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Wedding Planning Collective

Wedding Planning Collective

By Kate McClellan

If you've ever had a question about planning your wedding, this is the podcast for you! Each week I'll be sharing my planning tips, inspiration, and sanity savers to keep you from losing your mind while planning your wedding!

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59 - Do You Need Wedding Favors?

Wedding Planning CollectiveApr 28, 2023

80 - Expensive Wedding Planning Mistakes
Nov 24, 202309:24
79- The First Steps in Wedding Planning
Nov 17, 202314:35
78 - Black Friday Wedding Deals

78 - Black Friday Wedding Deals

The Holiday's are here, which means the Black Friday Wedding deals are about to flood the internet! Let's talk about strategies to make the most of the sale season, and make sure to grab the downloadable list at!

This is NOT a sponsored or affiliated post, but rather a list of categories or items that I think have the best potential for savings!

And if you're looking for more wedding planning help, head over to the ⁠Wedding Planning Collective Facebook Group⁠ and post your questions there!

Nov 10, 202311:12
77 - Wedding Planning on Pinterest
Nov 05, 202311:50
76 - Wedding Day Curveballs
Oct 27, 202320:06
75 - Honeymoons & Destination Weddings
Oct 20, 202316:05
74 - Wedding Photography Chat - Brian Weitzel Photography

74 - Wedding Photography Chat - Brian Weitzel Photography

We're changing things up on the Wedding Planning Collective Podcast this week, and I'm so excited to share a great conversation I had with my very talented friend and wedding photographer, Brian Weitzel.  

Brian has been a wedding photographer for fifteen years, and he's one of my favorites to recommend to our clients.  Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer, but his calm and professional nature helps put couples at ease, helping to get the best out of his couples.  In today's episode of the Wedding Planning Collective Podcast, Brian and I talk all things wedding photography!  We chat about: 

  • the different styles of wedding photography
  • how to pick your wedding photographer
  • the editing process (why you might have to wait weeks or months for your photos)
  • questions you can ask potential photographers
  • the downside of sneak peek photos

 And not only do you get to HEAR us discuss everything above, you can now watch on YouTube!  So if you're more visual than audio, make sure to subscribe to our channel, as we'll have more video episodes coming our way! So take a listen/watch, and don't forget to check out Brian's amazing work

Oct 13, 202301:21:39
73 - 2024 Wedding Trends
Oct 06, 202312:06
72 - Deciding on Your Wedding Party
Sep 22, 202309:28
71 - Planning for a Proposal
Sep 15, 202311:11
70 - Wedding Things You're Overthinking
Sep 08, 202314:13
69 - Post-Wedding Blues: Navigating Depression After the Big Day

69 - Post-Wedding Blues: Navigating Depression After the Big Day

Welcome back to another episode of the Wedding Planning Collective Podcast! While most of our episodes dive into the details of wedding planning, today's topic is something that often gets overlooked: the post-wedding blues.

Episode Highlights:

  • Defining the Post Wedding Blues: The weeks following the wedding can bring about unexpected feelings of sadness, anxiety, and disappointment. It's a natural response given the intense focus on wedding preparations.
  • From Highs to Lows: Couples often experience a dramatic drop in dopamine levels after the wedding, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and anxiety.
  • Separating Emotions: It's crucial to differentiate between these post-wedding emotions and potential unhappiness with the marriage itself.

10 Ways to Combat the Post Wedding Blues:

  1. Embrace the Moment: Amidst the whirlwind, take moments to pause and savor the day's happiness and love.
  2. Let Go of Perfection: Minor hiccups are inevitable; don't let them overshadow the overall joy of the day.
  3. Adapting to Changes: Unexpected events like weather disruptions can become unique memories if approached with flexibility.
  4. Delayed Honeymoon: Consider a "mini-moon" immediately after the wedding and save the major trip for later; this anticipation offsets post-wedding blues.
  5. Guest-Shared Memories: Encourage guests to share their photos, providing visual memories while waiting for professional pictures.
  6. Create New Routines: Use newfound time and resources to explore shared hobbies, classes, or local activities.
  7. Pursue New Goals: Leverage the wedding's planning experience to tackle personal ambitions or projects you've been postponing.
  8. Stay Involved: Continue engaging with wedding planning communities or even explore assisting local wedding planners.
  9. Open Communication: Don't hide post-wedding blues from your spouse; discussing these emotions together fosters understanding and support.
  10. Prioritize Mental Health: If anxiety or depression are concerns, seek therapy beforehand; established support systems ease the transition.

Conclusion: Remember, the post-wedding blues are a common and valid experience. By acknowledging and addressing these feelings together, you and your partner can strengthen your bond during this transitional phase.


Free Wedding Planning Resources -

Sep 01, 202310:18
68 - When Do You Send Save the Dates & Invitations?
Aug 18, 202311:40
67 - Wedding Linen Sizing Guide
Aug 11, 202315:41
66 - Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Aug 04, 202310:53
65 - 5 Wedding Cake Tips
Jul 28, 202309:39
64 - Do you Need to Tip your Vendors?

64 - Do you Need to Tip your Vendors?

It's prime wedding season, so I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit a question that gets asked all the time. As the wedding day approaches, you'll likely wonder if you need to plan on tipping any of your vendors. In this episode, I'm going to break it down for you, including how much you should tip your wedding vendors, and alternatives to cash tips.  

Listen now, and head over to the ⁠Wedding Planning Collective Facebook Group⁠ 

And if you're planning a wedding, make sure to head over to ⁠WWW.PLANNINGCOLLECTIVE.COM⁠ to grab my free Wedding Planning Resources, and to sign up for the Wedding Planning Blueprint Course. I created the course to help busy brides step through the stages of wedding planning, without all the distractions and ads you’ll find on other wedding websites.

The downloadable video and audio lessons are meant to give you a similar experience to sitting down with a professional planner, guiding you from feeling lost and overwhelmed, to structured and confident in what comes next.  I’ll walk you through the 5 stages of planning a wedding, making sure that you’re getting the behind the scenes info that you’ll need to know to avoid FOWO - the Fear of Wedding Oversight.

And unlike the familiar binders and books that you can find on Amazon, this course is interactive and always growing! By purchasing the course today, you'll have lifetime access to all of the updates and additional content, which will be delivered on a weekly basis.

So if you're struggling to keep your head above water with your wedding plans, head over to WWW.PLANNINGCOLLECTIVE.COM now and get instant access to the wedding planning resource you need. I know it will give you the relief that you’ve been looking for, and get you back to enjoying wedding planning again.

Jul 21, 202307:55
63 - Talking to your Family about the Wedding Budget
Jul 14, 202312:19
BONUS - Amazon Prime Day Wedding Deals
Jul 08, 202307:15
62 - 10 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day
Jul 07, 202317:50
61 - Using Chat GPT for Wedding Planning
Jul 03, 202308:52
60 - Wedding Websites & Registries
May 05, 202310:50
59 - Do You Need Wedding Favors?
Apr 28, 202308:55
58 - Keep Your Wedding Anxiety in Check
Feb 17, 202315:56
57 - 5.5 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip in 2023
Feb 10, 202318:37
56 - Six Quick Money Saving Tips
Feb 03, 202309:49
55 - What You Need to Know About Hotel Blocks
Jan 27, 202313:23
54 - 5 Common Wedding Planning Questions Answered
Jan 20, 202310:16
53 - Free Wedding Planning Resource

53 - Free Wedding Planning Resource

If you're looking for wedding planning help, join our community over at The Wedding Planning Collective Facebook Group to get early (and FREE!) access to the all new Wedding Planning Blueprint Course!  The new beta version will be released to group members this week for free, before it's available to purchase later in December.  

You can also find other free wedding planning resources at

Nov 23, 202205:12
52 - Black Friday Shopping for Your Wedding
Nov 16, 202209:34
51 - Holiday Weddings - Pros & Cons
Nov 09, 202209:22
50 - How to Plan the Perfect Proposal
Nov 02, 202209:37
49 - Learn From Our Stories
Oct 26, 202210:60
48 - What You Need to Know About Tented Weddings
Oct 19, 202213:02
47 - What you Need to Know about Vendor Contracts
Oct 12, 202207:29
46 - The Fastest Way to Derail Your Wedding Budget
Oct 05, 202207:14
45 - Six Tips You Need to Know about Your Wedding Dress Bustle
Sep 28, 202206:09
44 - The Surprising Reason I Encourage Engagement Photo Sessions
Sep 21, 202204:57
Season 2 is coming!

Season 2 is coming!

I’m so excited to share that a new season of the wedding planning collective podcast is coming! It’s been an amazing, yet insane, wedding season, and I can’t wait to get back to sharing new wedding planning tips with you again.

Starting next week, you’ll find new episodes on your feed every Wednesday. Most episodes will be under 20 minutes, giving you the quick advice you need to save time, money, and stress while you’re planning your wedding.

Upcoming topics will include “how to choose your wedding party”, “fading wedding trends”, “budget saving ideas”, and so much more!

We’re also going to be mixing in some longer interview episodes with other wedding pros to give you a more detailed look into certain areas of the world of weddings.

I really can’t wait to get back to sharing the details I know you need to know while you’re planning your big day! But I’d love to know what topics you’d like to hear more about.

Find me @planningcollectively on IG and let me know what your wedding planning questions are. If you have a topic you’d like to learn more about, drop it in comments or DM’s and we’ll make sure it’s covered in an upcoming episode!

In the meantime, please take the opportunity to look back at past episodes to help get you started. Episode 1 “You’re Engaged! Now what?” Will walk you through the first steps to in the planning process. Episode 6 “Expensive Wedding Planning Mistakes” will help you keep your budget in check. And if you’re planning a backyard wedding, or your wedding will be at a unique venue that you need to bring everything in, Episode 11 is for you!

So make sure you’re subscribed to the Wedding Planning Collective Podcast and the episodes will find you every Wedding Wednesday! Thanks so much, I’ll see you next week!

Sep 16, 202202:36
43 - 15 Commonly Missed Budget Items
Apr 06, 202213:27
42 - 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes from a Vendors Perspective
Apr 06, 202207:45
41 - 10 Wedding Myths
Mar 23, 202209:03
40 - Irish Wedding Traditions
Mar 17, 202206:20
39 - What to Expect at Vendor Meetings
Mar 09, 202209:37
38 - 6 Things to Consider Before Booking your Wedding Venue
Mar 02, 202214:44
Episode Rewind - How to Know if a Deal is Too Good to be True
Feb 23, 202206:58
37- The Biggest Wedding Expense
Jan 27, 202206:50
36 - How Do You Plan a Wedding Anyway?

36 - How Do You Plan a Wedding Anyway?

You're engaged!!  Now what?  In today's episode I'm going to tell you about an exciting (and FREE) workshop that I'll be hosting - How Do You Plan a Wedding Anyway? - 3 Simple Steps You Can Follow to Get Out of Overwhelm & Into Action


Free Workshop Registration -

Do you have questions for me for next weeks episode?  Send them to or comment in the Wedding Planning Collective Facebook Group


In just 40 minutes, I'll teach you:

  • How to determine what your wedding priorities are.
  • How to create your wedding vision.
  • How to make sure you have a strong foundation set before you move on to the details of the wedding day.

Plus top industry tips and resources that will help you stay stress-free while planning.


This is a must if you:

  1. You're recently engaged and don't know what to do next.
  2. You've been engaged for a while,  but the initial excitement has faded because you're so overwhelmed
  3. You LOVE wedding planning, but can't shake the feeling of FOWO (Fear of Wedding Oversight).
Jan 07, 202204:27
35 - Your Wedding Vendor Team
Dec 29, 202110:06
34 - Your Wedding Checklists & Timelines
Dec 29, 202108:24