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Patricia Lemer: The Autism Detective

Patricia Lemer: The Autism Detective

By Patricia Lemer

Patricia Lemer, a licensed Professional Counselor, with over 50 years experience, and the author of the best seller, Outsmarting Autism, interviews Moms, Dads, therapists, educators, and other professionals. They share clues they follow to help individuals of all ages, on the autism spectrum become the best version of themselves. Learn how biomedical, sensory, motor, visual, auditory, perceptual, homeopathic, detoxification, language, behavioral, social-emotional, energy, vagus nerve, and other therapies can heal our kids.
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Amanda Friedman: The Atlas Foundation for Autism 6/9/2020

Patricia Lemer: The Autism DetectiveJun 04, 2022

Dawnmarie (DM) Gaivin: Spelling for Non- and Unreliable Speakers May 23, 2023
May 25, 202357:43
Wendy Beth Rosen May 9, 2023. School, the Seedbed of Society and The Vision Learning Connection
May 12, 202357:46
Kenyon Keily: Herbal Medicine for Autism. April 25, 2023
May 05, 202358:00
BG Mancini. Heal the Gut, Heal the Brain. March 28, 2023
Apr 21, 202357:11
Jonathan Hartman, DC Cognitive Brain Training. April 11, 2023
Apr 14, 202356:49
Raun Kaufman Autism Crisis Turnaround (ACT) March 14, 2023
Mar 24, 202357:36
Kelly Dorfman: Cure Your Child with Food. February 28. 2023
Mar 01, 202356:50
Beth Lambert: Documenting Hope. February 14, 2023
Feb 21, 202357:31
Teresa Badillo Raising and Understanding Marco: August 21, 2019
Feb 11, 202357:30
Jodie Dashore: Gestational Lyme leading to Autism. August 13, 2019
Feb 10, 202357:28
Jen Barsamian: The Non-Toxic Mama. January 24, 2023

Jen Barsamian: The Non-Toxic Mama. January 24, 2023

Jen Barsamian is an Autism mom who took what she learned during her son's journey of healing and shares it with others. By embracing a toxin-free lifestyle, and learning about lurking poisons in our foods and environment, like EMFs, she educates others on the importance of buying organic, avoiding GMOs, and the importance of building a healthy microbiome. In this episode, she discusses stress reduction, hormone balancing, sleep, homeopathy, and a fully multi faceted healing program. She stresses all the components of what it takes to live a non-toxic life in today's toxic world. Her son, now 23, is recovered because of all she learned about how he developed autism. Join her Non-Toxic Mamas private Facebook group.
Feb 07, 202357:10
First show: The Autism Detective, Patricia Lemer June 11, 2019
Feb 01, 202357:04
Amber Cleveland Lewter: The Effects of Autism on Marriage. 8/20/20
Jan 02, 202355:03
Teresa Badillo: Arsenic poisoning as autism and Lithium Dumping as part of the Total Load. 10/26/21
Jan 02, 202355:52
Jonathan Alderson: Part 1 Challenging the Myths of Autism. Recorded 12/22/2022
Jan 02, 202356:27
Dr. David Dornfeld: Maybe it's Lyme! What about Detoxification? Have you considered HBOT? 12/13/22
Dec 16, 202258:21
Giving Getting and Gratitude: A Holiday Message
Dec 12, 202256:46
Lisa Sosnowski: Spectrum Tech and Training Center June 23, 2020
Nov 24, 202257:30
Jenna Blaze: Homeopathy and Beyond. November 22, 2022
Nov 24, 202257:43
Polly Tommey: Autism as a Vaccine Injury
Nov 10, 202256:25
Lyndsy Karrie Moffatt: Healing the Gut to Heal the Autistic Brain
Nov 06, 202257:19
Valerie Aprahamian:Navigating Your Child's IEP. October 26, 2022
Nov 06, 202257:38
Dr. Anju Usman Singh: Attaining True Health October 11, 2022
Oct 12, 202256:15
Jonathan Alderson: Part 2 Using a Multi-Treatment Programming for ASD Recorded 10/22/19

Jonathan Alderson: Part 2 Using a Multi-Treatment Programming for ASD Recorded 10/22/19

Jonathan Alderson is an autism expert in Toronto, Canada. He worked at the Autism Treatment Centers of America for 8 years before expanding to using a trans disciplinary approach. Jonathan recognizes that each person with autism is unique, and requires a carefully prioritized program. For Jonathan, order matters. Learn how he incorporates lifestyle changes into diet, nutrition, movement, sensory, and other programs. If you have not already listened to Part 1 of Jonathan's interview, listen in as he describes and debunks 7 myths about autism. www.IMTI.CA
Oct 07, 202257:30
Zoey O'Toole: Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth. 9/27/22
Oct 02, 202257:28
Bonnie Brandes: Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI) Is Foundational for Development 3/24/20
Sep 22, 202256:46
Betsy Hicks Russ: Raising a son with severe non-verbal autism and Managing Picky Eating 9/13/22
Sep 15, 202255:37
Carla Atherton: A Family Health Revolution. Elevate health through lifestyle medicine
Sep 04, 202256:45
Carrie Fick: Healing Owen 12/14/2021

Carrie Fick: Healing Owen 12/14/2021

Carrie Fick is the mother of 3 children, the oldest of whom has autism. While he developed typically, and was healthy in his first year, after receiving a flu shot at 12 months, he lost skills, screamed and cried often, had chronic diarrhea, and developed an eye turn. Carrie discusses how she began a special diet and therapies after reading a book by Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Katzinel. When her daughter was born before Owen was 2, Carrie refused further vaccinations. Learn how a biomedical approach plus RDI helped Owen regain skills. He is now in 7th grade, and doing well.
Aug 29, 202255:44
Diandra Taveras: Power Moms, Applying Total Load Theory. 05/11/2021
Aug 29, 202256:34
Sabeeha Rehman: A Muslim Grandmother's Perspective on Autism 08/23/22
Aug 26, 202256:38
Judy Chinitz: Just Because He Doesn't Speak Doesn't Mean He Has Nothing to Say. 1/28/21
Aug 02, 202256:14
Jennifer Laude-Leggett: Hyperbaric Oxygen for Autism Recovery 12/24/19
Aug 01, 202256:45
Janet Oliver: Sensory-Motor Reflex Integration to Maximize Function 7/28/20
Jul 30, 202255:41
Ilana Gerschlowitz After the Diagnosis, Then What? 09/28/21
Jul 29, 202255:49
Katy Held: Bal-A-Vis-X for Brain Body Integration 07/26/2022
Jul 29, 202255:20
Dr. Jared Skowron: Healing Your Child 7/6/22

Dr. Jared Skowron: Healing Your Child 7/6/22

Dr. Jared Skowron is an internationally recognized biomedical expert in autism, ADHD and anxiety, who has been helping kids using natural medicine for over 15 years. He is the author of 100 Natural Remedies for Your Child: The Complete Guide to Safe, Effective Treatments for Childhood's Most Common Ailments. He practices in Wallingford, CT, and remotely. He offers a specialized line of supplements under the label Spectrum Awakening. Each Thursday, at noon Eastern time, he holds an informative Facebook live session on the Spectrum Awakening page. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Autism Hope Alliance, Natural Practitioner Magazine, and Chemo & Crayons.
Jul 24, 202256:52
Becky Rutherford: Camphill Education for Special Needs 2/23/21
Jul 23, 202255:41
Heidi Hess Buckley: The Autism Caring Center 11/24/20
Jul 23, 202256:45
Shelley Stravitz, Parents as Partners 5/24/22
Jul 22, 202257:40
Dr. Julie Logan: Diagnosing and Treating Biomedical Issues in Autism 6/28/22
Jul 22, 202256:46
Sunil Patel: Stem Cells and other Treatments for Autism 06/14/22

Sunil Patel: Stem Cells and other Treatments for Autism 06/14/22

Sunil Patel is the father of a young adult son with autism. He has indefatigueably researched many treatments, some of which have greatly increased his son's functioning. He speaks about the use of anti-virals, hyperbaric oxygen, vitamins, melatonin, and other biomedical interventions. In addition, he has done intensive sensory therapies, MNRI therapy for reflex integration, Brain Gym and Bal-A-Vis-X. He also speaks about vision therapy and different types of stem cells. This is an incredibly rich interview from a devoted Dad whose son now attends a college program.
Jul 21, 202256:16
Lindsey Biel: Raising a Sensory Smart Child, April 14, 2020
Jul 20, 202256:46
Enrique Basurto: The Autism Research Coalition , September 24, 2019

Enrique Basurto: The Autism Research Coalition , September 24, 2019

Enrique Basurto is the father of 2 sons with autism. He started the private Facebook group, Autism Research Coalition to join forces with doctors, researchers, companies, and knowledgeable parents to generate and distribute research about effective treatments for autism. Members “support” each other by sharing experiences, research, theories, brainstorming and collectively trying to answer some key questions, but it is not a traditional support group. They broadcast occasional live webinars with important researchers about their work. Webinars are recorded and available for watching at a later date. Membership in the Coalition is by invitation. Please contact Patricia Lemer if you would like to join.
Jul 20, 202257:28
Shari Unger Shine: Laying the Foundations for Learning

Shari Unger Shine: Laying the Foundations for Learning

Shari Unger Shine is an educational therapist with a multitude of tools in her tool chest. She goes into the homes of students with many types of learning issues, and sets up programs that fill in foundational gaps to learning. She is particularly knowledgeable about and interested in primitive reflexes, nutrition, and vision. Her goal is nervous system self regulation by using programs such as Safe and Sound, MNRI, and Brain Gym. She works with all ages, and is particularly interested in infant development.
Jul 09, 202257:25
Amy Orringer Hamilton: Medical Intuitive to a Clearer Path
Jul 09, 202257:17
Dr. Sarah Lane: Meaningful Moves
Jun 29, 202254:57
Kristi Wees: Empowered Medical Advocacy
Jun 29, 202256:49
Pamela Ferro: The Specific Carbohydrate Diet.         September 14, 2021
Jun 27, 202256:45
Lori Knowles-Jimenez: New Beginnings Nutritionals 9/8/2020
Jun 17, 202256:46
Mary Holland & Mike Sweeney: Endeavor 21, a community for young adults w/ disabilities 1/25/2022
Jun 17, 202256:20
Chela: The Otto Specht School 2/22/2022
Jun 17, 202256:46
Kristan Weisdack: An Integrative Approach to Behavioral Therapies 8/24/2021
Jun 16, 202255:05
Mary Coyle: How Homotoxicology Can Benefit Those on the Spectrum 2/11/2020
Jun 15, 202256:57
Joye Newman: A Year of Mini- Moves 10/11/2021
Jun 13, 202253:49
Amanda Friedman: The Atlas Foundation for Autism 6/9/2020

Amanda Friedman: The Atlas Foundation for Autism 6/9/2020

Amanda Friedman is the Founder and Executive Director of The Atlas Foundation for Autism in NYC. They provide both part and full-time educational programming, social groups, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, feeding and mealtime success sessions, Solisten® (Tomatis® sound therapy), HANDLE®, workshops, professional development, parent training, music and art sessions, yoga and recreation groups, and much much more for children, young adults, adults, and parents too! Learn about this amazing resource and join the Atlas family!
Jun 04, 202254:55
Elisa Beck: Enlivening Consciousness 7/27/2021

Elisa Beck: Enlivening Consciousness 7/27/2021

Dr. Elisa Haransky-Beck is a developmental optometrist specializing in Vision and Movement Therapy. She is a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, F.C.O.V.D. She holds an M.A. in Spiritual Nutrition-Vegan and Live Food Nutrition from the University of Integrated Science of California.
She has certificates in Expanding Culinary Joy: Mastering Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine and The Conscious Eating Program from the Dr. Cousens' Tree of Life Center US Vegan Live Food Trainings in 2015. She also attended the incredible Life Transformation program at the Hippocrates Health Institute in 2012.
Jun 04, 202252:36
Brigitte Shipman: Episode 2, A Mother's Guide Through Autism May 10 2022
May 31, 202202:51:29
Brigitte Shipman: Episode 1, Surviving Tsunami after Tsunami 12/9/2020
May 31, 202256:46
Maria Rickert Hong: Almost Autism, Recovery IS Possible 11/26/2019
May 30, 202256:29
Dana Woods: Autism is Medical and Treatable 08/10/2021

Dana Woods: Autism is Medical and Treatable 08/10/2021

Dana Woods is the mother of Ethan, now entering high school. She has worked indefatigueably to heal him. Listen in to learn about her journey with biomedical interventions.
May 30, 202256:25
Nancy Bernotaitis: Good Works Farm 5/26/2020
May 27, 202256:46
Cass and Len Acuri: Autism Parenting Secrets 1/22/2021
May 27, 202256:46
Dr. Deborah Zelinsky: The Mind-Eye Connection 8/25/2020
May 25, 202256:45
Hannah Bradford: Lifestyle Choices Matter 2/10/2021
May 25, 202256:46
Dr. Hans Lessmann: Vision is More than Meets the Eye 3/10/2020
May 25, 202256:34
Peter Sullivan: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Autism 1/14/2020

Peter Sullivan: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Autism 1/14/2020

Peter Sullivan is the father of 2 sons who he is recovering from autism. He is an expert on electromagnetic field safety and awareness and environmental factors in autism. He is the Founder and CEO of Clear Light Ventures, whose mission is to improve human health and performance by removing widespread environmental health threats.  Peter serves on the Advisory Board of the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology and on the board of Pure Earth.  He is an Executive Producer of the documentary film Generation Zapped (2017). Listen in to learn how EMFs interfere with sleep and other biological processes, and how you can protect you and your family.
May 25, 202256:46
Carol Stock Kranowitz: The Out-of-Sync Child 4/26/22
May 24, 202253:04
Dr. Michael Goldberg: The Myth of Autism 4/12/2022
May 24, 202256:10
Jesse Saperstein: How an Adult with Asperger's helps Others Achieve Success 4/28/2020
May 23, 202256:46
Jessica Leichtweisz: Helping Every Child with Autism Achieve Full Potential 11/10/2020
May 23, 202256:45
Marina Livis: Energy Therapies, Including Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Reduction 1/3/2021
May 23, 202256:30
Filomena LaForgia: Advocating for Dean 5/25/2021

Filomena LaForgia: Advocating for Dean 5/25/2021

Filomena is a warrior mom. She despises labels, and refused to put her son in an autism box. When my book, Outsmarting Autism came out, she took some duct tape, covered up the word "autism" on the cover, and wrote the word "EVERYTHING"! She fought hard and strong to keep Dean in the "least restrictive environment." Once she learned about the Arrowsmith program, she was determined to get it into a school nearby. Listen in to learn about Arrowsmith and how advocacy can change the world for your child.
May 21, 202257:13
Dr. Areti Fitsioris: How a Naturopathic Approach can Improve Learning and Behavior 1/11/2022
May 21, 202256:04
Cindy Goldade: Brain Gym and Movement to Enhance Learning 
May 21, 202256:45
Christina Adams: The Amazing Benefits of Camel Milk for Autism 11/2/2019
May 21, 202256:20
Jan Polansky: Using Energy to Heal Body, Mind and Spirit 12/28/2021
May 20, 202256:06
Maria Boza: Healing Alehandro 11/23/21

Maria Boza: Healing Alehandro 11/23/21

Maria Boza recognized early that her son with severe digestive symptoms was not developing appropriately. After taking him to an immunologist in her native Venezuela, he was diagnosed with autism at 20 months. Using homotoxicology and other biomedical interventions he regained health, but was non-verbal. Now at 15, he is successfully using technology to communicate. Hear her remarkable story.
May 20, 202256:30
April de Angelis: Biopsychosocial Support Not Behavioral Control 11/9/2021
May 20, 202256:05
Eve Kodiak: Reflex Integration Through Movement and Music 7/13/2021
May 20, 202257:15
Mike Sweeney: Endeavor 21, a Program for Young Adults with ASD 2/08/2022

Mike Sweeney: Endeavor 21, a Program for Young Adults with ASD 2/08/2022

Mike Sweeney and his wife, along with 8 other families, are building a community in Rockland County. NY, to support their children with autism, who have aged out of the school system. The program is based on a theory of Self-direction, in which each participant prioritizes How, When, and From whom services are delivered. He tells us about his son Dustin, and the program he participates in. Dustin works daily as a cook in the local cafe, is a member of the Green Team in Central Park, and socializes with friends, while living with family. Learn about this model and how it can be applied in other settings because of its flexibility.
May 19, 202256:46
Cathleen Richards: How an Adult Diagnosis of ADHD led to Healing 3/8/2022

Cathleen Richards: How an Adult Diagnosis of ADHD led to Healing 3/8/2022

Throughout her life Cathleen struggled with many symptoms of ADHD: distracted attention, executive function dysfunction, and more. Still, she was successful professionally and personally. After modifying her lifestyle, changing her diet, working with a functional medicine doctor, and exploring many alternative therapies, including intensive vision therapy, she has overcome many of the symptoms by addressing some of the root causes. Hear her inspiring story.
May 15, 202256:46
Janessa Rick, RPT: How Sensory-based Physical Therapy Can Help your Child with Autism 3/8/2022
May 15, 202256:46
Rachel Feldman: Finding Your Niche as a Health Coach 4/27/2021
May 15, 202255:50
Amy Hull Arbetter: Custom Innovative Health Solutions for Children
May 13, 202257:17
Susan Varsames: Using a Multi-disciplinary Approach to Healing Autism 2/20/2021
May 04, 202257:51
Dr. Seth Pearl: How Chiropractic can correct structural issues that impede development 10/27/2020
May 04, 202256:45
Dr. Sharon Rasa: The 5 Levels of Healing and ART from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt 3/09/2021
May 04, 202257:18
Sandra Weizman: Healing Benji: 10/8/2019
May 04, 202256:46