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Pleasant Spirit Podcast

Pleasant Spirit Podcast

By Kyle Pleasant LMT

Discussion of a variety of topice on health, wellness, self improvement and massage. I am a legally blind, licensed massage therapist in Portland, Oregon and want to share my professional as well as life experiences.
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43. Forgiveness is a Choice

Pleasant Spirit PodcastMar 18, 2022

45. Creating Space
Apr 22, 202209:31
44. Cleaning Up Relationships
Mar 25, 202212:50
43. Forgiveness is a Choice
Mar 18, 202209:34
42. Making Room for Hope in Troubled Times
Mar 04, 202211:30
It's Ok Not to be Ok
Feb 12, 202210:06
Spiritual Homeostasis
Feb 06, 202210:37
Introducing Kelsey Sparks
Jan 07, 202219:06
Think Differently for the New Year
Jan 01, 202212:18
Life is an Ongoing Prayer
Nov 07, 202111:02
Everybody Copes
Oct 22, 202110:10
Mind Vs Body
Oct 01, 202111:24
Serenity Now
Aug 20, 202109:11
Releasing What Doesn't Serve You
Jul 02, 202109:31
A Religious Diet
Jun 25, 202111:05
Mind Your Meal
Jun 12, 202110:19
Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin
Jun 04, 202109:21
Life is a Moving Experience
May 21, 202110:07
So What if It Sucks?
May 16, 202110:05
Energetic Spring Cleaning
May 07, 202119:24
Another Point of View
Apr 23, 202111:22
Fostering Energy Audiobook Sample
Apr 16, 202107:17
What Is Your Story?
Apr 09, 202110:11
What is Being Demonstrated in Your Life?
Mar 22, 202111:09
Changing Your Inner Dialog
Feb 27, 202113:11
How I Became a Massage Therapist
Feb 21, 202113:47
What is Your Perceived Value?
Jan 31, 202113:31
Cause and Effect
Jan 22, 202113:36
A Lesson from the Appalachian Trail
Jan 17, 202115:55
Emotions Running Hot on Current Events?
Jan 09, 202111:52
January 2, 2021

January 2, 2021

Jan 02, 202100:32
New Year Wrapup
Jan 01, 202114:24
Sharing Your Gratitude
Dec 14, 202013:15
Creating a World That Works For All
Dec 04, 202016:18
Importance of Good Communication For Your Massage
Nov 20, 202011:47
Looking at Challenges as Creative Opportunities

Looking at Challenges as Creative Opportunities

History is written with challenges opportunities.  We can turn our own challenges as a sign to create a world that inspires others.

Nov 13, 202013:41
Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

A brief perspective on the current political landscape.  Where we go from here is up to all of us.

Nov 09, 202011:23
Being An Ice Breaker
Oct 30, 202012:07
Self Massage with Everyday Items
Oct 23, 202015:24
Feeling Powerless?
Oct 16, 202009:39
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
Oct 09, 202010:30
Massage FAQ and Addressing gender preference.
Oct 02, 202012:34
A Matter of Perspective
Sep 25, 202009:50
How I Evaluate my Human Experience
Sep 18, 202011:22
What to Expect at Pleasant Touch Massage

What to Expect at Pleasant Touch Massage

A word picture of what you could experience at Pleasant Touch Massage

Sep 04, 202013:52
Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress

What causes stress and what are it's long-term effects on the body?

Aug 21, 202010:20
Introduction for the first show

Introduction for the first show

Just some basic background on me and what I do and what the podcast will be.

Aug 15, 202011:56