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The Pastor & The Counselor

The Pastor & The Counselor

By Pastor Ryan Brown & In-Him Christian Wellness

Welcome to The Pastor & The Counselor, a podcast where Pastor Ryan and Counselors from In Him Christian Wellness regularly sit down to talk about life issues, mental health, and how we can intentionally pursue Jesus right in the middle of our struggles. Everything about this conversation is relational and practical
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Kingdom Care | Nutrition Counseling w/ Christine Barnett

The Pastor & The CounselorMay 25, 2023

Kingdom Care | Nutrition Counseling w/ Christine Barnett
May 25, 202325:10
Dealing with Blind Spots
Mar 23, 202321:46
Handling Change
Mar 09, 202328:18
Emotional Absorption
Feb 23, 202323:33
"New Year, New You" | Rediscovering Joy
Feb 09, 202323:58
"New Year, New You" | Re-Energizing Your Faith
Jan 26, 202332:13
"New Year, New You" | Re-Establishing Rhythms
Jan 26, 202332:44
Bouncing Back After The Holidays
Dec 29, 202217:01
Expectations & Boundaries During the Holidays
Dec 15, 202224:21
Supporting Our Youth: What are They Going Through?
Dec 01, 202225:11
Supporting Our Youth: Increasing "Trauma"
Nov 17, 202224:21
"You are Not a Burden"

"You are Not a Burden"

In the last episode, Pastor Ryan, Jon & Corryn discussed what it may be like for those of us that feel like we don't want to be a burden to others. In contrast, today we discuss how to have conversations with those of us that may feel the same way!  For more information about In-Him Christian Wellness, click here!
Nov 03, 202219:41
"I am Not a Burden"

"I am Not a Burden"

Many of us don't seek help when we are struggling, because we don't want to "be a burden". In this episode Pastor Ryan, Jon & Corryn face this head-on!  For more information about In-Him Christian Wellness click here!
Oct 20, 202233:47
Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, we hope you have had a wonderful summer break! Catch up with Pastor Ryan, Jonathan Burchard & Corryn Vento in this episode of The Pastor & The Counselor.  For more information about In-Him Christian Wellness click here!
Oct 18, 202223:47
Summer Rhythm| Fun
Aug 04, 202213:48
Summer Rhythm| Relationships
Jul 21, 202225:16
Summer Rhythm| Routines
Jul 07, 202223:15
Summer Rhythm| Permission to Rest
Jun 23, 202223:51
Spring Cleaning {Choosing Change}
May 05, 202235:19
Spring Cleaning {Handling Change}
Apr 21, 202228:17
Spring Cleaning {Movement & Mental Well-Being}
Apr 07, 202225:10
Spring Cleaning {Goal Setting}
Mar 31, 202226:15
Grief: Walking with Others in their Journey
Mar 24, 202233:30
Grief: Handling Your Own Journey
Mar 24, 202226:12
Encouraging Others (ft. Kim Bream)
Feb 17, 202232:53
Encouraging Yourself (ft. Kim Bream)
Feb 09, 202227:28
Facing Frustration: Political

Facing Frustration: Political

Political Frustration

Politics can be a volatile subject, especially here in the United States over then last 6 years. Join us for today's episode as Pastor Ryan Brown, and counselors Jon Burchard and Corryn Vento discuss the affects of politics on our mental and emotional health, along with the spiritual and theological connotations of politics and faith. 

Jan 06, 202227:55
Facing Frustration: Parenting

Facing Frustration: Parenting

Parenting Frustaiton

We all experience frustration! In this episode, Pastor Ryan and counselors, Jon Burchard and Corryn Vento discuss what's at the heart of frustration for parents. As always, they talk about the root issues, the spiritual and emotional context, and offer some practical tips. 

Dec 23, 202133:53
Facing Frustration: Introduction Part Two
Nov 18, 202128:14
Facing Frustration: Introduction Part One
Nov 11, 202128:27
Having Hard Conversations
Oct 28, 202129:05
Integrated Care | Creative Dramatics (feat. JoHanna Newman)
Oct 21, 202119:15
Integrated Care | Clinical Massage (feat. KellyAnne Riden)
Oct 14, 202127:38
Integrated Care | Intensive Outpatient Programs (feat. Dani Nickerson)
Oct 07, 202125:26
Integrated Care | Biblical Life Coaching (feat. Amanda Settle)
Sep 30, 202120:38
Integrated Care | Somatic (feat. Tyler Schuhly)
Sep 23, 202125:53
Integrated Care | Family Counseling & Formational Prayer (feat. Shannon Moyer)
Sep 16, 202124:54
Integrated Care | Introduction
Sep 09, 202124:00
Sep 02, 202131:45
Strategies to Overcome Worry
Aug 26, 202124:40
Origins & Effects of Worry
Aug 19, 202129:57
Dealing with Pressure
Aug 12, 202135:24
Spiritual Check-Up
Aug 05, 202124:50
Relationship Check-Up
Jul 29, 202133:19
Mental Health Check-Up
Jul 22, 202128:43
Fighting Fatigue

Fighting Fatigue

Pastor Ryan talks with Jon Burchard and Corryn Vento, the resident counselors from about how to recognize and form a practical battle plan for fighting fatigue. This is such timely conversation, but it is also profoundly useful as we continue to live our everyday lives.

Jul 15, 202125:25