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Dare to be a Badass!

Dare to be a Badass!

By Pamala J Vincent

Pick Up Your Sword and Find Your Voice, Find Your Power, & Find Your Purpose! LifeHacks for today's multi-tasking warrior women!
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Tough Times Build Character: 10 Tips for Surviving the lessons!

Dare to be a Badass!Dec 08, 2022

Tough Times Build Character: 10 Tips for Surviving the lessons!
Dec 08, 202211:55
10 Peace of Mind Tips that Work!
Nov 09, 202215:48
Badass Joy (or Uncluttering Your Happiness!)
Jan 31, 202218:05
Reinventing You! (Find the Best-Trash the Rest!)
Jan 11, 202216:41
Learning to Soar! Un-Encumbered Flight!
Jan 05, 202207:42
Avoiding New Year Resolution Failure!
Jan 01, 202214:58
Living the Life You're Designed to Live!
Dec 29, 202109:15
How do you know when God speaks to you?
Dec 16, 202110:46
Burning the Candle at Both Ends!
Nov 30, 202120:35
What's Your Badass Purpose?
Nov 08, 202118:28
Counting Your Minutes or Making Your Minutes Count?
Nov 01, 202117:41
Becoming an On Purpose Person: 8 Strategies
Oct 27, 202108:14
Stop the World! I want Off!
Oct 20, 202118:45
Full of Faith or Just Full of It?
Oct 14, 202111:08
What we leave behind!
Oct 06, 202105:47
Fear or Confidence: They CAN NOT exist together!
Jul 08, 202115:34
Quiet Confidence or Sabotaging Fear?
Jul 02, 202111:05
The Value of Pain (or what to do when others hurt you)
May 12, 202111:11
Prayer 101 - How To
May 03, 202111:54
If God already knows, then why pray?
Apr 29, 202112:30
I've Got Your Back! -Investing Wisely in Friendships
Apr 26, 202116:54
Reining in a Powerful Tongue

Reining in a Powerful Tongue

The words we use tell others more about us than we think. It's easy to pick out a confident woman in a crowded room. How? Today's podcast deals with confident-sapping words and how to avoid them. 

This podcast is an extenstion of the website Dare to Be a Badass designed just for the modern multi-tasking warrior woman of today! Where iron sharpens iron. Drop by and see us, sign up for our newsletter and never miss a sword sharpening nugget. 

Remember, when we shine...we illuminate the way for others! 

Apr 22, 202108:33
Courage to Move Forward
Apr 10, 202104:39
10 Things Successful People Do To Get Back Up!
Apr 10, 202110:12
Facing the Challenges Life Brings Badass Esther's Way
Mar 05, 202118:40
Safe Dreams or Dangerous Prayers?
Feb 29, 202009:17
Just Living or Living Abundantly? Badass Life Hack
Oct 22, 201917:18
Living Life Fearlessly!
Oct 15, 201915:57
What is a Badass Lifestyle?
Oct 01, 201912:39
What is a Badass?

What is a Badass?

Why is it so important to shine? Because when we do, we illuminate the way for others! Too often we accept a mediocre life. That stops today! 

Today's episode defines what a real Badass in Training looks like and gives 7 tips for building a forward moving strategy to becoming a woman of change ~ a 'real' badass! 

Join us as we move through the steps to Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Power, Finding Your Purpose! 

Oct 01, 201914:48
Dealing with a Jerky Husband
Sep 26, 201913:15
Why dare to be a Badass?

Why dare to be a Badass?

The term Badass often has a negative connotation, as women we need to find that spirit within and change our worlds for the better. We live in a high-tech information world, but as multi-tasking women, some of that information doesn't serve us well. Dare to be a Badass is about discovering our unique talents and putting the tools of forward movement in our hands. There comes a time when we need to stop wishing our lives away. WE must take the first steps to intentional living, if not for setting ourselves free, but also for the warriors watching on the sidelines of the battlefield.  

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Aug 28, 201912:13