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Phoebe's Randoms

Phoebe's Randoms

By Phoebe Matthews

Reviews on books, music, movies...and random items.
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Random Sounds is back with a song titled Phoebe Matthews!

Phoebe's RandomsApr 30, 2022

Random Sounds is back with a song titled Phoebe Matthews!
Apr 30, 202228:05
Review: Pulling On the Thread by Katy Pierce
Apr 30, 202203:19
Cover Reveal: We Choose You by Katy Manz 
Apr 30, 202203:11
Fantasy Friday with Lure of the Tides by Gaja J. Kos
Apr 30, 202204:22
#TBT Celebrating National Poetry Month with The Moon Resides in Her Heart by Isabel Scheck
Apr 30, 202200:47
Randoms: Thursday Quotables Ep. 109
Apr 28, 202200:58
Tour: Honey Harvest by Elissa Kerr
Apr 28, 202202:20
I Can’t Wait for… Racism and the Making of Gay Rights by Laurie Marhoefer
Apr 28, 202201:47
ARC Review: Queerly Beloved by Susie Dumond
Apr 28, 202204:25
ARC Review: The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester by Maya MacGregor
Apr 26, 202205:06
ARC Review: Shadow Fire by Christine Feehan
Apr 25, 202208:13
Mini-Review: Harpy’s Mission by Laura Greenwood
Apr 25, 202202:23
ARC Review: Kiss Hard by Nalini Singh
Apr 24, 202204:24
Randoms: First Lines Fridays Ep. 109
Apr 24, 202202:41
ARC Mini-Review: Grip of Fear by Sam J. Fires
Apr 24, 202203:25
Randoms: Thursday Quotables Ep. 108
Apr 24, 202201:03
I Can’t Wait for… Malice Duology by Heather Walter
Apr 20, 202201:32
ARC Review: Immortal Rising by Lynsay Sands
Apr 20, 202203:56
Blitz: Better Than Home by Lane Hayes
Apr 20, 202206:36
Randoms: WWW Wednesday at Phoebes Randoms Ep. 414
Apr 20, 202204:19
ARC Review: That Cowboy of Mine by Donna Grant
Apr 19, 202205:44
Mini-Review: Love at Sunset by Pixie Chica
Apr 19, 202202:56
Blitz: The Woodcarver’s Model by Peter E. Fenton – Read an Exclusive Excerpt
Apr 19, 202205:29
#GoodreadsMonday at Phoebes Randoms with Sara Blaedel Ep. 403
Apr 18, 202201:52
Tour: StrangeLove by T.L. Bradford

Tour: StrangeLove by T.L. Bradford

StrangeLove is a Male/Male Contemporary Sports Romance with opposites attract theme.

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Apr 18, 202209:01
Mini-Review: Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh

Mini-Review: Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh

Male/Female Contemporary Romance

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Apr 18, 202202:54
Mini-Review: Surviving Chaos by Sam J Fires
Apr 17, 202203:11
ARC Review: The Wrong Victim by Allison Brennan
Apr 17, 202203:37
Tour: You Should Have Seen This Coming by Shani Michelle 
Apr 15, 202204:03
Review: So We Lie by Willow Rose
Apr 13, 202203:31
I Can’t Wait for… Queerly Beloved by Susie Dumond
Apr 13, 202201:31
Blitz: Oddbird by Ellie Goforth
Apr 12, 202208:01
ARC Review: Tell Me What You Want by Johana Gavez
Apr 11, 202204:42
#GoodreadsMonday at Phoebes Randoms with Nalini Singh Ep. 402
Apr 11, 202201:43
Blitz: Lady Troubles by Emily Carrington
Apr 11, 202208:57
Review: Within the Flames by Skye MacKinnon and Laura Greenwood
Apr 10, 202202:38
Randoms: Coffee and Books…or is it Books and Coffee??? Ep. 406
Apr 10, 202204:48
Review: Killer Smile by Mary Stone and Stacy O’Hare
Apr 09, 202205:13
Randoms: First Lines Fridays Ep. 107
Apr 08, 202202:39
ARC Review: Shadow Fallen by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Apr 08, 202204:02
Blurb Blitz: The Flapper, The Scientist, And The Saboteur by Charlene Bell Dietz
Apr 08, 202204:49
Review: Juno and the Lady by G.J. Kemp
Apr 08, 202204:59
I Can’t Wait for… Shadow Fire by Christine Feehan
Apr 06, 202201:28
ARC Review: Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 6 edited by Sinclair Sexsmith 
Apr 06, 202204:58
ARC Review: Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak by Charlie Jane Anders
Apr 04, 202205:34
#GoodreadsMonday at Phoebes Randoms with MaryJanice Davidson Ep. 401
Apr 04, 202201:44
ARC Review: Ensnared by the Alien Medic by Nessa Claugh
Apr 03, 202204:10
Fantasy Friday with Coven Trial by Kristen Kova
Apr 02, 202202:26
ARC Review: She Gets the Girl by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick
Apr 01, 202205:29