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The Small Victories Podcast

The Small Victories Podcast

By Pauline Victoria

Our greatness within is made up of a series of small victories on this journey called life.

Each episode will awaken your potential, purpose and power as you discover your own greatness.
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Getting Publicity Even with Imposter Syndrome with Tracy Lamourie

The Small Victories PodcastOct 19, 2021

From Suicide to Success with Kevin Palmieri
Jul 11, 202340:13
Embrace the Unknown: Conquering Change and Confronting Challenges with Dai Manuel

Embrace the Unknown: Conquering Change and Confronting Challenges with Dai Manuel

Two of the scariest words we can be confronted with are: change and challenge. In this episode we're going to reframe these words so you welcome, instead of reject these realities of life.  I'm joined by Dai Manuel to have an open conversation about how we can say "YES" to change and challenge.

Dai is a super dad, dating his wife, with a lead-by-example way of living. He’s a contagious personality who is on a mission to positively impact one million role models around the globe to lead a FUN-ctionally healthy life through education, encouragement, and community.

He is an award-winning digital thought leader and author, Distinguished Toastmaster, TEDx speaker & edutaining keynote speaker, former partner and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar retail company, and a sought-after lifestyle mentor executive performance coach.

Dai knows the struggle of the juggle and keeping his health and happiness a priority. He models his work based on the 5 F’s: Fitness, Family, Faith, and Finances with an overarching roof of FUN, built on a rock-solid foundation of Health. Nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to take action to be your best self are guaranteed when you connect with Dai!

Key Takeaways

  • Each challenge builds on the last, it all adds to our character, our experiences, and ultimately helps shape who we become.

  • The only thing you have to accept to be absolutely certain is that nothing's gonna stay as it is.

  • Control is just an illusion that we buy into to make ourselves feel better, it is a way for us to have some sort of ability to argue with reality.

  • You have the ability to shift your perspective of what that challenge could mean for you. Perhaps if you got out of the way, that challenge might be making a pathway for the next thing to open up.

  • Change happens in an instant, and it takes just one decision. It happens when you decide to do something different than you were doing before.

  • What possibility opens up when you're willing to make that change and welcome change and challenge in your life?

  • People are afraid of change because they get confronted with who they are at the core when it happens.

  • By opening up and developing a healthier relationship with vulnerability, you give permission for other people to also be vulnerable in return.

  • Change and challenge are the aspirational pathways that you must take in order to level up.

Learn more about Dai Manuel at 








Jul 04, 202356:33
Breaking Free: Empowering Yourself Beyond Narcissism

Breaking Free: Empowering Yourself Beyond Narcissism

Relationships are a huge element of our quality of life and level of success, especially for entrepreneurs. Our relationships can affect our confidence, productivity and focus.  But what if we find ourselves in relationship with someone who is narcissistic? Here to talk with us about how to recognize and recover from a relationship with a narcissist so that you can be mobilized toward success is Dr. Yve Alexandra Ruiz.

Both a former psychiatrist with her medical doctorate from UCLA and now the Narcissistic Relationship Specialist and Leadership Mentor with empowerment programs for groups and individuals, Dr. Yve has overcome compelling circumstances and formidable energy vampires in her own life.

Dr. Yve now accelerates your reaching success in vanquishing these unnecessary hindrances by helping you empower yourself so you can grow to achieve more professionally and personally than you ever thought possible.


  • We all deserve that moment where we know that we are being fully authentic to ourselves. This happens when we take that journey, veer away from what society points us in, and keep stepping forward, following, and listening to our souls.

  • You owe it to yourself to live your best life and to reach what you deserve.

  • You can't make a difference in other people's lives if you're not willing to make the difference on your own.

  • You are loved and you're not alone. Just because you have to separate yourself from another person doesn't mean they're any less loved by God either.

  • Realize that sometimes you are not necessarily needed to be a part of someone else's growth that they need to experience in this moment or phase in their life and that is okay.

Jun 27, 202337:11
Knowing and Asking for Your Value with Mia Smithson

Knowing and Asking for Your Value with Mia Smithson

Do you know what the work you do is valued at? Do you underbid the contribution your knowledge and skills bring to a company?  Historically, statistics show that women tend to negotiate less than their counterparts. Why is that? And how can we shift these statistics so women feel more comfortable with negotiating for their worth?

Here to talk with me about this is Mia Smithson.


  • Your self-worth is not the same as your business worth, your self-worth doesn't increase or decrease based on what you do or what you can offer the world - it exists simply because you are.
  • There is supposed to be (uncomfortable) silence during negotiation. Do not be afraid of it.
  • For every job, it is not just them interviewing you, you're interviewing them as well. You are in demand. You are a candidate. If the company doesn't have what you're looking for, you'll find work elsewhere that does.
  • If you fully believe in the value of your product, then let it be expensive.
  • Price is never price, price is about value.
  • Your dream job is whatever you make it to be.
  • When you're run by reason and not by your emotions, you can have a really solid, calm conversation, and that's when you'll have the most strength.
  • Ride the wave of your emotions, let it pass but do not get swept in it.
  • When women feel empowered, it just doesn't show up in their careers but in other areas of their life as well because they begin to not be afraid to ask.

Learn more about Mia Smithson at

Mia Smithson loves helping people get their dream jobs and effectively negotiate WITHOUT leaving money on the table.

Corporate Experience

  • Global Director of Talent Management overseeing 400+ employees and 450+ contractors in 7 countries
  • Interviewed 5,000+ candidates and placed 100’s for companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Disney, and Google


  • CEO & Founder of The $30K Program™
  • Empowers women to get higher-paying jobs by teaching them how to effectively package skills and strategically negotiate with confidence
  • The results? Women in the program increase their income by $30K+ on average within 12 months

Professional Development 👩‍🎓

  • Yale’s Science Of Well-Being
  • Harvard Business School’s Advanced Certification In Negotiation
  • (2023, Q1 Completion)


  • Cauliflower rice connoisseur
  • Obsessed with salsa dancing
  • San Francisco is home
Feb 21, 202331:13
Support from the Spiritual Realm with Martine Felton

Support from the Spiritual Realm with Martine Felton

Is it selfish to put yourself first or could it be an act of service to prioritize your own self-care? That is the lesson our upcoming guest had to learn as she went through the rollercoaster of relationships.

In this episode, we'll be talking with Martine Felton who has embraced her gift as a natural intuitive gifts to guide her to a self-love mindset.


  • Self-love is not putting what other people think of you over what you believe about yourself. It is just fully permitting yourself to be you.
  • Not everyone is going to come with you as you elevate yourself, and that's okay.
  • People don't have everything together.  Most times everyone is just doing it and learning as they go.
  • It's not about knowing everything and executing it perfectly. Itt's about having the courage to take imperfect action to inspire others to do the same.
  • Sometimes you need to silence the mind and just open up your heart.
  • The best things come in our lives when we drop any expectations, all of our judgments and opinions, and allow ourselves to just explore and discover something new.

Martine Felton is a natural intuitive and started her journey with tarot and oracle cards in 2018. Since then she has deepened her experience and knowledge with Reiki and crystal singing bowls. Martine strives to help people get more connected with their higher selves through spiritual guidance, various healing modalities, and embodying a self-love mindset.

Learn more about Martine Felton at

Instagram: @martinefelton

Facebook: Spirited Hands

Feb 14, 202336:19
The Power of Promotional Products with Swire Ho

The Power of Promotional Products with Swire Ho

If you're an entrepreneur, you'll want to pay attention to this episode.  Everything we do is an extension and expression of who we are and our business.  We want to make sure that every post we make, every action we take, is helping elevate our brand. One way we can do that is by utilizing promotional products. But not just any product, like a pen or water bottle that just gets tossed and overlooked.

Here to talk with us is Swire Ho, founder of Garuda Promo, about how to be strategic about the promotional products we use to enhance our connection with our audience and customers.


  • Promotional products aren't just gifts that you give for the sake of giving them.  Rather, they are tokens provided with a purpose in mind for your audience to engage and help you in achieving your business goals.
  • It's not about the product, it's about the experience you want to create for your clients/audience.
  • Don't think about what you want to buy, think about what the recipient would like to receive to enhance their experience.
  • At the end of the day, you are in business to serve your clients. It's not about you, it's about them.

Swire was born and raised in Hong Kong, but then immigrated to Los Angeles in 1996. He trained as a sound engineer, working at recording studios and entertainment agencies before starting his own firm, Hellman Production, Inc, 2003. Swire and his team successfully produced attractive, personalized DVD and CD cases and custom merchandise like T-shirts, which earned him a Score award in 2009, for small business success. His business eventually grew so popular, he decided to sell Hellman Production in 2013 to focus exclusively on the promotional product industry.

Learn more about Swire Ho at Website:​​







Feb 07, 202328:57
Where Science and Spirituality Collide with D. Neil Elliott

Where Science and Spirituality Collide with D. Neil Elliott

A lot of us feel that there are two separate ideologies of life. Some lean toward the evidence-based science camp while others gravitate towards the ethereal spirituality world.  Is there a way to overlap both science and spiritually?

D. Neil Elliott believes so and will be talking with us about his experience with the 7 step process that he discovered on his journey from suicide to spiritual consciousness.


  • Our truth is unconditional love.
  • Only through lessons of suffering through the journey will the soul gain knowledge to retain individuality after it has discarded the ego.
  • Our soul is our reality. This body is merely a tool, a vehicle that we rent over a lifetime to gain these experiences in our life to allow our souls to learn.
  • Our external world is not reality, it is simply a reflection of our beliefs. When you change your beliefs, you change what you see.
  • We're not victims of fate. We are victims of our creative consciousness that we utilize ignorantly and unknowingly and unwittingly to create every event and experience that comes to us to help our soul learn these lessons, have these experiences, and finally wake up.
  • What you feed your mind is more important for your overall health and well-being than what you feed your body.
  • Your feelings of discontent and desperation despite your seemingly perfect external world are really just a yearning for your soul to awaken.

To any outsider, D. Neil Elliott was highly educated, owned a profitable consulting firm, and had a successful career and an amazing wife and family. But things were not all they seemed to be … Neil was facing a lot of challenges. In a phrase, he was in a dark place. Quite by accident, he discovered a Higher Road. As he traveled that road, he found the key to transforming his life.

Over the course of the following year, Neil lifted himself from the brink of suicide to an inner state of love, peace, joy, and abundance. His perspectives on life changed entirely. His troubles and tribulations were his impetus to find the key that enabled him to revolutionize his life. He learned that the search for a better life does not entail positive thinking, saying affirmations, chanting mantras, or traveling to India to sit at the feet of a guru—or any other popularized method of “finding yourself.” …The key? To ascend in both spiritual perception and truth, you need to use the right process to break through your entrenched, human-ego barriers.

For nearly three decades, Neil read hundreds of self-help and spiritual books and took self-development courses. All of them offered hope for change and improvement, but nothing fulfilled his needs or genuinely delivered on its promises.

Neil’s desire—and his new mission in life—is to share the knowledge he gained and the process he used on his journey to self-awareness, together with the blueprint document he discovered that was instrumental in transforming his life. He wants to give you, regardless of your station in life, the tools and opportunity to empower yourself, transform your life, and draw peace, joy, love, and prosperity into your personal situation and environment. Neil believes that as more and more people follow this Higher Road to true spiritual perfection, a New Era of Love and Peace will dawn for everyone throughout the world.

Learn more about D. Neil Elliott at

Buy the book, “A Higher Road”:

Jan 31, 202355:27
Hierarchies of Human Phenomena with Jim Marshall

Hierarchies of Human Phenomena with Jim Marshall

There are a lot of messages and gurus out there championing to be your best self.  But how do we do that?  What if there was a systematic blueprint of how we can do that as both individuals and groups?

Jim Marshall has found a scientific system that helps you identify where you are, where you want to go and how to do that.

Jim Marshall is a polymathic intellectual who has devoted over 50,000 hours to the study and practice of multiple dimensions of human potential and development. He received a classical education as an honor student at a Jesuit Military Prep School, was accepted into engineering school while still a junior in prep school, and attended college on academic scholarship. He graduated college with a Bachelor of Science cum laude. While still an undergraduate, he began the study of “alternative” Arts and Sciences which today would be described as Transformational and Holistic. Eventually, he became a professional practitioner and, after 28 years of formal education, had a long career as a Human Development Engineer.

Jim has integrated the best aspects of the most advanced techniques on the planet, and expanded their limits by his own Research & Discovery. He has successfully treated and/or trained hundreds of clients over a 40 year career, and is the inventor of Septemics and several consciousness-expanding systems. His areas of expertise include psychology, philosophy, theology, parapsychology, science, engineering, mathematics, law, literature, history, music, organization, metaphysics, military science, political science, physical culture and education.


  • It's difficult to get somewhere if you don't know where you are, don't know where you're going, and don't know how to get to your destination in the first place. This is the question that Septemics seeks to practically resolve for people.
  • A person's positioning on any scale is determined by his abundance of insight in an area or a lack thereof, meaning any individual can move upwards whenever s/he commits to learning and knowledge application.
  • We all need each other. All aspects of our lives are touched by and integrated into our relationships.
  • Seeing the difference we want to make in the world starts with ourselves and with people.

Learn more about Jim Marshall at

Get Jim Marshall’s book at

Jan 24, 202348:21
Love Thyself with Roxanne Hunt

Love Thyself with Roxanne Hunt

Stepping into and owning your own power is one of the greatest acts of love you can do for yourself and others.  Being in full acceptance and love of yourself creates space for others to do the same, live into their fullest potential and purpose.  But why do so many shrink back and house their light? How can we embrace our magnificence with both humility and confidence? Here to talk with us about the power of radical self-acceptance and self-love is Roxanne Hunt.


  • For us to have a happy, loving, and connected relationship with others, we first have to love and honor ourselves.
  • If your well isn't full, you have nothing left to give and you will always be seeking outside of yourself to fill that emptiness.
  • Ask yourself what qualities you're looking for in a person to identify what you want to improve on in yourself.
  • If you are not dealing with and focusing on yourself, who else is?
  • When you truly love yourself, it will show - you don't have to prove anybody anything. Are you able to fully receive without feeling the need to always give back?

Roxanne is a passionate Lifestyle Strategist and On-camera personality, transformational happiness coach, host, presenter, speaker, commercial actor, wedding officiant and communications specialist. She has certifications in coaching, holistic health and a Master's Degree in Science.  Her mission is to "Inspire and empower you to be the best version of yourself"~! “

Her  life has been an unfoldment of lessons that we are truly here to love. Not only to love others, but to learn deep self-love, self-appreciation and to truly celebrate all of who we are at our core.

This self-love becomes a filter and colors every circumstance, relationship and event occurring in our life.

As the song states by the late and talented Whitney Houston, “Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all”…

Learn more about Roxanne Hunt at

Jan 17, 202337:03
Reading the River of Success with Jerry Nagel

Reading the River of Success with Jerry Nagel

The problems are in the strategy and the solutions are in the people.  For those small businesses who are struggling to tread water, this episode is for you as I talk with Jerry Nagel who understands the importance for businesses to marry both the hard skills of strategy and the soft skills of people.

Jerry Nagel was born and raised in the southeastern United States. Raised in Florida went to college at the University of Central Florida and graduated with a Finance degree.  He then spent 18 years in the Aerospace Industry with the likes of Lockheed Martin, AlliedSignal and Aerotron AirPower.  He Obtained his MBA at Jacksonville State University in AL.  He engaged his entrepreneurial spirit and started his own company after his aerospace tenure, in which he built, bought and sold more than a half dozen companies. One such story that he enjoys telling is about a company that he was part of growing to be the 35th fastest growing company in America according to Inc. 500 magazine. Jerry has many certifications in the IT and Psychology realm.  He uses his Certification in Behavioral Analysis to help companies get “the right people in the right seat”.  He is a business Strategy consultant.  Currently he is working with organizations that are developing and entering the medical preventive care space. He is an entrepreneur that engages in raising money and funding various companies along with consulting and management to help grow those companies to be successful. In his spare time, he likes golf, tennis and he has a private pilot's license. Jerry loves the Lord Jesus Christ and considers himself very blessed to have a very diverse lifestyle with a great family.  He is most passionate about help people and organizations get the “AH-HA” moment.  He does speaking engagements, teaches at conferences and is currently in process on a couple of books soon to be published.  One entitled “The Balance Sheet of Life” and another “Addicted to Stuck”


  • Trust is the foundational element of any high-performance work organization.
  • Apply the principle of "reading the river" to the situational leadership model. This is where you look at the unique situations when leading people and evaluate the members' readiness.
  • A cohesive leadership team and organizational clarity are key aspects of having a healthy, successful organization.

Learn more about Jerry Nagel at

Jan 10, 202339:03
Amazing Grace with Michael Davis
Jan 03, 202330:32
Perseverance Amidst the Pain with Pastor Grace Claudette Holbert

Perseverance Amidst the Pain with Pastor Grace Claudette Holbert

Dec 27, 202247:59
Wealth Works with Carla Morris

Wealth Works with Carla Morris

Wealth. What thoughts and emotions stir up in you? Do you think of your bank account? Do you think about your health?  Do you feel shame or guilt? Do you get excited? In this episode we'll explore what wealth truly means from the perspective of both spirituality and practical strategies with Dr. Carla Morris.

I'll be talking with Dr. Carla Morris who was voted as one of the Top Emerging Leaders in Central

Florida to watch. Dr. Carla Morris is an educator and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, including a career in real estate, finance, teaching, and school-based

administration in urban secondary schools. Her professional aspirations include mentorship, community service, and public speaking.  Dr. Morris works with individuals and organizations to amplify their communication, connection, and confidence to make an influential impact on the world. She mentors with passion, guiding her clients to strengthen and elevate their leadership and vision to new heights effectively.


  • You can't create 10 things all at once and expect them to be successful.
  • Think about the wholeness of yourself first, it's not selfish.
  • Your prejudices and lack of boundaries could stifle your mindset.
  • Having wealth is more than just about the tangibles, it's about the purpose and opportunity given to you to impact others through your prosperity.
  • We have to walk by the principle of opening our hands to both receive and give.
  • It's not about you, it's about what is possible through you.
  • F - Focus, O - One, R - Routine, M - Mentorship, U - Uniqueness, L - Love Yourself, A - Alignment

Learn more about Carla Morris at

Dec 20, 202236:10
Trusting the Process with Stephanie Barton
Dec 13, 202233:13
Your Inner Boardroom with Sebastian Koellner
Dec 06, 202232:02
Breaking the Business Barrier through Language with Levent Yildizogoren
Nov 29, 202224:31
Live by Design with Rob Cressy
Nov 22, 202240:03
The Power of Your Story with Michelle Prince

The Power of Your Story with Michelle Prince

Stories can change lives.  And you can be the star of an amazing story, but if you aren’t able to recognize it, you also are not able to recognize the power and potential impact of your story.  Your story is powerful and often is not just for you.  So how do we identify our story in a way that can connect us and help others?  To help us uncover the power of our story is Michelle Prince.


  • Instead of saying, not me, say: why not me?
  • If one person benefits, would sharing your story be worth it?
  • Somebody out there is a couple steps behind where we are, which is why every story matters.
  • People will believe in you to the exact degree you believe in yourself.
  • Get out of your own way, because sometimes, you are the biggest obstacle in stepping into your purpose.

Michelle Prince is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, leadership coach, publishing expert and CEO/Founder of Performance Publishing Group, a partner publishing company dedicated to making a difference, one story at a time.

She’s helped thousands tell their stories and become published authors through her consulting, courses, seminars, and publishing services, and founded the “Book Bound Workshop”. She has also published many successful books, including her best-selling Winning In Life Now and her latest The Power of Authority. She has been a featured speaker for numerous corporations, associations and events and has been endorsed by some of the most influential speakers in personal development, including Zig Ziglar. She is a Ziglar Legacy Certified speaker/trainer, and is honored to be named the Ziglar Brand Ambassador, representing his values and legacy.

Learn more about Michelle Prince at or

Nov 15, 202234:51
Propelled by Purpose with LaToya NaShae

Propelled by Purpose with LaToya NaShae

As humans, we have the need to bring meaning to life.  We can feel a nudge in the deepest pits of our heart that we were created for a purpose and we yearn to discover what that purpose is.  But how do we find that purpose? What does that quest look like? The first step in finding your purpose is to learn more about who you are.  To help reveal more of our identity to uncover our purpose is LaToya NaShae.


  • We want change, but we typically don't want to change to produce change.
  • Purpose is meant to serve humanity. Service comes first and fulfillment comes second.
  • We'll do way less guessing than we'd have to if we would just be still in the presence of God.
  • Often we can't hear, because we think we know what God should say. But because He's not saying that, we're deaf to what He's actually speaking.
  • Instead of asking for the new Word, sometimes we just need to go back to revisit what he already said and put our faith in that.
  • Oftentimes other people have to walk the journey with us to guide us and help show us what our life could look like.

LaToya NaShae is faith wrapped in feistiness! Her passion and purpose are equipping others to live authentic, Christ-centered lives. Through writing, speaking, and life coaching, she empowers individuals to walk in their appointed place of purpose and promise. Coach LaToya boldly declares practical truths and shares strategies for victoriously moving forward into one's appointed place of purpose and promise.

LaToya NaShae's joy is found in coming along beside others on their empowering journey to discovering their true identity. Whether seated beside her on the couch, across the country, or in a room full of onlookers, LaToya walks in faith with you. Her aim is to encourage you to live an unstuck, unbound, unbreakable life!

Learn more about LaToya NaShae at

IG: @coach_latoyanashae

Nov 08, 202238:10
Finding Courage in Challenges with JJ DiGeronimo

Finding Courage in Challenges with JJ DiGeronimo

The last two years have presented global challenges for our communities, our families and ourselves.  And these challenges have been very confronting, pushing us to look at who we are, what we stand for and how we want to live our lives.  And this can be a beautiful experience if we let it.

JJ DiGeronimo has used this time of upheaval to go within and discover her true calling and she wants to help others do the same.


  • Mind your thoughts.If you're constantly saying I'm not ready, you lose out on the opportunity to build your self-efficacy.
  • Don't dilute yourself in conversations or activities that are no longer aligned with you.
  • Dusting small things off the side of your desk can make a huge difference.
  • Outside of your comfort zone is your courage zone.
  • If you're in a situation that you're not loving, seek the lesson.

JJ works with women that aspire for more impact!

With 2 Award-Winning books for Women in Business and a new online community, Together We Seek, she provides action-based strategies to unleash inner wisdom.

With an exciting combination of energy practices and career insights you are sure to find new levels of awareness and even tools and techniques to illuminate your path.

JJ has not always been meditating and a spiritual seeker. With over 20 years in the tech industry, she is no stranger to navigating the twists and turns of moving from entry-level positions to leadership, but now she works to unleash leadership and insights from within!

Learn more about JJ DeGeronimo at

Nov 01, 202229:08
The “Global Ascension” with Ullis Karlsson

The “Global Ascension” with Ullis Karlsson

Wayne Dyer said, “We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.”  Even though we may not always be able to  experience the spiritual realm with our five senses, we can view our experiences from a spiritual perspective, even the circumstances that we view as negative.

What if the current events of today, specifically the pandemic, are part of the process in moving humanity toward a higher place?  In this episode we’ll be talking with Ullis Karlson, an international author with her autobiography “The Journey Home to My Heart” and the transformational book “Holy F*ck and Sacred Water – The Secret Connections to Everything”.


  • Emotions are energy in motion
  • The changes that I want to have in the world start with me.
  • From divine chaos comes divine order
  • The outer realm is just a reflection of what each of us as individuals has been producing and it is important that we recognize that we have the power to change it.
  • If it's not good, it's not the end.
  • In this time, and in every lifetime, the soul is striving for its own evolution.

Ullis is also a Yogatherapist, Trainer, Spiritual teacher and a Soul Realignment Practitioner with the whole world as her field of work. With more than 28 years experience of various Holistic disciplines she is a well liked and well-renowned teacher. Ullis has a big Heart and a lot of passion for her work - which is to aid people into their Hearts and to an increased consciousness.Ulrika -“I have an interesting background. My expertise is stress management, sacred sexuality, yoga philosophy, feminine/masculine & inner leadership”

Learn more about Ullis Karlsson at

Sep 27, 202246:31
Connecting with our Body with Jennifer Helene Popken

Connecting with our Body with Jennifer Helene Popken

Sep 20, 202241:24
Systems that Flow with Barbara Ramirez

Systems that Flow with Barbara Ramirez

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to have systems and processes set in place to avoid overwhelm and create a life work balance.  In this episode I'll be talking with Barbara Ramirez to get her advice on how organization, systems and processes can support our healthy growth in business and life.


  • Organization gives us the ability to let go.
  • Delegation provides you more freedom and opportunity to grow your business strategically & provide services more effectively.
  • Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our roles that it starts becoming our identities.

Barbara Ramirez, an Online Business Manager, Systems & Operations Coach, who helps service-based business owners take back their time with systems that are aligned with their core values, energy & resources, so they can follow & flow into their true purpose.

Today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners are prone to becoming overwhelmed.

Some may be in the midst of just starting up, dealing with the ups and downs that typically accompany a startup, while the more established deal with their day-to-day operations.

In either case, entrepreneurs and small business owners are often pulled in several directions at once, wearing many hats, in addition to trying to meet business goals, keep up with marketing and industry-specific trends, tend to budgets, and so on.

All of these things amount to one thing - disruption of growth.

Does this sound like some of the challenges you’re facing? If so, Barbara is eager to help you face and reverse your situation!

Within the 15 years of her vast experience in business, along with gaining certifications through Asana, a work management platform, she has concluded that there are three things that will help combat the “disruption of growth” - organization, prioritization, and goal-setting tools (OKRs).

She is on a mission to use my expertise and skills in Asana, OKRs (objectives and key results), organization, and prioritization to:

  • Educate entrepreneurs and small businesses on the significance of each.
  • Gain clarity of their overall business.
  • Create meaningful, attainable, and sustainable business goals, as well as achieve them.
  • Build systems and processes.
  • Gain structure and a sense of control.
  • Increase productivity and incite business growth.

And this is just scratching the surface.

Her experience and expertise can enlighten you and your team, and set your business on the growth trajectory.

Learn more about Barbara Ramirez at

Sep 13, 202235:27
Love Life-Work Balance with Lily Walford

Love Life-Work Balance with Lily Walford

In the longest study on happiness done by Harvard, the results show that the key to happiness is relationships.  So we go out, meet people, and date to find our person, our life partner.  But what if you’re an entrepreneur and you either feel like you don’t have time to date or your relationship is suffering because of your ambition and dedication to build up your business.  In this episode, we’ll be talking with Dating Specialist, Lily Walford.

Lily is an international dating coach specializing in helping busy professionals date safely and successfully through behavioral profiling.


  • Reflect who you are, not what you think people will like.
  • The more you know yourself, the more you're going to attract those that align with who you are.
  • Understand that your needs and your happiness are still your responsibility even when you're in a relationship
  • The more you know yourself, the more you understand what you need, the easier relationships become.

Learn more about Lily Walford at @lovewithintelligence

Sep 06, 202241:36
Spreading Happy through Socks with Mark and John Cronin

Spreading Happy through Socks with Mark and John Cronin

What do you do when the world you live in doesn't want to hire you?  You create your own multi-million dollar company.

This is what father and son duo, Mark X. and John Cronin did when they founded John's Crazy Socks, which started because John could not find a job as a man with down syndrome. So Mark and John partnered up together and turned John's idea into a hugely successful business where they are now doing the hiring.


  • If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, if you keep waiting until you know everything you need to know, it will be too late. Stop thinking about it and just do it.
  • Failure is simply the tuition you pay to get smarter.
  • The more we can do for others, the better off we are.
  • There's nothing special, you just keep trying to do the right thing

John and Mark X. Cronin are the father-son team that founded John’s Crazy Socks. John is an entrepreneur who just happens to have Down syndrome. You may know them for being named EY Entrepreneurs of the Year or testifying before Congress or speaking at the UN. You may know them because John became “Sock Buddies” with President George H.W. Bush. Or you may know them for having grown a bootstrapped startup into a multi-million dollar social enterprise.

John’s Crazy Socks is an internationally recognized social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness and show what people with differing abilities can do.

Their mission infuses all aspects of their business. More than half their employees have a differing ability. Their Giving Back Program starts with a 5 percent pledge of profits to the Special Olympics and has raised over $450,000 for their charity partners. They have attracted over 29,000 online five star reviews.  John’s Crazy Socks has over 240,000 Facebook followers and 55,000 Instagram followers.

You will love their socks, but the socks are just the physical manifestation of the happiness they share.

Learn more about Mark and John Cronin at



LinkedIn: MXC

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From Homeless to Doctor with Ty Belknap
Aug 23, 202229:47
Money Manifesting with Amanda Barrientez

Money Manifesting with Amanda Barrientez

Aug 16, 202233:13
Answer Your Call with Shaun Banks

Answer Your Call with Shaun Banks

Stepping into your life purpose, into everything you were created for can be scary.  I know I’ve shied away from my gifts and calling, but as a result was left living small.  Have you heard the small voice within nudging you toward your purpose?  Have you seen the signs? But are too scared to say, “Yes!”  This is what Shaun Banks experienced when faced with his life’s calling.


  • In stepping into your purpose and avoiding getting overwhelmed, just focus on the next step.
  • Sometimes we have to borrow the belief of others in us before we can believe in ourselves.
  • The parent's voice becomes their children's voice as they go out in life.
  • We always think about our ideas not working, but what if it does?
  • Look at what other people are doing right and duplicate that.
  • Taking small steps, whether quickly or slowly, doesn't matter. What matters is just continuing to do it.

Shaun SF. Banks has been involved in the youth development industry for over 20 years. he's a captivating, humorous, and passionate communicator. Shaun excels at motivating and developing youths to go after their dreams. Shaun educates families on effective ways to support their youth and give them an edge in life.

In 2007, Shaun opened the I AM Defense institute against profound disinterest in working with children. Since that time, SF. has developed a passion for creating personal development systems for youth.

Shaun is the creator of Camp Warrior King, which helps thousands of youth gain exposure to amazingly fun activities, "You Can Have IT ALL!" Youth conferences, "You Can Have It ALL!" Youth motivational Development Magazine, The Team Hott SAWCE development characters, and other development tools for children. Shaun has also authored 3 books on the personal development topic.

One of SF.'s big passions is the "You Can Have IT All!" orphanage in Bombo, Uganda, where he currently supports over 30 children with shelter, food, and school supplies.

Learn more about Shaun Banks at

IG: @sfdreamsbig


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Freedom from Fear with Jacqueline Wales

Freedom from Fear with Jacqueline Wales

Fear. It's something each one of us knows intimately. Some fears can be insignificant like fear of spiders but some can be more significant and impactful on our quality of life, like fear of failure.  But regardless of degree of fear, all fears hold us hostage. So any assistance in helping free us from fear is greatly appreciated.

Here to talk with us about how to thrive in the face of great is Jacqueline Wales.


  • We all know how to be our own worst enemy, but how about learning to be our own best friend & thinking about how we speak to ourselves?
  • Fear is imagination-based. How we deal with our fears is based on the stories that we tell ourselves.
  • Success is a continuous process of iteration.
  • My past may be something, but I get to choose who I want to be in the world. - Carl Jung
  • Just keep doing it until one day you look back and say "It doesn't bother me anymore."

An astute observer of behavior Jacqueline Wales is endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human and finds people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles incredibly interesting and courageous.

As the author of When The Crow Sings, The Fearless Factor, The Fearless Factor @ Work, and soon to be published Fearless Women Leading The Way, she has explored human behavior and asked tough questions to discover hard truths for more than 35 years.

While observing and talking with thousands of people over several decades, I’ve come to understand that the challenges we all confront are not much different—no matter who you are or what you’re doing in life.

Jacqueline is an author, singer, and global nomad who has lived and traveled on three continents, earned a black belt in karate, and now enjoys Crossfit workouts in her garage! She is also an active co-partner in a long-term marriage and mother of four children who have grown up to be amazing adults.

Learn more about Jacqueline Wales at

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Bye Bye Teen Suicide with Jackie Simmons

Bye Bye Teen Suicide with Jackie Simmons

The most horrible experience one could live through is someone close to them committing suicide.  With suicide rates up, the media and society are normalizing suicide as an acceptable exit.  In this episode, we’ll be talking with Jackie Simmons who wants to normalize the conversation that intervenes on suicidal thoughts.


  • Every action begins with a thought.
  • Stopping suicide means we must prevent the cause; which is thinking that it is the best option to take.
  • The battles are won and lost in the subconscious mind. Your subconscious is designed to bring about what you think about.
  • You have to be an advocate for yourself, and even when you aren't yet, know that someone out there will stand for you and with you.

TEDx speaker, Radio Show Host, International Best-selling Author, Resilience Master, and co-founder of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society, Jackie Simmons is best known for her mission to “Stop Teen Suicide.”

In 1995, blindsided by her 14-year-old daughter’s suicide attempt, Jackie entered a world of depression, addictions, medical mysteries, and deadly silences.

The journey into the world of mental health services and cultural taboos left Jackie feeling lost and alone.

“OK” on the outside, with “really, I’m fine,” her most frequent response to inquiries about how she was doing.  Jackie hid her deep, psychic wounds from the world behind a façade of frantic entrepreneurial activity.

Then on August 3, 2019, Jackie’s now 37-year-old daughter, broke the silence. Jackie wasn’t ready. She calls August 3, 2019 the day her “purpose tapped her on the shoulder.”

Learn more about Jackie Simmons at

Donations Accepted at

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Finding your True Self through Centering Prayer with Rich Lewis

Finding your True Self through Centering Prayer with Rich Lewis

For many of us, we’re so busy working on things outside of ourselves, our families, our jobs, our friends, our churches, etc.  And all of that is good, but are we so busy that we become distracted from who we are and what we have been created to be?  In this episode, we’ll be learning about an interesting concept and practice called Centering Prayer.  Rich Lewis will guide us on our learning of Centering Prayer and how it can reveal our true selves.


  • As we sit with God, we become more in tune with who He is and the image of which we were created for.
  • We learn to let go and focus on the moment through centering prayer. It has a way of giving you back time.
  • Being intentional in sitting with God and continuously coming back to him refreshes and restarts you from the busyness and distractions of everyday life.

Rich Lewis is an author, speaker and coach who focuses on centering prayer as a means of inner transformation. He teaches centering prayer in both his local and virtual community and offers one-on-one coaching. Rich’s newest book is titled, Sitting with God: A Journey To Your True Self Through Centering Prayer.

He publishes a weekly meditation, book reviews, and interviews on his site, Silence Teaches. He has published articles for a number of organizations, including Contemplative Light, Abbey of the Arts, Contemplative Outreach, EerdWord, In Search of a New Eden, the Ordinary Mystic at Patheos, and the Contemplative Writer. ​

Rich has been a daily practitioner of centering prayer since June 1, 2014. Centering prayer has been so life-giving and life-changing that he feels compelled to share his journey with others who wish to learn more. Rich resides with his family in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Rich Lewis at

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What Do You Love? with Felicia Searcy

What Do You Love? with Felicia Searcy

What do you love?  Such a simple question.  But who can answer that?  When posed with this question, I struggle to give a clear answer.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve never been asked this question or maybe it's because I just really haven’t dived enough into who I am and what my dream or vision is.  What do I love?  This is the question that we’ll be unpacking today with our guest, Felicia Searcy.


  • The nature of life in general, in us and as us is to always seek a greater expression.
  • When you start compromising with life, life starts compromising with you.
  • The moments are there all the time, it's just a matter of being awake and receiving that moment.
  • We can work to reduce fear by bringing the fear along, and act anyway.
  • When you step into who you are, you're transforming to be able to bring your best self to others.

Felicia’s purpose is her passion: to empower you to discover and express your best self as you create the life that you love. She is an award winning transformational coach, international speaker, author, and minister who has helped thousands create a path for living their dream life. For over 20 years, Felicia has worked with people from all walks of life who are seeking the spiritual side of success. As a highly sought after international speaker, she has shared the stage with powerhouse leaders like international speaker, Mary Morrissey; founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, Sandra Yancey; and international motivational speaker, Les Brown. Felicia’s proven ‘dream activation code’ helps folks just like you, accelerate your results as you create a richer, more fulfilling life.

Learn more about Felicia Searcy at

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To Love and Cherish Yourself with Dr. Michelle R. Hannah

To Love and Cherish Yourself with Dr. Michelle R. Hannah

The journey.  We’re all on one.  It’s called life.  And on this journey there are ups and downs, turns and twists, and the quality of our life will be dependent on how we show up.  Dr. Michelle R. Hannah is on quite a journey and she has learned some things along the way that can help us as we are on our own journey to truly be and love our true self.


  • Helping others heal will help you with your own healing.
  • Authenticity is showing up in the world and choosing to be truly free and at peace with who you are.
  • Unearth the ugly and the painful you've been hiding from in order to heal.
  • You don't have to step into healing alone.

Dr. Michelle R. Hannah, through her life's medical challenges and overwhelming love for humanity, the health, emotional well-being of people and commitment to living authentically- is among the most influential women today. Dr. Michelle public speaking spans over 15 years and is the author of The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey and workbook,

The Vows A guide to Understanding your marriage and understanding yourself and her most recent book- The Self Vows; Seven Vows That Will Charge Your Life

Michelle has made several appearances on TV, Radio, Podcasts, and  has collaborated with and featured in many blogs. She has recently been featured in articles for CBS, FOX, NBC & was voted #1 Relationship Coach of the year..

Check out her various programs:

The Self Vows Retreat March

The Self Vows Self Paced Program

Revamp of our Business Intimacy Program

The Self Vows new V steam product line

Learn more about Michelle R. Hannah at



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How Prison Set Him Free with Chancellor Jackson
Jun 28, 202229:16
Coming Home with Sam Thiara

Coming Home with Sam Thiara

When we look at what makes up our identity, there are so many facets to consider.  But how important is our cultural identity? That’s what we’ll be discussing with Sam Thiara on this episode.

Sam is a professional who has created a personal journey as a speaker, storyteller, writer, educator, coach, entrepreneur, problem solver and community activator. His goal is to help individuals realize their greatness.  Presently, he teaches at the Beedie School of Business and is also the Founder and Chief Motivating Officer at Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting.  He has become an expert in career coaching with over 5,000 conversations. He has authored two books, and shared at two different TEDx conferences

His tagline - "Everyone’s life is an autobiography…make yours worth reading"


  • Finding your ancestral roots will help you reconnect and recapture the place and the culture that is your home.
  • Connecting with your history allows you to touch onto the sum of what makes you who you are.
  • Your different identities don't have to be separated - you are all of it at the same time.
  • Traveling and experiencing the world opens you up to new perspectives and broadens your horizons.
  • We are humans, first and foremost.
  • Everyone's life is an autobiography, make yours worth living.

Learn more about Sam Thiara at





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It’s Not Your Fault with Elena Perella

It’s Not Your Fault with Elena Perella

Why do we do what we do?  We know certain behaviors and habits are bad for us, like smoking, over-eating or even picking fights. And yet we continue to engage in this behavior. Where do these bad behaviors originate from and how can we free ourselves from our habitual programming?


  • We have the power inside ourselves to make healthy choices.
  • Becoming aware of the unhealthy habits you inherited is the first and the most important step.
  • Remember to not rush through the process, healing takes time.
  • Exploring parental relationships may provide insight into the reason you keep repeating unhealthy habits or have trouble changing toxic traits.
  • Do not forget to encourage yourself and practice self-love.
  • Letting go of your anger and resentment is key in order to fully heal.

Elena Perella, a Mental Focus and Emotional Mastery Expert who experienced a personal transformation, coaching herself through a severe depression, eating disorders, and domestic violence as a result of a generational legacy of unresolved childhood issues and conflicts that was passed onto her by her family and reinforced by societal toxic conditionings.   She now helps her clients eliminate unhealthy habits, such as overeating, procrastinating, smoking, overworking, and many more, so that they can become emotionally strong and independent, live their lives with passion and purpose, and help their children do the same.

Learn more about Elena Perella at

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Ready with Resilience with Jodi Woelkering

Ready with Resilience with Jodi Woelkering

When we think of resilience, we often think of it as it relates to us as individuals.  But can you translate resilience to your business by creating a resilient culture? How do we do that and what does that look like? Here to talk with us on this episode is Jodi Woelkering whose decades of experience in the corporate world has shown her that resiliency is a key feature of every enduringly successful individual and every organizational culture that is productive and collaborative over the longer term.


  • Psychological safety is key to a high-performing work environment.
  • Cancel culture weakens our resilience as individuals and as a society.
  • Mindfulness is key to overcoming fear and stepping into your own power.
  • Businesses need to pay more attention to their leadership development.
  • Disconnect and step away from time to time to contrast with the busyness and stresses of everyday life.

Decades of experience in the corporate world has shown Jodi that resiliency is a key feature of every enduringly successful individual and every organizational culture that is productive and collaborative over the longer term.

The modern workplace is filled with constant challenges and competing priorities, both for the business at large and for the individuals within the business, and resilience is a key component of effectively navigating these challenges.

Jodi is passionate about assisting businesses to build an enduring resilient culture at the whole culture level, the various levels of leadership within the business and at the individual level, so that the business as a whole and the individuals within the business can experience the enormous benefits of an enduring resilient culture.

Learn more about Jodi Woelkering at

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The Essentials of Success with Mark Herschberg

The Essentials of Success with Mark Herschberg

Leadership, Management (people & processes) networking, negotiation, teamwork, effective communication–all skills we’re told are essential for success, but skills rarely ever taught. This is the gap that Mark Herschberg has chosen to fill.

Mark is the author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. From tracking criminals and terrorists on the dark web to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems, Mark has spent his career launching and developing new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s and in academia.

He helped to start the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, dubbed MIT’s “career success accelerator,” where he teaches annually. At MIT, he received a B.S. in physics, a B.S. in electrical engineering & computer science, and a M.Eng. in electrical engineering & computer science, focusing on cryptography. At Harvard Business School, Mark helped create a platform used to teach finance at prominent business schools.

He also works with many non-profits, including Techie Youth and Plant A Million Corals.


  • Leadership, management, networking, negotiation, teamwork and effective communication are soft skills applicable and beneficial to anyone and everyone, not just exclusive to company executives or founders.
  • Peer learning is an effective tool in helping individuals continuously train and get feedback in the application of these soft skills.
  • Communication is key - mental models may help in finding a more effective approach in communicating.
  • Career planning is important, and having the flexibility to adjust your plans continuously is crucial.
  • It is not about perfection. It is about getting a little bit better each day.

Learn more about Mark Herschberg at

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Assessing your Value with Bharat Kanodia
Apr 19, 202225:40
Business Excellence with Rael Bricker

Business Excellence with Rael Bricker

Excellence. It is something we all strive for in life and business. But what does excellence look like and how do we achieve it? Rael Bricker, serial entrepreneur works with leaders and managers on growing and achieving excellence, as he has experienced the roller coaster and knows how to navigate the twists, turns and loops.

From being 6000ft underground, to starting an education business (that grew to have 4000 plus students) to spending years working in venture capital, Rael has seen it all. He's listed companies on two international stock exchanges, and his financial services group has settled more than $3bn in loans in 18 years. Rael has a diverse work history combined with his unique global research interviews with companies in more than 25 countries.  With over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, Rael Bricker helps businesses succeed by delivering a series of dynamic talks on building businesses by thinking outside the box. Rael has been presenting for many years on business, culture, finance, investing, diversity and ethics.  The learning is best practice combined with practical experience to achieve business excellence.

Rael Bricker holds two Masters degrees, an MBA and MSc (Software Engineering) and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering (BSc (Eng) . Rael is currently a Fellow of the MFAA. (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) of PSA (Professional Speakers Australia) and a Member of AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors). Additionally, Rael is the first inspirationalist in Australia with Integrus Global and a Mentor with both Mentored With Mark Bouris and  Rael is also the Author of “Dive In : Lessons learnt since business school”.


  • Excellence is showing up as not the perfect version of yourself, but the best version of yourself. And it's not in comparison to anyone else, but you comparing yourself to yourself.
  • Imposter syndrome, not feeling good enough prevents people from showing up as the best version of themselves because they're trying to measure themself against someone else.
  • What makes excellence are those tiny little incremental changes, not big flashy Hollywood moments.
  • When you come from a place of abundance and supply, then every other question is easily answered.

Learn more about Rael Bricker at

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Walk by Faith Not By Sight with Michaela Cox
Apr 05, 202232:47
The 4 Ps of Business with Pete Mohr
Mar 29, 202240:07
Choosing Love in the Midst of Hate with Wajid Hassan

Choosing Love in the Midst of Hate with Wajid Hassan

There’s a lot happening in our world.  Political unrest.  Division. Violence.  Illness. Natural disasters.  It sometimes feels all too much. So how can we stay centered in love when all we are being bombarded with is hate.  With us in this episode is Wajid Hassan to help us talk through what is happening and how we can choose love.

From Pakistan to England and then settling in America, Wajid has lived an interesting and varied life in many fields of endeavor. From a technical background as a Field Service Engineer, to stand up comedian with over twenty years as a union actor doing voice over, narration, commercials as well as TV and movie roles. He also encompasses over forty years experience in the field of metaphysics, healing, spirituality and new age concepts.

As a qualified Speaker, Healer and Teacher he can demonstrate how to reignite the spiritual flame within us and send it outwards to all, improving not only our own personal lives but those of every lifestream that live on our beautiful world, which is something he outlines in detail in his #1 bestseller on Amazon, “The Struggle for World Sanity”.


  • We are spiritual beings in physical bodies.
  • We must neutralize the negative thoughts on our minds by drawing down the divine energy and grounding it into us through a meditative state.
  • Channeling this energy will raise our own vibrations and the vibrations around us.
  • The new religion of the world right now is service to others. There's three balanced ways of being of service: financially, physically and the mental transformation and spiritual energy transfer.
  • The same amount of spiritual energy you give out, comes back to you.
  • There's only one sin on this planet and that is ignorance; ignorance of the divine law.

Group Call:

Yogi Master Website:

Learn more about Wajid Hassan at

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Planning Your Exit at the Beginning of Your Business with Marvin Storm

Planning Your Exit at the Beginning of Your Business with Marvin Storm

In this episode, we’ll be talking about your exit strategy for your business.  But what if you’re just at the beginning stages of building your business?  This is the time to start implementing your exit strategy.  To help us look at this topic more closely, we’ll be talking with Marvin Storm.

Marvin founded, acquired, scaled, and exited businesses during his career. After exiting his last business, he planned to enjoy life, but after a brief stint in the slow lane he realized that sitting on the sidelines wasn’t his style. After considering his options, he felt that leveraging his decades of startup, operational, and C-suite experience could help entrepreneurs launch, scale their business, create enterprise value, and then execute a successful and profitable business exit.

With this idea in mind, he launched the Business Exit Stories Podcast where he interviews M&A Advisors, Investment Bankers, Business Brokers, Wealth Managers, and other transaction professionals inviting them to share war stories of their good, bad, and ugly deals for the benefit of entrepreneurs who may be in the early stages of thinking about and positioning their business for an eventual exit. He has developed strategies entrepreneurs can use to substantially increase their business enterprise value and profitably exit their business.

The Takeaways:

  • Adopt a forward, future-thinking mindset so as you make decisions in your business, you’re making those decisions with the end in mind.
  • Mindset will drive decisions. Decisions will drive the type of people you hire. The type of people you hire will drive the culture. The culture will drive satisfied customers, satisfied customers will drive business growth. Business growth will drive profitability. Profitability will drive valuation of what your company is eventually going to be worth.
  • There are tangible and intangible assets within your company.  The tangible assets include the material goods, like computers, software, email list.  The intangible assets are the culture, goodwill, systems and processes.
  • You can start with your personal brand, but as you start to build, start moving toward a company brand that doesn’t have to be associated with you.

Learn more about Marvin Storm at

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The Art of Kindness with Donna Cameron

The Art of Kindness with Donna Cameron

What happens when you publicly commit to one year of kindness?  In this episode, we’ll be chatting with Donna Cameron who did just this. She’ll share her findings and how we can practically implement kindness into our world today.

Donna Cameron spent her career working with nonprofit organizations and causes—as an executive, consultant, trainer, and volunteer. It was there that she saw kindness in action and was awed by its power to transform. While she considered herself a reasonably nice person (with occasional lapses into bitchiness), she knew that true kindness was a step above. When she committed to a year of living kindly, she learned that it takes practice, patience, and understanding . . . and a sense of humor helps, too.

Her experience is captured in her book, A Year of Living Kindly.  It is now in its 7th printing and available as an audiobook. There are several foreign language editions forthcoming, and the book has been recognized with more than a dozen literary awards.

The Takeaways:

  • Kindness is contagious.  If we experience it, even if we only witness somebody being kind to somebody else, we're more inclined to be kind in our next encounters.
  • There’s a distinction between being nice and being kind. Nice is safe and it's doing the expected or polite thing. You can be nice to someone and still make judgments about them. Being kind is the intention to suspend judgment of others, to do more than tolerate, and to accept them as they are.
  • Being kind requires intention. It's going a little bit beyond to help another person,  encourage them or make them feel better. A lot of it is perception.
  • Extending and receiving kindness is a connector and requires courage.
  • Kindness requires active participation from both the giver and receiver.

Learn more about Donna Cameron at

Twitter: @DonnaJCameron,

Facebook Author Page:


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Healing Within with James Mannion and Harry Thomas of Lads Talk Health

Healing Within with James Mannion and Harry Thomas of Lads Talk Health

Healing can take place at many different levels.  What if we could reveal one framework for self-healing at all levels?  James Mannion and Harry Thomas have come together to combine their experience to help people heal themselves at the physical, emotional and soulful levels.

Each of them have their unique journeys that have contributed to their perspectives and experiences, leading them to a passion of helping people as Life Coaches and as podcasters doing a podcast called Lads Talk Health where they work with people who have terminal illnesses, relationships, parenting, child development and their spiritual journeys.

Here are the takeaways:

  • Universally, people regret not speaking their truth.
  • People are afraid of speaking their truth because they judge themselves from the ego and they’re afraid of being judged by others.
  • When you start observing that fear, you become present and then can deal with it.
  • You are enough. Start expressing yourself from that base of knowledge.
  • Everything is energy.  It gets expressed in our emotions which create our experiences of this world.
  • We have two responsibilities from a cellular level, to grow and protect.
  • The framework has 4 steps: 1. Accept that you have an ego. 2. You also have a soul, which is your truth. This means that you have a choice. 3. Take control of your thoughts and follow your gut which often leads you to the truth. Come into and express your truth now. 4. Identify your roles, check where you are and identify how you can be your best self.

James: Sexually abused as a child, dealt drugs, went on the run, went to prison, moved abroad, started a family, lost a child, lost his soul, and then found it again. Started helping people with cancer 8 years ago., Now! He is here.

Harry: Started his businesses at 21, lived the life of an entrepreneur at 23, found drugs, met stress and had a breakdown at 25. He was introduced to meditation at 27, then got arrested 3 times in 18 months. NOW! At 30, his Spiritual journey started.

Together: They met at London Bridge Fitness First, working as Personal Trainers. Harry looked up to James back then. Although thousands of miles apart for many years they stayed connected, and after over 10 years Harry started coaching James. Being coached by Harry started James on a journey that changed his life. And now they coach each other and help those with terminal illness move through the process of self-healing.

Learn more about James Mannion and Harry Thomas at

IG: @ladstalkhealth @harrythomascoaching @jamesmannioncoaching

Mar 01, 202248:23
Mindset Disruption with Jose Flores
Feb 22, 202240:57
The Dance of Delegation with Oxana Romanyuk

The Dance of Delegation with Oxana Romanyuk

A key to scaling your business successfully is delegation.  Expanding our team is a natural evolution of expanding our businesses.  But it may not always feel natural.  What’s involved? How do I know when it’s the right time to start building a team? Who should my first hire be? How do I hire the right people that will last? We’ll be addressing all your questions in this episode as we talk to Oxana Romanyuk about how she teaches the Dance of Delegation.

Oxana Romanyuk is founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars that offers high-end online business management and professional virtual assistant services to visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and coaches. She works with her home-grown team of rockstar account managers and virtual assistants, helping entrepreneurs systematize and grow their businesses.

Oxana is a certified Online Business Manager and a proud member of the International Association of Online Business Managers and Association of Virtual Assistants. She’s trained countless virtual assistants and has helped multiple entrepreneurs grow their businesses, reach more people, and impact the world.

Here are the takeaways:

  • When expanding your professional team,  let them know about your agreements, expectations about the way you would want your clients serviced.
  • Compatible personalities are not necessary, but nice to have on a team to help ensure alignment of goals. Personality tests can be used to check compatibility.
  • You can implement a trial period of two to three weeks to test if your potential hire is a good emotional and psychological match.
  • Be clear about your vision, where you want your business to go, your branding, and your messaging so that your potential hire will be very clear.
  • Expanding your team allows you to show up in your zone of genius and lets others perform the tasks that drain you.
  • When looking for a potential hire, look at all of their skills.  There may be multiple tasks that they are able to do.

Learn more about Oxana Romanyuk at



Feb 15, 202236:25
The Power of Pinterest with Kristine Schwartz

The Power of Pinterest with Kristine Schwartz

How many of you use Pinterest?  I know I do… to look up the latest in home decor trends or to be inspired by how to trim my upcoming Christmas tree.  But did you know that it can also be used to build your business?  It’s an overlooked platform as many of us are accustomed to Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to build our audience, but Pinterest is powerful in a different way.

Kristine Schwartz will be educating us on what she teaches her clients to help them build their business.

Kristine is a business coach, consultant & public speaker. She activates female, impact-driven brands to confidently build their strategic roadmaps and marketing plans in ways that are uniquely aligned to their greater purpose.

Here are the takeaways:

  • Integrate yourself with who you want to serve and what problem you want to solve by listening to your gut, not logic
  • Pinterest is a slow burn. As time goes on, your visibility increases.
  • Traffic to your personal sites will increase because Pinterest is the only social media platform that encourages users to leave the platform to visit your site.
  • Because it can take time to gain visibility momentum, start now in posting pins and promoting your material.

Learn more about Kristine Schwartz at

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Feb 08, 202234:31
The Queen of Reframe with Carol Boston

The Queen of Reframe with Carol Boston

Robert Kiyosaki said that statements close us off and questions open us up. But any question?  There are empowering questions that can help reveal to us our next steps, personally and professionally and can help us reframe our situations.  Here to help us is Carol Boston.

Carol Boston is an International Best-Selling Author, an Award-Winning Speaker, and a Business Leadership Coach. Carol is known as the Queen of Reframe, who helps you reframe any challenge so you can double or triple your income in record time. She brings the discipline of being a professional athlete and the savvy of 27 years of experience as a sales expert in Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Sprint, and Paychex. Her clients say she is relentless in supporting them to get the results that they want. Carol helps female business owners to know their value, own their power and advocate for themselves so they rise up and become the Lioness Leaders they were created to be.

Here are the takeaways:

  • Convenience and comfort don’t live on the same block as conviction.
  • Empowering questions have the ability to:
  1. Open the door to possibility
  2. Cause you to ponder
  3. Challenge your capacity
  4. Open up your awareness
  5. Get others on the same page with you quicker and with less resistance
  6. Take the emotion out of conversations
    • A powerful empowering question is “What else is possible?”
  • Empowering questions never start with “Why” because “why” invites defensiveness, ego and emotions which make it more challenging to make good decisions.
  • Nothing has meaning except which we give it.
  • You’re only one decision away from a completely different life and asking the right question will help you make the right decision.
  • Your business will grow as much as you grow in personal leadership.

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Feb 01, 202236:53