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Pam Perry PR insights & interviews with the best, brightest speakers, authors and entrepreneurs on marketing, branding and how take your business to the next level. Hear the tips, techniques and technology needed to make it happen! 🎤
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Dr. Stacia Pierce - Speakers Magazine "Cover Girl"

The Pam Perry Podcast Jun 27, 2023

Dr. Stacia Pierce - Speakers Magazine "Cover Girl"

Dr. Stacia Pierce - Speakers Magazine "Cover Girl"

Speakers Magazine May Issue Highlights Renowned Life Coach Dr. Stacia Pierce, The "Millionaire Maker"

The May 2023 issue of Speakers Magazine features an award-winning life coach, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Stacia Pierce, who inspires the masses with her provocative message of hope. She is an encourager who delivers a unique blend of high energy talks, financial strategies and motivation using various venues. 

As the founder of Women in Wealth, Success Academy and The Success Journal, Dr. Stacia is making an indelible mark on the personal development industry with a tenure of over 20 years. Through her 12-month coaching program attendees learn how to move from having a "broke-mindset" to building legacy wealth.  Dr. Stacia’s proven methods have helped thousands of women turn their passion into profits. She believes that you can manifest your dreams with proper planning and implementation.  The financial guru says, “Money is the Servant and You are the Master!”

As a CEO, Dr. Stacia Pierce is a well-known name in the circle of savvy, serious-minded go-getters. The jaw dropping list of clients that she has worked with includes Hollywood elites, Grammy- and Emmy-winners, television personalities, several successful business owners, lawyers, doctors, and government officials throughout the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas. 

Dr. Stacia’s mission is to propel individuals to reach their full potential and to live their best life. Her desire is to help 100,000 women reach millionaire status. Through her books, speaking engagements, and coaching programs, she has helped thousands of people around the world to achieve their goals and dreams. Embodied with poise and style, Dr. Stacia is a sought-after keynote speaker all over the world.

Also in this issue features speakers:

  • Betty Hines, W.E.W. Founder and CEO (she/her) Platinum III Chair Women Presidents Organization
  • Chevel Nelson, Novelist, Poet and Advocate for LBGTQ
  •  Dr. Michele Wells, MSW, Transformation Strategist
  • Donald L. Dowridge, Jr., Motivational speaker, known as 21 Century Frederick Douglas
  • India Orms AKA Savy, Model and Model Coach
  • Valerie Yvette Peterson, Poet, Orator and author
  • Priscilla Dames, Transformational speaker, trainer and activist
  • Dr. Angela Marshall, Author, Speaker and Physician Executive

To read the entire issue, view the videos embedded, watch the Speakers Magazine show or to get featured, go to

Jun 27, 202312:47
Dr. Pam Perry & Chris Howell talk about Success & PR
Jun 27, 202331:02
Flashback with Sharvette Mitchell #Synergyenergy Show

Flashback with Sharvette Mitchell #Synergyenergy Show

Sharvette Mitchell from the archives. for new episodes 

Nov 18, 202229:06
Podcast Movement 2022 Recap Download with Dr. Pam Perry & Andrea Patrick #podcastmovement

Podcast Movement 2022 Recap Download with Dr. Pam Perry & Andrea Patrick #podcastmovement

Podcast Movement is an annual conference for the podcast industry. It is considered to be one of the largest gatherings of participants in podcasting, with over 3,000 attendees!  🔥.  VIDEO PODCASTS THAT YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ARE HERE: 🎤  and

Aug 28, 202212:34
Reputation Matters

Reputation Matters

Jul 12, 202201:51
Why You Shouldn't Do Business with People You Really Don't Know.... Lesson Learned 10 Years Ago the Hard Way!
Jul 01, 202201:51
So What It Means When They Say "They Can't Afford You"
May 16, 202201:10:05
What Every Author Should Know about PR

What Every Author Should Know about PR

Start where you are with what you have. You've heard it hundreds of times. But what does that mean? You've published the book and you got it on up Amazon. Congratulations!

Now what? Now the fun and frenzy begins.

You push people to buy it. You share the link from Amazon. You do "free download" days with the eBook. You run Facebook ads. You blog about it. You send out eblasts. You get creative and do a book trailer and a few blog tours. You write a press release. You pitch yourself to the media. You book yourself on podcasts or run a webinar or start podcast all around the subject of the book.

Hoping people buy the book, talk about the book and then have more people BUY the book. Whew!

Book sales are soaring - for at least three months. Then you know what happens after about 90 days?


You're worn out and tired of pushing your book. You stop pushing it and your sales tank. All that hard work and you are now at a stand still.

That's why being an author is not enough. You have to become an authorpreneur. You must have a strategy to turn your book into a business.

Article Source:

Jan 16, 202234:05
Pam Perry interview with Sharrarne Morton, CEO of Morton Media

Pam Perry interview with Sharrarne Morton, CEO of Morton Media

Sharrarne Morton (as featured in Speakers Magazine) has been in the media industry for over 20 years. She began her career in high school as the school newspaper editor. She then went to college and hosted her school's radio show while majoring in broadcast journalism.

Sharrarne scored BIG by being invited to speak on television. What was meant to be a one-time shot as a TV show guest, turned into a 14-year stint where Sharrarne was a popular and regular commentator on an ABC television station affiliate in Washington, DC.

As a television commentator, Sharrarne was presented with numerous opportunities to speak to corporate leaders, associations and non-profit organizations about the media, the power of television, and how its messaging can influence generations. While commentating on TV, she launched Morton Media TV where she began to produce and host local TV shows as well as produce and voiceover dozens of commercials.

Sharrarne currently produces and hosts two national shows on SiriusXM Radio with millions of listeners.  On one of her shows, Sharrarne coaches small businesses all over the U.S. on how to get to that next level of success. 🎤  

Jan 07, 202230:01
Kiko Davis Snoddy & David Mayer: A Different Kind of Grief - How Racism Shapes Family Legacies

Kiko Davis Snoddy & David Mayer: A Different Kind of Grief - How Racism Shapes Family Legacies

Founders of REPARATION GENERATION, Kiko Davis Snoddy, Trustee of the Donald Davis Living Trust and current Managing Director of Groovesville Productions, and David Mayer, Founder and President of Mayer Laboratories, Inc, a North American medical device company, and the founder of Berkeley Housing Opportunities for Municipal Employees (BeHOME), discuss how losing loved ones triggered personal explorations of racial injustice and inequality in their lives and share their goals for reconciliation.
Nov 01, 202135:37
Lost Gem Found: How to Position Yourself and Build a Brand as an Expert #readysetgospeak

Lost Gem Found: How to Position Yourself and Build a Brand as an Expert #readysetgospeak

Get ready for a new training episode...on PR, Marketing and Branding.  This is a training that is from the vault!!!  You'll hear my "backstory" on how I got here... and all about how to serve your clients and build your business. 

Now you may already have a good idea what causes your clients pain, but if not, you have plenty of ways to find out.

· Talk to them. What do they most often ask or complain about?

· Listen in on forums, on social media, and other places your audience hangs out. What are they struggling with?

· Reader surveys. These can be a rich source of information in any market. Pay special attention to the words and phrases your readers use to describe their troubles.

· Keep an eye on your competition. What pain points are they addressing?

Once you’ve uncovered your ideal clients’ biggest pain points, you’ll have a powerful tool that you can use not only in your sales copy, but it will also help define your programs and service offerings. If you can help your clients overcome the most painful issues they face—whether it’s a lack of self-confidence or a fear of public speaking—you’ll instantly become a more valuable resource in your niche.

More info: for more trainings...they're in the Vault! 

Aug 23, 202151:49
Civil Rights Attorneys: Laura Coates interviews the legendary, Nkechi Taifa about her book - Black Power, Black Lawyer

Civil Rights Attorneys: Laura Coates interviews the legendary, Nkechi Taifa about her book - Black Power, Black Lawyer

Nkechi Taifa is Founder, Principal and CEO of The Taifa Group LLC, a social enterprise firm whose mission is to advance justice. The Taifa Group's portfolio of client services include coalition-building, convenings, government relations, meeting and retreat facilitation, strategic planning, and trainings.

Her Book: Black Power, Black Lawyer is a memoir that stitches suspense, calamity, humor and wit into a tapestry of history, politics, law, culture and romance. Both serious and scandalous, Nkechi Taifa's audacious quest for justice is a gripping commentary on life; the perennial nature of human resistance against oppression; and her earnest embrace of what is fair and correct. Sometimes raw, sometimes abrasive, sometimes passionate, Taifa offers her truth, unapologetically and unfiltered, with honesty and authenticity.

Her memoir is the story of a quest rarely told. The search for the resisters and the rebellious; the pursuit of issues on the cutting edge. Although there are memoirs that chronicle iconic leaders striving for justice during the civil rights era, there is scant reminiscence of the transformative journeys for self-realization of ordinary people growing up during the tumultuous Black Power era. Black Power, Black Lawyer offers a uniquely personal glimpse from an insider's perspective into little known or understood parts of this country's history - from juicy stories of the more controversial and militant aspects of the Black liberation struggle, to the craziness of congressional "sausage-making" and the pivotal role of "strange bedfellows."

Navigate this audacious quest with Taifa as she bears witness to ancestors, people and episodes that swayed the shaping of her identity and consciousness. No matter which vantage point she found herself - from sitting on the lap of that fine brother pulling security in the front office of the Black Panther Party; to getting arrested right after graduating from law school; to being accused of being an FBI agent; to representing the lead defendant in the Capitol Bombing case; to being detained at an airport five months pregnant as an alleged enemy of the state; to winning a six-figure settlement for clients in a pivotal employment discrimination suit against a major news media network; or to being a catalyst which sparked the change to the infamous crack cocaine laws -- her quest for justice in society reigned supreme.

Taifa's memoir is sure to awaken, inform, provoke, move and, at its best, fire you up to either join, or continue, "The Struggle!"

May 04, 202115:51
[Rewind] What Does it Take to Write and Market A Book with Andrew Morrison and Pam Perry

[Rewind] What Does it Take to Write and Market A Book with Andrew Morrison and Pam Perry

Are you ready to plan, publish, or promote your books online? Maybe you are ready to turn your books into a business. Know that you have what it takes to build an online business and we can’t wait to share our strategies with you.  Listen up to this. to get more deets

and join

Feb 19, 202154:13
Sarah Jakes Roberts interviews Juanita Campbell Rasmus, author of "Learning To Be" #WEBC #learningtobe

Sarah Jakes Roberts interviews Juanita Campbell Rasmus, author of "Learning To Be" #WEBC #learningtobe

To join the Woman Evolve book club (#WEBC): with Sarah Jakes Roberts. 

According to Columbia University Medical Center, the Black community, in particular, is at significantly increased risk of developing a mental health issue due to historical, economic, social, political influences that systemically expose the Black community to factors known to be damaging to psychological and physical health. Add to that, the COVID-19 pandemic and the current climate of protests across the nation taking a stand against police brutality. Hundreds, even thousands, of Black lives have been traumatized.

How does one get their life going again and back to normal when everything seems to come to a complete stop? Juanita Rasmus, Co-Pastor of St. John's Church in downtown Houston, found that she had to learn to be - with herself and with God - all over again.

In her new book, Learning To Be: Finding Your Center After the Bottom Falls Out, Juanita Rasmus provides both practical and spiritual insights. She shares a wise, frank, and witty account of her own story of exhaustion and depression, acting as a trustworthy companion through dark days.

"It felt as though every nerve in my body was popping. Imagine large strong hands slowly applying pressure while breaking a family-size package of uncooked, dry spaghetti. I was the spaghetti. Breaking down one piece at a time," said Rasmus.

Learning To Be is a contemplative book about the journey of depression. In it, Rasmus, shares these key messages:

  • Depression and suffering are not death sentences. There is hope, and there are spiritual practices that can serve as means of support as you seek the probable causes and pursue the invitation for the transformation of the heart (i.e., mind, emotions, and spirit) out of the darkness.
  • Depression is an invitation into a new way of living by setting boundaries, learning to say no, and letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, etc.
  • Our illnesses, midlife crisis, and other challenges just may be a space for learning what it means to ground ourselves in the central being of who God is, and in so doing to find our own being.
  • For many individuals, depression is an invitation to create want-to's, those personal desires that arouse passion, pleasure, and joy for living life authentically.

Learning to Be: Finding Your Center After the Bottom Falls Out by Juanita Rasmus

InterVarsity Press | September 15, 2020 | $22, 176 pages, hardcover | 978-0-8308-4587-3 |

Feb 15, 202149:54
It's Go Time... You Ready? We Ready! #readysetgoSpeak

It's Go Time... You Ready? We Ready! #readysetgoSpeak

We were born to win! Let's go!  Get out there.

When there are difficult times – know incredible things are on the horizon. It’s always darkest before the dawn – so don’t give up. Keep fighting. Know we win in the end. It’s in the Book!

We were born to win! So it’s time we act like it, talk like it and walk in it. We were birthed with a purpose and hand-made by God in His image.

Nov 12, 202002:14
Brand Marketing Seminar: How to Position Yourself #ReadySetGoSpeak
Nov 12, 202051:52
7 Tips to Get Speaking Gigs and Media #blackspeakers Tips Series
Oct 23, 202009:06
How to Produce Your First Online Course #authorpreneurship
Oct 22, 202033:12
Learning How To Be - Special Episode of Monica Morgan Speaks with Juanita Rasmus
Aug 31, 202052:31
The Pam Perry Principles to Getting Out There and Getting Known
Aug 04, 202008:17
What Brand Elements Are Imperative Today - Interview with Lisa Noble

What Brand Elements Are Imperative Today - Interview with Lisa Noble

What Brand Elements Are Imperative Today and What You Need to Get Noticed

Jul 04, 202041:26
Solving the Race Issue in America: Featuring Dr. Herbert Harris

Solving the Race Issue in America: Featuring Dr. Herbert Harris

 "Solving The Race Issue In America," by Dr. H. J. Harris.

In this interview with Pam Perry, Dr. Harris says that his book, "Solving The Race Issue In America," is an absolute necessity, especially for young people – black and white – to understand the history, impact, and solutions to resolve racism that has existed since the birth of this nation.

The killing of George Floyd took place in real-time – the world watched and listened as Mr. Floyd said he could not breathe and begged for his life.

Without the live video recordings and the protests, the murder of George Floyd would probably have been covered up and swept under the rug. "This is the reality that black people live with in America," claims Harris.

There are three things to address and resolve the issue of racism in America:

1. We must study and learn the true history of our nation with respect to race, discrimination and slavery. "It is only when we confront the racial divide that we can solve it," states Harris.

2. We must recognize that we cannot solve the race issue at the same level of consciousness that created it. The laws, the courts nor the political system have solved it.

3. We must take a spiritual approach to solving the race issue: starting with the “golden rule” and principles of acknowledgment, forgiveness and atonement.

“Solving The Race Issue In America” gives a brief historical overview of the black American experience from the Civil War to the present. "The purpose of this overview is to educate all Americans to the facts to better understand each other and work together to resolve the race issue," explains Harris.

Harris asserts a sense of urgency: "It is time for the good people to speak out. The murder of George Floyd puts America clearly at the crossroads of history. We face a major test of our moral conscience and of our commitment to the words and spirit in the Declaration of Independence.”

H. J. Harris is a retired attorney who attended school with one of the Greensboro 4, heard Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech, and lived through the turbulent civil rights era of the 1960s.

H. J. Harris is presently conducting radio and TV interviews.  More information is available at:

Jun 12, 202049:07
Quarantine, Podcasts and MASKS and Ringr

Quarantine, Podcasts and MASKS and Ringr

My hubby, Marc Perry joins me to test out Ringr.

The world is different....... a new normal when you're excited about getting

masks in the mail. 

May 06, 202004:06
Quiet 🤫 vacation allowed time for pondering by Rochelle Riley

Quiet 🤫 vacation allowed time for pondering by Rochelle Riley

Crisis makes us quiet. I found another good article from 2001 “post 9/11” era by then Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley. She’s an author and currently works for the City of Detroit. She’s a friend and this piece I saved because she’s so right. She actually articulated what we’re all probably feeling now in the #covid19 era.
Mar 28, 202006:28
A New Way of Living by Susan L. Taylor

A New Way of Living by Susan L. Taylor

Again, in this time of #covid19, I've been sorting, purging and pruning ... and running across great articles from my favorite writers. 

Susan L. Taylor is one of my all time favs. She's the former Editor-in-Chief of Essence magazine. This piece she wrote in 

we embarked on the new millennium. Who would of ever imagined an outbreak like coronavirus to happen in 2020? 

Listen to these words of wisdom to support and encourage you during this season. 

Mar 26, 202006:24
Why S.T.O.R.M.S. (Sometimes Things Occur to Reprimand Man's Sins) by Ed Gray
Mar 26, 202005:02
How to Develop Your Own Personal PR Plan ✍🏾
Sep 04, 201906:37
Summer Slack 💆🏾‍♀️ or Summer Attack 👊🏾

Summer Slack 💆🏾‍♀️ or Summer Attack 👊🏾

If you want to win at the end you gotta focus, plan and figure out your one thing. 🤔Don’t get distracted by all the other stuff you see on social media. Take a break from it and focus on your goals. 🎯Find what under performing assets you need to leverage and where to you need to get help to make your goals a reality. Write and journal 📓 and see yourself winning. 🏆 No excuses. Focus. Quit playing and hire a coach or take a course so you can win in your business. Pam
Jul 02, 201906:06
What's the Difference Between Marketing and PR (Publicity) #prcoach Tips
Apr 10, 201901:02:44
Celebrating Women Leaders: Win, Rock Rule‼️
Mar 10, 201906:26
Branding Accelerator Program - Pam Perry PR promo

Branding Accelerator Program - Pam Perry PR promo

  This program is for individuals who want increased profits in their business with less costs through media exposure. The Branding Accelerator Digital Program will give you step by step focused training, development of tangible brand assets, PR checklists and creative resources to make it simple for you to supercharge your brand's authority. 

 As an award-winning public relations veteran, I know the secrets that PR agencies charge you THOUSANDS of dollars per month for, and I'm going to share these secrets with you so you can gain recognition and build a trusted reputation at less than 1/3 of the cost. 



  • You have a message to share with the world and want creative PR tools
  • You feel overwhelmed by social media and want an easier way to stand out
  • Your goal is to be featured in major media consistently within the next 12 months
  • You're finally ready to put in the work to get your books sold and get paid speaking gigs


This digital program is packed with video recordings, checklists, worksheets, planners, guidebooks, templates, audio bonus training, and other resources from my live program, which you can consume at your convenience, any time. 

While exploring and educating yourself throughout these digital modules, you may come up with questions and concerns that you want some input on. That’s why I also offer participants access to a private forum where you can interact with others in the program and discuss what you’ve learned.

Not only will you gain access to this 12-module digital program, but you’ll be able to refer to it for life.

That's right! You can learn at your own pace and refer to it for life because you get lifetime access to this program!

Feb 12, 201900:44
Social Media has become Fantasyland 👀

Social Media has become Fantasyland 👀

Folks are fake on social media. It’s like grown folks high school popularity contest. OMG 😮 has it come to this. I know folks broke as hell and pretending like they got their ish together. Don’t get depressed looking at their photos - it’s made up, it’s turned into fantasyland. It’s actually hilarious. This has taken “fake it until you make it” to a whole new level! 🤪
Jan 09, 201904:32
Drive with intention and intensity

Drive with intention and intensity

Know that the upcoming year you are in the drivers seat. Those that plan - will win! Be intentional and get moving
Dec 04, 201804:47
Daddy and Daughter Podcast - Marc & Aubrey Perry

Daddy and Daughter Podcast - Marc & Aubrey Perry

Our Daughter, Aubrey, turning 22 this year and celebrating many milestones in 2018: graduating from Michigan State, starting her career in digital marketing, getting her own place and visiting the African American Museum in Washington D.C. with friends. #traveling #adulting
Nov 22, 201809:55
4 PR Secrets to Branding Like a Superstar

4 PR Secrets to Branding Like a Superstar

What makes a superstar brand? While you think it may be all about image, it is not. A superstar brand takes deliberate, strategic thought and processes to deliver the final outcome. Listen to this LIVE Q&A Session for the tips. to download tip sheet to brand better.
Oct 29, 201849:56
How to Sell Books 📚 Today

How to Sell Books 📚 Today

The way you market and promote books is so different today. Don’t get caught up doing it wrong.
Oct 22, 201806:41
Back to Business Virtual Conference with LaShanda Henry
Oct 19, 201830:42
Clear up the clutter and get focused 🎯

Clear up the clutter and get focused 🎯

Let us run 🏃🏾‍♀️ our own race. Pursue God’s purpose for your life. Don’t sweat 😓 the small stuff 👋🏾
Sep 18, 201803:03
Brand a Better You 🎤

Brand a Better You 🎤

It’s all about what you are called here to do; who are you called to serve. Are you the answer to someone’s prayer 🙏🏾
Sep 07, 201802:42
What is the Truth in Advertising 🤔

What is the Truth in Advertising 🤔

Copywriting today is almost criminal. Too many false claims. Taking advantage of people who want to believe that they can get rich quick. Whose to blame?
Aug 25, 201804:51
Don’t fall for the Internet Ponzie 🤔

Don’t fall for the Internet Ponzie 🤔

Too much hype. Too many lies. Folks are not truthful with their claims to fame. Beware. Character counts. Watch out for folks that make everything seem easy. 👊🏾
Jul 10, 201803:23
Winning Success Habits with Coach Wynn

Winning Success Habits with Coach Wynn

Our first featured Speakers magazine guest, Coach Mike Wynn. We discuss how he overcame depression and bipolar disorder with habits
Jun 27, 201835:11
Go to the conference. Be seen.

Go to the conference. Be seen.

\ud83c\udf99Clip of a conversation on networking \ud83d\udcdd
Jun 21, 201804:60
Your Publicity Mission

Your Publicity Mission

\ud83c\udfa4How do you want to be known? How can you let your Light Shine \ud83d\udca1
May 20, 201804:60
Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert

Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert

Karen Taylor Bass was featured in the March Issue of Speakers magazine. She\u2019s the PR expert and speaker \ud83c\udfa4you need to know.
Mar 29, 201808:52
Words in March. Speaker Talk 🎤

Words in March. Speaker Talk 🎤

Our take on March for Our Lives movement and why speakers need to speak on what they believe \ud83c\udfa4 Speakers magazine review with Marc Perry \ud83d\udde3
Mar 26, 201812:45
Make money 💰 from who you are

Make money 💰 from who you are

We bring energy into our lives by being authentic and living out our purpose. Make money moves by who you are not what you do. Be the brand that stands for something and you\u2019ll attract what God intended for you. \ud83d\udcb0
Mar 19, 201804:60
Yes, yes. Stay inspired.

Yes, yes. Stay inspired.

Shout out to all the world changers, women history makers! This is why I stay inspired
Mar 05, 201804:60
This why I stay inspired.

This why I stay inspired.

\u270a\ud83c\udffeWarrior women who inspire me beyond women\u2019s history month \ud83d\udca5
Mar 05, 201804:60
Making money moves

Making money moves

Your why is why you want the coins. Don\u2019t pursue the cash without knowing why you grinding so hard!
Feb 05, 201809:60