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Pls Fix Thx

Pls Fix Thx

By Raj Parekh & Sanchit Wadhawan

Welcome to Pls Fix Thx!

We started this podcast to talk about modern-day fads and trends that leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained and burned out. If these feelings sound familiar to you, then you're at the right place! Through our candid conversations, we'll rant about what's got us down this week and toss out some ideas for how we can solve our problems together.

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18: We Don't Have Any!

Pls Fix ThxOct 07, 2021

18: We Don't Have Any!
Oct 07, 202122:34
17: Is It Ok To Step Outside?
Sep 28, 202119:10
16: The @mitraNYC Special (Pt. III) - Fixing Career Anxiety & More Hot Takes 🔥
Apr 30, 202142:17
15: The @mitraNYC Special (Pt. II) - Being Brown in Corporate America
Apr 28, 202133:60
14: The @mitraNYC Special (Pt. I) - Content Creation and Spicy Takes
Apr 27, 202155:50
13: Switching Career Paths - Please Fix Thx
Apr 05, 202153:12
12: The MBA - Please Fix Thx (Part 3)
Mar 16, 202129:25
11: The MBA - Please Fix Thx (Part 2)
Feb 18, 202136:44
10: The MBA - Please Fix Thx (Part 1)
Feb 12, 202142:14
9: Streaming Wars - Please Fix Thx

9: Streaming Wars - Please Fix Thx

We’re kicking off season 2 talking about streaming wars. Remember the quaint days of Netflix and chill? Now we got a dozen different platforms with more content than we could ever need, we’re paying as much as we ever were, and we’re so worked up about it we can’t even chill like we used to. We need to talk.

We’re taking on subscription fatigue, the proliferation of streaming services, discussing why cable is not good enough anymore and telling you how as a society, we can fix this. Take a listen and let us know what you think via instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or by emailing us at

Sources and Shout-outs:

Jan 29, 202138:34
Out of Scope: Season 2 Kickoff!
Jan 20, 202123:29
Ep. 8: Interviews - Please Fix Thx

Ep. 8: Interviews - Please Fix Thx

In our season #1 finale, we’re coming after job interviews and the corporate recruiting process. You know, those things that you stay up all night stressing out about when you’re looking for a job? Companies are bad at evaluating talent, it turns out. Interviews are really ineffective and biased. Case interviews are even worse, and we’d like to see them go away completely. And why do we need AI in our interview process?! If you’ve ever been discouraged while job hunting or interviewing, we hope you’ll relate, and if you are in charge of a company’s hiring process, we hope you’ll reevaluate your practices.

This is our last episode of season one. To all who listened, thank you so much! We really appreciate all of you. We will be back in 2021. In the meantime, please rate, subscribe, and share this with your friends and family. If you have topic suggestions or feedback for us, reach out to us at or @pleasefixthx on instagram.

Sources and shoutouts:

Dana, Jason, Robyn Dawes, and Nathanial Peterson. "Belief in the unstructured interview: The persistence of an illusion." Judgment and Decision making 8.5 (2013): 512.,prediction%20accuracy%20of%20job%20interviewers

Dec 06, 202044:31
Miniseries: Out of Scope #2

Miniseries: Out of Scope #2

Out of scope work always happens to find you right as you think you’re about to finish a project doesn’t it? Please Fix Thx isn’t immune to it either, but we try to have fun with it here. We’ll wrap up season 1 next week, but until then, please enjoy the second installment of our miniseries where we go rapid fire about a number of topics that don’t deserve a whole episode.

If you’ve ever wondered what a conversation between your favorite podcast hosts sounds like when the mics aren’t on, this episode is for you. We riff and rant about covid life, our loss of liberty and the increasingly fatiguing pursuit of happiness. Raj explains why sourdough sucks and product operations doesn’t. Sanchit jibes at the playstation controller and educates Raj about tofurkeys. This is as raw and unfiltered as we’ve ever been. We hope you like it.

Nov 20, 202028:47
Ep. 7: Advertising - Please Fix Thx
Nov 11, 202043:59
Ep. 6: Imposter Syndrome - Please Fix Thx
Oct 28, 202043:12
Ep. 5: Paid Time Off - Please Fix Thx
Oct 22, 202032:52
Miniseries: Out of Scope #1
Oct 09, 202033:55
Ep. 4: Side Hustles and Startup Culture - Please Fix Thx
Oct 01, 202040:31
Ep. 3: Get-Rich-Quick Schemes - Please Fix Thx
Sep 22, 202030:46
Ep. 2: Certifications - Please Fix Thx
Sep 15, 202034:18
Ep. 1: LinkedIn - Please Fix Thx
Sep 08, 202033:10
Sep 08, 202000:42