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Performer Power-Up

Performer Power-Up

By Megan Fry

Welcome to the Performer Power-Up Podcast, where I empower you to take control of your life, improve your well-being, and simply flourish in one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing careers out there: a career in the arts. I’m Meg, certified health and life coach, professional actor/singer/dancer, and your host. Join me on my quest to open the conversation on all things wellness within the performing arts industry. It’s time to ditch the dreaded “starving artist” mentality and finally embrace the “thriving artist” identity.

Instagram: @megsholistichaven
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Mental Health in the Arts

Performer Power-UpJul 01, 2022

Mental Health in the Arts
Jul 01, 202259:02
Injury Prevention and Career Longevity for Performers
Jun 24, 202252:56
Busy & Broke Guide to Healthy Eating
Jun 10, 202240:14
Nutrition for Performers
Jun 03, 202254:01
Audition Mindset
May 27, 202254:32
Transitioning from College to the Industry
May 20, 202201:00:48
Perfectionism in the Performing Arts
May 13, 202201:04:43
My Journey - An Intro to the Performer Power-Up Podcast

My Journey - An Intro to the Performer Power-Up Podcast

In the very FIRST episode of Performer Power-Up, I introduce you to me: your host. You’ll hear a bit about my journey in the arts, as well as in health and wellness, and learn more about the intention behind this podcast. Tune in every Friday for a new episode! Instagram: @megsholistichaven
May 06, 202242:53