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Sacred Musings - building on Christian foundations

Sacred Musings - building on Christian foundations

By Phill Sacre

This podcast examines the ideas which our society is built on - freedom, democracy, education - and shows how they are built on Christian foundations.
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A famine of ideas

Sacred Musings - building on Christian foundationsNov 03, 2022

Why Western foreign policy is a disaster
Nov 23, 202301:01:08
World War Three
Nov 16, 202301:06:57
Whose side should we be on?
Nov 09, 202357:56
It's the end of the West as we know it
Nov 02, 202301:00:24
The West, Palestine, and Islam
Oct 26, 202339:14
Who are the real terrorists - The West or Hamas?
Oct 19, 202351:57
The Great Media Conjuring Trick - Podcast 102
Oct 12, 202354:18
Conspiracy theories and war
Oct 05, 202355:17
Who can we trust?
Sep 28, 202353:02
Why 'consent' is not enough
Sep 21, 202351:46
Money is their weakness
Sep 14, 202354:39
Is the accuser always holy now?

Is the accuser always holy now?

We seem to be living in days which are abounding in accusation. Miscarriages of justice seem to be common, as well as things like cancellation. It's even more important to ensure that we have a fair legal and judicial system. How can accusations be managed fairly? And how does that relate to the Christian faith?

We also look at the why it's important not to deify the NHS; a documentary about how London has changed - especially through migration; Mike Yeadon's journey to faith; and how the decline of Christianity has led to real problems in the country.

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Sep 07, 202352:47
Why do people hate God?
Aug 31, 202340:01
Satan's field day
Aug 24, 202341:29
The banality of evil
Aug 10, 202327:44
A world without emotion
Aug 03, 202338:19
The corruption of our institutions
Jul 27, 202342:32
What should we make of Artificial Intelligence?
Jul 20, 202351:16
The erasure of women
Jul 13, 202348:30
Escaping and destroying the cult
Jul 06, 202354:57
Our struggle is not against flesh and blood
Jun 29, 202349:14
How to wake people from Satan's influence
Jun 22, 202354:53
Exposing Satan's Strategy
Jun 15, 202349:32
Is the Church of England Institutionally Satanist?
Jun 08, 202345:01
Can Christians be united?
May 25, 202339:43
Passing freedom on to the next generation
May 18, 202349:26
Living free together
May 11, 202348:13
Lies lead to hollow people
May 04, 202343:45
Freedom depends on who's at the top
Apr 27, 202350:25
Freedom requires realism
Apr 20, 202349:13
Easter means don't give up hope
Apr 06, 202329:13
What is a human being?
Mar 30, 202355:07
Freedom requires authority
Mar 23, 202346:58
The 1997 Hypothesis
Mar 16, 202346:41
You say you wanna revolution?
Mar 09, 202342:42
Is it time to leave the Church of England?
Mar 02, 202357:52
Do we need MORE than revival?
Feb 23, 202345:01
On being politically "neutral"
Feb 16, 202321:34
Is it 'Game Over' for the Church of England?
Feb 09, 202358:17
Get the government out of my life!
Feb 02, 202343:08
War on Creation and why conservatism failed
Jan 26, 202341:49
Strikes, The CofE, and Freedom, Faith and Virtue
Jan 19, 202328:29
Lessons from John Locke on freedom and government
Jan 12, 202351:16
Secular or Free: Choose one
Jan 05, 202353:09
Christmas and the battle between good and evil
Dec 22, 202222:10
Where did it all go wrong?
Dec 15, 202250:49
What's wrong with the NHS?
Dec 08, 202246:51
The death of personal responsibility
Dec 01, 202255:03
What's coming and how to survive it
Nov 24, 202251:02
Reconciliation after lockdown?
Nov 17, 202250:30