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Pimp My API

Pimp My API

By Pimp My API

All about APIs, software development, remote work and everything in between. If you're an aspiring developer, come join us. You might get useful advice on how to and how not to design software or work as a developer - in a casual form for everyone who ever committed code, or wants to in the future.
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01 - Worst API experience

Pimp My APIApr 01, 2020

09 - Deep dive into API testing
Oct 16, 202024:56
08 - API documentation tools

08 - API documentation tools

Ever struggled with an under-documented API? You probably don't wanna cause the same headache for your users then. Here are some tips and tools to avoid confusion and how to make your API easy to start with. We discuss the use of Postman, Swagger and Talend API Tester as documentation tools, and give some general advice on what and how to document.

Aug 29, 202021:36
07 - Communication tools and API testing basics (testing mini-series #1)
Aug 21, 202031:35
06 - A longer touch on the freelancing market in a world where everyone got a taster of the work from home life
Aug 11, 202030:06
05 - Full featured development environment in the cloud? Who still uses local apps anyway?
Jul 29, 202026:44
04 - Working for an agency or going full-on freelancer? Is there a good middleground?
Jul 23, 202037:23
03 - Protecting your API
Jul 19, 202030:28
02 - How the aftermath of the crisis potentially improves your code and life
Jul 09, 202029:48
01 - Worst API experience

01 - Worst API experience

In this episode, we share the worst APIs we have encountered. Not naming any, don't get it wrong. Just a little story about how bad can it be when you're trying to use even some of the well known APIs in the world. 

With some hopefully useful advice, in the end, this first episode wants to show that if you really push for great developer experience it may not be as far out of reach as you might think.

Apr 01, 202024:49