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It's My Voice Podcast

It's My Voice Podcast

By Phil England

In this podcast I take a look at my health both mental and physical, and talk to friends and experts in the field of various conditions.
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Mental Health Awareness Week 15th - 21st May

It's My Voice PodcastMay 16, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week 15th - 21st May

Mental Health Awareness Week 15th - 21st May

Mental Health Awareness Week 15th - 21st May

This week is Mental Health Awareness week, and today I am talking about 'Anxiety'

Like many others, I've had an issue with anxiety for many years, but during the pandemic and

the various lock downs its been ramped up, and currently am not ready to face the issue head on.

There is help out there, so please do a search online to find out what help is avaliable in your area.

If you are part of a mental health charity and would be willing to have a zoom chat with me so I can make a vlog / podcast, please get in touch

May 16, 202303:24
Episode 2 - Rant Edition

Episode 2 - Rant Edition

In this episode a rant about spending too much time waiting for things and people, also blue inhaler can cause asthma attacks and another round of laser eye zapping and another Covid booster jab.

May 12, 202302:17
Episode 1 - Fibromyalgia

Episode 1 - Fibromyalgia


In this podcast a look at Fibromyalgia, and assosiated problems.

For some more information or to connect with others you can visit any or all of the following

Please take time to answer the poll, and comment if you wish (Spotify only)

Nov 17, 202202:51
Premiere Episode

Premiere Episode

In this first podcast I touch on what this podcast is about and tell you a bit about me.

Future podcasts will be more in-depth.

If you want to take part email podcasts @

Nov 14, 202202:03