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Paul Garth's Week in Review

Paul Garth's Week in Review

By Paul Garth

Paul's Week in Review Podcast - covering a range of self-development topics, with multiple intersections: Hypnotherapy; General Aviation; Personal Productivity; Social Work, Communications... to name a few.
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Value Proposition of Paul Garth, Certified Hypnotherapist.

Paul Garth's Week in ReviewSep 20, 2021

20211121 - Weekly Review of Paul Garth

20211121 - Weekly Review of Paul Garth


-Trust your external systems

-Trim down number of projects.  Be appropriately engaged.

-Trim down number of action support applications.  Avoid shiny baubles

-Be appropriately engaged


-Can't log in yet


-Non-employee portal

-Really comprehensive.  LEC-5; CAPS-5

Audio book on PTSD

-The Unspeakable Mind by Dr. Shaili Jain, MD -- VA Palo Alto, connected to Stanford U. 

Nov 22, 202111:22
20211114 -Paul Garth's weekly review

20211114 -Paul Garth's weekly review

GTD External Trusted Systems

-Clean lists

-No preambling additional stuff

-Just PocketInformant and Evernote

ASW logs

-logging various variables

Medical exam and fingerprinting

-More to come

Eye Exam


-No glasses, but I know everything about them now...

Dan Roam

-The Pop-Up Pitch

-Highly recommend his work - live-drawing

Nov 15, 202114:44
20211107 Weekly Review

20211107 Weekly Review

COVID-19 booster - temperature; headache; get it done

ASW status - acclimating

GTD Tip of Week - minimize "apps"; phasing out Notion; try recording yourself for note-taking

Dan Roam - his book comes out this week

General Aviation - not much this week

ASW Law and Ethics


Apologies - not quite coherent today.  Recovering from Booster shot.  

Nov 08, 202110:25
20211031 Paul Garth's Weekly Review

20211031 Paul Garth's Weekly Review

ASW number - arrived!  Hours; logs; signoffs

GTD Tip of the week - locators

Dan Roam book - marketing plug at end of audio

General Aviation - weather - as it happens

ASW Law and Ethics - studying; TDC

PTSD Studying; VA courses (free)

Nov 01, 202111:51
20211024 - Paul Garth's Week in Review

20211024 - Paul Garth's Week in Review

ASW Number status - pending
GTD Tip of the Week - externalizing Next Actions using spreadsheets
Dan Roam - The PopUp Pitch book (New!)
General Aviation - Weather Focus
ASW Law and Ethics

Oct 25, 202109:58
20211017 Weekly Review of Paul Garth

20211017 Weekly Review of Paul Garth

I have fewer listeners now.  Where did you go?

I removed the comments section from the last couple podcasts, and going forward, will not be asking for comments/input.  The intention of this podcast is to share what's been going on in my life during last week.  I always look for things/tools/best practices that I think will be useful for people and mention them in my podcast.  

ASW number status - still waiting.  Maybe early November.  

GTD Tip of the week - use a calendar (ideally one for everything -- work and life) and externalize your mind into it.  Use it to capture items for a day without a time.  Also, for a day with a specific time.  An idea is to also include a specific time for yourself -- self-care.  

Because voice to text systems are not cheap, I came up with an idea...  

General Aviation - working on building my index for reviewing the BFR (Biennial Flight Review)

ASW Law and Ethics and the Tarasoff law.

Spanish update - Pimsleur.  

Oct 18, 202115:60
20211010 Weekly Review

20211010 Weekly Review

Feedback request - possibly via Spotify

GTD Agenda method - building an agenda; waiting-for's

Renegotiating a commitment - dropped Spanish and ESRI GIS Courses

Reviewing other items for Someday/Maybe

ASW number status

SOAP notes

General Aviation update

Law and Ethics course

Additional ideas for learning Spanish

Kanban at Toyota

Yes...  I know these podcasts are getting longer, but I'm only doing once per week.  Hopefully, you're finding something useful to try out for yourself.  

Oct 11, 202123:07
20211003 Weekly Review

20211003 Weekly Review

Anchor - no advertisers yet

ASW number status - still waiting - maybe early November

GTD Tip - external trusted systems; GoogleCalendar; PocketInformant on Mac and iPhone; for Project/Action Support; Evernote Premium - great for full-text searching

Heartmath - Breathing exercise; breathe in and out for 6 counts; visualize breathing thru heart; intentionally think of something positive

Pomodoro Technique - 25 minutes; 1 pomo; 5 minute break; multiple pomos then longer break; Dan Levitin Organized Mind; great for staying focused and intentional and on task.  Using Tomato One -- free app on Mac

ASW Law and Ethics - no excuse...  haven't started yet

Spanish learning - fun imagining what they're saying on the podcasts.  Have to keep up with collegiate-style learning

Heading to Toyota this Friday - Kanban

Oct 04, 202117:08
20210926 Weekly Review of Paul Garth

20210926 Weekly Review of Paul Garth

Heart-Focused breathing (HeartMath) - working on a bonus track of cognitive breathing technique

Advertising with - they're working on it

ASW Number - taking a while

GTD Tip of the week - Use Tags to group actions by an "Area of Focus"

Dan Roam's new upcoming book - "The Pop-up Pitch"

EFT Tapping - PTSD; Military; Cognitive

ASW Law and Ethics

Spanish Class

ESRI - GIS Course

Sep 27, 202117:48
20210919 Weekly Review.

20210919 Weekly Review.

Podcast recording mistakes, ASW update, Law and Ethics, bonus track - Value Proposition of being a Certified Hypnotherapist, upcoming relaxation audio, advertising with Anchor, General Aviation, learning Spanish, my GTD story and Pocket Informant, ESRI going places, aviation sunglasses.
Sep 20, 202112:55
Value Proposition of Paul Garth, Certified Hypnotherapist.

Value Proposition of Paul Garth, Certified Hypnotherapist.

Academic background, Local 472, Code of Ethics, htpps://, Subconscious Behaviorist. Theory of Mind, Boundaries, Integrity.

Sep 20, 202108:53
20210912 - Thoughts from the week

20210912 - Thoughts from the week

Self-Help housing, Good enough, learning, Russell Bishop, David Allen, GTD, Value Proposition, The Way Out - Chronic Pain by Allen Gordon
Sep 13, 202118:39
20210905 - Week in Review

20210905 - Week in Review

Topics covered:

-Working as a Social Worker (Case Management/Advocacy) for People's Self-Help Housing Corporation (

-Learning Spanish towards a goal of fluency

-Reading "The Way Out: Healing Chronic Pain" by Alan Gordon.  Comments includes boundaries between being a Social Worker and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  

Sep 06, 202107:60
Welcome to Paul's Podcast

Welcome to Paul's Podcast

Borrowing a concept from GTD (David Allen's "Getting Things Done"), my week in review will summarize key updates from various Projects and Actions.  

Sep 06, 202101:03