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Pickles and Vodka: a Mental Health Podcast

Pickles and Vodka: a Mental Health Podcast

By Christina & Lauren

Are you tired of struggling in silence while everyone around you does the same? Are there parts of yourself you never talk about because you’re afraid of being stigmatized? Are you sometimes a little afraid of what goes on in your own head?

You’re not alone.

Through the art of candid conversation and with the help of their community, cohosts Christina and Lauren tackle everyday mental health struggles with a blend of empathy, insight, and humor.

Join the conversation every Monday!
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#126 Your Sadness Matters

Pickles and Vodka: a Mental Health PodcastMay 15, 2023

#126 Your Sadness Matters
May 15, 202334:20
#125 And Then I Quit My Meds feat. Andrew Dunn
May 08, 202301:05:46
#124.5 An Unmitigated Disaster
May 01, 202318:45
#124 No Choice Anymore
Apr 10, 202353:06
#123 A Recipe for Disaster feat. TREATMENT STORIES
Apr 03, 202301:09:38
#122 The Good, The Bad, and the...Hopeful?
Mar 28, 202352:32
#121 Life Is Random and Then You Die feat. UNCERTAINTY
Mar 20, 202353:27
#120 Can Emotions Get PTSD? feat. INSIDE OUT
Mar 13, 202358:52
#119 Are We the Problem? feat. BARRIERS
Mar 06, 202358:11
#118 How to Help When Everything Sucks: Part 2
Feb 27, 202353:03
#117 How to Help When Everything Sucks: Part 1
Feb 20, 202349:29
#116 Revenge of the Chronically Depressed feat. PROCRASTINATION
Feb 13, 202352:22
#114 Guilt to the Max feat. MINIMIZATION
Jan 30, 202356:00
#113 You Don't Belong in a Box feat. LABELS
Jan 23, 202301:01:49
#112 Hit the Brakes and Ruffle the Waters feat. BOUNDARIES
Jan 16, 202359:35
#111 Feel Your Feelings feat. FAMILY SECRETS
Jan 09, 202301:09:25
#110 We Met In Person!!
Jan 02, 202301:13:21
#109 One Spoon, Too Many Bowls feat. VULNERABILITY
Dec 17, 202257:46
#108 Fail As Hard As You Want To feat. RECOVERY
Dec 12, 202258:17
#107 Attention Is Not a Dirty Word feat. THERAPY
Dec 06, 202258:15
#106 The Pain Is Not the Meaning feat. ROMANTICIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS
Nov 28, 202256:27
#105 Nothing to See Here feat. IMPOSTER SYNDROME
Nov 21, 202250:17
#104 Everyone Has Dirty Dishes feat. TOXIC POSITIVITY
Nov 14, 202248:26
#103 Spilling the (Little) T feat. TRAUMA
Nov 07, 202201:08:11
#102 The Meaning of Life is That It Stops feat. DEATH

#102 The Meaning of Life is That It Stops feat. DEATH

Happy Halloween, hot and spicy pickles! Today we discuss the following topics:

Minimizing death while being afraid to talk about it Losing people young and being forced to deal with it before you’re ready What it’s like to be in your 30s without ever having experienced an interpersonal death Nonlinear grieving and why every reaction to death is appropriate The number one disrupter of funerals Possibility of afterlife, nihilism, and dying without religion Christina coming out as an atheist to her parents after a motorcycle crash Why a good mortician is absolutely necessary (and why all good morticians deserve raises) Lauren’s shocking secret and Christina’s reaction Historical reasons why modern society is less comfortable with death Death as an abstract experience vs medical event Using death as an excuse to celebrate life Vampire tropes and what they can teach us about being alive Alyssa’s life hack for accepting the idea of not existing anymore

This episode wouldn’t be possible without the help of Alyssa, who kindly sent in voicemails in response to our questions pertaining to the death industry. Follow her on Instagram @_flesh_daddy_ to see her horror-themed art and visit her Etsy Shop @TheFleshDruidess to buy a spooky print!

Other advocates mentioned in this episode:

David Khallili, LMFT of Rouse Relational Wellness @rousetherapy (hear his interview with Christina on #67 Smorgasboard of Delight)

Follow Pickles and Vodka for updates, guest inquiries, or to say hi:

Instagram: @picklesandvodkapodcast Facebook: Pickles and Vodka Podcast Twitter: @PicklesVodka Email:


Theme song is Insane OK by The Whines via Free Music Archive
Oct 31, 202201:14:11
#101 The Vibe Is Off feat. PERFECTIONISM
Oct 24, 202251:07
#100 One Hundred Conversations
Oct 17, 202201:05:56
#99 What's Your Damage? feat. GIRL INTERRUPTED
Oct 10, 202201:35:41
#98 Harm Reduction Baby feat. COPING MECHANISMS
Oct 03, 202201:07:52
#97 When Sh!t Goes Awry feat. VAPING?
Sep 26, 202201:06:17
#96.5 Lauren Spent the Weekend in a Psych Ward
Sep 22, 202201:00:32
#96 Life Is a Bad Sandwich feat. REGRET
Sep 19, 202201:09:15
#95 A Cool Supervisor Never Leaves a Scale at the Snack Table feat. EMPLOYEE RELATIONS
Sep 12, 202201:03:11
#94 Stay Crazy But Stay Alive feat. BURNOUT
Sep 05, 202251:13
#93 A Room of Chihuahuas feat. PETS
Aug 29, 202256:38
#92 More Mental Illness in the Media
Aug 22, 202249:23
#91 Spit It Out and Laugh About It feat. To the Bone
Aug 15, 202201:13:15
#90 The Future of Pickles and Vodka
Aug 08, 202233:19
#89 Mini Breakdown as a Treat
Aug 01, 202241:21
#88 The World's Sh!ttiest Seesaw feat. Jas
Jul 25, 202248:39
#87 What Am I Even Doing Here? feat. My 20s
Jul 12, 202240:35
#86 Angry, Sad, & Excessively Self-Aware
Jun 28, 202237:03
#85 Eat Like a Baby feat. Kayla Douthitt
Jun 20, 202247:42
#84 Becoming Smart, Beautiful, and Funny feat. Caroline Jumper
Jun 13, 202246:09
#83 Kernels of Trauma feat. Nikkole Anjuli
Jun 06, 202201:03:60
#82 F*cked Up Life Lessons feat. TrAuMa
May 29, 202248:19
#81 While the Ink is Drying feat. Bianca
May 24, 202201:05:36
#80 Give a Sh!t About Yourself (Because Nobody Else Will)
May 16, 202235:00
#79 Motorcycle Housewife feat. Rachael Goodrich
May 09, 202252:09
#78 Miserable and Beautiful
May 02, 202237:01
#77 Life Is WHACKO (and so Is This Podcast)

#77 Life Is WHACKO (and so Is This Podcast)

This might just be the most chaotic episode of Pickles and Vodka to date. Christina begins by sharing from the bullet journal she kept as an alcoholic, then launches into a FOMO-inspired rant. We dive into the world of mental health-inspired vanity plates before the show is interrupted by an unprecedented phone call. What follows is a chain of events that perfectly illustrate the everyday chaos in the life of a chaotic podcast host. ENJOY!
Apr 11, 202247:19
#76 Out of Control and Loving It??
Apr 05, 202237:15
#75 Getting Back to My (Regretful) Roots feat. Caroline & Ginger Jumper
Mar 23, 202245:24
#74 Anxiety Is My Co-Host
Mar 14, 202240:28
#73 The Bulimia Diaries Part 2: Recovery Edition
Feb 28, 202201:15:07
#72 Almond Milk in Bed feat. Caroline Jumper
Feb 21, 202235:06
#71 Unpacking Childhood feat. Steph & Lex
Feb 14, 202201:13:59
#70 When You're Tired of Facing Your Fears
Feb 07, 202221:54
#69 Mesearch, Microwaves, and Misery feat. Eileen Winn
Feb 01, 202201:01:31
#68 For the Millionth Time, You Deserve It
Jan 24, 202232:52
#67 Smorgasboard of Delight feat. David Khallili, LMFT
Jan 17, 202201:10:41
#66 The 2021 Hot & Spicy Pickle Awards
Dec 28, 202159:30
#65 Cray Cray All the Way
Dec 19, 202101:10:41
#64 Hyperventilating on AIM: Part 2 feat. Eli
Dec 14, 202101:10:41
#63 Hyperventilating on AIM: Part 1 feat. Eli
Dec 07, 202151:29
#62.5 Disassociation Cheese
Nov 22, 202141:34
#62 Life, Death, & Gratitude feat. Jérémie André
Nov 15, 202159:41
#61.5 Let's Visit 2009
Oct 26, 202128:55
#61 An Abortion Story: Part 2 feat. Mary
Oct 18, 202147:29
#60 An Abortion Story: Part 1 feat. Mary
Oct 11, 202101:02:40
#59 Well, This F*cked Us Up! feat. Luke Colson & Kyle Wise
Oct 04, 202101:01:37
#58 Self-Contained Hurricane feat. Leticia Francis
Sep 27, 202101:07:23
#57 Just Crazy Enough feat. Adam Lutchman
Sep 20, 202101:08:15
#56 The Recovering Perfectionist feat. Nadya Goest
Sep 13, 202155:33
#55 If We Could Go Back feat. Caroline Jumper
Sep 06, 202159:49
#54 Mental Growth Spurts feat. Becca Longenecker
Jul 26, 202101:02:31
#53.5 Not Another Bulimia Episode
Jul 19, 202124:08
#53 Interviewing My Ex feat. Andrew Stevens
Jul 11, 202101:10:55
#52 Breaking the Binge feat. Jacqueline Davis
Jul 05, 202101:03:11
#51 A Guy Just Like Everyone Else feat. Micah Roldan
Jun 28, 202101:05:33
#50 Pain Is Inevitable...So Date Who You Want feat. Bea Bailey
Jun 23, 202101:25:37
#49 Shame-Based Artist feat. Kye Plant
Jun 14, 202101:11:37
#48 Treatment Made Me Gay feat. Rachel Lynn Taylor
Jun 10, 202158:54
#47 Finding Your Reserve of Capability feat. Adele Ball
May 31, 202101:10:29
#46 Let's Talk About Suicide feat. Marconi
May 17, 202158:51
#45 Where's My Emotion Wheel? feat. Chas Neal
May 03, 202101:11:50
#44 The Most Popular Girl in the Psych Ward feat. Lauren
Apr 19, 202101:07:23
#43 Digging Deep with Decent Takes feat. Javaughn Marshall

#43 Digging Deep with Decent Takes feat. Javaughn Marshall

Settle in for a tumultuous tale of familial trauma, relationships gained and lost, the cycle of addiction, and an epic search for identity! Javaughn of Decent Takes Podcast shares his ongoing mental health struggles and how he comes to terms with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Christina talks about depression and has some strong opinions about Burger King. Content warning for drug use and suicide.

Find Javaughn on Instagram @decenttakes and Twitter @DecentTakesShow for more decent content!

Follow Pickles and Vodka for more updates:

Instagram: @picklesandvodkapodcast

Facebook: Pickles and Vodka Podcast

Twitter: @PicklesVodka

Email for inquiries about guest appearances or just to say hi!

Apr 05, 202101:07:24
#42.5 Hummus and Zombies feat. Connor Bolton

#42.5 Hummus and Zombies feat. Connor Bolton

We’ve got another minisode for you! This week, Connor is back to talk about attachment theory, coffee shops, and why he’s taking a break from social media. Christina spills some hot tea and gets vulnerable as always. Stay tuned for a full length episode later this week!

Mar 29, 202149:43
#42 Vulnerable Like a Snowplow feat. Rob Kalwarosky
Mar 15, 202155:31
#41 The Bulimia Diaries
Feb 22, 202144:14
#40 The Metaphorical Mirror feat. Rachel
Feb 01, 202101:09:39
#39 Bite Sized Future feat. Connor Bolton

#39 Bite Sized Future feat. Connor Bolton

It's the last episode of 2020 and have we got an action-packed hour for you! We kick it off with some big news from Christina, then jump to an interview with Connor in his cat-free apartment. Listen as they reflect on social isolation, starting a new job during COVID, accepting help, what they're never going to take for granted again, and why it's ok to be a little bitch. Connor opens a Christmas present from Christina's mom and discovers a shocking foot fact. The episode concludes with the second annual Hot and Spicy Pickle Awards as well as a message of encouragement. Enjoy!

If you're struggling with mental health and want to talk about it on the podcast, email Christina at or send a DM via Instagram @picklesandvodkapodcast.

Dec 28, 202001:04:22
#38.5 Return From Hiatus

#38.5 Return From Hiatus

2020 strikes again! In this minisode, Christina explains her recent break from the podcast and reflects on the last few months in hell. Topics include breakups, audio journaling, losing memories to mental illness, the importance of saying how we really feel, and realistic ways listeners are dealing with seasonal affective disorder.

If you're struggling with mental health and want to talk about it on the podcast, email Christina at or send a DM via Instagram @picklesandvodkapodcast. 

Dec 14, 202028:55
#38 No Zero Days feat. Cody Anderson

#38 No Zero Days feat. Cody Anderson

Grab your favorite beverage, put on your fancy headphones, and join us for this week's episode featuring musician Cody Anderson! He and Christina chat about men's mental health, social anxiety, addiction, escape, and the healing power of music. Bonus song recommendations included!
Outro music: Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy
Cody's rec: Deacon Blues by Steely Dan
Sep 28, 202059:34
#37 Perception Deception feat. Anonymous

#37 Perception Deception feat. Anonymous

Christina's guest this week talks about her drive to meet expectations and the affects it has had on her self-perception. Listen to hear on growing up with a toxic parent, the intersection between eating disorders and pleasing others, the unique struggle of facial dysmorphia, and COVID romance.
Sep 14, 202054:45
#36.5 Vida Loca feat. Connor Bolton

#36.5 Vida Loca feat. Connor Bolton

We interrupt the podcast's normal schedule to bring you the first ever minisode featuring Connor, Christina's friend and previous guest! Listen to their chat about a bizarre incident that happened on Christina's roof, recommendations for holding up during a world crisis, what's become important to them, and a surprise appearance from a kitten who just wants to be a guest on the podcast. Enjoy!
If you want to hear more from Connor, listen to episode #21 of Pickles and Vodka or follow his art Instagram @drawntoconn.
Aug 14, 202039:14
#36 People Suck (But Will Also Save Us) feat. Keyunti Richard

#36 People Suck (But Will Also Save Us) feat. Keyunti Richard

This episode is a meaty one! Christina chats with Key, her old RA from Bible school, and they discuss topics such as spiritual abuse, reconstructing your life after years of being told what to believe and how to act, when and how to educate your friends on social media, health scares, and more. Sensitive topic warning for suicide and PTSD.
Aug 10, 202001:26:05
#35 Rabbit Hole of Pain feat. Dr. Rachel Zoffness

#35 Rabbit Hole of Pain feat. Dr. Rachel Zoffness

The podcast is back from hiatus with its timeliest episode yet! This week's episode features Dr. Rachel Zoffness, a pain & health psychologist with 2 published books and a column in Psychology Today. She and Christina talk about the concept of anxiety contagion, the science behind emotions and pain, conspiracy theories, self-care for the end of the world, and more. Stay safe and enjoy!   Find out more about Dr. Zoffness on her website or by following her on Instagram @therealdoczoff. Her article, Anxiety Contagion: Tips for Relief, is referenced in this episode.
Jul 27, 202001:14:54
#34 A Light in Wild Times feat. Lucysarah
Mar 30, 202050:11
#33 The Healing Power of Memes feat. Kara

#33 The Healing Power of Memes feat. Kara

Settle in for a special episode featuring Kara, creator of the popular meme account @karakcals and my youngest guest to date! She tells me about the dilemmas faced by mentally ill individuals in China, navigating a diverse cultural and technological landscape, how she started using social media to change lives, and the importance of dark humor. Christina learns about TikTok and reveals a surprise returning guest. Enjoy! (And wash your hands.)
Mar 16, 202001:01:05
#32 The Wheel of Change Goes Round and Round feat. Andrew Jackson
Mar 02, 202001:06:40
#31 How to Live Alone feat. Anne

#31 How to Live Alone feat. Anne

Just in time for Valentine's week is the episode you've all been waiting for: how to survive living alone! My guest Anne talks about her experience with solo living, surviving depressive episodes and isolation, her work in inclusivity training, and why she doesn't have a cat. (We also share some bomb cleaning tips! You're welcome, world.)
Feb 18, 202001:13:57
#30 The Best Bad Option feat. Mara
Feb 03, 202001:08:45
#29 Queen of Clingy feat. Annie

#29 Queen of Clingy feat. Annie

This episode, Christina is joined by Annie, who talks about living with dependent personality disorder. You’ll learn about the struggles that come with such a rare diagnosis, how pets can provide crucial support, and witness a massive pop culture reference fly over Christina’s head.
Jan 21, 202001:01:18
#28 Hot Takes and Emo Clothes feat. Andrew Jumper

#28 Hot Takes and Emo Clothes feat. Andrew Jumper

Coming to you all the way from Virginia is this special episode featuring Christina’s brother, Andrew, who talks about managing his emotions in the face of a recent disappointment, how to increase your emotional intelligence, and why he stopped offering advice.
Jan 06, 202001:14:26
#27 Another Year, Another Pickle

#27 Another Year, Another Pickle

What do you do when you’re sober for the holidays? Record a podcast, obviously! Christina flies solo this week and reads listener emails about surviving this time of year from a mental health standpoint. She also gives out the first annual Hot & Spicy Pickle awards.
Dec 23, 201949:58
#26 All About Finding That Balance feat. Elena
Dec 10, 201956:05
#25 A Cupboard of One's Own feat. Adie

#25 A Cupboard of One's Own feat. Adie

It’s been a hot minute, but Christina is all moved into her new apartment and the podcast is back with a new episode! This week, guest Adie shares their insights about about the intersection of mental health and disability, ways to stay positive in the face of traumatic events, and how to find value in existence when all your reasons for existence seem to have vanished.

Nov 25, 201901:06:12
#24 Take Your Sick Days feat. Kelly
Nov 06, 201901:17:60
#23 Practice Makes Imperfect feat. Nadiya Star

#23 Practice Makes Imperfect feat. Nadiya Star

Christina reconnects with Nadiya, one of her former customers and a yoga teacher with a penchant for love, sex, and other wholesome drugs. The two chat about why we feel the need to wear different masks for different people, the challenge of embracing the struggle in your 30s, and how to adopt a meditation practice if you hate meditating. Follow Nadiya’s yoga practice on Instagram @nadiyastar or visit her website!
Oct 21, 201955:30
#22 Walking the Cow feat. Sabrina

#22 Walking the Cow feat. Sabrina

Christina reflects on leaving the job she’s had for 6.5 years before jumping into an interview with Sabrina, a trans skater and artist. Among the many topics discussed are growing up queer in the middle of nowhere, the importance of community, issues faced by intersex individuals, and how to take action for yourself when nobody else will.
Oct 08, 201901:02:09
#21 Just Show Up feat. Connor Bolton

#21 Just Show Up feat. Connor Bolton

How do you be there for a friend who's reached their breaking point? This week, guest Connor shares his insights as a gay Seattle artist accustomed to the intense highs and lows that come with relationships. We chat about being friends with your parents, the do's and don'ts of vulnerability in the workplace, and whether "scab" is an appropriate word to use on the internet. Follow Connor's art on Instagram @drawntoconn!
Sep 17, 201901:03:01
#20 A Multicultural Mess feat. Abby Jumper

#20 A Multicultural Mess feat. Abby Jumper

Christina’s back from visiting family in Virginia, and she’s bringing a brand new episode in which her sister-in-law, Abby, talks about her Filipino background and how mental health was approached. You’ll hear about the struggles faced by first-generation Americans, parental woes, what to do when you realize your family isn’t normal, and the healing power of…turtles? We also issue a challenge to listeners at the end of the episode.
Sep 02, 201901:08:28
#19 A Reason To Not Want To Die (As Much) feat. Jamie

#19 A Reason To Not Want To Die (As Much) feat. Jamie

Coming from the home studio this week is Jamie, a Chicago native and climber extraordinaire with a history of mental health that could be considered…rocky? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Listen to hear our hot takes on marrying young, trying scary new things when you’re depressed, and the concept of passion—what it is, what to do when you’ve lost it, and how to reframe it as a struggling adult.
Aug 19, 201950:39
#18 Tinder For Depressed People feat. Rachel

#18 Tinder For Depressed People feat. Rachel

As the summer draws to a close, the podcast brings you an episode all about the impact of mental health on long-term relationships. Rachel talks about surviving a traumatic past and how it affects her today, how to deal with being the “nutty one” in a relationship, and how she learned to nurture not just her significant other, but herself. Christina shares a gratitude list and a stellar business idea.
Aug 06, 201901:00:27
#17 Just Call Me Neurodiverse feat. Diana

#17 Just Call Me Neurodiverse feat. Diana

Gather round and explore the wonderful world of obsessive compulsive disorder! This week, Christina interviews Diana about her diagnosis, including how it has affected different facets of her life and how she’s learned to manage it over the years. (Listen long enough and you might even discover some surprising bird facts.)
Jul 22, 201901:01:57
#16 Coping, Not Cured feat. Winnie

#16 Coping, Not Cured feat. Winnie

The podcast takes a deep dive into the world of schizophrenia, polyamory, and…opera? This week’s guest, Winnie, shares how she has learned to live with her diagnosis from an early age, and gives tips for how to care for your mental health without access to external resources.
Jul 08, 201959:10
#15 It's Complex feat. Sophie

#15 It's Complex feat. Sophie

This week, former heroin addict Sophie talks about her messy relationship with drugs, food, and romance, and how diagnosing herself with complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) has opened her eyes to a new way of dealing with life.
Jun 24, 201948:58
#14 The New Normal feat. Ginger Jumper
Jun 10, 201944:00
#13 Mental Health Whackamole feat. Diane

#13 Mental Health Whackamole feat. Diane

Christina chats with Diane, a 25 year-old transgender woman in recovery for her eating disorder and other addictions. Tune in to hear about the events that led her to treatment, what it was like growing up different, and how she’s been able to find peace in life after years of self-medicating while trying to embrace her identify following personal trauma.
Apr 15, 201948:29
#12 Life Will Be The Death Of Me feat. Rachael Goodrich

#12 Life Will Be The Death Of Me feat. Rachael Goodrich

After a brief intermission, the podcast is back! This week, Rachael talks about the time her parents sent her away, her many adventures with ADHD, how becoming a mom made her reevaluate everything, and how she makes it work as a small business owner in Brooklyn while juggling her own mental health issues. (Spoiler: it’s really practical advice.) Follow Rachael on Instagram @doomednyc for glimpses into her shop and her life.
Apr 02, 201901:04:59
#11 Videmus feat. Syd Wachs
Mar 05, 201901:00:48
#10 Alcopops and Shower Goblins feat. Em

#10 Alcopops and Shower Goblins feat. Em

Join Christina and her British guest, Em, who describes in detail what it's like to live with borderline personality disorder while juggling several comorbidities as well as a series of complicated relationships.
Feb 19, 201958:59
#9 Little Circle of Misfits feat. Katherine

#9 Little Circle of Misfits feat. Katherine

Friendships take work under any circumstances, but what happens when mental illness gets thrown into the mix? This week, Katherine talks about losing and gaining relationships, coming out in college, and how to find that sweet balance between isolation and recharging your batteries.
Feb 04, 201957:53
#8 Both Sides of the Glass feat. Rachel

#8 Both Sides of the Glass feat. Rachel

Fresh from the hard drive of Christina's ex comes the long-awaited lost episode! Tune in to hear Rachel talk about what it's like working in an adolescent psych ward, her own personal medication rollercoaster, and adventures in Crossfit. (Bonus Netflix movie suggestion included.)
Jan 28, 201949:48
#7 Carnival of Chaos (and Dogs) feat. Anastasia

#7 Carnival of Chaos (and Dogs) feat. Anastasia

How does mental health fit into the world of education? This week, Anastasia gives the inside scoop on her own academic journey, the American special education system, service dogs, and how to live your best life in the face of depression.
Jan 18, 201901:22:41
#6 The Family Issue feat. Caroline Jumper

#6 The Family Issue feat. Caroline Jumper

Christina is joined by her sister, Caroline, and the two discuss a topic near and dear to them: FAMILY. How does nature vs. nurture play a role in a person's mental health journey? Is it possible to overcome a lifetime of baggage and emerge with self-confidence? What is Christina's opinion of Bird Box? All is revealed in this week's episode.
Jan 08, 201901:08:02
#5 How to Escape a Cult 101 feat. Madison

#5 How to Escape a Cult 101 feat. Madison

Madison talks about her experiences with childhood suicidal ideation, spiritual trauma, and defining grief after the death of a close loved one.
Jan 01, 201901:15:12
#4 I Pet a Cat Today feat. Bianca

#4 I Pet a Cat Today feat. Bianca

The podcast hits the road and interviews Bianca about her long history with depression, social anxiety woes, pros and cons of getting outside your comfort zone, and an unexpected coping method.
Dec 24, 201841:06
#2 Vacation Home In My Head feat. Lorenzo

#2 Vacation Home In My Head feat. Lorenzo

Lorenzo has a LOT to say about anxiety, isolation, the military, and how to cope when you find yourself starting over in life.

Dec 10, 201841:48
#1 One Dark Day

#1 One Dark Day

The obligatory intro episode that answers all your burning questions about what the podcast is all about, how to practice guilt-free self-care, and how fancy socks can change your life.
Dec 03, 201831:18