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Pep Talks for Artists

Pep Talks for Artists

By Amy Talluto

A podcast offering encouraging words to all those shuffling along the artist’s road - with your host, Amy Talluto.

Stop by the Pepisodes for artist interviews, art book reviews and host-made audio essays - all made to offer serious artists advice, encouragement and fun studio listening because...we deserve it.

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Ep 12: Interview the Interviewer w/ Sharon Butler, Painter & Founder of Two Coats of Paint

Pep Talks for ArtistsJan 22, 2022

Ep 49: Interview w/ Choreographer, Julia Gleich

Ep 49: Interview w/ Choreographer, Julia Gleich

Join me this week as I welcome esteemed Choreographer, Julia Gleich! Julia, with Jason Andrew, is the co-founder of Norte Maar in Brooklyn and co-produces a collaborative ballet series every year called CounterPointe. This year marked the exciting 10th anniversary of the project. The series features 7 dances created through intense collaboration between 7 women choreographers and 7 women visual artists. Visual artists participate the entire way through the process and even create props for the performance.

As a dance newbie, I asked her many questions about using the rectangle of the stage, the types of props she uses, how she picks the music, and even her thoughts on ballet and the patriarchy. We found so many parallels between dance and visual art, like the importance of courting chaos, breaking out of what's expected, and the importance of putting your head down and making the work no matter what.

Some links to learn more:

Julia's Website: Gleich Dances

Norte Maar: CounterPointe

Julia's Instagram: @juliagleichdances (see reels to watch 2020 "Shaking the Trees" at the Tang Museum)

Norte Maar Instagram: @nortemaar (see reels to watch all of "Counter Pointe 10" and "Colibri")

Julia's Vimeo: user7031442 (watch "Unis Mundi: Survival Ceremonies")

Julia's Ballet Class: Beginners' Ballet Class at Peridance NYC

Apply to CounterPointe: (as a choreographer or visual artist ): nortemaar@gmail dot com

Extra links: Mira Schor 's "A Year of Positive Thinking" Blog post: "The Osage Tree", ⁠and Nicole Cherubini & Meg Lipke at the Tang Teaching Museum⁠

Julia's writings with Molly Faulkner appear in: the Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet, an anthology for Intellect Books (Re)Claiming Ballet, and on vectors in the Dynamic Body in Space.

Dances mentioned: "Unus Mundi: Survival Ceremonies," w/ Meg Lipke University of Buffalo, "Colibri," w/ Tamara Gonzales CounterPointe 10/Mark O'Donnell Theater, "Shaking the Trees" w/ Nicole Cherubini & Meg Lipke Tang Teaching Museum, "100 Digits of PI" danced by Michelle Buckley

Dancers/Choreographers mentioned: Choreo: Serge Diaghilev & Vera Nemtchinova of Ballets Russes, Lynn Parkerson of Brooklyn Ballet, George Balanchine of New York City Ballet, Rudolf von Laban, Antony Tudor, Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Dancers: Gabrielle Lamb, Michelle Buckley, Audrey Borst, Timothy Ward, Kara Chen, Sara Jumper, Margot Hartley, Dianna Warren, Mikalla Ashmore, and shout out to all others who performed in the pieces we discussed

Artists mentioned: Tamara Gonzales, Meg Lipke, Nicole Cherubini, Etty Yaniv, Amanda Browder, Sharon Butler, Marc Chagall. Fernand Léger, Elisabeth Condon, Kiana Vega, Paula Part; also Fashion Designer, Liliana Casabal of Morgan Le Fay

Composers mentioned: Amery Kessler and Andrew Hurst


Pep Talks on IG: ⁠⁠@peptalksforartists⁠⁠

Pep Talks on Art Spiel as written essays: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Amy's website: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Amy on IG: ⁠⁠@talluts⁠⁠

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Jun 03, 202301:31:54
Ep: 48 Interview w/ Artist, Catherine Haggarty

Ep: 48 Interview w/ Artist, Catherine Haggarty

This week, I welcomed back, painter, Catherine Haggarty to the Peps pod. We spoke about her background as a high school basketball player and how the focus and commitment required to be an athlete have so many parallels to the life of an artist. Catherine makes luminous paintings and drawings using spray paint, acrylic, watercolor and oil stick of imagined domestic interiors, all put through her uniquely surrealist and prismatic lens. Also, find out what her term "Instagram Brain" means!

Catch Catherine's work in person in "Support Structures" at TSA (NY) until June 18, 2023

Catherine's website: and IG: @catherine_haggarty

The Canopy Program is online at or on IG: @the_canopy_program_

Catherine's uber-helpful How to Host A Studio Visit episode

Catherine earned her MFA from Rutgers University and has recently shown her work with Geary Contemporary and Hashimoto Contemporary in NYC and at Badr el Jundi Gallery in Madrid. She recently showed her work at Future Fairs in NYC with Lorin Gallery (Los Angeles)

Works mentioned: LA Light, Too Many Ideas, Monument to work, Droste Effect for Max

Artists mentioned: Jennifer Coates, David Humphrey, Japanese Ukiyo-e artists, Matisse, Sylvia Mangold, Rita MacDonald, Chardin, Mary Cassatt, Catherine Murphy, Jasper Johns, Edward Hopper, Méret Oppenheim, Andrew Prayzner

Book mentioned: Looking at the Overlooked: Four Essays on Still Life Painting by Norman Bryson

*Shout out to all the Hall of Fame Dads past and present and especially to James Bernard Haggarty, who was the Bee's Knees.*


Pep Talks on IG: ⁠@peptalksforartists⁠

Pep Talks on Art Spiel as written essays: ⁠⁠

Amy's Interview on Two Coats of Paint: ⁠⁠

Amy's website: ⁠⁠ Amy on IG: ⁠@talluts⁠

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May 18, 202301:24:58
Mini Ep: Where is the Field of Dreams
May 11, 202304:45
Bonus: 10 Tips for Writing Your Artist's Statement w/ Paddy Johnson of

Bonus: 10 Tips for Writing Your Artist's Statement w/ Paddy Johnson of

Ready your note-taking typing fingers because this week's guest is none other than Paddy Johnson of and she's here to give us 10 best-practice tips for writing our artist statements, thank God! Paddy is the founder of Netvvrk, a supportive membership that helps artists level-up in their careers AND also an award-winning arts writer. She has edited a gazillion artists' statements in her program so she knows what's up. Come along with us as we deconstruct the ideal statement and dispel all whiffs of passive voice and artspeak.

Don't forget that Paddy is giving a free *Live* Masterclass on May 9th at 7:30pm ET called "How To Get Seen in the Art World." Click here to find out more/rsvp for the free masterclass:

Also, Pep Talk listeners that join Netvvrk during the upcoming registration period can receive a $20 discount by entering the code: PEPTALKS20.


Paddy's 10 Statement Writing Tips (in brief)

1) Create a Present/Past/Future hierarchy: Start with speaking about your present work, then past & then future

2) Describe the actual objects you make

3) Use plot to tell a story about your work's journey. Include "causality" and your "why": "The King died. Later, the queen died of grief"

4) Use the active voice and "I" statements

5) Unpack the metaphors in your work for the reader

6) Watch out for run-ons. No sentence should be longer than 2.5 lines in a Google Doc (Arial 11pt)

7) No more that 1 list per paragraph and no more than 3 items per list

8) Limit talk about your process to one sentence. Instead, focus on ideas

9) Length: People expect 2-3 paragraphs for a statement on your website. Don't forget to add a paragraph break after each 2 sentence block

10) Expect your statement to be ever-evolving (not static)

**Bonus 11** Write so that a 5th grader could understand and avoid artspeak / jargon (i.e. hegemony, praxis, Anthropocene).

Find Paddy online (Netvvrk) and on Instagram

Artists mentioned: Elisabeth Condon, Hans Haacke, Vincent Van Gogh (Wheatfield with Crows), Charles Burchfield, Al Held, John Berger (Ways of Seeing)

Thank you, Paddy! Thank you, listeners!


Pep Talks on IG: ⁠⁠@peptalksforartists⁠⁠

Pep Talks on Art Spiel as written essays: ⁠⁠⁠⁠

Amy's Interview on Two Coats of Paint: ⁠⁠⁠⁠

Amy's website: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Amy on IG: ⁠⁠@talluts⁠⁠

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Apr 30, 202301:37:14
Ep 47: Let's Be Nothing Burgers
Apr 12, 202310:39
Ep 46: Dear Grete Stern...

Ep 46: Dear Grete Stern...

This episode is a valentine of sorts... an homage to the German-Argentinian artist, Grete Stern, and how she snuck her incredible tragicomic feminist photomontages into a dream interpretation column into a 1950's Buenos Aires ladies' magazine during the reign of Peron and his Iron Fist. Cackle along with me as I take a deeper look at her hilariously sly and poignant photomontage illustrations. I'll also explain what exactly a photomontage is and how she constructed them - because it is extremely fascinating!

More reading:

Link to the 2015 MOMA show "From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires: Grete Stern and Horacio Coppola":

New Yorker article:

Lapis: The Journal of the Institute of Fine Arts:

Chopper Monster Blog post (in Spanish):

Stedelijk Studies Journal:


Amy's in a group show "Blush" at Auxier Kline 19 Monroe Street NYC April 2-22, 2023!


Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Pep Talks on Art Spiel as written essays:

Amy's Interview on Two Coats of Paint:

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Mar 23, 202321:33
Ep 44: Unblocking Creative Block
Mar 08, 202316:07
Ep 43: Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting / "Tree of My Life" by Joseph Stella

Ep 43: Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting / "Tree of My Life" by Joseph Stella

Our beloved guest host and artist, Elisabeth Condon, and her series "Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting!" are back for a new installment! This time Elisabeth chose to describe Joseph Stella's oil on canvas painting "Tree of My Life" from 1919 that she saw at The Norton Museum in "Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature." The show is traveling next to the High Museum and to the Brandywine Museum. It was an honor to have Elisabeth's wild and wonderful way of looking at painting again on the pod. 

See "Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature" in person/online:

Norton Museum (since closed): High Museum (Feb-May 2023): Brandywine Museum of Art (June-Sept 2023): Barbara Rose's 1997 Essay "Flora" on Joseph Stella: Joseph Stella works mentioned: "Tree of My Life," "The Voice of the City of New York Interpreted," "Brooklyn Bridge," "Battle of Lights, Coney Island"

More About Elisabeth Condon: 

Web: | IG: @elisabethcondon  Solo at Emerson Dorsch Gallery late 2023: Florida Art in State Buildings/Univ of South Fla, May 2023: Painting at Freight & Volume Gallery:

Artists Mentioned: Philip Guston, 4 Gentlemen of the Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum & Plum, Chinese Scroll Painting, Charles Burchfield, Odilon Redon, Paul Gauguin's "Vision and the Sermon," Hieronymus Bosch, Dziga Vertov's "Man with a Movie Camera," Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain," Agnes Pelton, Henri Rousseau's Paris paintings, Umberto Boccioni & the Italian Futurists, Precisionists: Sheeler, Demuth & Schamberg, Patrick Henry Bruce, Diego Velázquez, Rembrandt, William Merritt Chase, Robert Henri, Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, Marsden Hartley

Writers mentioned: Barbara Rose, Immanuel Kant, Gaston Bachelard's "Poetics of Space," Henri-Louis Bergson, Lewis Mumford, Walter Conrad Arensberg, Gertrude Stein, Maurice Tuchman

Eps mentioned: #38 (Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting #1) and #15 (Review of "Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985")


Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists
Pep Talks on Art Spiel as written essays:
Amy's Interview on Two Coats of Paint:
Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts
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Feb 08, 202301:25:48
Ep 42: Should Artists Attend Art Fairs? w/ Jennifer Coates

Ep 42: Should Artists Attend Art Fairs? w/ Jennifer Coates

Should artists go to the fairs? Or should we just leave it to the galleries and collectors? Is it too soul-crushing, or are there benefits? The hilarious Jennifer Coates is back to cohost with me this week (yay!) and I took the opportunity to grill her about her recent experience as an artist visiting "Untitled", a major art fair in Miami. Her gallery High Noon was presenting her work there as a solo booth and she went full immersion for 4 days. I went into the episode with a decided "nope" as my answer, but Jennifer kind of brought me around by bringing up some excellent points and ways to reframe one's goals. We cover how to approach gallery booths, recount some outrageous art fair fashion and discuss how to manage all your squeamish feelings while at the fair. You don't want to miss!

Jennifer Coates: web: ig: @jennifercoates666

Amy's hypothesis of how bottom-b00b bikinis might work: "Tensegrity"

"F*ck No" book by Sarah Knight

ALERT! Pep Talks has a new written-to-be-read blog column with illustrations over on Art Spiel blog! It's called "Whisperings from the Wormhole with @talluts" and will release monthly all of 2023. The posts are essays based on previous podcast solo episodes. Check it out here:


Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Whisperings from the Wormhole Blog Column on Art Spiel:

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Jan 13, 202346:17
Ep 41: Artist Pet Peeves w/ Jennifer Coates

Ep 41: Artist Pet Peeves w/ Jennifer Coates

The wonderful Jennifer Coates is back in the co-host seat this time to help me kvetch about all things art and being an artist. We come correct with a panoply of over 35 heartfelt pet peeves. It was our pleasure to also dive into the IG mailbag for some Listener Peeves!

Where do pushpins go when they fall to the floor and immediately vanish? Why is titanium white sold out more often than not? Why are applications so often left on "read"? Also, why is the art world so ageist? These and so many more peeves will be aired and brought into the light. We hope you'll relate to our shared angst and grind your teeth along with us. Join in for some non-toxic negativity!

Jennifer Coates: web: ig: @jennifercoates666

Peeve Contributors: Thank you to the following artists: Monica Church, Bonnie Paisley, Jessica Plattner, Natalie Lerner, Lawre Stone, Joey of Radius Studios, Jane Fine, Jane McKenzie, Amy McCormac, Kat Dufault, Mary McFerran, Melissa Capasso, MaryAnne Murray, Kirsten Borror, Alicia Mikles and Linda Stillman

Other Artists Mentioned: Michael Berryhill, Bridget Riley, Frida Kahlo, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Clarity Haynes

Essays/Articles Mentioned:

Talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence:

Clarity Hayne's amazing essay "On Detail":

Thank you to all who helped make this episode a reality by sending in peeves!


Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Dec 22, 202201:20:24
Ep 40: Interview w/ Natalie Beall

Ep 40: Interview w/ Natalie Beall

Collage artist and sculptor, Natalie Beall, joined me to chat about her work this week. We spoke about both her paper collage series "Utility Suite" and her painted wood and clay sculptures that tweak 2-D and 3-D space through a quiet visual flattening. Her mysterious images seem to represent game boards, domestic storage racks or display shelves that have long-lost their instructions and vital functions. Her palette is based on the muted tones of domestic interior paint chips and Canson Mi Teintes papers, and features soft oranges, browns, blues, greens, creams, grays and black. Please visit the @peptalksforartists Instagram to see images of Natalie's work!

Natalie's website:

Natalie on IG: @natalie_beall

Glue Talk™: Natalie uses Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive

Specific works mentioned: Utility Suite Series: "Rack" and "Rocker;" Sculptures: "Twisting Board," "Course," "Dormer," "Storage Solution (Tender Sling)," "Lacing Post" and "Pith-Peg (A Pastime)" 

Mentions: Joseph Cornell's "Soap Bubble Set" 1942, Jim Gaylord, Canson Mi Teintes papers, The Shaker communities of Upstate NY, Saltonstall Artist-Writer Residency for artist-parents of NY state, Interlude Residency for artist-parents, Real Nifty Vintage youtube channel.

Natalie Beall's collage project, Utility Suite, is made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.


Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Nov 23, 202201:23:16
Ep 39: "Soft Play" w/ Olivia Baldwin, Melissa Dadourian, Sidney Mullis & Kelsey Tynik

Ep 39: "Soft Play" w/ Olivia Baldwin, Melissa Dadourian, Sidney Mullis & Kelsey Tynik

Join me this week as I speak to 4 artists working in mixed media and textiles (Olivia Baldwin, Melissa Dadourian, Sidney Mullis and Kelsey Tynik) about their show at Collar Works in Troy, NY called "Soft Play." We spoke about the works in the show, textiles in art, craft and fine art and the intermingling of the two, and the legacy of our mothers and grandmothers passed down through sewing. Also! Tune in for a Bonus 4-way Glue Talk. And double bonus: I couldn't resist asking Kelsey about her legendary possum-cam at her apartment in Brooklyn featuring Walter, the possum.

Links and Artists' Info:

"Soft Play" at Collar Works in Troy, NY Thru Dec 10, 2022 Web: IG: Artists' Talk at Collar Works, moderated by Jason Andrews, Dec 11, 2022 at 1pm Olivia Baldwin: Web: IG: Melissa Dadourian: Web:  IG: Sidney Mullis: Web:  IG: Kelsey Tynik: Web: IG:

Glue Talk™: Sidney / Weld Bond, Elmer's Glue All, Wood Glue, Laminating Resin; Kelsey / Rubber Cement, glue stick, Tight Bond wood glue; Olivia / Rubber Cement, Golden Matte Medium; Melissa / Aleene's Tacky Glue, iron-on glue sheets

Mentions: Textile Arts Center of Brooklyn, NY, Arts, Letters & Numbers Residency, The Corpse Flower at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brother Knitting Machine

Walter the Possum:


Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Nov 10, 202201:18:53
Ep 38: Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting / "Wanderings, Bilbao" by Jules Olitski

Ep 38: Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting / "Wanderings, Bilbao" by Jules Olitski

Break a bottle of bubbly beverage over the hull, because today, Pep Talks is launching the very first installment of..."Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting!"  In this episode, Elisabeth chose to describe Jules Olitski's "Wanderings, Bilbao: Orange Yellow and Blue" acrylic on canvas painting from 2004. She recently saw the painting at The Sam and Adele Golden Gallery in New Berlin, NY, in "Jules Olitski: Late Works." The show is up until March 2023 and another concurrent show of his works is also up at Yares Gallery in New York. It was an honor to have Elisabeth's wild and wonderful way of looking at painting on the pod. Tune in to hear me giggling helplessly for the entire show. Thank you, Elisabeth!

Check out an image of the painting here:

Jules Olitski Exhibition info: 

"Jules Olitski: Late Works" thru March 3, 2023 at The Sam and Adele Golden Gallery, 188 Bell Road, New Berlin, NY

"Jules Olitski: 100 Paintings, 100 Years" thru Jan 14, 2023 at Yares Art, 745 5th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY

Juxtapose Magazine:

Elisabeth Condon info:



Norte Maar Mural:

The Golden Foundation Artist Residency:

Shoutouts: Suminagashi marbling technique, Kemper Museum, Writer: Louis Finkelstein, Writer: Karen Wilkin, Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, Rembrandt's "Self-Portrait" 1658, Velazquez, Man Ray, Hilma Af Klint, Paula Wilson, The Surrealists, Charles Burchfield, Cezanne, Magna Paints, Helen Frankenthaler, Willem DeKooning, Elizabeth Murray, Writer: Norman L. Kleeblat, Eugene Delacroix, The Journal of Eugene Delacroix, Writer: G. K. Chesterton, Meryl Streep, NYC Crit Club, Golden Fellows: Meng-Yu Wen & Marcello Pope, Kohler Residency, Corning Residency, Shari Mendleson, Karl Kelly, Carl Plansky & Williamsburg Paint, Milton Resnick, Pat Passlof, Kiana Vega, Estefania Velez Rodriguez, Angel Garcia, Paulapart 


Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Oct 30, 202201:09:43
Ep 37: Interview w/ Paula Wilson

Ep 37: Interview w/ Paula Wilson

As a super fan, I was thrilled to welcome multi-media artist, Paula Wilson to the podcast this week. Paula joined me to talk about her current show, "Imago," at Denny Dimin Gallery in NYC (up right now through Oct 29, 2022) and also allowed me to pepper her with questions about her work in general. Paula works in expansive ways with collage, large-scale woodcut, video, and painting and lives and works in the remote high desert town of Carrizozo, NM. She uses personal symbols and experimentation to create a unique blend of art and life--all tied to the land.

Find Paula online: (web) and @paulalights

Carrizozo AIR Program and MoMAZoZo: (co-run by Paula Wilson, Mike Lagg, Joan Malkerson & Warren Malkerson)

Current and upcoming exhibitions:

Denny Dimin Gallery "Imago" (thru Oct 29, 2022) MOCA Tucson "Plein Air" (thru Feb 5, 2023) The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College "Toward the Sky’s Back Door" (Jul 15 - Dec 30, 2023) Colby College Museum of Art "Ashley Bryan / Paula Wilson: Take the World into Your Arms" (Feb 17 - July 17, 2023) Albuquerque Museum "Nicola López and Paula Wilson: Becoming Land" (thru Feb 12, 2023) Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL (opens late Nov 2022)

Artists mentioned: Paula's partner, collaborator & wood-worker, Mike Lagg, Sound artist, Soleil Corazón-Libre, Georgia O'Keeffe, Agnes Martin, Marsden Hartley, The Desert Transcendentalists (Agnes Pelton) 

Other shoutouts: Octavia Butler's "Xenogenesis" (Lilith) trilogy, Venus de Willendorf as self-portrait?, "Spread Wild: The Pleasures of the Yucca" at Smack Mellon, Turkey vultures, "Salty & Fresh" video work, Episodes 30 & 33 of this podcast

Glue Tawk™: Paula uses Fusion 4000, an iron-on adhesive from Talas in Brooklyn AND Padding Compound

Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Oct 20, 202201:11:51
Ep 36: Warding Off Bitterness

Ep 36: Warding Off Bitterness

Today's episode is all about avoiding the trap of that old heap of coffee grounds and lemon peels: Artistic Bitterness. I investigate how artists of history, like Carmen Herrera, Louise Bourgeois and Laurie Simmons, persevered and dealt with feeling like their work was ignored by the art scene. I also read some quotes from the eternally wise Enrique Martinez Celaya. Also, why am I always bringing up Lawrence of Arabia? I've never even watched the movie! Also, I hate discouraging art stats! 

Come along with me as I discover the secret keys to the Non-Bitterness Kingdom and attempt to quantify, label and identify them for fellow and future seekers.

Artists mentioned: Carmen Herrera, Louise Bourgeois, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Marsden Hartley, Laurie Simmons, Liam Gillick, Portia Munson, Comedian Maria Bamford, Tik Tok Creator/Actor/Writer Kiersten Lyons (TTK @kierstenlyons or

Texts Mentioned: "On Art and Mindfulness" by Enrique Martínez Celaya, "At 106, Carmen Herrera Is Taking the Art World By Storm" by Grace Bonney/Town & Country, "13 Artists Give Advice to Their Younger Selves by Alexxa Gotthardt"/Artsy, "The Bitter Pill You Must Swallow if You Want Success" by Bryan E. Robinson Ph.D./Psychology Today, "Shoshin (Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind)" by Shunryū Suzuki, "The Runaway Girl: The Artist Louise Bourgeois" by Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan

*Special thanks to my sweet outro team: Steve Donelson, Abby Gardner and Claire Gardner, lover of lemons. You three are the best half-Talluto's in the world.

Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Oct 10, 202220:11
Ep 35: Interview w/ Liz Weiss

Ep 35: Interview w/ Liz Weiss

This week, join me as I talk to Liz Weiss about her fascinating "Paxlovid Nightmare" series of watercolors that she made at the kitchen table in her New York City apartment. These small, vibrant works were directly inspired by the vivid dreams she had while talking the Covid medication. We also go deep into the topic of getting back to your work after an extended break, as Liz worked for many years as a psychoanalyst and put her art on pause. 

Find Liz Weiss online at:

Web: | Instagram: @lizweissny
Curatorial: Here, There And Everywhere: Women’s Imagination Post COVID Lockdown at Foley Gallery (w/ panel discussion)

Liz's works mentioned: 

"Paxlovid Nightmare #7: A TERRIBLE TASTE IN YOUR MOUTH FOREVER IN DREAMS. Will that cat put the fire out???" "Paxlovid Nightmare #8. I TRIED TO SAY GOODBYE TO MARILYN IN NORTH JERSEY. ALL MY DEPARTED RELATIVES WERE THERE: ALIVE. I MISSED MY CHANCE. That’s Louise and Stewart’s pool"  "Paxlovid Nightmare #10: A TRAY OF DEAD BEES IN A FRIENDLY PAINTING COMPETITION. Jane Fine was my main contender but we always seem to get along well. Her bee tray won. I was not a sore loser because hers was exceptional" "Paxlovid Nightmare #17 : SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS NOT LIKE ME. Go get the f*ck out of my dreams" "Post Paxlovid Nightmare #19: I WOKE UP IN A RED CAR AFTER ARRIVING AT MY DESTINATION WHICH WAS CORRECT. IT WAS A PARTY THAT I HAD NO RECOLLECTION OF BEING INVITED TO. MY FRIENDS MOM WAS PRESENT AND IT WAS AWKWARD BECAUSE SHE WAS A PUBLICLY CONVICTED CRIMINAL AND I WANTED TO BE POLITE." "Typical Nightmare #21. WE HAVE A SITUATION IN THE BASEMENT" "Hug Mountain" series

Artist shoutouts: Erika Ranee, Jane Fine, NYC Crit Club, Judy Glantzman, Jackie Shatz, Mie Yim, Alma Thomas: The Studio Museum in Harlem & Mnuchin Gallery, Sahel: Art and Empires at the Met, Giorgio Morandi, Masaccio's "Expulsion from the Garden of Eden," Dala Horse of Sweden, Rogier van der Weyden "The Annunciation," Nick Ut "The Napalm Girl," John Berger's "Ways of Seeing" (discussed in Ep. 32), Susan Rothenberg, Katherine Bradford, Julie Kunin & Yevgenia Baras at Mother Gallery,  Paula Wilson at Denny Dimin Gallery, Loretta Howard: artist-gallerist, Brenda Goodman, Andrea Belag

Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists 

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts

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Sep 30, 202201:19:48
Ep 34: Interview the Interviewer w/ Etty Yaniv, Artist & Founder of Art Spiel

Ep 34: Interview the Interviewer w/ Etty Yaniv, Artist & Founder of Art Spiel

I welcome Etty Yaniv to the podcast this week!  Etty lives and works in Brooklyn but is from Tel Aviv. She makes small paintings, drawings and sculptures, but also creates room-sized installations of swirling vortexes of plastic and found materials. She is the founder of Art Spiel, an online arts magazine, that interviews under-represented artists doing rigorous work and also offers reviews of exhibitions at non-profit and artist-run spaces. A new installment of Glue Tawk™ is forthcoming too, for those who love glue.

Etty can be found online here: (web) @etty.yaniv (Instagram)

Art Spiel can be found here: (web) @artspiel (instagram)
German & Yiddish definition of Spiel or Shpiel: שפּיל, shpil, 'play' or German: Spiel, 'play'

Catch Etty's work in person at her current exhibitions:
-"Detachments" curated by Dasha Bazanova at space 776 at LES, NYC (through Oct 5, 2022)
-"Fire and Water" - 2 person show w/ Christina Massey, curated by Carol Salmanson, at Hudson Guild Art Gallery in Chelsea NYC (through Nov 2, 2022)
-"Appendices" at Nancy Dryfoos Gallery at Kean University, Union, NJ (through December 7, 2022)
-“Tides and Currents” curated by Jeanne Ciravolo at AVS gallery UCONN, Groton, CT (through Oct 16 2022)
-"Etty Yaniv: Inversion at Palazzo Mora in Venice" 2022 Venice Biennale. Palazzo Mora in Venice, Italy (through Nov 27, 2022) - Art Fuse Review
-"Kameyama Triennial," Kameyama, Japan, curated by William Norton and Kei Kihara (Oct 30 - November 19, 2022)
-Etty will be an artist-in-residence at the Golden Foundation Artist Residency this October as well!

Glue Tawk™: Etty uses Golden's Matte and Gloss Mediums!

Artist shoutouts: Paul Klee late drawings, Joanne Ungar, Christina Massey, Carol Salmanson

Recommended Writers/Poets: Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, W. G. Selbald, Franz Kafka, Virgina Woolf, Maria Wisława Anna Szymborska, Olga Tokarczuk

Thank you, Etty!

Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website: Amy on IG: @talluts / Open Studio info: Sept 18-19 at Underdonk, Bushwick, 1-6pm

Donate to the Peps: Buy Me a Coffee or

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Sep 14, 202201:10:46
Ep 33: The Post-Exhibition Blues w/ Jennifer Coates

Ep 33: The Post-Exhibition Blues w/ Jennifer Coates

It's just like old times having Jennifer Coates back to co-host the podcast! This week we're talking about the miasmic malaise that descends upon each of us after a show closes (and also the "narcissistic fugue state" that descends upon us during the run of the show). We all begin as studio goblins cranking on a deadline, feeding on coffee and starbursts, and then all of a sudden...the show comes...and we are thrust into the bright lights and small talk of an opening. It's a big switch, and it's bound to unnerve the best of us. Jennifer and I reveal which unearthly creatures we each think represent us as avatars when we are in studio-cranking-goblin-mode (Spoiler alert: Amy is an Olm and Jennifer is an Extremophile Bacterium). And we also hash out strategies to stay as balanced as possible during the rollercoaster ride of studio-to-show-to-deinstall-day.

Excerpted readings for this episode:

When Art Puts on a Party Hat: A Guide to Gallery Openings William Grimes, NYT 1995

Coping with the Post Exhibition Blues Sylvia White, 2007

7 Practical Ways to Battle Post-Event Blues Esther Snippe, Skillcamp/Speakerhub 2018

Artists mentioned: Louise Bourgeois, Fairfield Porter, Andrew Wyeth

John McLaughlins Corner:
Shout out to gone-but-not-forgotten "Bye Bye!" signature signoff legend, John McLaughlin of the McLaughlin Group
Shout out to Prog Rock guitarist John McLaughlin also!

Jennifer's much beloved old Horoscope column at Two Coats of Paint as Crystal "Kitty" Shimski

Jennifer Coates' website:
Amy's website:

Pep Talks on IG: @peptalksforartists

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Sep 05, 202201:08:22
Bonus: The Longevity of an Art Practice w/ Sarah Grass of The Pack Art School

Bonus: The Longevity of an Art Practice w/ Sarah Grass of The Pack Art School

Sarah Grass, Artist and Founder of The Pack Art School stopped by Peps this week to talk about her new upcoming class "The Artist Rebirth Cycle" and also, how artists can foster a long healthy relationship with their art over the long haul. She shared a lot of fascinating ideas about the psychology of making art as well as some techniques for drilling down to our true creative selves...inspired by the writings of Psychologists and Philosophers past & present. ALSO! Check out Sarah's homemade LISTICLE for "How To Succeed in a Long-term Relationship with Your Work"- it's so good! Her program, The Pack, is an alternative art program that meets online, all levels welcome, to help artists: get supportive feedback and encouragement, get back to working after a break, or make a change. Sarah's got you. Here are some links to learn more:

Registration is open for:

Artist's Rebirth Cycle (Sept 20, 2022 - June 20, 2023) Intuitive Art Readings Group Sessions FREE Pep Talk Listeners 20 min Intuitive Art Reading- Register before SEPT 8, 2022: Email

More info about The Pack: and on IG

Text Version of Sarah's Listicle: "How To Succeed in a Long-term Relationship with Your Work":

Check out Sarah Grass' work at Spring Break Art Show in NYC, Sept 8-12, or online at her website and IG @ssarahgrass

Artists mentioned: Carmen Herrera, Louise Bourgeois, Lois Dodd, Faith Ringgold, Howardena Pindell, Cezanne, Luchita Hurtado, Catherine Haggarty, the Surrealists and automatic drawing

Writers mentioned: Donald Winnicott (English pediatrician and psychoanalyst) "Playing in Reality," Glennon Doyle (American author and activist), Beatrice Beebe (clinical psychologist), Laozi "Tao Te Ching," Richard C. Schwartz (Systemic family therapist and academic) "Internal Family Systems Model," Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst), Marion Woodman (Canadian mythopoetic author, poet, analytical psychologist), James Clear (Author) "Atomic Habits," Theodor W. Adorno (German philosopher)

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Aug 25, 202201:15:47
Bonus: How to Host a Studio Visit w/ Catherine Haggarty of NYC Crit Club

Bonus: How to Host a Studio Visit w/ Catherine Haggarty of NYC Crit Club

This week, Painter and NYC Crit Club director, Catherine Haggarty, joined me to talk about that old enigma wrapped in a riddle: How to Host a Studio Visit. She gave tons of helpful tips for managing in-person visits, zoom visits AND how to guard against the emotional fallout that can come after a bad one. It's a gold mine! 

Also, Catherine gave a teaser for the upcoming courses on offer at NYC Crit Club this Fall. Some great instructors are on tap, along with some brand new exciting classes like "The MFA: Expectations and Preparation" and a Virtual Residency with Mira Schor, to name just two.

Psst: Since recording this, I am also excited to announce I'll be joining Sharmistha Ray's class on writing to talk all things Podcasting!


Enrollment period: Aug 14 and closes Sept 18, 2022
Register Here:
Class Dates: The Fall 2022 Semester runs for 6-8 weeks Sept 26 - Nov 18 (classes are either online or in-person, and online classes are scheduled to be convenient for all timezones (including international)
More info: Web & IG: @nyccritclub

Fall 2022 Faculty: Paolo Arao, Yevgeniya Baras, Chris Bogia, Hilary Doyle, Catherine Haggarty, Jarrett Key, Gracelee Lawrence, Jared Linge, Brigitte Mulholland, Natalia Nakazawa, Avery Z. Nelson, Rose Nestler, Alex Paik, Sharmistha Ray, Jahi Sabater, Mira Schor, Zahar Vaks, Anna Valdez 

Catherine's website: and IG: @catherine_haggarty

Catherine's upcoming exhibitions:
Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach with Geary Contemporary:
Lorin Gallery, L.A.:

Shoutouts: Andrew Prayzner, Hilary Doyle, Rose Nestler, Dominique Fung, White Rock Center for the Sculptural Arts run by Courtney Puckett and Colin O'Con, "On Art and Mindfulness" by Enrique Martinez Celaya

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Aug 14, 202201:31:40
Ep 32: Ways of Seeing by John Berger w/ Mandolyn Wilson Rosen

Ep 32: Ways of Seeing by John Berger w/ Mandolyn Wilson Rosen

Mandy is back to help me dissect this beloved classic book "Ways of Seeing" 1972 (and BBC TV show) by John Berger. Welcome back, Mandy! And, as always on Book Talks, much art-nerdery was indulged. Come along with us as we consider Berger's thoughts on Art: aka How it was changed by the age of reproduction, How the Nude functions as a tool for the Male Gaze, and How art is used as a status symbol for the wealthy, and in advertising to create Glamour.

"Ways of Seeing" was created mainly by John Berger (writer/host), Michael Dibb (filmmaker), Delia Derbyshire (composer), and Richard Hollis (book designer) with help from others. The project was conceived specifically to "question some of the assumptions usually made about the tradition of European Painting. That tradition which was born about 1400, and dies about 1900.”

In the TV series (and in direct contrast to Kenneth Clark’s big budget show, “Civilisation”), Berger shows up against a slightly shabby blue screen in a partially unbuttoned white and brown patterned shirt (he bought it right before the shoot bc he had been wearing blue) with kind of wild curly hair (kinda like Michael Landon style), and in slacks…he’s casual- he’s scrappy - parts of the show were even assembled in his parent’s living room. He’s earnest, feminist, anti-capitalist and unlike the posh-speaking Clark, he has a slight speech impediment…and Berger is ready to burn it all to the ground.

"Ways of Seeing," the book, is available at most bookstores and "Ways of Seeing," the BBC tv program, is available to stream for free on Youtube

A few grateful shout-outs to writers who we used for research for this talk:  Olivia Laing / The Guardian, Kate Abbott / The Guardian and Sam Haselby /

John Berger's other books: His novel "G" and also books about art’s role in contemporary society: "About Looking" and "The Shape of a Pocket"

Extra shout-outs: Composer, Delia Derbyshire, "The Man with the Movie Camera" film by Dziga Vertov, poster by Alexander Rodchenko, Walter Benjamin’s  "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” Eva Figes, book "Patriarchal Attitudes," Jane Kenrick, one of five who had been on trial for protesting against the 1970 Miss World contest, Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema,” Linda Nochlin’s “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists," "Landscape & Power" by WJT Mitchell, "Looking at the Overlooked" by Norman Bryson

Send me a voice message on about what you love and dislike about NYC! I'll use the recording in a future ep about Marsden Hartley:

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Jul 27, 202201:39:22
Ep 31: Interview w/ Adie Russell

Ep 31: Interview w/ Adie Russell

This week I had an amazing conversation with artist, Adie Russell. We discussed her incredible new "Lacuna" series of charcoal works on cotton rag paper (based on old Victorian glass negative studio portraits that are put through an obscure Photoshop filter) and also, her newest video work, "Hydriogenesis," which was born of a craving for a feeling of safety in nature and from the long periods of introspection we all experienced during the pandemic. We also talked about the trickiness of navigating Instagram in an authentic way, what can be used as a sourdough starter for abstraction, Adie's "Covers" video project and Marlon Brando's idea about how everyone is ALWAYS acting, AND of course, the Caterpillar Pillar. (Please check out Episode 30 to learn all about said Pillar where I do a deep dive into Adie's recommended artist-pick-me-up book from the 70's: Hope for the Flowers.)

Adie's website: and Instagram: @adie_russell

Adie is opening her studio up (w/ guest artist Jesse Bransford) for Upstate Art Weekend, Sat-Sun July 23-24 12-6pm and is #20 (near the Stoneleaf Retreat) on the Map :

Adie is a mixed media artist currently working in drawing, painting and video. Russell has exhibited regularly since 2001 in the United States and abroad. She was the subject of a solo exhibition The Reveal at the Leeds College of Arts in Leeds, UK as well as the exhibition I Am (Richard Nixon) at The Center for Photography at Woodstock in Woodstock, NY, amongst others. Her work is in the collection of The Dorsky Museum, in New Paltz, NY.

Episode mentions: Stephen Gill's "Night Procession" series, Rembrandt, Marlon Brando's interview with Dick Cavett, Ingmar Bergman's near-death anesthesia experience, Art and Ventriloquism by David Goldblatt, The Library of Congress online archives: Civil War era glass negative photos & the Arnold Genthe collection, "Photochrom" color postcards, Hilma Af Klint, Mediumistic drawing and Spirit Photography, Early 20th c American advertising postcards, Pessimistic postcards: "The Worst is Yet to Come," Stereoviews, Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus, Nog's Vision - A Fantasy Journey by Brian Hall & Joseph Osburn, "The Point!" a film by Harry Nilsson ("Think About Your Troubles" song)

Send me a voice message on about what you love and dislike about NYC! I'll use the recording in a future ep about Marsden Hartley:

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Jul 16, 202201:15:16
Ep 30: Hope For the Artists
Jul 06, 202218:08
Ep 29: Interview w/ Ever Baldwin

Ep 29: Interview w/ Ever Baldwin

Come listen along as I speak with the incredible painter and sculptor, Ever Baldwin. Ever makes abstract oil paintings that loosely reference the body, eyes, nature, roads and even drag makeup...all enclosed in carved and burned wooden frames. The paintings and frames fuse together visually to create a new surprising whole, greater than the sum of its parts. 

Ever Baldwin's website and Insta: and @pretzeltime

Upcoming exhibitions:

Marinaro Gallery, "Quiet Yes," July 6 - Aug 13, 2022, NYC, Links: and @marinarogallery

JAG Projects at Foreland, July 1 - July 25, 2022, Catskill, NY, Links: and @jag.projects

Works referenced: "Hazel," "Path Through Trees," "After Maurice Denis," "Jade," "Quiffs," "Crying Road," "Miss Cantine," "Maybe She's Born With It," "Omen," "Twilight"

Shout outs: Courtney Puckett, Legendary on HBOmax, Italian Futurist artists, Carlo Scarpa, Carrie Moyer, ArtOMI, Rene Lalique Art Nouveau Brooches and Jewelry, "On Mindfulness in Art" by Enrique Martinez Celaya, Byrdcliffe Art Colony in Woodstock, NY

Ever Baldwin lives and works in Catskill, NY. They hold a BFA in painting from The Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Recent solo exhibitions include Emma Gray HQ, Los Angeles, CA; and JAG Projects, Hudson, NY. Their work has been included in group shows at Underdonk in Brooklyn, NY, Opalka Gallery in Albany NY, and Left Field Gallery in Los Osos, CA. Ever is a 2021 recipient of the NYFA/NYSCA Fellowship in Painting.

Thank you, Ever! Thank you, Listeners!

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Jun 27, 202246:21
Ep 28: Interview w/ Melissa Capasso / The Dream in Art (Part 2)
Jun 16, 202201:09:18
Ep 27: The Dream in Art (Part 1)

Ep 27: The Dream in Art (Part 1)

Come along on a ~~Dream Quest~~ with me to discover works of art that show real dreams...not just images of sleepers or "dream-like" paintings. I set out to discover the bonafides. I began in 1525 with Albrecht Durer, then moved to France with Odilon Rédon in the 1800's, the Surrealists and André Masson in the 1920's, and then shot over and up to the US in the 50's to Jasper Johns, and finally landed back at modern day with the exquisitely-observed representational paintings of Catherine Murphy.

This episode was inspired by 2 main sources: 1) The book "Painting the Dream" by Daniel Bergez and also 2) An online artists' talk between 3 painters: Chie Fueki, Alexi Worth and Catherine Murphy called "Painting Table: Catherine Murphy talks with Chie Fueki and Alexi Worth" 1/21/22 hosted by DC Moore Gallery: Watch here:

In the talk, Catherine Murphy reveals that 2 of the paintings in her most recent show ("Flight" & "Begin Again") were made from real dreams that she had had (her discussion of this occurs about 1hr into the talk).

Artists and artworks mentioned: "Dream Vision" by Albrecht Durer, "Dream Vision" c 1880 (x 2) by Odilon Rédon, "Gradiva" by André Masson, Jasper Johns "Flag," "Flight" & "Begin Again" by Catherine Murphy

Authors/Poets and pieces mentioned: "Painting the Dream" book by Daniel Bergez, "The Gradiva: The Woman Who Walks" novella by Wilhelm Hermann Jensen, "Delusion and Dream in Jensen's Gradiva" essay by Sigmund Freud, "La Révolution Surréaliste" literary journal pub by Paul Eluard, Antonin Artaud, Andre Breton, Michel Leiris & Louis Aragon, "Une Vague de Rêves" poem by Louis Aragon

Louis Aragon's Poem "Une Vague de Rêves" (A Wave of Dreams) 1924
Translated from French by Susan de Muth (2003)

Excerpt used in the episode:
"Dreams, dreams, dreams, with each step the domain of dreams expands. Dreams, dreams, dreams, at last the blue sun of dreams forces the steel-eyed beasts back to their lairs. Dreams, dreams, dreams on the lips of love, on the numbers of happiness, on the teardrops of carefulness, on the signals of hope, on building sites where a whole nation submits to the authority of pickaxes. Dreams, dreams, dreams, nothing but dreams where the wind wanders and barking dogs are out on the roads. Oh magnificent Dream, in the pale morning of buildings, leaning on your elbows on chalk cornices, merging your pure, mobile features with the miraculous immobility of statues, don’t ever leave again enticed by dawn’s deliberate lies.

Who is there? Ah good: let in the infinite."

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Jun 06, 202221:56
Ep 26: Interview with Shari Mendelson

Ep 26: Interview with Shari Mendelson

Sculptor, Shari Mendelson joined me this week to discuss her work. Shari lives and works in Brooklyn and Upstate NY. She is represented in New York by Tibor de Nagy Gallery and has won many prestigious grants, including 4 NYFA-NYSCA Fellowship awards, a Pollock-Krasner grant and most recently a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2017. 

She makes human & animal figures & vessels made up of cut-up plastic bottles that riff on stone, clay & glass forms from ancient antiquity. The resulting sculptures can look translucent like ancient glass in greens, grays, blues, whites & yellows -- and she often adds mica & resin to the surface to add a silvery or opaque finish to parts. They range in size from 12 to 36 in (aprx).

Shari's website and IG: and @sharimendelson

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

The Renwick Gallery in WDC at The Smithsonian American Art Museum "This Present Moment: Crafting a Better World" Pamela Salisbury Gallery in Hudson, NY "Greetings and Offerings" Tibor de Nagy Gallery in NYC - Upcoming solo show 2023 Jason Jacques Gallery in NYC "Smoke" a benefit for The Lost Prisoner Project

Shari's Favorite Museum Collections: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (esp. the Cesnola Cipriot Collection, Islamic Wing & The Study Collection on the mezzanine above the Leon Levy & Shelby White Court), Penn Museum, The British Museum, Naples National Archaeological Museum (Pompeii & Herculaneum collections)

Fun Links:
Review by Stephen Maine in Hyperallergic:
Ennion exhibit at the Met
Anasazi Pottery
Ancient Israeli Art
More about Votive Figurines

Artist mentions: Bill Traylor, Alberto Giacometti, Rick Briggs, Jill Levine, Ancient Syrian vessel maker: Ennion, Portia Munson, Jennifer Coates, Kiki Smith, Phoebe Helander, Morgan Gilbreath

Glue Talk™: Shari uses AdTech Crystal Clear Glue Sticks combined with a final coat of Magic-Sculpt resin

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May 26, 202201:07:57
Ep 25: How to Work an Opening
May 16, 202201:15:08
Ep 24: Slow Work & Agnes Pelton's Silver Baby

Ep 24: Slow Work & Agnes Pelton's Silver Baby

This episode I look at the plusses of slowing down and taking our own sweet time in the studio. Artist slow-poke examples include Giorgio Morandi (read by Frank Bango), Jay Defeo, Charles Burchfield's "reconstructions" like "Sun and Rocks," Michelangelo, Cy Twombly, and, last but not least: Agnes Pelton and her silver baby. I didn't hold back on the crazy effects on this one,'s a full vibe. 

Agnes Pelton readings were from: 

"Agnes Pelton: Desert Transcendentalist" ed. by Gilbert Vicario 

Thanks for listening! 

Connect with Peps on Instagram and see more images illustrating this episode: @peptalksforartists

Amy's website:

Many thanks to Frank Bango at Sincere Recording Studio for his help in producing and mixing this episode!

May 05, 202211:38
Ep 23: Interview w/ Artist, Portia Munson

Ep 23: Interview w/ Artist, Portia Munson

Installation artist, painter and photographer, Portia Munson, joined me on the podcast to talk about her work with cast-off objects, cultural waste, and girl kitsch. Tune in to hear our conversation about her work's feminist and ecological themes. We also spoke about how the objectification of women objects. And how endless inspiration can be found simply by roaming around an antiques mall or a swap-shop. 

Portia has a few shows happening this Summer (2022) if you'd like to catch her work in person: 

Find Portia Munson on
Instagram: @portiamunson PPOW Gallery: "Bound Angel" July 8-Aug 19 in NYC Art Omi: June 25-Sept 25 in Ghent, NY Pamela Salisbury Gallery: June 11-July 10 in Hudson, NY Lyndhurst Mansion: "Women's Work" May 27-Sept 26 in Tarrytown, NY "The Garden" at 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, KY

ARCHIVE: Bad Girls exhibition at The New Museum:

Artist shoutouts: Jared Handelsman, Vito Acconci, Barbara Krueger, Martha Rosler, Hans Haacke, Jennifer Coates, Shari Mendelson, Kiki Smith and Valerie Hammond

Thanks to Shima Star and Andrea Champlin for their great questions!

Apply for Cape Cod Dune Shack residencies: Fine Arts Work Center | Provincetown Community Compact | Peaked Hill Trust

Amy's fave thrifter Youtuber: Jeffrey of Real Nifty Vintage

This talk was recorded live on the Clubhouse app April 12, 2022. The full, unedited audio is available on the Pep Talks for Artists club page on Clubhouse.

Thanks so much for listening, rating, reviewing and supporting the Peps! Please find the podcast on Instagram @peptalksforartists to see images that go with this episode.

Amy's website:

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Apr 26, 202201:12:33
Ep 22: Art Made in Kitchens

Ep 22: Art Made in Kitchens

Think you can't make work unless you have a big palatial studio? Think again! Great art can also be made in kitchens! 

Here's proof:

Ida Appelbroog: Art 21 episode "Power" & Jo Applin essay

Martha Rosler: "Semiotics of the Kitchen"

Mimi Smith at White Columns in "Gloria" 2002 and at her website:

Betye Saar's "Black Girl's Window"

Joseph Cornell's works & The Guardian article

Carrie Mae Weems: "Kitchen Table Series" 1990 & National Gallery of Art Lecture

Robert Rauschenberg: Combine w/ spoon "Trophy II (for Teeny and Marcel Duchamp)" 1960 & The Guardian article

Alice Neel: "Thanksgiving" 1965

Alexander Calder: Cutlery

Ann Ryan: Collages

I made this ep back all the way back in December 2021 after reading that great Betye Saar quote in the Question of Balance happy to get a chance to release it finally!


Please connect with the Peps Pod on Instagram @peptalksforartists.

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Apr 15, 202219:39
Bonus: What's After Art School w/ Catherine Haggarty of NYC Crit Club
Apr 11, 202226:57
Ep 21: Expressive Figuration w/ Keisha Prioleau Martin & Emilia Olsen

Ep 21: Expressive Figuration w/ Keisha Prioleau Martin & Emilia Olsen

Painters, Keisha Prioleau Martin and Emilia Olsen joined me this week to talk about their work. Both painter's painters, they work primarily with the figure and use vibrant luscious color to add to the content of their work. Listen in to hear about why the "bather" is still a rich subject to paint (especially by women or female-identifying artists), why the city's character and quirks can inspire endless imagery and also what advice they would each give their younger selves.

See more of their work:

Keisha: and on IG at @keishaprioleaumartin

Emilia: and on IG at 

Upcoming shows:

Keisha: Solo ceramic show "Small Gestures" at ArtShack 1131 Bedford Ave (Bed-Stuy) Brooklyn, NY thru May 19, 2022 / Solo painting show at Olympia 41 Orchard St. NYC opens May 26, 2022 / Look for Keisha during Upstate Weekend too in Fall 2022

Emilia: Two-person show at Kates-Ferri Projects 561 Grand Street, NYC (w/ C.J. Chueca)

Texts recommended by my guests: "Joy is a Human Madness" by Zadie Smith, "The Book of Delights: Essays" by Ross Gay, "The Trauma of Everyday Life" by Mark Epstein, "The Last Thing" by Ada Limón, "How to Be a Good Girl" by Jamie Hood (Fun fact: Emilia's work is on the cover and the book is seen on the nightstand in a scene from the Sex and the City reboot "And Just Like That"), Frank O'Hara, "The Whale" by Philip Hoare

BrushTalk™: Keisha loves a round, a synthetic sable and a Hashimoto large flat. Emilia loves a filbert and also "mural" brushes. Shout out to radiant red and the quinacridone violets!

Please check out the Pep Talks Instagram at @peptalksforartists to see images of the works mentioned on this episode in a special story highlight.

Thanks so much to my guests and also thank you for listening!

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Apr 06, 202201:00:33
Bonus: Using Instagram as a Fine Artist w/ Paddy Johnson of

Bonus: Using Instagram as a Fine Artist w/ Paddy Johnson of

Friend of the show, Paddy Johnson, is back on Peps! Welcome back, Paddy!  She gave me tons of Instagram tips for artists (that old enigma wrapped in a riddle) and she also told me a bit more about "Netvvrk," her business network providing training for professional working fine artists. You may remember that she came on as part of a panel for "Episode 3: Alternative Art Programs" back in 2021, and this time we did more of a deep dive. Her program's membership opens quarterly and is currently opening up April 6-10, 2022. She's also offering a free masterclass scheduled for April 6 at 12pm ET titled "3 Steps to Getting More Shows" that artists can check out.

More info:

Register in advance for the free webinar "3 Steps to Getting More Shows" airing April 6 at 12pm ET:

VVrkshop website (Membership sign-ups open April 6-10): 

VVrkshop on IG: 

Pep Talks listeners who choose to sign up for Netvvrk get $20 off their first month with code: PepTalks20

Thanks for listening, following, rating and reviewing! Please connect with Peps on Instagram @peptalksforartists

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Mar 30, 202253:01
Ep 20: Collage and Landscape w/ Todd Bartel

Ep 20: Collage and Landscape w/ Todd Bartel

Where did the phrase "That gave me the willies" come from and how did it kick off the American Sublime? And what was the first landscape on Earth? Find out in this week's episode as my guest, collage artist, Todd Bartel joins me to talk about our favorite subjects: Collage and Landscape.

Click here to see images of Todd's work:

Click here to read Todd's writings on collage:

Todd Bartel's music (used in this episode): "Several Big Changes" 2009 (intro, musical stings and outro) & "Retinalmade and Readymade" 2020 (musical stings and end music). Listen to these and more here:

Recommended texts:
Leo Marx "The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral Ideal in America"
Man of Commerce Map, 1889 (LINK)
Simon Schama "Landscape and Memory"
Kenneth Clark "Landscape Into Art"
Kari Jormakka "Theoretical Landscapes—On the Interface Between Architectural Theory and Landscape Architecture"
William Shakespeare "Hamlet"
Nathaniel Hawthorne "The Scarlet Letter" & "The Ambitious Guest" (a short story inspired by the Willey family tragedy)
Amy's segment: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "Faust" (esp the part about his Faust-y homunculus)

More about the Crawford Notch/Willey Family tragedy

Artists mentioned: Hardu Keck, Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Comte de Lautreamont’s famous image from Les Chants de Maldoror, Alfred DeCredico, Michael Oatman, Joseph Mallord William Turner, Thomas Cole, Charlie Nevad, Zdeněk Michael František Burian, Rene Magritte's "The Treachery of Images", Burgess Collins aka Jess' "Xrysxrossanthemums" 1978, Amy's segment: Rene Magritte's "The Apparition" and Andre Masson's "Gradiva"

Please subscribe to the podcast to get the eps fresh out the oven. Also, don't forget to visit us @peptalksforartists on Instagram to see images associated with this episode (We love a visual aid). Thanks for your ratings and reviews on Apple podcasts!

Amy's website:

Thank you Todd! Thank you listeners! See you next time.


Other music used was licensed from Soundstripe.

Mar 24, 202201:42:38
Ep 19: The Proof is in the Punctum

Ep 19: The Proof is in the Punctum

This weeks on Pep Talks, I am taking a quick dive into Roland Barthe's concept of the "Punctum" from his book "Camera Lucida," to explain why some artworks and films stick in your mind and others don't. Find out why Stanley Kubrick's choice of music for scoring "2001: A Space Odyssey" & Ingrid Bergman's turn as a boxing nun made both of these films punctum-y and stick in my brain. Also, come hear about Barthe's personal quest to find a photo of his mother that contained her true essence, and how we as artists can try and infuse our own work with punctum-like staying properties. 

Works mentioned:
"Camera Lucida" (1980) book by Roland Barthes
"The Bells of St. Mary's" (1945) film directed by Leo McCarey and starring Ingrid Bergman
"2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) film by Stanley Kubrick 

Songs mentioned:
"The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss II used in "2001: A Space Odyssey"
"Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss used in "2001: A Space Odyssey"
"Gesänge der Frühe" or "Songs of the Morning" (1853) by Robert Schumann, mentioned by Roland Barthes 

Special thanks to
P Elaine Sharpe for their contributions to this episode!

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"Also Sprach Zarathustra - Sonnenaufgang" by Richard Strauss (2010 version by Kevin MacLeod), used by permission of Creative Commons license  
All other music public domain or licensed tracks

Mar 17, 202217:02
Ep 18: A Meditation on Artist Residencies, The Twilight Zone & A Provincetown Dune Shack

Ep 18: A Meditation on Artist Residencies, The Twilight Zone & A Provincetown Dune Shack

Come along this week to find out why I think an episode of the Twilight Zone is the perfect analogy for going on an artist residency ...AND also hear a little radio play I made about going to a Provincetown/Truro dune shack for a week as an Artist in Residence and all about my neighbors: 1,000 gray seals and a single white-footed dune mouse. It will be "Ever so much fun."

Further reading/watching/links:

"The Twilight Zone" ep "The After Hours" (S1, Ep34, w/ Anne Francis as "Marsha")

"Wired to Create" by Carolyn Gregoire & Scott Barry Kaufman

Searchable Artist Residencies:

Our artist-crowd-sourced list of Artist Residency recommendations from Clubhouse: (LINK)

Apply for a Dune Shack here:

*NEW* Artists of Color Dune Shack Residency:

Photos from my week at Ray Wells shack (or search #raywellsduneshack on IG): (LINK)

Dune shack music is "Haïti" by Joséphine Baker from the birdcage scene of her film Zouzou 1934 (LINK)

More about Ray Wells Shack history (Thanks to Tony Lagarto for his research and post on FB): "The long-time shack of Ray Martan Wells, the artist wife of real estate developer and restaurateur Nicholas Wells, founder of The Mews. Coast Guardsman Ellis built the original (central) portion of the shack in 1935 or 1936 with a side gable roof. This part of the building is located on its original site and retains its 1930s orientation, dimensions, and the majority of the structural system. The Wellses added the extant front porch in 1937... According to Gail Cohen, Nicholas and Ray Wells purchased the deed from Eugene O’Neill’s wife, Carlotta Monteray...Ray Wells lived to 103 and she inhabited her dune shack up until shortly before her death." --TL (LINK)

Artists and writers who worked in Provincetown: Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, Norman Mailer, Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, and Hans Hofmann (LINK)

My website:

Peps on Instagram: @peptalksforartists

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Mar 07, 202221:04
Ep 17: When Is an Artwork Finished?

Ep 17: When Is an Artwork Finished?

This week on Peps, we're going to tackle the metaphysical question: When is a work finished? I explore some texts that try to pin down a definition and also share some of my own thoughts and metaphors...But I am most excited to share that this episode contains recorded messages from listener-artist contributors!

6 generous artist listeners sent in their own unique ways of describing this indescribable phenomenon. A very special thanks to:

Elizabeth (Beth) Gilfilen
Sue McNally
Brantner DeAtley
Robert Zurer
Monica Church
Mark Creegan

Other artists quoted/mentioned were: Richard Diebenkorn, Rembrandt, Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Pavel Filonov and "sdelannost", Kazmir Malevich, Mikhail Matiushin, Graham Nickson. John Marin, Louise Fishman

Readings were excerpted from: 

"On the Creation of Art" by Monroe Beardsley, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism Vol. 23, No. 3, Spring, 1965 (reacting to Vincent Tomas' "Creativity in Art" The Philosophical Review, Vol. 67, No. 1 Jan., 1958) 

"When is a Work Finished" by Darren Hudson Hick 

"Beyond Reason: Malevich, Matiushin, and their Circles" by Charlotte Douglas, "Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985"

My website:

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Feb 25, 202220:48
Ep 16: Caucus of Collage w/ Kathy Greenwood, Todd Bartel, Ginnie Gardiner and Michael Oatman

Ep 16: Caucus of Collage w/ Kathy Greenwood, Todd Bartel, Ginnie Gardiner and Michael Oatman

This week I had 4 fellow collage enthusiasts join me for a great roundtable about contemporary collage: Curator, Kathy Greenwood and Artists, Ginnie Gardiner, Todd Bartel and Michael Oatman. If you love collage, aka "the finding, minding & binding," (thanks, Todd!) then you'll love this episode. And my obsesh w/ glue became next level as we explored both its physical and metaphysical properties.

This episode was recorded during a live Clubhouse event 2/8/22 and was held in conjunction with "Echo," an exhibition of collage at the Albany Airport.

Exhibition info: "Echo" w/ Ginnie Gardiner & Amy Talluto, Curated by Kathy Greenwood at the Albany International Airport (pre-security, 3rd fl) Web: and IG: @albanyairportartandculture

More about my guests:
Ginnie Gardiner:
Todd Bartel:
Michael Oatman:
Kathy Greenwood:

Additional reading:
Kolaj Magazine IG @kolajmagazine and Web
Maxomatic' "The Weird Show" Blog and Podcast:
Todd’s writings on collage:
Jiří Kolář glossary of collage terms:
"The Americans: The collage" a book by Linda L. Cathcart:
Paul de Jong's Mall of Found Residency (now Mount Lebanon Residency):
"Complex Muses" curated by Todd Bartel May 18-Sept 4  at Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA:

Collage Artists mentioned (w/ instagram tags where available): Mary Delaney, Picasso, Braque, Cubists, Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, Dada, Eileen Agar, Paul Nash, Henri Matisse, Romare Bearden, Nancy Spero, Joseph Cornell, Maxomatic @maxomatic, The Weird Show @theweirdshowofficial, Andrea Burgay @andreaburgay, Ric Kasini Kadour @kasini & his “Decentralized Community” idea, Cathleen Daly & her "interlocking collage" idea, John Gall @llagj, Andrea Mortson @doingvsdreaming, Jack Felice @jackfelice, John Hundt @johnhundtblueyes, Red Wizard Collage @red_wizard_collage (tiktok @redwizardcollage & podcast "Cut It Out!"), Paula Wilson @paulalights, Carrie Moyer, Ann Toebbe @anntoebbe, Twin Cities Collage Collective @twincitiescollagecollective, Tiko Kerr @tikokerr, Clive Knights @knightsclive, Janice McDonald @janicemcdonaldart, Kira E Wong @kiraewong_art, Kurt Schwitters' “Merzbau” (building for making psychological collages), Julie Heffernan @julie_heffernan_, James Rosenquist, Mark Tansey, Lorna Simpson @lornasimpson, Courtney Puckett @courtneygpuckett, Jiří Kolář and Elaine Lustig Cohen

Glue Talk™:
Todd Bartel uses: Yes! Paste, Lineco Document Repair Tape and anything at hand
Michael Oatman uses: 3M™ Super 77™, 30x40 in adhesive paper sheets and rubber cement 
Ginnie Gardiner uses: Neschen gudy® 870 Mounting Adhesive
I use: Yes! Paste, UHU Stick and Matte Medium

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Feb 18, 202201:14:25
Ep 15: A Review of "The Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985" w/ Mandy Wilson Rosen

Ep 15: A Review of "The Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985" w/ Mandy Wilson Rosen

Friend of the show, Mandy Wilson Rosen is back to co-host with me this week! Welcome back, Mandy! At a recent artist meet up on Clubhouse, we learned that many many artists cite "The Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985" ed. Maurice Tuchman/LACMA as their most prized book on their studio bookshelf. Neither of us had heard of the book before, so we set about to find out what all the fuss was about. 

The book is a TOME (heavy as a brick, dense as a neutron star and 430 pages) and out of print, but available used on Ebay and Amazon...and at other used book sellers. Mandy and I collected our thought forms, focused our internal eyes, and ascended to a higher plane ...and dove in. 

Artists mentioned in this episode were: Paul Gauguin, Paul Serusier, Paul Ranson, Émile Schuffenecker, Édouard Vuillard, The Nabis, Le Lotus Bleu (periodical), Odilon Redon, Hilma Af Klint, Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, Johannes Itten, Umberto Boccioni, Ralph Waldo Emerson (poet), Henry David Thoreau (poet), Walt Whitman (poet), William Blake, Arthur Dove, Georgia O'Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Jackson Pollock, Navajo Sand Painters, Hohokam pottery showing Kokopelli, Eskimo/Inuit shaman masks, Agnes Pelton, Raymond Johnson, Nikolei Roerich, Kazimir Malevich, The Suprematists, Mikhail Matyushin, Vladimir Tatlin, Vasilisk Gnedov (poet), Pavel Filonov, Piet Mondrian, Theo van Doesburg, De Stijl movement, Max Weber

Also, have a look at the fascinating "Thought-Forms: A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation" by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater free online at Project Gutenberg:

Also, also, see Mandy's new number series here:

Please check out the @peptalksforartists instagram in a special "stories highlight" because this episode is chock-a-block with references to specific paintings that we'd love for you to see. I've made a special IG story collection for this episode because there were too many to fit in a post!


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Feb 11, 202201:29:23
Ep 14: Beware the Leave-It-Like-That
Feb 04, 202217:05
Ep 13: Interview w/ Artist, Ann Toebbe

Ep 13: Interview w/ Artist, Ann Toebbe

I was so thrilled to have Ann Toebbe in my clutches this week as she joined me on the Peps Pod this week to discuss her show "Cooler by the Lake" at Tibor de Nagy Gallery at 11 Rivington through Jan 27, 2022. We talked about her exquisite gouache and oil collage paintings, the space in Indian miniature paintings, the dollhouse in art, her project of recreating friends' homes via their Facebook photos, being an artist parent, and the great tradition of Chicago artists.  

See Ann's work online and IRL at these upcoming shows:
Ann's website:
Tibor de Nagy - NYC:
University of Illinois - Springfield:
Steven Zevitas Gallery - Boston:
Jennifer Terzian Gallery - Litchfield:
Interview with CMA NY:
Ann on Bad at Sports Podcast :

Ann's works mentioned in this episode: "Backyard Garden", "Obama's House", "Bret Harte Elementary", "Sunset & Fireworks", "Northside Southside", "Pitfall", "Treasure Island", "Moths", and "Friends and Rentals" Series

Glue Talk™: Ann uses Yes Paste Stik-Flat glue (use caution in high humidity) and Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive...AND Bonus Glue intel: Arturo Herrera uses (or used) Yes glue too!

Other works mentioned in this episode:
Persian/Indian Miniature paintings (with quote from Arthur Upham Pope, American Art Historian):
Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The House of Seven Gables" and "Rappaccini's Garden"
Miriam Schapiro's "Dollhouse" (with assistant. Sherry Brody ; Date: 1972)
Laurie Simmons' "Interiors" series
Édouard Vuillard
The Pattern and Decoration Movement
Chris Ware
Chicago Imagists
Polly Shindler
Kerry James Marshall

Thank you, Ann! 

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Jan 29, 202201:23:14
Ep 12: Interview the Interviewer w/ Sharon Butler, Painter & Founder of Two Coats of Paint

Ep 12: Interview the Interviewer w/ Sharon Butler, Painter & Founder of Two Coats of Paint

This week I was really excited to have Sharon Butler on the podcast for the second installment of my "Interview the Interviewer" series. Sharon is a painter, writer and founder of the Two Coats of Paint Blog-azine which offers a space for alternative critical writing for the arts in the New York/Tri-State area. We nerd-ed out about paint brushes, spoke about her "Good Morning" drawings, and about allowing "bad" compositions into your work. We also talked about Two Coats of Paint's role in the NY art world and how to get started art writing. Check out the links below for more info about her projects:

Sharon Butler Website: Two Coats of Paint: Norte Maar at the Brooklyn Ballet: Curating Conteporary: Figure/Ground Interview w/ Sharon Butler: Review of Sharon's show by artist, Paul D'Agostino in Hyperallergic: Artists mentioned: On Kawara, Kazimir Malevich, Arte Povera movement, Alberto Burri at the Guggenheim, Piero Manzoni's Artist's Sh*t, Charles Burchfield's secret symbols, Holly Coulis at Klaus von Nichtssagend, Susan Carr, Julie Torres & Ellen Letcher of Labspace, Brian Edmonds of Curating Contemporary, Julia Gleich, Choreographer, Two Coats residents: Deborah Zlotsky & Afarin Ramanifar, Martin Puryear prints

This talk originally aired as a live event on the Clubhouse App, Jan 10, 2021.

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Thanks for listening!

Jan 22, 202201:15:46
Ep 11: Interview w/ Artist, Jennifer Coates

Ep 11: Interview w/ Artist, Jennifer Coates

It was a complete honor to interview painter, Jennifer Coates, during the run of her solo exhibition in NYC at High Noon Gallery titled 'Lesser Gods of Lakewood, PA" that featured both large and small stunning acrylic and spray paint magical landscapes, populated by Bacchanals and classical female figures. We discussed 4 paintings in depth: "Three Dryads," "Fire Watcher," "Dryads and Pollinators (Moths)" and "Dryads and Pollinators (Birds)" all 2021, and also learned about Jennifer's advice to "Be the Hero" in the studio when you feel stuck or demoralized, and about channeling Kirsten Dunst in "Melancholia" 2011 when you want to be brave in your work. Also, we spoke about the interesting parallels of being an artist and a musician, as Jennifer is an accomplished fiddle/violin player.

High Noon Gallery: Jennifer Coates Website: Two Coats of Paint review of the show by James J. A. Mercer: Hyperallergic review of the show by Seph Rodney: @MePaintsMe:

This talk was recorded live on the Clubhouse app, just after the new year on January 4, 2022.

Thanks as always for listening! Your Follows and Apple reviews warm the heart cockles! 

Please find more images to go with this episode and info at the Peps instagram: @peptalksforartists

Jan 12, 202258:13
Ep 10: A Review of "The War of Art" w/ Mandy Wilson Rosen

Ep 10: A Review of "The War of Art" w/ Mandy Wilson Rosen

In this episode, artist, Mandy Wilson Rosen and I did a deep dive into Steven Pressfield's "The War of Art." We criticized where criticism was due, but we also highlighted many of the helpful and brilliant insights about the phenomenon of creative "Resistance" that the author outlines in the book. After much deliberation, we decided it is a worthy addition to any artist's bookshelf. 

And P.S., Tolstoy very much had a wife, as suspected! Her name was Sophia and, in addition to caring for their 8 surviving children by day, she also copied & edited the War & Peace manuscript after the kids went to bed each night, by candlelight.

Special thanks to artist, Melissa Fernandez, for suggesting this topic, and also thank you to artists, Sally Veach and Andy Cunningham for "calling in" and joining our debate.

Some Links:

"The War of Art" on Amazon

"Why I Hate 'The War of Art' by Steven Pressfield" / a Liminal Pages blog post by Sophie Playle:

Sol Le Witt's Letter to Eva Hesse:

Countess Sophia Tolstaya (Tolstoy):

Artist Mandy Wilson Rosen:

Artist Sally Veach:

Artist Andy Cunningham:

Musical Artist Frank Bango (new fox-themed album forthcoming): 

This talk originally aired as a live event on the Clubhouse App, November 16, 2021.

Please connect with Pep Talks on Instagram: @peptalksforartists.

Jan 02, 202201:21:54
Ep 9: Fear & Philip Guston
Dec 23, 202115:07
Ep 8: Interview the Interviewer w/ Brian Alfred, Artist and "Sound & Vision" Podcast Host
Dec 13, 202101:39:09
Ep 7: Midlife Artistic Big Bangs
Dec 02, 202115:33
Ep 6: Sustaining a Sculpture Practice w/ Courtney Puckett & Carl D'Alvia
Nov 22, 202143:24
Ep 5: The Perks & Perils of Procrastination w/ Mandy Wilson Rosen

Ep 5: The Perks & Perils of Procrastination w/ Mandy Wilson Rosen

In this episode, multi-media artist, Mandolyn Wilson Rosen, and I debate whether Procrastination is a good or a bad thing in the studio. We also cluck our tongues at famous procrastinating artists and writers throughout history. This was a recording from a live Clubhouse apologies for the tinny phone sound.  

Please see more of Mandy's amazing number collages and drawings at her website:  

Thank you to listener and artist, Natalie Beall, for suggesting this topic, and to artists Niki Kriese and Adie Russell for joining the conversation towards the end. We loved your tips!  

Readings/Films discussed were:  

Artsy "Many Creative Geniuses May Have Procrastinated --but That Doesn't Mean You Should" by Casey Lesser  

NY Times "Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do With Self-Control) by Charlotte Lieberman  

"Walk the Line" (2005) starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquim Phoenix 

Medium "Victor Hugo on How to Beat Procrastination and Finish Anything You Start" by Mayo Oshin "Famous Procrastinators"  

The Marginalian "The Great French Artist Eugene Delacroix on Self-Doubt, Idea-Ambivalence, and the Cure for Procrastination" by Maria Popova  

"The Journal of Eugene Delacroix"  

Find Pep Talks on Instagram: @peptalksforartists

Nov 12, 202156:03
Ep 4: Leaving an Artistic Legacy (Amy's Art World Philosophies)
Nov 02, 202114:20
Ep 3: Alternative Art Programs w/ VVrkshop, NYC Crit Club and The Pack

Ep 3: Alternative Art Programs w/ VVrkshop, NYC Crit Club and The Pack

So excited to share this wonderful interview that we did on the Clubhouse App in October with Jennifer Coates, Paddy Johnson or VVrkshop, Catherine Haggarty of NYC Crit Club, and Sarah Grass of The Pack.

Oct 26, 202101:15:31
Ep 2: How is an Artist Like TV’s Columbo?
Oct 25, 202109:48
Ep 1: What if Rudolph Steiner Was a Mushroom?
Oct 25, 202109:38
October 24, 2021

October 24, 2021

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Oct 24, 202100:55