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Creative Risk

Creative Risk

By Picter

On Creative Risk we speak with the brave souls in the creative industries who haven’t been afraid to put it all on the line. In each episode we feature a different guest who has faced the uncertainties of creative life with gusto and determination – and come out on top. Hosted by Gabriel Shalom, Creative Director and Head of Content at Picter, the images-first team collaboration tool built for remote work:
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05 – Zipeng Zhu

Creative RiskJul 21, 2020

05 – Zipeng Zhu

05 – Zipeng Zhu

Self-described “creative octopus” Zipeng Zhu established his NYC career with an explicit poster campaign that caught the eye of award winning creative director Jessica Walsh. His colorful, bold, often playfully sexual design work has been commissioned by major international brands – but he can’t always talk about it. In this episode we explore how corporate NDAs play a role in both protecting and silencing creativity and Zipeng shares a personal view on silences in his own life as the gay son of traditional Chinese parents.

Show notes:

Jul 21, 202026:60
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Jun 23, 202029:19
03 – Tasneem Alsultan
May 27, 202031:60
02 – Nate Nichols
Apr 28, 202032:12
01 – Molly Gottschalk
Apr 01, 202024:32
Creative Risk Trailer

Creative Risk Trailer

Welcome to Creative Risk, the podcast where we discover the stories of people in the creative industries who take career defining risks and succeed. 

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