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Peace4Kids Podcast

Peace4Kids Podcast

By Zaid Gayle

@Peace4Kids is an incubator for the voices of foster care. This podcast is an opportunity to share stories of creation, transformation and healing to affect change and revolutionize how we look at foster care and the system itself. The more we see our collective humanity, the more we can embrace a just and equitable world.
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Peace4Kids PodcastMay 21, 2021

The "Mind Over (Foster Care) Matter" Episode
Aug 10, 202336:02
The "GO PATO!" (Part 2) Episode

The "GO PATO!" (Part 2) Episode

Where were we? In case you missed it: we heard from the Legendary Pato Banton in Part One of this series.

For Part Two, we pick up where we left off, with Pato confronting himself at a creative crossroads.

This episode features live performance footage from Pato's Peace4Kids concert at our 25 Year Family Reunion :)

Don't miss a heartfelt reflection on innovation, determination and transformation.

#GoPato #Peace4Kids #25Years #FamilyReunion

Jun 22, 202341:09
The Foster Care Mental X Health Month Episode

The Foster Care Mental X Health Month Episode

The stars align for this episode of the podcast where Zaid introduces the newest addition to the Peace4Kids community: Jasmine Lamitte (Director of Mental Health and Wellness). Stick around for an in-depth conversation between two leaders and subject-matter experts (and of course the very loud opinions of our local neighborhood rooster) in the spirit of National Foster Care and Mental Health Awareness month.

We want to hear from you as well! Leave us a comment on social media, make a note to yourself, or share with someone you care about: What daily or weekly habits do you use to keep your mental health in shape? How is wellness designed into your lifestyle? What does excellent mental health look and feel like for you?

May 30, 202323:51
The "GO PATO!" Episode (Part One)
Apr 13, 202323:24
The Legacy Episode
Mar 04, 202321:14
The "At Risk" Episode

The "At Risk" Episode

The “At Risk” Episode

Miriam and Noah are back in time for National Mentoring Month to demystify mentoring x foster care: what is mentoring? How do young people manage the road to independence? What might it mean to mentor a young person in foster care?

This episode digs into formal and informal definitions of mentoring; hear from the community directly to gain multiple insights into how culture, psychology, and policy shape how society understands independence after foster care.

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URL: ['t_kill_you_makes_you_stronger_Survivalist_self-reliance_as_resilience_and_risk_among_young_adults_aging_out_of_foster_care/links/5a395836a6fdcc3527bc226e/What-doesnt-kill-you-makes-you-stronger-Survivalist-self-reliance-as-resilience-and-risk-among-young-adults-aging-out-of-foster-care.pdf]('t_kill_you_makes_you_stronger_Survivalist_self-reliance_as_resilience_and_risk_among_young_adults_aging_out_of_foster_care/links/5a395836a6fdcc3527bc226e/What-doesnt-kill-you-makes-you-stronger-Survivalist-self-reliance-as-resilience-and-risk-among-young-adults-aging-out-of-foster-care.pdf)


mentoring, mentor, education, career, youth development, impact, relationships, “at risk”, “stereotype threat”, independence, interdependence

Feb 01, 202339:35
Welcome To Season Two
Dec 16, 202215:33
The Pandemic Episode

The Pandemic Episode

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." - Alice Walker

Every crisis provides a distinct privilege to those who chose to embrace it. This does not mean there is no suffering, but rather a space to integrate it into our awareness. The pandemic has provided a unique chance for us to experience life the way youth in foster care do. A sudden and shocking removal from everything familiar... our relationships, our consistent spaces, and a disorienting uncertainty. 

In this episode, we hear pandemic reflections from two members of our community. Their stories are familiar and remind us that our hope and resilience will always endure if we grow and learn from our shared journeys.

Oct 19, 202230:42
A Mindful Movement w Dr. Niki Elliott

A Mindful Movement w Dr. Niki Elliott

"We are triggered from our places of marginalization but we react from our places of privilege" - unknown 

In this episode, the Peace4Kids community along with Dr. Niki Elliott, Clinical Professor and Director of the Center of Neurodiversity, Learning and Wellness at the University of La Verne, explore the health benefits of mindfulness practices and the launch of our Heart Centered Connections partnership and certification.

Learn More:

Dr. Niki Elliott:

Jun 02, 202222:11
Reflecting on the Tragedy in Uvalde

Reflecting on the Tragedy in Uvalde

As someone who has spent my adult life being in service, it is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the circumstances. I know that many of you are feeling the same way. In these times it is easy to isolate and bury ourselves in our emotions. There is a certain solace to knowing that you can retreat to an inner sanctum and tune out the noise of the world. Indeed, it is a path that I often take.

However, this moment feels different. I still feel unfathomable pain, but I no longer think that nesting with my emotions is productive. So... I turned to my mother and we shared our deepest thoughts about this time in the human condition.

May 28, 202221:38
The Pointless Forest
May 14, 202228:44
Love#1 Creating Family
Jul 31, 202140:51
Jun 26, 202121:23
Confidence Club

Confidence Club

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

How do you share your authentic self with the world? This is a question many youth in foster care wrestle with as they build the confidence to live out loud regardless of their circumstances. 

On this episode Zaid & Jacob introduce Charmaine Griffin as she shares her personal story of leaning into a confident life. She is the founder of the vegan hair care brand, Kollective Koils (@kollectivekoils) and the originator of Confidence Club, a nine week program designed for the female-presenting members of the Peace4Kids community to define and access their inherent power.

Music by: Ndidi O

Jun 11, 202130:22
Perceptions w/Dr Nash
May 28, 202128:35
May 21, 202139:09
May 08, 202152:33