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The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood

The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood

By Phillip Rood

Phil and Austin Rood are a father and son who watch and discuss a lot of movies, so they decided to bring their discussions to the mic. Listen as they both bring movies to the table and their reactions and analyses to each other.
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107-Let's Listen to Tony Next Time (The Shining)

The Picture Show with Austin and Phil RoodOct 01, 2023

107-Let's Listen to Tony Next Time (The Shining)
Oct 01, 202301:26:40
106-Let's Have a Persecution Complex(Hacksaw Ridge)
Sep 25, 202301:15:29
105-Let's Start Dating Our Adversaries(Out of Sight)
Sep 19, 202301:02:25
104-Let's Commit White Collar Crimes (Emily the Criminal)
Sep 11, 202301:05:23
103-Let's Deal With Shifting Trends In Entertainment By Forming Genuine Friendships With Unlikely People (The Illusionist)
Sep 04, 202301:05:49
102-Let's Close Down the Beaches (Jaws)
Aug 28, 202301:03:25
101-Let's Get A Dog (101 Dalmations)
Aug 21, 202301:01:13
100-Let's Talk About Fight Club Again (Fight Club)
Aug 14, 202301:21:07
99-Let's Celebrate 3 Years (3rd Anniversary, What We've Been Watching, Across the Spider-Verse)
Jul 10, 202301:14:14
Phil and David Talk About Barry: Season 4 Part 2

Phil and David Talk About Barry: Season 4 Part 2

David Luzader and Phil Rood take a look at the final episodes of HBO's Barry, discussing the fate of the characters, the ending, what it all meant, and the series as a whole.

Jun 16, 202301:08:41
Phil and David Talk About Barry Season4-Part 1

Phil and David Talk About Barry Season4-Part 1

David Luzader and Phil Rood return to talk about one of their favorite shows, HBO's dark comedy Barry. They're discussing the first half of the final season on this episode.

Jun 16, 202301:00:05
98-Let's Review Double Features (S6 Review)
May 22, 202346:10
97-Let's Cause A Trainwreck (Super 8)
May 16, 202301:22:34
96-Let's Work With Animals (Nope)
May 01, 202301:43:53
95-Let's Meet the Family (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood)
Apr 24, 202301:30:60
94-Let's Make Talkies (Babylon)
Apr 16, 202301:38:04
93-Let's Read (The Book Thief)
Mar 27, 202301:15:14
92-Let's Scalp Some Nazis (Inglourious Basterds)
Mar 20, 202301:29:18
91-Let's Go On A Mission From God (The Blues Brothers)
Mar 13, 202301:14:19
90-Let's Use Music To Drown Our Tinnitus (Baby Driver)
Mar 06, 202301:31:45
89-Let's Forge Some Documents(Can You Ever Forgive Me)
Feb 27, 202301:03:60
88-Let's Take Out Our Competition(I, Tonya)
Feb 20, 202301:11:24
87-Let's Upgrade Our Ticket(Snowpiercer)
Feb 13, 202301:15:20
86-Let's Steal Some Luggage
Feb 06, 202301:07:22
85-The Picture Show Hiatus Spectacular!

85-The Picture Show Hiatus Spectacular!

Aus and Phil check in with an update of what they've been up to and what they've been watching while on hiatus.

Season 6 of the Picture Show kicks off its season of double features on Feb 6 with 2022's Bullet Train

Jan 13, 202301:01:37
84-The Picture Show Holiday Special (Klaus)

84-The Picture Show Holiday Special (Klaus)

Aus and Phil celebrate the holidays with the 2019 animated holiday film Klaus. The guys talk about Christmas movies in general, what makes them good or bad, and try to figure out how this gem is so overlooked.

Dec 19, 202201:20:31
84-Let's Review Season 5

84-Let's Review Season 5

Austin and Phil look back at Season 5 and the highs and lows of this group of movies... they also sidetrack the conversation into discussions about the most Catholic movies, TENET, and The Blair Witch Project

Thank you to all of our listeners. Whether you listen every week or this is your first and only episode, we appreciate the time and attention you give to us. We are grateful for you and glad you're a part of our community!

-Austin and Phil Rood

Nov 21, 202257:27
83-Let's Build Our Soulmate(The Bride of Frankenstein)
Nov 14, 202201:38:58
82-Let's Be Survivalist Lunatics(10 Cloverfield Lane)
Oct 31, 202201:32:39
81-Let's Lose Our Minds In Space(Pandorum)
Oct 23, 202201:20:23
80-Let's Drink and Teleport(The Fly)
Oct 17, 202201:20:36
79-Let's Build a Monster(Frankenstein)
Oct 09, 202201:01:13
78-Let's Get Motion Sickness(Cloverfield)
Sep 26, 202201:32:43
77-Let's Stare at the Sun(Sunshine)
Sep 19, 202201:33:45
76-Let's Relocate(Interstellar)
Sep 12, 202201:29:33
Let's Offer An Apology (Not The Abyss)

Let's Offer An Apology (Not The Abyss)

In this episode, Phil explains the lack of episode

Sep 05, 202206:56
75-Let's Wake A Friend(Passengers)
Aug 29, 202201:14:38
74-Let's Resurrect Your Husband(Starman)
Aug 22, 202201:30:19
73-Let's Learn A New Language(Arrival)
Aug 15, 202201:34:49
72-Let's Find Dave(2010: The Year We Make Contact)
Aug 08, 202201:24:28
71-Let's Find Our Absentee Space Dad (Ad Astra)
Aug 01, 202201:26:50
70-Let's Celebrate Two Years

70-Let's Celebrate Two Years

For two years, we've reviewed movies as "Father and Son... with a splash of gay", and today we celebrate two years of that dynamic. In this episode, we talk about what we've gotten from doing the show, how we've grown as podcasters, and the movies that have stood out to us over the past four seasons.

... and speaking of four seasons, they also discuss the 4th Season of Netflix's Stranger Things. They talk about what they love and what they hate about the show, why they keep watching, and the new life that songs are experiencing as a result of the show...

Finally, we talk about our plans for Season 5 and why we're looking forward to that so much.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to us ramble on about movies, tv, and whatever other tangents we have gone on over the past two years of us occupying our little corner of the podcast space. Whether you've listened for one episode or every one, whether you like Phil looking too deep into a movie or Austin reading promo copy, we see you, we appreciate you, and we love that you invite us into your ears and minds. We love our community of listeners, and the community of podcasters and creators around us where we have found so much support, encouragement, and respect. Thanks so much to all of you.

-Austin & Phil Rood

Jul 10, 202201:20:49
A Very Special Episode: Let's Talk With Corey Scott
Jun 17, 202201:48:24
Phil and David Talk About Barry S3 Ep8
Jun 14, 202201:17:23
Phil and David Talk About Barry S3 Ep7
Jun 07, 202253:20
Phil and David Talk About Barry-S3 Ep6
Jun 01, 202248:40
Phil and David Talk About Barry pt2
May 24, 202201:05:57
69-Let's Review Season 4

69-Let's Review Season 4

Austin and Phil bring their Fourth Season to a close by looking back at the baker's dozen of movies they've watched for the show.  They talk about what they loved, what they very much didn't love, what surprised them, and what they liked revisiting the most.  They also look ahead to the next season and discuss what they'll be discussing in the future.

Austin and Phil's Shout Out:  Our audience.  We've done this show for almost 2 years now and we love that you have come along for that ride with us.  It's always great to talk movies with each other, but we love that our audience digs it too and offers us their own thoughts and feedback.  We have a wonderful community and we could not be more thankful for that!

-Phil and Austin Rood

May 17, 202259:09
Phil and David Talk About Barry
May 10, 202249:14
68-Let's Grow Moustaches(Death on the Nile)
May 09, 202201:28:45