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Even Though - Coach Patricia

Even Though - Coach Patricia

By Patricia Vasconcelos

As an EFT Practitioner and Emotional Success Coach Patricia Vasconcelos has learned to navigate life more presently and calmly.
Join her as she invites guests to share their tools or address their very own "even though" moments.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a tool that Patricia uses in her practice. The setup statement in a round of tapping always starts with "even though", and that is where the podcast has received its name.

For more information about EFT (tapping) or if you'd like a consultation with Patricia, please visit her website.
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Ep. 11 Talking Psychic Gifts with Psychic Steph

Even Though - Coach Patricia Mar 21, 2023

Ep. 11 Talking Psychic Gifts with Psychic Steph
Mar 21, 202301:11:17
Ep. 10 Talking Sex, Love, Intimacy and Somatic Healing with Gina Marie
Dec 08, 202201:13:40
Ep. 9 Talking Quantum Life with Nata Jelenic The Quantum Goddess
Nov 29, 202201:11:35
Ep. 8 Talking about choosing love in times of grief with Amber The Penney Farms Princess.
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Ep. 5 Talking about EFT with Candace Fox
Jul 06, 202101:32:12
Ep. 4 Talking about emotional perfectionism with Kelsey Corey

Ep. 4 Talking about emotional perfectionism with Kelsey Corey

Our guest today is a special one. We have walked side by side on a personal growth journey that has forever changed me.
Kelsey is and Emotional Fitness Coach and the founder of Energy for impact.
Her approach to helping clients embrace themselves with greater love, acceptance, kindness and compassion by strengthening their emotional fitness is so refreshing.
Please welcome Kelsey Corey!

Jun 22, 202101:13:44
Ep. 3 Talking about miscarriage and infertility with Melanie Lynn

Ep. 3 Talking about miscarriage and infertility with Melanie Lynn

Our Guest today is a kindergarten teacher and brave hero. Today she shares her story and the hardships of the infertility journey that so many women face everyday in the world.  Her hope is to spread awareness and to let others know that they are not alone. There are always different paths and methods of support to look for in the world. 

Please welcome Melanie Lynn

Please note this episode is PG-13.

Jun 01, 202101:11:07
Ep. 2 An intimate tapping run down
May 11, 202101:08:52
Ep. 1 Solo Mission: What is this all about?
Apr 27, 202120:15
Even Though Trailer - Welcome

Even Though Trailer - Welcome

Over time, I have learned that connection can help us heal. This podcast was my attempt to have everyday conversations with some deep people, and see how we can help each other out.
I will largely be talking about Emotional Freedom and what it means to me, how it has helped others, and how I can clarify any questions.

Coach P
Apr 23, 202100:37