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Pat & Jon on Their Best Behavior

Pat & Jon on Their Best Behavior

By Patrick Stanny & Jon Lemay

Two college friends bond and berate each other over the films and music they love—from Paddington to pop-punk to Paul Thomas Anderson.
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Ep. 80: Oscars 2022 Rundown

Pat & Jon on Their Best BehaviorMar 24, 2022

Ep. 80: Oscars 2022 Rundown

Ep. 80: Oscars 2022 Rundown

The boys are still taking a break, but they got back in the saddle this week to talk the Oscars in the lead-up to this Sunday's ceremony. What two movies (one feel-good, one feel-bad) are duking it out for Best Picture? Which movie stands a chance of denying Pat and Jon's beloved "Licorice Pizza" a Best Original Screenplay win? Who's probably going to take home an acting award for a movie Pat has literally never heard of? Jon answers all the questions you're (not) asking, and Pat adds "Sam Elliott" to his list of terrible impressions.

Mar 24, 202201:10:07
Ep. 79: Catching Up / See You Soon!
Feb 04, 202201:13:47
Ep. 78: Harry Styles 101 [w/ Lex Briscuso]
Jan 27, 202201:18:52
Ep. 77: "Sky High" (Is Not a Weed Movie) [w/ Adina Kruskal & Kara Powell]

Ep. 77: "Sky High" (Is Not a Weed Movie) [w/ Adina Kruskal & Kara Powell]

The guys are joined by Adina Kruskal and Kara Powell of It's In My Queue to chat about 2005’s Sky High. After Pat and Jon pick Adina and Kara's brains on all things television, the gang talks Nicholas Braun’s hair, Pat learns what it means to "ship" someone, and we all yearn for a time before Marvel. (Hello, it’s Pat and I am writing this.)  

Follow Adina (@adinaterrific) and Kara (@karaaa_powell) on Twitter, check out It's In My Queue wherever you get your podcasts, and be sure to subscribe to their Substack!  

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Jan 20, 202201:24:29
Ep. 76: Rest In Peace, Peter Bogdanovich [w/ Matt Mitchell]
Jan 14, 202201:31:30
Ep. 75: Best of 2021 (Guest Call-In Edition!)
Jan 08, 202202:03:53
Ep. 74: Top 5 Albums & Movies of 2021
Jan 06, 202202:32:36
Ep. 73: The War on Christmas
Dec 23, 202101:12:13
Ep. 72: WGA's Best Screenplays of the 21st Century [w/ Brittany Perlmuter]
Dec 16, 202101:20:28
Ep. 71: Best First (Not Thirst) Watches of 2021

Ep. 71: Best First (Not Thirst) Watches of 2021

Okay, guys, we’ve almost made it to 2022, and to celebrate, Pat has issued an apology to Joanna Hogg—because like all personal trainers, he believes in the cleansing power of the new year. But actually: we’re sorry we’ve been away, and we’re excited for you all to hear us talk about our favorite non-2021 films that we saw for the first time this year. Some of these choices are so obvious you’ll roll your eyes and crash your vehicle, but hey, that’s life in the big city.

Dec 09, 202101:02:44
Ep. 70: Tyler, the Creator [w/ Matt Mitchell]
Nov 11, 202101:01:08
Ep. 69: "Spider-Man 2" [w/ Max Cianci]
Nov 05, 202101:19:05
Ep. 68: Blockbuster Round-Up ("No Time to Die" / "Dune")
Oct 28, 202101:08:56
Ep. 67: Jimmy Eat World's "Clarity" [w/ Jonah Evans]
Oct 21, 202101:11:38
Ep. 66: Book-to-Film Adaptations [w/ Danny Gaylord & Laura Sieling]
Oct 14, 202101:33:14
Ep. 65: Most Anticipated 2021 Films / "The Card Counter"
Sep 30, 202101:16:54
Ep. 64: "Election" [w/ Mona Awad]
Sep 23, 202101:05:23
Ep. 63: The Front Bottoms [w/ Brian Tassey]
Sep 16, 202101:03:07
Ep. 62: Movies About Grief
Sep 09, 202101:14:23
Ep. 61: Underoath's "Define the Great Line" (15 Years Later) [w/ Adam Hastings & Chad Scott]
Aug 19, 202101:16:29
Ep. 60: The Neo-Noirs of Criterion ("Chinatown" / "Blood Simple" / "Brick")
Aug 12, 202101:17:57
Ep. 59: "Sing Street" [w/ Gab Nieporent & Devin Johnson]
Jul 29, 202101:21:47
Ep. 58: "The Land Before Time" & Don Bluth's Melancholy [w/ Meg Shields]
Jul 22, 202101:17:43
Ep. 57: Pat Finally Watches "Titanic" [w/ Alex Chernin & Lily Donahue]
Jul 15, 202101:20:60
Ep. 56: The Albums that Shaped Us (Part 2)
Jul 08, 202101:18:13
Ep. 55: The Albums That Shaped Us (Part 1)
Jul 01, 202101:09:15
Ep. 54: The One Where We Listen to the "Friends" Theme Over 100 Times [w/ Jakob Maier]
Jun 24, 202101:17:33
Ep. 53: "Bon Iver, Bon Iver" Turns 10 Years Old Today
Jun 17, 202101:08:08
Ep. 52: Pat & Jon (Try to) Get Deep with Robin Williams [w/ Bella Ortiz]
Jun 03, 202101:19:22
Ep. 51: Cat Stanny & Jon Lemeow [w/ Olivia Nielsen]
May 27, 202101:12:48
Ep. 50: Listener Q&A (or, The Boys Are In-Person!)
May 20, 202101:28:14
Ep. 49: Pat's Birthday Bash (or, Pat & Jon Play Catch Up: Round 3)
May 06, 202101:12:03
Ep. 48: Oscars Recap & Chloé Zhao's America [w/ Kyle Amato]
Apr 29, 202101:12:15
Ep. 47: The 2021 Oscars Extravaganza [w/ Brenden Bendorf]
Apr 22, 202102:01:01
Ep. 46: Pat & Jon Join the Bling Ring [w/ Brittany Perlmuter]
Apr 15, 202101:29:34
Ep. 45: Reject Discourse, Revitalize Cinema [w/ Spencer Rider]
Apr 08, 202101:11:27
Ep. 44: Jon Loves Emo
Apr 01, 202101:16:09
Ep. 43: Mean Girls [w/ Margot Harris]
Mar 25, 202101:03:22
Ep. 42: Let Pat Direct an "Alien" Movie, You Cowards! [w/ Div Kirti]
Mar 18, 202101:17:43
Ep. 41: We Miss Movie Theaters [w/ Conor Quinlan & Brendan Quinn]
Mar 11, 202101:22:41
Ep. 40: Pat’s Animation Indoctrination [w/ Julia Hansen]
Mar 04, 202101:22:55
Ep. 39: Pat & Jon & Sydney & Ziggy Pt. II: Albums About Love [w/ Ziggy Schulting & Sydney Tennant]
Feb 12, 202101:34:02
Ep. 38: An Oral History of Yo Soy Milk [w/ Johnny Murphy & Seamus Gildner]
Feb 04, 202101:17:51
Ep. 37: Saved! [w/ Aurelia Grierson feat. Pastor Pat & Youth Pastor Jon]
Jan 28, 202101:09:46
Ep. 36: Cover Songs & Dining Hall Friends [w/ Leah Docktor]
Jan 21, 202101:19:20
Ep. 35: Back to the 80s [w/ Michael Zegen]
Jan 14, 202158:01
Ep. 34: Robert Pat-tinson [w/ Mia Vicino]
Jan 08, 202101:17:05
Bonus Ep: 2020 Grab Bag / Pat's TV Appearance / Best Song of 2020

Bonus Ep: 2020 Grab Bag / Pat's TV Appearance / Best Song of 2020

The guys just couldn’t stop podding! In the wake of their previous three-hour odyssey recounting their favorite albums/films of the year, Pat and Jon tackle a slew of 2020 albums, TV shows, and movies that some listeners and friends wrote in about! Also, Jon watches Pat kill two women (on television) and proceeds to critique his acting. 

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RMR - "Rascal":

Jan 05, 202151:18
Ep. 33: End-of-the-Year Spectacular (Top 5 Albums & Movies of 2020 / Listener Call-Ins)
Dec 31, 202003:04:50
Ep. 32: Newsies (or, Revenge of the Theater Kids) [w/ Julia Claire & Kate Willett]
Dec 24, 202001:15:36