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Peaceful Home, Peaceful Mind

Peaceful Home, Peaceful Mind

By Stephanie Cordova

A decluttered home is a key piece to our mental and physical health. This podcast pulls together tips for decluttering, mental health, habits, motivation and some spiritual "woo" in the mix.
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Episode 7: When the Habits all Fall Down

Peaceful Home, Peaceful MindMay 10, 2022

Episode 7: When the Habits all Fall Down
May 10, 202217:43
Episode 6: Habits Series Part 1: Can you spare 15 minutes per day?

Episode 6: Habits Series Part 1: Can you spare 15 minutes per day?

How much time do you need to spend every day to do 91 hours of decluttering in one year?

We often think we need HUGE, momentous actions to make a change in our world, life or home environment.  But what if consistent, tiny actions replaced infrequent, momentous actions?  Could you get more results? 

In this episode, I dig deeper into our thoughts and beliefs about habits and get you started taking baby steps.

Let me know what you think.  Screenshot you listening to this episode and let me know if you are willing to commit to 15 minutes per day decluttering your home.  Post your screenshot on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @whereitbelongs telling me what you are committing to accomplishing in 365 days.

And of course, sharing and reviewing my podcast helps me reach others who would enjoy this content as well.

Thanks for listening!

Feb 23, 202222:49
Episode 5: A Real Approach to Being Positive with Hayley Ferguson
Feb 09, 202258:58
Episode 4: Downsizing to a Tiny Home with guest Marina Perilli

Episode 4: Downsizing to a Tiny Home with guest Marina Perilli

In this episode, I talk to Marina Perilli, who was a member of a networking group, then a friend, then a client. We talk about her journey as she downsized from a 2,700 square foot house on 1.25 acres to a 600 square foot tiny home on 17 acres.  

Marina had some life-altering decisions to make and her journey to LESS is inspiring and motivational. 

You can follow Marina at or

Please be sure to subscribe to my podcast and leave a positive review so I can grow and reach more people who can benefit from having less in their lives so they can BE more fulfilled.

Feb 01, 202236:32
Episode 3: Slowing Down

Episode 3: Slowing Down

In a busy time of life, when everything seems to be speeding up, be INTENTIONAL with slowing down.
Don't miss out on your homework in this episode.

Please share a photo of you doing the homework and tag me on Instagram ( or on Facebook (also @whereitbelongs).  

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Dec 14, 202115:55
Episode 2: How to Stop Worrying

Episode 2: How to Stop Worrying

Our thoughts and emotions are great tools.  They are present in our lives to tell us how aligned we are with being our authentic self, our truest version of ourselves.

Listen in this week to the episode that covers our thoughts and emotions as energy and how to use them to stop worrying, stop feeling guilty and bring into your life what you want - being the CREATOR of your life.

Please share and rate this podcast so I can reach more people and change more lives.

You can message me on IG @whereitbelongs.

Dec 06, 202116:58
Episode 1: Start!

Episode 1: Start!

My inaugural episode to my long awaiting podcast.
This episode explains my podcast, and my journey to "start"ing my podcast.
I hope you find inspiration to START something you have wanted to start, whether it's decluttering, your own podcast, your business....anything.

Reach out to me on IG (whereitbelongs) to let me know what you'd like to hear on this podcast.


Nov 30, 202114:52