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By Paul Bright

Hard Truths
1) The only purpose of life is to reproduce your species, and after having done that, be eaten as food.
2) Human cultures have always denigrated men who love men.
3) Movies change culture and beliefs.

Therefore before I'm eaten as food I'm making movies to influence our culture to love gays.
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Interview with Sex Columnist Alexander Cheves

Paul Bright FilmsMay 30, 2021

Interview with Sex Columnist Alexander Cheves

Interview with Sex Columnist Alexander Cheves

Columnist for queer love and sex in OUT Magazine, Alexander Cheves revealed deeply personal details about his life in this 30 minute interview.

Alex is also a contributing editor at The Advocate Magazine. He is an outspoken activist and sex worker who also runs the advice blog “Love, Beastly,”  which is known for frank, unflinching answers to questions about queer  sex and love. If you haven’t been following him you’ll be able to read  his confessional book publishing in October – My Love Is a Beast.

In our conversation we talked about how sex scenes in gay-themed  movies don’t show what really happens, how wrong they got it in  Brokeback Mountain, returning to an active sex life after covid  lockdown, and his experiences as a sex worker.

A most fascinating conversation about what we want as gay men.

May 30, 202129:41
Is 'gay' more than sex?

Is 'gay' more than sex?

Here’s the quandary I face: The movie I will film this summer after vaccination is a campy screwball gay sex comedy. I am one of the on screen fuckers, and I've got a mid 50s dad bod. The other leading dad bod actor is in his 40s. How much dick and ass do I show?

Hard cock? Hard cock plowing ass? Blow jobs? Rim jobs? Will you lose respect for me after you see my equipment in action? Or will you buy the  movie and then screen share on NewTumbl?

You scoff at my question ‘Is gay more than sex’ but defining all the ways we’re gay beyond swapping bodily fluids is tricky.

Mar 01, 202117:23
Hard Truths About Life

Hard Truths About Life

What are we supposed to be doing with our lives? A year of deep contemplation - and a lot of isolation - and total disruption to everything considered 'normal' resulted in getting to the hard truths of the meaning of life. 

Here they are. It's not what I expected. 

It's what I'll be talking about for the rest of my life. 

Feb 22, 202105:53