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Parva et Magna

Parva et Magna

By Cindy Yoseffa

This PodCast will be a medium to share and learn trough understanding, stories and maybe comedy for women living abroad in their 20s. Solo Hosted by Cindy Yoseffa, a medical student from Indonesia in Munich, Germany.
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Why some Asian slut-shame student who wants to study in Europe

Parva et MagnaSep 04, 2023

Why some Asian slut-shame student who wants to study in Europe

Why some Asian slut-shame student who wants to study in Europe

Welcome to "Empowering Journeys: Breaking Taboos and Navigating Sex Education in Germany," a podcast where we tackle the crucial yet often overlooked intersection of culture, education, and sexuality. As an international student from Indonesia currently residing in Germany, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by Asian women who choose to study in Europe, including the unfortunate phenomenon of being slut-shamed by their own communities.

In this podcast episode, we delve deep into the complex dynamics surrounding this issue. We'll explore the origins of the stigma, the impact on individuals, and the broader cultural factors that contribute to this unfortunate judgment. Our goal is not only to shed light on this issue but also to emphasize the importance of comprehensive sex education.

We believe that comprehensive sex education is a powerful tool for dispelling myths, reducing stigma, and fostering a healthier understanding of sexuality. We'll discuss the role of education in breaking down stereotypes, promoting body positivity, and fostering open conversations about sex and relationships.

Join us on "Empowering Journeys" as we advocate for a more inclusive, informed, and compassionate approach to sexuality. Together, we'll challenge taboos, empower Asian women pursuing education in Europe, and underscore the urgent need for sex education that is culturally sensitive and globally relevant. Let's embrace knowledge, dispel shame, and promote a world where everyone can explore their educational and personal journeys free from judgment.
Sep 04, 202309:33