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Trump:The American Years

Trump:The American Years

By boxerpaws

Trump,politics,religion, science,current events
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What If Pence Had Done the Right Thing?

Trump:The American YearsAug 26, 2022

What If Pence Had Done the Right Thing?
Aug 26, 202207:10
3 UNBEARABLE ‘rock’ songs. One is iconic
Aug 26, 202203:27
Trump:the Dictator,Tyrant, Authoritarian, Hitler
Aug 25, 202201:39
The FBI Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up
Aug 25, 202203:44
I’m a Republican,Conservative,Catholic,Pro Choice and Voting Trump
Aug 25, 202207:32
You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price
Aug 02, 202213:39
The People Who Believe Biden Won the Election are Delusional or Clueless(could be they don’t care if he’s legit or not)
Jul 31, 202209:28
Does anyone really believe the basement dweller got 81 million votes(what are they up to now?)
Jul 31, 202205:45
How did we get to Roe V Wade and Where Is The Issue Now?
Jun 25, 202207:58
More Spotify Episodes Coming
Jun 20, 202203:11
The Red (Marxist) Dems,The Red Tsunami…but what about those RINO’S?
Jun 20, 202216:02
Thank Goodness Twitter Banned Pres Trump!
Feb 20, 202202:56
Could the U.S. Become Canada? Absolutely. Ok,then why hasn’t it?
Feb 19, 202204:26
@SpeakerPelosi and her b.s. committee on Jan 6
Feb 19, 202202:31
What About Omnicron? We Had It. We Recovered.
Feb 19, 202204:60
You Voted for Joe Biden? Why?
Feb 19, 202200:19
The Week End Is Here
Feb 19, 202201:14
I Can’t Take the Craziness Anymore. You?
Feb 17, 202209:01
The Thin Blue Line
Feb 13, 202203:34
Some Blessings i Am Especially Grateful For
Feb 13, 202204:18
OMG Merrick, i Don’t Want to Be A Domestic Terrorist! No Way!
Feb 13, 202208:20
What If It Were Proven that Pres Trump was Re-elected in 2020?
Feb 08, 202203:58
Joe Rogan,Whoopi Goldberg,Roseanne Barr & President Trump
Feb 07, 202204:19
Commentary on the TimCast IRL featuring guest Steven K. Bannon of Rumble War Room
Feb 07, 202204:57
What President Trump DIDN’T Say. For the benefit of @marcorubio,the media & Mike Pence
Feb 06, 202203:03
Sometimes We Have to Learn the Hard Way (those are the lessons you never forget)
Feb 06, 202205:47
Ep 1,618 – Pence (am adding my .02 worth); RNC Fails To Expel Cheney; McCarthy Gets Tough; Canadian Truckers
Feb 06, 202205:30
What Happened to the Great One?
Feb 04, 202200:47
An Open Letter to Dan Bongino
Feb 01, 202204:35
Omicron Day 6? Day 7?
Feb 01, 202204:38
Our U.S. Media. Biden is Fine
Jan 29, 202201:37
Day 6 of Omicron The Pits
Jan 29, 202204:12
Can Anyone Help? I Just Spoke With Our Pharmacy
Jan 28, 202201:12
What If It Were Donald Trump?
Jan 28, 202204:24
Done With You Tube
Jan 27, 202200:17
Day 5 Omnicron. Yes, it is very transmissible
Jan 27, 202205:08
The Media Myth of Lunch Bucket Joe
Jan 27, 202203:53
Day 4 of Omicron and Updated Fundraiser
Jan 26, 202203:58
Here We Go. Another Biden Disaster
Jan 25, 202201:12
Fundraiser and Covid Update
Jan 25, 202201:00
Could There Be Any More Head Fakes?
Jan 25, 202208:55
About that Virus i don’t like talking about
Jan 23, 202204:52
A Heads Up; if there’s no entry after the 24th
Jan 23, 202201:24
More Stunned than Depressed or Angry
Jan 22, 202206:04
An Open Letter to Sen Ted Cruz (who is up the creek w/o the paddles)
Jan 22, 202204:02
Keep It To Yourself
Jan 22, 202203:49
An Open Letter to Dr. Jill Biden (written respectfully )
Jan 22, 202211:51
Why is Fauci Still the Head of the CDC?
Jan 22, 202201:27
WARNING Here’s what the Anti Trump/Anti MAGA Cabal is up to
Jan 22, 202204:09
Pres Trump IS Going To Run (take it to the bank)🏦and cash the check!💰
Jan 22, 202205:09
Sorry I didn’t get to post the Arizona Trump Rally
Jan 22, 202201:38
A Call In to Mark Levin
Jan 22, 202200:53
It’s Come To This
Jan 22, 202203:58
Update to “It’s Come to This”
Jan 22, 202201:28
Are You 'Defend Biden' Liberals Ever Going to Wake Up?
Oct 07, 202104:17
What Will Be the Straw That Breaks the Camel’s Back?
Oct 06, 202103:53