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Makin’ It Personal: A #PersonalizeSC Podcast

Makin’ It Personal: A #PersonalizeSC Podcast

By Personalized Learning

The “Makin’ It Personal Podcast seeks to inspire educators to engage in the work of personalized, competency-based learning for the benefit of all students! In each episode, we leverage stories from the field to move the work of personalized learning forward in the state of South Carolina! Join us as we chat with teachers and educational leaders across the state, provide support and inspiration for getting started, and challenge the educational status quo in South Carolina through learner-centered practices!

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Tough Times Call for Community #PersonalizeSC

Makin’ It Personal: A #PersonalizeSC PodcastMar 25, 2020

Ep. 50 - Opening The Gifts of Student-Centered Learning (featuring the SCDE Personalized Learning Team)
Dec 01, 202323:36
Ep. 49 - Flexibility Within Fences: Let’s Talk About Assessing & Grading
Nov 01, 202329:16
Ep. 48 - Flexibility Within Fences Part 5: How Do You Personalize With So Much Content To Cover?

Ep. 48 - Flexibility Within Fences Part 5: How Do You Personalize With So Much Content To Cover?

In this episode brought to you by the SCDE Personalized Learning Team, host Keri Beach chats with William Ash, Social Studies Teacher at Batesburg-Leesville High School about his approach to student-centered learning with his students. Hear his take on standards coverage, testing, and tips for preparing students to be lifelong learners. Contact William via email at

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Oct 02, 202319:30
Ep. 47 - Flexibility Within Fences Part 4: Navigating Variation In Student Ability & Class Size (Through a Student-Centered Lens)
Sep 01, 202334:32
Ep. 46 - Flexibility Within Fences Part 3: Trust, Choice, and Learner-Centered Coaching
Aug 01, 202321:07
Ep. 45 - Flexibility Within Fences Part 2: Flexing Time
Jun 01, 202329:33
Ep. 44 - Flexibility Within Fences Part 1: The Reimagining
May 02, 202333:31
Ep. 43 - Keeping It Simple: A Different Take on Learning Pathways
Apr 04, 202320:29
Ep. 42 - Growth Is The Goal: Competencies in AP Art
Mar 13, 202322:47
Ep. 41 - Coaching & Supporting PCBL Across the State (Featuring iTalks Podcast)
Feb 13, 202336:01
Ep. 40 - New Year, New Tool: How The Measuring PCBL Toolkit Can Help You Define & Expand Your Impact
Jan 09, 202334:08
Ep. 39 - Time To GROW: A Chat with Lynette Vargo
Dec 06, 202230:40
Ep. 38 - Moving Mountains To See Student Ownership In Action: A Chat with Griggs Road Leadership
Nov 01, 202230:27
Ep. 37 - Leveraging PCBL Resources For Teacher Development

Ep. 37 - Leveraging PCBL Resources For Teacher Development

In this episode, host Keri Beach chats with principal Margaret Guerin and instructional coach Laura Falls from Bethany Elementary School about how they are supporting teachers' PCBL learning journeys with resources like the Office of Personalized Learning Framework Foundations Series. Listen in as they share strategies and keys for helping teachers grow their practice for the benefit of the students they serve.

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Oct 03, 202225:16
Ep. 36 - Meeting the Needs of Learners: A Conversation with Sarah Gams
Sep 01, 202224:18
Ep. 35 - Strategies for Supporting and Leading The Work Well
Aug 01, 202225:44
Ep. 34 - Beginning The Journey: A Chat with Elizabeth Edwards
Jul 01, 202227:12
Ep. 33 - The HOW of Empowering Students & Educators: A Conversation with Dr. John Spencer
Jun 01, 202230:19
Ep. 32 - PCBL Mythbusters: Part 1
May 02, 202225:10
Ep. 31 - Making Innovative Moves Transparent: A Closer Look at the SC Education Flexibility Guide
Apr 01, 202224:19
Ep. 30 - Thinking and Innovating Outside of the Box: A Chat with North Charleston High School
Apr 01, 202239:47
Ep. 29 - Owning Learning In Kindergarten: A Chat with Jennifer Shea
Mar 01, 202223:57
Ep. 28 - The SPED Connection: A Conversation with Britani and Jim
Feb 01, 202234:43
Ep. 27 - The Evolution of the Journey: A Chat with Maggie and Kim
Jan 28, 202238:53
Ep. 26 - A Tool for Enhancing Our Practice: An Inside Look at the PSCG Competency Implementation Guide
Dec 01, 202138:11
Ep. 25 - Reflecting on the Journey: A Conversation with Keri and Lyndsie
Nov 01, 202123:20
Ep. 24 - New Year, NEW Framework for PCBL!

Ep. 24 - New Year, NEW Framework for PCBL!

If you haven't heard, there a NEW SC Framework for Personalized Competency-Based Learning in town! Sooo....

  • What's the difference between the original Framework for Personalized Learning (1.0) and the new Framework for PCBL?
  • How did the shift come about?
  • How does personalized learning and competency-based learning intersect?
  • What supports exist to help educators along their journey towards creating personalized competency-based spaces for students?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in this episode, featuring host Keri Fersner and the SCDE Office of Personalized Learning Coaches!

Learn more about personalized, competency based learning in South Carolina and the Profile of the SC Graduate Competencies here.

Check out our self-paced PD offerings and our new Design Workshops coming to a city near you (and earn renewal credit while you're at it)!

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Sep 01, 202128:04
Ep. 23 - Leadership Chat: Entering a New School Year with a Fresh Perspective
Aug 02, 202131:41
Ep. 22 - Pause & Listen: A Conversation on Educator Self-Care & SEL
Jul 01, 202140:52
Ep. 21 - Scaling and Spreading Equitable Practices Through the PSCG Competencies (Part 5)
Jun 01, 202133:03
Ep. 20 - Skill Building & Goals Setting with Competencies: A Convo with Becky Funderburk (Part 4)
May 03, 202127:30
Ep. 19 - Building Graduates Through the PSCG Competencies: A Convo with Dr. Era Roberts (Part 3)
Apr 01, 202127:20
Ep. 18 - Growth Over Grades: How One High School is Using the PSCG Competencies (Part 2)
Apr 01, 202126:30
Ep. 17 - More Than A Poster: A Candid Convo on the Profile of the SC Graduate Competencies (Part 1)
Mar 01, 202139:05
Ep. 16 - Teacher Chats: A Conversation with Britteny Drakeford
Feb 01, 202128:53
Ep. 15 - Starting the New Year with Hope: A Conversation with Robin & Brenda
Jan 04, 202141:43
Ep. 14 - Teacher Chats: A Conversation with Suzanne Rogers
Dec 01, 202033:45
Ep. 13 - But, What Does It Look Like?: Conversations with Riverside Elementary
Oct 01, 202038:38
Ep. 12 - Personalized Learning Through a High School Teacher's Lens
Oct 01, 202028:33
Ep. 11 - Makin’ It Happen: A Teacher’s Take on Personalized Learning
Sep 01, 202031:23
Ep. 10 - A Different Back to School Pt. 1

Ep. 10 - A Different Back to School Pt. 1

In this episode, host Keri Fersner talks with Quencenia Dantzler,  Director of Virtual School Education for Orangeburg County School District to get some tips on how educators can navigate this year's back to school climate, from a virtual or hybrid perspective! 

Connect with Quen via email:  

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Aug 03, 202015:45
Ep. 9 - Equity? Let's Talk About It!
Jul 01, 202028:15
Ep. 8 - Intention vs. Impact: A Conversation with Elena Aguilar
May 01, 202032:12
Ep. 7 - A Teacher's Take on Remote Learning: Convos with Brittany Terry
Apr 01, 202023:46
Tough Times Call for Community #PersonalizeSC
Mar 25, 202006:49
Ep. 6 - Vision, Culture, & Trust: Coach Chat with Heather and Sarah
Mar 01, 202031:28
Ep. 5 - Is This What's Best For Kids?: A Chat with Red Bank Elementary
Feb 03, 202028:39
Ep. 4 - What’s the Best That Can Happen?: New Year, Good Teaching, & Subtle Shifts
Jan 01, 202028:54
Ep. 3 - Stories From the Field: Saluda Trail Middle School's Personalized Learning Journey
Dec 01, 201925:05
Ep. 2 - Leveraging The Stories: Personalized Learning from Multiple Perspectives
Nov 01, 201921:52