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Consciousness Matters Podcast

Consciousness Matters Podcast

By Peter Tadd

In this series of podcasts you will hear Peter Tadd discussing what is Consciousness and its integral relationship to Matter. Peter has been a clairvoyant healer and teacher for over forty years, sharing his knowledge with students all over the world and now for the first time in this series he is making freely available. It is our intention that these discussions will be a valuable support to those hoping to add depth and integrity to their spiritual practice day to day interactions.
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Four Questions

Consciousness Matters PodcastAug 12, 2020

Blue Rainbow and Change for Good

Blue Rainbow and Change for Good

What is the Blue Rainbow and Change for Good? What is the Blue Rainbow? What are the energies that support change? Peter explains how and why he has launched this initiative. 

Aug 03, 202209:43
This is the Future Earth

This is the Future Earth

This is the Future Earth

This podcast takes us on a wild ride through the Matrix of Space/Time. Our Earth is much more like a dream than we realize, where places and times are very fluid. Our future self already exists in a future time. In 1996 he saw a blue watery planet in the sky while standing in the center of the first crop circle he entered. Looking up he heard in his head “This is the Future Earth”. This echoed his experience on a Hopi reservation two years earlier when he witnessed a Blue Rainbow that split the sky in two. The aberrant forces inside of crop circles connected the English landscape with Native Americans on another continent in a parallel time. Peter sees that our consciousness is also not limited and that now is a time to open up the Higher Heart Chakra, our personal blue rainbow.

Democracy’s Future

Nodal points on the earth and in the sky.

The three heart chakras.

How to know what you see as the future will manifest?

Donald Trump was Louis 15th of France and why this is important.

Hopi prophesy of 5th world or Future Earth.

Birthing a New Reality.

Music Youtube: Lakota Flag Song - Ghost Dance

Nov 10, 202047:23
There is no Evil

There is no Evil

Consciousness Matters Podcast

There is no “Evil”

What do we know about evil? Peter believes that Evil has no actual origin. EVIL is LIVE  spelled backwards. A kind of “spell”.  He says that it comes into being through the misuse of creative forces. It can become concentrated and menacing for sure. But history shows us that this power though intense is limited. It does not hold a candle to the Creative Force. It is power or the identification with power and money that creates our inhumanity.  Evil actors, those world leaders, can attract those who are fearful. But we are in charge of our lives. Now is the time to embrace the beauty that lives inside and around us. That is where to place our attention especially now.

Patriarchy as source of evil

Donald Trump’s Aura

Pandemic highlighting the evil of inequality

Job security versus personal integrity.

What are inverted chakras?

Hitler’s will to Power.

The psychological need to feel safe.

Green and Blue bring us to our true nature .

Life is in our hands. Really.

Nov 03, 202050:29
Clear Light of Truth

Clear Light of Truth

Consciousness Matters Podcast

Subject: Clear Light of Truth 

Continuing this first series of conversations with his student, Justine, Peter Tadd dives into the Big Blue, seeing Truth as a bright fixed star, The Infinite Point that takes him to the place of origin, of wisdom and to seeing  things "out of the blue" like a very  influential incarnation of Donald Trump. We can remedy fear by always striving to be true to our Selves and through our appreciation of each other and Nature. . 

This episode is another step towards introducing "The Blue Rainbow:Change for Good "project  and Circulation of Light meditation teachings that will be presented in the up-coming  Series II. 

The Search of Truth 

Truth appears as Light

True Blue. 

Wisdom is based in Truth

Ancient Egypt

The Future Earth

How do we know what rings true? 

Experience and Truth. 

Circulation of Light Meditation; a from of Tantra

Consciousness reaching out into Cosmic Space

The Eighth Chakra of Primordial Sound 

Modern Eldership

Luminous Space

Sep 21, 202049:22



In this episode Justine and Peter discuss God. Is there a more important concept than what we call God? In the past all Gods were equally respected and this was the case until the 3rd Century. Buddhism is based on compassion and kindness but does not embrace the idea of a Creator Being. Discover how the word G O D is a secret code for the pyramid of life when written in Greek: ΓΟΔ which is very similar to T A O the Chinese word for That which Is. G O D is not the same as the gods. Peter clairvoyantly sees that different gods of all religions exist. God – Good - Gold are aspects of our inner divinity that can be found and cultivated within the Inner Chamber of the Heart chakra.




#Inner Chamber of the Heart Chakra

#Good as Gold

Sep 08, 202043:52
Four Questions

Four Questions

Four Questions

Where is the mind?

Body is mind. Mind centers in the Heart. Bring your attention there to the Inner Divine.

Awareness focuses our mind on Consciousness or the Wisdom Mind. How to achieve this state? What are the outcomes of a meditation practice?

Karma (10:43)

Karma is the simple law of cause and effect on the physical, mental and emotional levels that include former incarnations. Past life memories and talents can reappear in this life as a part of this life time. The past is not “stuck” in the past. Karma is not spreadsheet of fixing the mistakes of the past.

Meditation (16:20)

What is meditation? The difference with the eyes open or closed. Mirror of the mind and the ajna chakra interaction. Trauma effects the ability to see inner Light. Inner Illumination will help heal all traumas.

Are Heaven and Hell real? (21:45)

Heaven and hell live inside and outside of us. I share my own experience of these two polarities. There is nothing to fear and everything to learn.


#Wisdom Mind

#Heart Math Institute


#Consciousness Cultivation


#Mirror of the Mind

#Ajna Chakra

#Heaven and Hell



Aug 12, 202030:07
A-Muse in Music

A-Muse in Music

A-Muse in Music

This is our second Interview with Susie Hoder Williams.

Peter's shares his unexpected discovery of sign language from a past incarnation in a French monastery.  Hand mudras followed that experience. They activate and support our main body chakras.  Susie uses the puja flame mudra at the heart chakra level whilst sitting in orchestras to improve her breathing and flute playing.  The hands are lotuses she says. Becoming aware of them is an excellent body/mind practice that can develop into a skill using mudras

How does the Muse make herself known?  When the Muse arrives there is a delightful unexpected spontaneity. We know that she is around because of the feelings that are effortless and amusing. What are the ways of keeping in this flowing connection? Listen to find out how! 





#Buckminster Fuller

#19 Chakras: 7 Body, 7 Higher Self and 5 Supra-Cosmic

#Grief and Joy

#Sign Language

Aug 11, 202040:25
 Change is the Root Chakra

Change is the Root Chakra

Change is the Root Chakra

In this episode you can hear clairvoyant and healer Peter Tadd in conversation with one of his students, discussing change, how we live in a constant state of change and how our ability to cope with change colours our entire existence.

Peter has been teaching worldwide for the last 40 years and this podcast gives a taste of his work; considering what native American women and Irish farmers have in common, and musing on St Brendan’s voyage.

The relevance of the root chakra to change and how to deal effectively with what life throws at us we must stay connected with the living earth through working with this chakra.










May 01, 202043:51
A Musician’s Experience

A Musician’s Experience

A Musician’s Experience - The Relationship of Sound and Light to consciousness

Peter Tadd enters in to a lively conversation with his student, musician Susie Hodder Smith who co created the music for this series. They address the unique musician’s experience of the relationship of sound and light to consciousness. You will hear how Susie's integrates her playing into a spiritually enhanced experience. She shares her love of the five the elements and  a technique for opening the pelvic floor and root chakra to improve performance.   Hear the entire peice of music that was written for this podcast series.









May 01, 202046:22
 Clairvoyant Eyes

Clairvoyant Eyes

 Clairvoyant Eyes - Discovering Chakras

In this the fourth episode of this new series you will hear Peter Tadd discussing in more detail his experience of the world through clairvoyance.   He details exactly how he sees energy in our chakras and how the usual association colours of chakras can be misleading. His world is actually our world at dimensions that though sometimes felt mostly go unnoticed. 

How important it is for the clairvoyant to be able to control the activity of the third eye. Trauma or abuse can trigger the third eye to open a periscope that alerts trouble. He discusses the difference between the forehead and ajna third eye chakras.  








May 01, 202052:43
A Clairvoyant’s Life

A Clairvoyant’s Life

A Clairvoyant’s Life

In this the third episode of this new series you will hear from Peter Tadd about his early experiences of his clairvoyance and how he allowed this to slip away for some years.How his third eye was re-opened when he was a young man and developed from thereto helping other people on their soul journeys. From invisible friends in his childhood and understanding of the adults around him and on to being part of another’s consciousness from different times and dimensions in order to bring guidance and assistance to those around him.









May 01, 202050:04
Truth and Reality

Truth and Reality

Truth and Reality

In this podcast Peter Tadd talks about the nature of reality, perception of truth, and the mind’s eye. As a renown clairvoyant he has a fascinating take on the very important relationship of belief to perception to experience that can lead to greater understanding. Perceptions are subjective but they are also at the heart of his clairvoyance that allows him to see the energies around and within other people, animals, plants and natural objects. What are the relationships of perception to belief and new experiences? 

Peter discusses how beliefs are what we take "to be real".  We assume they are true. They are at the top of the pyramid and dictate what we call our point of view or perception. If we hold on to beliefs that are not based on real experience and that includes psychic experience then we can not achieve new levels of understanding. 

Peter shares what happens when he practices Chinese Qi Gong, his clairvoyant experience of an Pueblo Indian Deer Dance and how Nature is the ultimate Reality.









May 01, 202044:16
Human Potential

Human Potential

Human Potential

In this episode he shares his personal experience of the Dalai Lama and of the dangers of worshipping false gods, the importance of valuing modesty humility compassion and kindness above all things and modern ‘celebrity’ ego issues. Working on our weaknesses rather than priding ourselves on our strengths and spirituality over status or financial success.

# DalaiLama

# TheRainbowBodyofEnlightenment







May 01, 202045:21