution of living on Planet Earth.

It's a place full of goodness and badness and everything in between. When you approach the end of your life and see it a bit more from the outside, you can't help but wonder, "What was all that really for?".

Short answer: the evolution of the soul, by learning from what life teaches us and making a contribution.

With music by an Oregonian friend, Galen Hefferman. Recorded on a mossy log in West Penwith, Cornwall - near Land's End - with the help of some twittering birds, jackdaws, the stream and some Atlantic breezes. 24 mins long. With love, Paldywan

Feb 26, 202323:42


Some of you will be having a quieter Christmas than many, and some creatives will be using this time as a way to get down to some work.

In this podcast I share some thoughts about writing. I've been an author, editor and online content creator, and I have no idea how many hours I've sat at typewriters and computers for sixtyish years, creating yardages of verbiage in print. I guess my mother handed me that gene - she was a prizewinning shorthand secretary in the 1940s.

This isn't about sentence structure or punctuation. It's about getting on the flow. Getting it down - it involves a lot of fingerwork on keyboards.

That's what copyright is actually about: ideas are free, but it's the fingerwork, the iteration of ideas in text, that gets copyrighted. The work done to encapsulate ideas on paper or onscreen. 

It's a load of slog. You spend hours and hours and come out with a coupla sheets of paper or a screenload of web-page. If you're writing a book it stays inside a computer for months, and no one sees it, and then suddely it comes out as a printed or audio book, and it's almost like giving birth.

So this might be interesting and useful to a few listeners. Recorded in October 2022.

Dec 22, 202224:05
Born Again

Born Again

Not what you might at first think... this is about reincarnation. Introduced and outroduced by the Massed Corvid Choir of Lower Grumbla, Cornwall - they're crows and jackdaws that live down in the woods below the farm, and at dawn they get worked up and suddenly all take flight, hundreds of them, and they fly over to settle on the roof of the farm and neighbouring houses. You can hear them arriving and landing just before the music starts.

So this is about reincarnation, and the many lives we live in this life. For me, towards the end of my current life (I reckon I have 3-5 years, and I'm currently 72, with cancer) this takes on a special significance, since I know in my bones, and always have, that it doesn't just go blank and dark when you die. It doesn't end there. You carry on - but without a body or a slot in Planet Earth hard-reality.

And when you get born, you aren't a blank sheet - you come with character, proclivities and tendencies already there, brought with you from before.

Oh, and, for your interest, this is Paldywan on steroids. Yes, literally. I had my cancer treatment today, and part of it is a steroid called Dexamethasone. After my treatment, as you might imagine, I'm buzzing. This time I thought I'd do a podcast to harness the buzzing in, hopefully, a useful way. It's up to you to judge that one.

With love from West Penwith in Cornwall - a rather magic place. Thanks for listening. There's more to come.


Dec 07, 202235:18
World Healing

World Healing

Here's the first of a number of podcasts on this topic. Healing the World - a notion that can at times be rather lightly taken, but it's really important, this. Especially if you feel a need to make a contribution to the world's future, increasingly shaky as it is becoming.

There are different ways of doing world healing innerwork, and this is what Palden has learned along the way, especially from the Council of Nine, and through gaining experience by running the Hundredth Monkey Camps in the mid-1990s and being part of the Flying Squad thereafter.

There are many applications of this general method of working, in relation to world events as they arise, and particularly to the underlying issues and deep learning experiences that lie beneath and behind them.

This podcast looks into a few of the issues around healing the world. Recorded down in the woods on our farm on Monday 28th November 2022. 30 mins.

With love from Cornwall, Paldywan

Nov 28, 202230:07
Oct 12, 202233:40
Soul Tribes
Aug 11, 202226:54


All about being alone and loneliness - a growing phenomenon around the world. It particularly concerns people outside the mainstream rush of life. Paradoxically, the more that world population has grown, the more that loneliness has become a major issue. It has been a personal experience for me in the last 6-12 months.

Sometimes, when you're alone a lot, you can come off the rails and lose the plot, and your anchorage. It can lead to further problems and can get quite deeply embedded. Sometimes these are but periods of life, and sometimes people get lost in it.

For astrologers, this podcast is a living description of someone who in the last year has had transiting Neptune opposing his natal Saturn. But I survived and am rising again, and this podcast talks about turning loneliness around - either into a happier aloneness or into a new openness to relationship with others. Or perhaps some variant of both. Becoming more comfortable with the way things are.

Introduced this time by a skylark above Botrea Barrows, where I recorded this episode on Saturday 9th July 2022. Outroduced by a nightingale on a tree just outside my house on the farm, a week or two earlier.

Jul 10, 202219:15


'Epiphany'comes from Greek. It means to cause to appear, to bring to light, to make visible. It's also a form of religious experience, though that's not really what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about those pattern-setting realisations we occasionally get which suddenly show things as they actually are, rather than what we, up to then, told ourselves. Nowadays, we tend to tell ourselves a lot and then try to mould reality around it. But life doesn't work like that.

Listen more closely to things than to people - a chunk of wisdom from the Xhosa of South Africa.

We need many more epiphanies, for individuals, social groups, nations and the world. This is crucial in the 21st Century, and our future depends on it.

In the 2020s we're being served waves of crises that seem designed to invoke epiphanies - without which, things can quickly get a lot worse because people seek to restore normality rather than to get the message about the acceleration that's happening. It's a reality-shift, and it started during the Covid crisis.

Covid was but a catalyst of a cascade of further change-processes, prompting myriad personal realisations that life was not going the way many people wished. This in turn will lead to much wider social shifts of values and life-patterns as the months and years progress. There's more coming.

Now, in 2022, we face war, food shortages, economic shocks, climate disasters, and it's increasingly stretching us open. These are all questions we needed to address earlier, but we didn't want to look.

It's a shorter and simpler podcast, this one, compared to a few recent ones. It was recorded outdoors, down the old trackway on our farm. 18 mins.

Jun 16, 202218:15
Origins 2 | Resonance and Breakthrough

Origins 2 | Resonance and Breakthrough

Origins, and where we came from...

This leads on from the preceding podcast, Origins, though you don't have to listen to that first. All my podcasts are related and they knit together, yet each stands for itself.

It's all about a quest to uncover off-Earth origins - the regression I did is recounted in the first Origins podcast. Here we have the discussion and afterthoughts following it - and these are interesting in themselves. They lead to further thoughts about our situation on Earth and what we can do about it.

The idea here is to give you some prompts from my own life that might suggest some clues to yours, and your origins.

It's about the predicament of being in our world, about divine intervention, dissonance, resonance and how we might bring forward a planetary breakthrough-point in coming times.

This will be of particular interest to anyone working with planetary healing or fixing the world in any way.

Small matters, of course... all in 30ish minutes.

With a blackbird bonus and love from Paldywan Kenobi.

Jun 08, 202231:35


None of us began our lives here on Earth. In this podcast I share with you what happened in a deep regression I had over twenty years ago, which involved going back to the beginning of my soul, far away in another world, and very different to our own. 

It also covered my connections with some advanced beings I worked with thirty years ago (I compiled a book for them called The Only Planet of Choice - essential briefings from deep space). The were called the Council of Nine - they were kinda part of the management structure of the universe, if you could say such a thing.

This is a longer podcast than most Pods from the Far Beyond (it's 39 mins) - it contains a lot. I hope it rings some bells for you, giving a sense of your own connections with the source of your soul. Which might perhaps be a matter of interest to you! After all, that's what's left when you pop your clogs.

With love, Palden
from an organic farm in West Penwith, Cornwall, UK.

May 31, 202239:15
Costs and Benefits

Costs and Benefits

In our time we're going through an intensification of events and pressures, globally, socially and individually. We're heading into harder times, and it's not going to go back to normal. But there are things we can do about this. It doesn't have to be as bad as currently it looks.

The costs and difficulties we have in life can be made a bit easier by not grinding on about it quite so much, by making things less difficult inside ourselves. Sounds easy, but it takes some work.

There are also gifts in any situation that become visible if we shift our focus, take a deep breath, own what we're responsible for and focus on what's really most important.

I've faced some stuff in recent times and seem to be gaining something from it, deep down, underneath. It's a lot to do with finding what's available in any situation - anything that can cheer us, lift us up and open up pathways - and going on from there. Following a path.

If your spirits have some sparkle, you'll be alright. Though often, 'alright' isn't what we originally thought.

17 minutes, with love from Palden.

Apr 28, 202216:59
A Close Encounter with Other Worlds

A Close Encounter with Other Worlds

In November 1972 I had a close encounter. It was a life-changer for me. I was unprepared for it: like so many people, I hadn't really thought about ETs up to that time. The whole thing lasted something between 20 and 40 minutes, and it was witnessed also by my friend, and we checked to see whether we were seeing the same thing. We were. We discussed it fully.

But little did I know what was going on in a deeper part of consciousness. This is one of those things about close encounters: in a way, they're so far from our normal worldly experience that they lodge in deeper consciousness and hide until such time as we are ready to retrieve and recall them and work with the consequences in our own lives.

This is the transcript of a regression I did in 2000, 28 years later, with an ET researcher, Atasha Fyfe. We had done past life regression before, but this was the first time it concerned ETs. I decided to investigate the close encounter, and this is what came up.

If I were trying to concoct a story like this, I wouldn't manage it - it stretches far further than I could go. I'm not good at fiction anyway. There was a second regression in which I explored my relationship with the Council of Nine and the way I was constructed as a soul - and that will follow one day.

With the sound of the stream in the woods, down the field on our farm.

I hope you find this podcast interesting. With love, Palden.

Mar 28, 202230:52
When It All Gets Too Much

When It All Gets Too Much

In some of my podcasts I share some very personal things, and this is one of those. 

We're all going through it - that feeling of OMG, this is all too much -  and it's gone global. It hits the best of us. 

This is about my own little version of it, which nevertheless is rather heart-rending for me. With a few insights into the process of riding with truth - it can propel us along.

It's all about those times when reality really hits you in the face, or in the gut, and you just gotta own up because not doing so is no longer an option. Owning up is usually the best thing to do. In the end, it isn't anyone else's fault.

It was recorded in the woods below our farm, on a sunny springtime day, and edited and uploaded same day.

Thanks for listening! Love, Palden.

Mar 24, 202217:44
About Living with Cancer 2

About Living with Cancer 2

This is rather heartfelt. It's all about the psycho-spiritual side of having cancer - that is, keeping our spirits up, despite everything. I have found that keeping my spirits up lies right at the core of my wellbeing as a cancer patient. It helps my health, relationships, doctors' visits, dealing with pain and difficulty and getting through crises, and it brings special moments of joy and relief too.

This podcast is for people experiencing cancer or similar kinds of issues, and also for carers and anyone who knows a cancer patient. I'm not an expert or a doctor, but I do have cancer, I go through the grinder, I get swamped in fears and tears, and I try to do my best with it all. So this is from me to you, if it's useful to you.

This was recorded during storm Eunice (we get great storms down'ere in Cornwall), which sometimes you can hear in the background. The podcast is introduced and outroduced by the noble waves of Portheras Cove, near where I live in West Penwith, Cornwall - they're a medicine in their own right.

Mar 14, 202229:37
About Having Cancer 1

About Having Cancer 1

I've got cancer and it has me. It's full-on and it has been a big life-changer. I have myeloma or bone marrow cancer. I've had it over two years and am through the worst stage, I hope, but it's still hard work.

Every now and then I still get quite ill, not from the cancer but from the secondary issues in my spine and stomach and with infections. You can't get rid of myeloma - you can only manage it. I probably have a few years left. I'm 71.

So this podcast is for anyone who has cancer or who is involved with someone who has it. It's about some of the real aspects of keeping your spirits up - the core issue whether you seek to stay alive or to have a good dying process. If you're feeling kinda okay inside, your whole process will work better, or you'll handle it better. Failing all else, you'll be a bit happier.

We have to come to terms with dying, come to peace about it, and about the life we have had, and all its ups and downs. So this is about all that.

Recorded during a howling gale down'ere in Cornwall, Storm Eunice, in late February 2022. The waves are at Portheras Cove in West Penwith, Cornwall, near where I live.

24 mins

Mar 03, 202224:34
Peace and Goodwill

Peace and Goodwill

Experiences  of the last two years have drawn us surreptitiously toward new values, a rehumanising of society - and there's more to go. Here are some insights on conflict, migration and dehumanisation, with a little on the Holy Land. And peace and goodwill. 

With explosions and atrocities going on, the environmental, social and  cultural issues of our time will not be resolved. This needs to change,  for very practical reasons. It involves every one of us looking at our own conflicts. Planetary healing.

With songs from the Massed Corvid Choir of Grumbla, at dawn on a windy winter solstice morning.

Dec 23, 202118:43
Higher Intelligence

Higher Intelligence

Instinct, intuition, imagination, empathy. Ways of tuning into wider fields of information and reality and finding out what's best to do. It's a way of getting things more right, and in our day we do need that.

With additional commentary from the birds around our farm and the Massed Corvid Choirs of Grumbla, Cornwall.

Dec 19, 202128:28
Intelligence (1)

Intelligence (1)

This is about using our intelligence more deeply. Putting instinct and intuition to work.

I've hovered on the edges of the intel world in my humanitarian and peace-activist work, and here I tell a few tales of things that happened, some of the ways I've done it, and some of the lessons learned. Might be useful to some of you.

This and the podcast that follows later are both about 'higher intelligence' - drawing on sources far beyond our normal reach. 

But first, the waves of Kilgooth Ust or Cape Cornwall, on a mighty Atlantic-rollers day. One of those days when you wonder where the power really lies.

Nov 26, 202131:56
Popping Clogs and Kicking Buckets

Popping Clogs and Kicking Buckets

I'm a cancer patient and, for me, it's the complications that are now more problematic than the cancer itself. Recently I had some potentially bad medical news, and this of course brought up a lot of stuff, provoking some deep processing and thought.

So this podcast is about dying - something that is optional for none of us, though more pressing for some than for others. If you get born, you'll die, and that's that.

Recorded in the woods down below where I live, and introduced by the sound of the stream in the woods.

Nov 11, 202122:47


Current thoughts on the climate and environmental crisis. I have reservations about the current climate picture: it's not wrong, but it isn't quite right either. And this issue isn't primarily environmental, it's social, psychospiritual and about the nature of planetary civilisation.

Each and every one of us has to get behind this for it to succeed - form a world consensus that everyone can buy. That's tricky. The breakthrough point on climate will come alongside a breakthrough point in humanity.

As a forecaster - working mainly along social and geopolitical lines - I've learned a few things about predicting the future: what we currently visualise for the future and what actually happens when the future actually comes can be quite different things.

Introduced by the waves at Portheras Cove, a few miles from where I live, here in Cornwall.

Nov 04, 202132:14
Soul Education - what we're all here for

Soul Education - what we're all here for

Introduced by a nightingale in the tree behind my house, here on the farm. 

This is a perspective on the meaning of our lives and what we're really here for. As souls, we're here to learn and to make a contribution. 

When we see things from this viewpoint, reality changes and our free-will opportunities are advanced to a new stage.

We need to remember why we came, what we're here for. Because, no matter how difficult life gets, if we have a meaningful life in which we're genuinely pursuing our path, it's always positive and progressive - whatever society or our guilt complexes might judge to the contrary. 

So this is about the evolution of our souls.

Oct 30, 202122:07
Five Minutes in the Life of a Cornish Stream

Five Minutes in the Life of a Cornish Stream

A five-minute soundscape from the stream just down the field from where I live. Nothing is happening at all, yet a lot is happening. It's the existential Zen of unfolding universal reality, God doing a dance and nature speaking in its own voice.

Yes, waste five minutes of your precious time imbibing the medicinally auditory gifts of a little stream in the ancient land of Kernow...

Oct 30, 202104:59
Treading the Edge - a message from hell (well, sort of)
Oct 30, 202120:26
Truth Time - facing our sickeningly repetitive patterns
Oct 30, 202117:24
Choice and Belief - how we create our realities

Choice and Belief - how we create our realities

About choices I have made in life that have led me to where I am now. Recorded by the stream in the breezy woods below our farm. I chose to live in this beautiful, uplifting place, and some think I am lucky to do so, but everything in life charges its price, and this is the result of choices and sacrifices I have made - it's not luck. 

Actually, in dealing with cancer, living here has been a great medicine for me. Our free will hangs around the extent to which we exercise our capacity to choose. Yes, things get really difficult, and shit happens, and it can all take time and effort, but we do have choice - especially at certain key points in life where fundamentals get decided.

So this is about our fears, guilt and shame and stepping over them to move forward. Hold with the magic of your soul's golden thread.

Oct 30, 202116:09
An Ancient Trackway - the Bronze Age in the Anthropocene Age
Oct 30, 202116:49
Power Points - in time and space
Oct 30, 202119:46
Us Together - the collective psyche

Us Together - the collective psyche

Recorded by a stream just down the field on our farm, by the woods. What is going to bring about a fundamental change to the world? About collective consciousness and the beliefs, values and choices that humanity now faces. Uprisings and movements for change, and the importance of shared beliefs and viewpoints in bringing about change. Without such psychosocial changes in society, environmental, climatic, social justice and other issues cannot be progressed. We're in a phase where we need to reassess the fundamental tenets of civilisation - why we're here and what on earth we really are doing. People do want to live in a more human society. We need to develop a world consensus about where we're going.

Oct 30, 202121:08
Coming Decades - and what we're heading into
Oct 30, 202129:00
Level Shift - the planetarisation of consciousness
Oct 30, 202129:36
The Nine Maidens - a podcast from an ancient stone circle
Oct 30, 202121:33
The Botrea Barrows - on top of the world
Oct 30, 202119:53
A Slow Farming Revolution

A Slow Farming Revolution

About organic farming (after all, I do live on a farm) and its deeper role in sculpting the world's future. With some buzzing and chirruping in the background. Recorded at my place on the farm, on a nice sunny summer's day.

Oct 30, 202114:22
Past and Future - how knowledge from the past can help our future
Oct 30, 202118:37