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Pickles and Vodka: a Mental Health Podcast

Pickles and Vodka: a Mental Health Podcast

By Christina and Lauren

Through the art of candid conversation and with the help of their community, cohosts Christina and Lauren tackle mental health struggles with a blend of empathy, insight, and humor. We hope you'll join the conversation!
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#143 Really Very Heathers feat. Orion

Pickles and Vodka: a Mental Health PodcastNov 27, 2023

#143 Really Very Heathers feat. Orion
Nov 27, 202301:18:22
#142 This Whole Episode Is an Existential Crisis
Nov 20, 202347:49
#141 Chasing Rock Bottom
Nov 13, 202356:41
#140 Caring About the Next Awful Thing
Nov 06, 202344:40
#139 Outlining Our Feelings
Nov 05, 202335:20
#138 The Heaviness of Being Human
Oct 16, 202344:59
#137 Assigned Fearless at Birth feat. Orion
Oct 09, 202301:07:57
#136 One Crisis After Another
Oct 02, 202340:52
#135 The Real Work (Happens on LiveJournal) feat. Vikki
Sep 18, 202301:09:19
#134 Normalize Whatever This Is
Sep 11, 202343:52
#133 Music, Murder, and Madness
Sep 04, 202342:19
#132 Not a Neat Little Positive Bow
Aug 21, 202338:58
#131 Low Functioning Solutions
Jul 31, 202349:14
#130 High Functioning Fantasy
Jul 17, 202349:02
#129 This Is Not a Drill!
Jul 10, 202342:06
#128.5 Past Lives and Present Vibes
Jul 04, 202322:01
#128 Weirdly Authentic feat. Teddy

#128 Weirdly Authentic feat. Teddy

Happy Pride! Join Christina and her friend Teddy for a vulnerable conversation about gender identity, sobriety, eating disorder recovery, art, and advocating for yourself in a world determined to silence you.

This week's guest was Teddy (xe/xem/they/them). Follow @teddy.hikes on Instagram or visit for thoughts on travel, recovery, and self discovery.

Lauren will be back next week! Follow Pickles and Vodka for announcements, behind the scenes content, or just to say hi:


  • Theme song is Insane OK by The Whines via Free Music Archive
Jun 26, 202301:05:32
#127 Field Notes from Reality
Jun 14, 202344:27
#126 Your Sadness Matters
May 15, 202334:20
#125 And Then I Quit My Meds feat. Andrew Dunn
May 08, 202301:05:46
#124.5 An Unmitigated Disaster
May 01, 202318:45
#124 No Choice Anymore
Apr 10, 202353:06
#123 A Recipe for Disaster feat. TREATMENT STORIES
Apr 03, 202301:09:38
#122 The Good, The Bad, and the...Hopeful?
Mar 28, 202352:32
#121 Life Is Random and Then You Die feat. UNCERTAINTY
Mar 20, 202353:27
#120 Can Emotions Get PTSD? feat. INSIDE OUT
Mar 13, 202358:52
#119 Are We the Problem? feat. BARRIERS
Mar 06, 202358:11
#118 How to Help When Everything Sucks: Part 2
Feb 27, 202353:03
#117 How to Help When Everything Sucks: Part 1
Feb 20, 202349:29
#116 Revenge of the Chronically Depressed feat. PROCRASTINATION
Feb 13, 202352:22
#114 Guilt to the Max feat. MINIMIZATION
Jan 30, 202356:00
#113 You Don't Belong in a Box feat. LABELS
Jan 23, 202301:01:49
#112 Hit the Brakes and Ruffle the Waters feat. BOUNDARIES
Jan 16, 202359:35
#111 Feel Your Feelings feat. FAMILY SECRETS
Jan 09, 202301:09:25
#110 We Met In Person!!
Jan 02, 202301:13:21
#109 One Spoon, Too Many Bowls feat. VULNERABILITY
Dec 17, 202257:46
#108 Fail As Hard As You Want To feat. RECOVERY
Dec 12, 202258:17
#107 Attention Is Not a Dirty Word feat. THERAPY
Dec 06, 202258:15
#106 The Pain Is Not the Meaning feat. ROMANTICIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS
Nov 28, 202256:27
#105 Nothing to See Here feat. IMPOSTER SYNDROME
Nov 21, 202250:17
#104 Everyone Has Dirty Dishes feat. TOXIC POSITIVITY
Nov 14, 202248:26
#103 Spilling the (Little) T feat. TRAUMA
Nov 07, 202201:08:11
#102 The Meaning of Life is That It Stops feat. DEATH

#102 The Meaning of Life is That It Stops feat. DEATH

Happy Halloween, hot and spicy pickles! Today we discuss the following topics:

  • Minimizing death while being afraid to talk about it
  • Losing people young and being forced to deal with it before you’re ready
  • What it’s like to be in your 30s without ever having experienced an interpersonal death
  • Nonlinear grieving and why every reaction to death is appropriate
  • The number one disrupter of funerals
  • Possibility of afterlife, nihilism, and dying without religion
  • Christina coming out as an atheist to her parents after a motorcycle crash
  • Why a good mortician is absolutely necessary (and why all good morticians deserve raises)
  • Lauren’s shocking secret and Christina’s reaction
  • Historical reasons why modern society is less comfortable with death
  • Death as an abstract experience vs medical event
  • Using death as an excuse to celebrate life
  • Vampire tropes and what they can teach us about being alive
  • Alyssa’s life hack for accepting the idea of not existing anymore

This episode wouldn’t be possible without the help of Alyssa, who kindly sent in voicemails in response to our questions pertaining to the death industry. Follow her on Instagram @_flesh_daddy_ to see her horror-themed art and visit her Etsy Shop @TheFleshDruidess to buy a spooky print!

Other advocates mentioned in this episode:

Follow Pickles and Vodka for updates, guest inquiries, or to say hi:


  • Theme song is Insane OK by The Whines via Free Music Archive
Oct 31, 202201:14:11
#101 The Vibe Is Off feat. PERFECTIONISM
Oct 24, 202251:07
#100 One Hundred Conversations
Oct 17, 202201:05:56
#99 What's Your Damage? feat. GIRL INTERRUPTED
Oct 10, 202201:35:41
#98 Harm Reduction Baby feat. COPING MECHANISMS
Oct 03, 202201:07:52
#97 When Sh!t Goes Awry feat. VAPING?
Sep 26, 202201:06:17
#96.5 Lauren Spent the Weekend in a Psych Ward
Sep 22, 202201:00:32
#96 Life Is a Bad Sandwich feat. REGRET
Sep 19, 202201:09:15