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Plumed Serpent: Transform Yourself and the World through Nature Connection

Plumed Serpent: Transform Yourself and the World through Nature Connection

By Isabelle Blum

Hello, the Plumed Serpent is about transformation of oneself and the world, mainly through nature connection. My name is Isabelle Blum, and I talk with a variety of guests sharing transformations journeys, as well as simple ways and possibilities to transform yourself through nature connection. My ally is Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, ancient Mesoamerican creator of the world and humanity, god of learning, science, agriculture, crafts and the arts, the embodied connection of heaven and earth. May you be inspired to fully embody yourself to the greatest good of all.
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(29) Floris R. Slob: Being Open and Curious

Plumed Serpent: Transform Yourself and the World through Nature ConnectionMar 28, 2022

(29) Floris R. Slob: Being Open and Curious

(29) Floris R. Slob: Being Open and Curious

In episode 29 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Floris R. Slob, transformational coach and author. We talk about letting go, transformations, and shifting experiences. Opening ourselves up to messages from within and without. Connecting with nature, being in tune with its gifts, interconnectedness, the unseen realms, and how this nourishes us. Entitlement, sharing our knowledge, and being an expert. Floris also talks about his profound personal transformational journey he experienced in New Zealand that he shares in his book Waking up in TIKI's WORLD as well as his other shifting experiences and ideas to bring this into the world. 

Floris on LinkedIn Floris' book: Waking up in TIKI's WORLD: An extraordinary & Inspiring autobiographic tale of personal growth, faith and miracles
Mar 28, 202256:06
(28) Short Stories of Transformation
Mar 14, 202223:02
(27) Semaj Rramal Crawford: Embodying and Living Choice
Feb 28, 202201:02:08
(26) Eithne Warren: Tapping into Your Source
Feb 14, 202201:05:34
(25) Anna Näsén: Crystallize Your True Self

(25) Anna Näsén: Crystallize Your True Self

In episode 25 I'm joined by Anna Näsén, advanced energy healer, teacher, author, artist, and lecturer of energy, healing, energy hygiene, ascension, and how to anchor your soul gifts as a starseed, and much more.

We talk about energy, healing, the dark and light within us, and how we mirror that, our perception of the world, the ongoing shift in vibrancy, and how this will change ourselves and our world. Anna also tells her personal healing and transformation story, and how much she has changed herself, her life, her experiences, and her view on the world, and more.

Background and Contact

Anna went through an intense healing journey after her old life crumbled before her eyes. Her inner abilities unlocked through a true twin flame journey that started 2014 that now have made Anna unity consciousness embodied.

To help her unlock her inner true gifts, she made her journey through being initiated in Reiki master Mikao Usui's intuitive method in 2018 and education to remember more through Willow School of Magic and the shamanic year wheel 2019 which threw her into the intergalactic year wheel afterwards by her guides. This happened so Anna could heal space karma and remember her medicine from other solar systems.

Chrystal therapy became very useful for the new chapter of life where 5D reality is more and more anchored into 3D reality for humanity on planet Earth. Anna went to Soul Alchemy in Stockholm during 2020 to learn the intuitive methods of chrystal frequencies.

Website: Deer Light Healing

Feb 01, 202201:00:05
(24) Sara Jager: Being in Tune with Your Cycle

(24) Sara Jager: Being in Tune with Your Cycle

In episode 24 I welcome Sara Jager, Holistic Health Coach, Embodiment and Empowerment Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Cultural Anthropologist, and Co-founder of Back to Balance Academy for Women.

We talk about the cyclical nature of women and how much we benefit when we acknowledge this in all areas of our lives. That it needs a paradigm shift and some courage to re-integrate this inherent wisdom of our bodies into our business life. Sara also tells her personal transformation story, and how much she learned from that, and more.

Background and Contact

After experiencing burnout at a young age, her healing journey started with moving to New Zealand, learning from Maori healers, plant medicine, undertaking a shamanic medicine woman training, learning about nutrition at retreat centers and organic and permaculture farms. Interest in holistic health led her to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and complete several Yoga Teacher Trainings. Sara weaves together holistic nutrition, self care practices, yoga, mindfulness, meditations and embodiment practices as well as womb, energy and archetype work. Besides holding space for mindset and energy transformations, her emphasis is on creating practical and sustainable changes by designing a cycle friendly lifestyle. 

Working with women in the field of wellness, she couldn't help but notice that despite all the tools and practices, the struggle to sustain healthy habits in the long run was still present. After learning that the key to understanding women's needs lies in the menstrual cycle, which affects all areas of life, she created her signature practices that support women to adapt how to eat, move, work, create and relate according to the different phases of the cycle. With the intention to make it normal for women to embrace and celebrate their menstrual cycle and experience hormonal health, so that they can thrive she co-founded Back to Balance Academy for Women. Sara weaves together holistic nutrition, self care practices, yoga, mindfulness, meditations and embodiment practices as well as womb, energy and archetype work. Besides holding space for mindset and energy transformations, her emphasis is on creating practical and sustainable changes by designing a cycle friendly lifestyle. 

Sara on LinkedIn
Back to Balance Academy

Dec 27, 202152:33
(23) Allison Walters: Wild Spaces at Your Doorstep

(23) Allison Walters: Wild Spaces at Your Doorstep

In episode 23 I welcome Allison Walters, Director and Principal Landscape Architect of awSCAPE. Allison talks about the benefits of wildlife at your doorstep and working place, and how it can improve life and wellbeing for animals and humans alike. She emphasis the importance to integrate water in landscape design and how beneficial this is. Allison tells also the story of her butterfly garden at her house, and how much she learned from its development. And that we need to say goodbye to perfection and embrace the thriving of life, with the respectful interventions needed. Allison also mentions the big challenges we’re facing in urban areas, and that there are a lot of opportunities and activities to dive into, especially in integrating wildlife vertically and horizontally as well as in the planning process of development areas, and more.

Background and Contact

Allison Walters is the Director and Principal Landscape Architect of awSCAPE in Stoke on Trent, UK. With over 15 years’ experience as a landscape architect, awSCAPE was born from a desire to change the way we live in our urban and rural worlds. Allison has a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and water, and has combined her first degree in Environmental Biology with her landscape architectural experience to change the way water and wildlife are perceived in our world.

Her purpose is to create spaces, places, public open spaces, developments and gardens with a wildlife rich, sustainably drained, beautiful and unique design. Places that slow, clean and manage rainwater to prevent polluted watercourses. Spaces that bring everyday nature to everyone’s doorstep so we can all access nature and recharge. Spaces that are engaging, distinguishable, and unique to their location.

Website: awSCAPE Landscape Design

Nov 29, 202150:01
(22) Natasha Branston: Educating Kids Outdoors

(22) Natasha Branston: Educating Kids Outdoors

In episode 22 of the Plumed Serpent I welcome Natasha Branston, Forest School Leader and the Founder of Educating Kids Outdoors.

Natasha  talks about how children are restricted in their creativity and freedom  of expression and exploration due to the curriculum driven school  politics, lack of risk, general fear and tendencies of collectivism in  the UK. And how this creates an environment of obedience and stereotype  behavior and thinking, what is quite the contrary what we need nowadays  when it comes to problem solving and adaptability. And how much children  open up and thrive when they’re given the space and opportunity to be  outdoors.

Natasha emphasizes that being outside is fostering  self-confidence, embodiment, compassion, trust and the feeling of  belonging. And how her approach of learn, connect and protect is  sparking the interest in taking action. Natasha shares one of her  methods of connection with nature and oneself and how her  „Tasha-timeout“ influences families in their outdoor behavior.

Background and Contact

Natasha  Branston is a Forest School Leader and the Founder of Educating Kids  Outdoors. She and her team of EKO Leaders work in primary, secondary and  special schools all over the West Midlands, UK delivering curriculum  linked and co-curriculum outdoor learning sessions during and after the  school day, as well as during the school holidays.

Her aim is to  inspire school leaders and upskill school teachers to have the  confidence and belief in developing sustainable and alternative  approaches to learning; beyond the classroom walls.

Natasha’s  vision is for all school learning to move seamlessly indoors and  outdoors, throughout a child’s education, with children and their  teachers having the opportunity to connect to nature, to be aware of the  seasons and to learn to manage risk effectively. There is so much good  practice of inspiring and impactful outdoor learning around the world  and Natasha looks for ways to share these ideas and strategies with UK  schools.

Website: Educating Kids Outdoors

Nov 22, 202101:00:03
(21) Meg Beeler: Weave the Heart

(21) Meg Beeler: Weave the Heart

Meg talks about the quality of being in the heart and its importance in transforming ourselves and the world. When you’re in your heart you can not argue, as one of her teachers said. She experienced that very clearly in her relationship to her daughter. She explains how the connection to nature, other realities and dimensions shifted her perception about herself and how it nurtures herself. And how simple practices can empower oneself and help navigating the challenges in life. Meg tells of her experiences when spirit is flowing through her and how liberating and fun that is. She emphasizes the importance of alignment with oneself, spirit and energy. She also describes the practice of dismemberment (conscious letting go of ego-self) and how it is helping to be more relaxed and anchored in your true self. Meg is talking about how being fully present is very hard but essential for healing and empowerment. And that non-doing, being silent and conscious breathing are very important for the awareness of the subtle connections, movements and expansiveness. Meg uses a very simple formula to connect to the cyclicality of nature that helps her to be attuned to the natural rhythms. She also shares a powerful and yet simple breathing practice she learned in the Andes to purify and nourish yourself and be in the presence.

Meg Beeler is a Shamanic Guide, Mentor, and Author. Drawing on her lifelong passion for soul healing, heart opening, and reweaving the connections between all beings, she helps clients heal energy, soul, and spirit. Meg is the author of the book: Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy. Her next book is Harmony Within and Without: How to Find Heart, Radiance, and Renewal in a Troubled World.  She is also the founder of Earth Caretakers Wisdom School and creator of Energy Alchemy.™ Meg lives in Sonoma California United States of America.

Meg is a lifelong explorer of shamanic, animist, and meditative consciousness who practices Earth-centered, nature-based, Andean mysticism. She brings a lifetime of teaching and experience in land-based community ceremony to her work. She was a Silicon Valley consultant and author of many technical books. Meg is a master gardener and chairs the non-profit Sonoma Mountain Preservation Group in the North San Francisco Bay Area.

Website: Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide

Nov 15, 202101:02:37
(20) Isabelle Blum: Being Rooted
Nov 01, 202112:33
(19) Mike Hansen: Graze against the Machine

(19) Mike Hansen: Graze against the Machine

In episode 19 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Mike Hansen. Mike shares the beginnings and intentions of his regenerative farming journey with his wife Sue. How biodiversity evolved on his farm and its impact on the quality and health of soil, plants, animals and humans. Mike speaks about his connection to the indigenous people in his area and their guidance towards implementing their holistic knowledge. The interconnectedness of plants, animals and land and the medicinal quality of this connection. Especially his experiences with the Heritage Pineywoods Cattle he’s raising on his farm. Mike also mentions how important constant learning, humbleness and reciprocity are for him. And how his connection to the land developed and the influence of his roots. Mike ends our talk with his  thoughts about the vision for his farm and possibilities for further development.

Mike Hansen is a Regenerative Farmer, Entrepreneur and Inventor, running the Ozark Akerz Regenerative Farm located on Skaruhreh/Tuscarora Land in North Carolina with his wife Sue. Mike and Sue farm with respect for the gifts that plants and animals provide. They raise Heritage Pineywoods Cattle, and a variety of of heritage chickens who are protected from hawks by a guard-turkey name Romeo. Mike and Sue are on a journey to follow indigenous Honorable Harvest an ancient wisdom that grounds their approach to regenerative farming. They take slow and deliberate steps in their adoption of these principles, honoring the wisdom through understanding, practice and unlearning of other practices.

As Mike states: „We will care for the land that has adopted us. We will do so with respect, working in harmony with nature for healthy and vigorous soil and plants and improving the quality of life for wild and domestic animals. We embrace the 7th Generation Principle of indigenous nations around the world. In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

Website: Ozark Akerz

Oct 25, 202101:03:12
(18) Ruth Davey: Look Again

(18) Ruth Davey: Look Again

In episode 18 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Ruth Davey. We talk about her scientific proven mindful photography methodology and how it serves people, communities and the world. Why looking closer and looking again supports letting go, gratitude, trust and being present in the moment and how it is improving awareness, acceptance and compassion. How people can reframe their perception and focus and enjoy silence through photography. What nature does for us when we’re open, receptive and pause. How we can go into our heart and higher self and acknowledge our being. Why we need to remember our greatness, step up and dare to be great. Ruth also talks about how imagination, visualization and photography can create a new story and a vision for the future. And what her personal vision is.

Ruth Davey is the Founder/Director of Look Again, a tried and tested (by the University of Gloucestershire) creative, accessible and low-tech methodology that blends photography, mindfulness, and being in nature. She’s as well a photographer, facilitator, project manager, public speaker, coach, visionary, collaborator, author, Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and mother. Ruth offers workshops, courses, training and public speaking, helping you, your organisation/business or community.

Ruth brings together 30 years experience of working in international, community and business development in London, Africa, Bristol and the South West. She enjoys working at both the strategic and grassroots levels with people from all social and cultural backgrounds. Ruth also loves to collaborate with health and wellbeing professionals, executive coaches, and other creatives.

Website: Look Again

Oct 18, 202101:06:14
(17) John Farais: Food is a Tool for Transformation

(17) John Farais: Food is a Tool for Transformation

In episode 17 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome John Farais. We talk about food and its many aspects linked to our lives. And that due to our numbers we can literally vote with our forks. We discuss how appreciation impacts the vibrational quality of food from the field to the plate to the people. Why we need to understand food on a deeper level and educate people about all aspects of food. John also describes shortly the process of producing acorn flour and the practical handling of food. We mention also that by experiencing the growth of food and saving seeds, we're taking back our food sovereignity. And why the holistic indigenous philosophy on nature, spirit and stewardship of land is an inspiration for our present actions. John talks furthermore about the need for transformation, self-exploration and getting clear about ourselves.

John Farais, a Marin County chef and founder of “Indigenous Edibles”, located in the San Francisco Bay area, is a lecturer, cooking instructor, native plant specialist, and food educator. He has been cooking with ingredients native to The Americas, for over 10 years. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that John is one of the few, if not the only, Bay Area chefs who specialize in the history, taste, and promotion of California’s, and The Americas’ indigenous, edible plants. John specializes in using ingredients that are native to California, and North through South America in his cooking. He makes his own Acorn flour and forages for Mesquite, Bay nuts, Elderberries, Madrone berries, Nettles and Manzanita berries along with many other native plants.

John has cooked for Carlo Petrini, the creator of Slow Food International, Actor Peter Coyote, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, The California Indian Conference and Heyday Books. He has lectured for Slow Food, The Oakland Museum, San Francisco State University, College of Marin, UC Berkeley and California Native Garden Foundation.

John's long-term goal is to help establish and source from Heritage Foodways. His vision is to promote a just, sustainable, and healthy food system, by sourcing ingredients from farmers who honor the connection of the earth’s well-being to ours. 

Website: Indigenous Edibles – Ancient Foodwas as Medicine and a Tool for Transformation 

Oct 12, 202156:19
(16) Melina Watts: Our Emotional Connection to Nature
Oct 04, 202149:34
(15) Rachel Woods: Let Nature Coach You
Sep 28, 202149:18
(14) Isabelle Blum: Being in Harmony with Nature
Sep 21, 202111:53
(13) Gareth Walters: Find Yourself on the Outside
Sep 13, 202138:04
(12) Isabelle Blum: Harmonise the Elements
Sep 07, 202113:10
(11) Isabelle Blum: Connect to Nature
Aug 30, 202108:53
(10) Amba Casturi O'Hara: Being Shaped by Gaia
Aug 17, 202157:46
(09) Suzana Barbosa: Co-Create a Regenerative World
Jul 12, 202153:37
(08) Jennifer Smrz: Enjoy Every Moment

(08) Jennifer Smrz: Enjoy Every Moment

Jennifer Smrz, wellness, holistic living and career transition coach, breast cancer survivor, mental health advocate, yoga and fitness instructor and educator on natural products, joins me on this episode of the Plumed Serpent Podcast. We talk about sleep, stress, perception, self-talk, deep breathing, the power of thoughts, wording and appreciation, the necessity of self-care, the health benefits of reading product labels and using toxic free products.

Jennifer is passionate about helping others by sharing coping strategies and taking control of their lives again. She loves educating people on the importance of reading labels and knowing what ingredients are in our foods and household products.

Jennifer Smrz on LinkedIn

Jul 05, 202144:25
(07) Esperanza Smith: Explore and Expand Yourself

(07) Esperanza Smith: Explore and Expand Yourself

Esperanza Smith, holistic healer and educator, published author, writer, artist and founder of PureEsperanza NFP, joins me in this episode of The Plumed Serpent Podcast. We talk about our multidimensional being, quantum experiences, collective consciousness, our evolution, the essence of presence, integration, self-responsibility, stillness and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Esperanza Smith studied and trained in Waldorf education and human development, and has taught holistic education for 25+ yrs. Her love for life-long learning has lead her to study in traditional and non-traditional educational institutions that include studies in healing, metaphysics, spiritual science, religions, mysticism, esotericism, philosophies, psychology, biodynamics, nutrition, alternative medicines, and the arts.

Esperanza’s teaching includes Waldorf schools, Spanish-foreign language programs, charter school programs, homeschooling collectives, private tutoring, prenatal and natural childbirth classes, adult enrichment programs, people with disabilities, life skills, job readiness, parent workshops, national conferences, community events and private consultation.

She has served as a director of independent charter school programs, an award-winning after school art program, and as an administrator of a private school. Esperanza’s professional career has included social services, nonprofits, faculty chair board work, operations, and human resources. She is the author and illustrator of Girl Seeking Pearls and other inspired writings. Presently, she serves as the executive director of PureEsperanza wearing many hats.

Esperanza is a mother, grandmother, life partner, and a soul with a committment to the consciousness movement, holistic wellbeing, energy medicine of our future, and serving humanity in this evolutionary time of rapid transformations with a vision to dream a new world into being.

Website: PureEsperanza Nonprofit Organization

Personal Website: Esperanza Smith

Linkedin: Esperanza Smith

Jun 28, 202152:02
(06) Rory Berry: Take a Beat

(06) Rory Berry: Take a Beat

Rory Berry joins me in this episode of the Plumed Serpent. We talk about the two VIP memberships we shouldn’t have, work life integration, simplicity, embracing ourselves, taking a beat, the benefits of saying no, playfulness and being outdoors. 

Rory has a background in improvised theatre and the performing arts. He works as a life and executive coach, corporate trainer, speaker, mentor and play advocate. Rory helps people at all stages of life as well as managers and business owners gain clarity on themselves, problem-solving and purpose.

Rory has a deep desire to see more play and fun in the world. He believes we don’t play enough, especially as adults. Having had the unique gift of spending ten years in the performing arts, he now brings that to all that he does. Rory has been known to say “Let’s have a brain jam”, in fact its all over the site. That human connection creates opportunities to discover treasure in conversations. His aim is to help others achieve more by reframing the way that they look at things. 

Website: Roaring Berry
LinkedIn: Rory Berry

Jun 21, 202149:53
(05) Claire Victoria Bishop: Commit to Nature

(05) Claire Victoria Bishop: Commit to Nature

Claire Victoria Bishop joins me in this episode of the Plumed Serpent. We talk about daily walks outdoors, the curious mindset, relaxation and openness in nature as well as the benefits for businesses and working teams being outdoors together.

Claire has a background in psychology and works as a natural light photographer offering beautiful, emotive and natural imagery to purpose driven brands and businesses. She also organizes nature photography walks and creative based activities to boost overall wellbeing. She lives in South Gloustershire U.K. with her family and two dogs.

Claire loves to inspire people to embrace nature, connect with nature and find themselves in nature. Her love for nature began as a child. Growing up on a farm she spent a lot of her childhood running through the fields, climbing trees and building dens. She first hand experienced the benefits of being outdoors and exploring the wonders of nature. She now shares and integrates this deep love for the natural world and the natural life as well as the amazing positive effect on our health and wellbeing in her work with people. So they feel healthier, happier and the planet benefits too.

Website: Claire Victoria Photography
LinkedIn: Claire Victoria Bishop

Jun 14, 202150:07
(04) Nicolette Evans: Nature Works Wonders

(04) Nicolette Evans: Nature Works Wonders

How does nature work wonders?

In this episode I welcome Nicolette Evans. Nicolette lives in Berkshire, U.K. She has a background in archaeology and ancient history. For 15 years Nicolette has worked in communications in large and small organisations: from public relations, marketing and magazine editing to events and setting up guided tours. Nicolette is a Mental Health First Aider and a trained natural mindfulness guide. She does natural mindfulness walks, nature connection, mindful nature photography and essential oils as well.

In her mindful nature walks Nicolette brings and corporates ‘forest bathing’ sessions in woods, forests and green spaces around Berkshire. She loves guiding people on ways to reconnect with the healing power of ‘being in nature’ to boost their mental and physical health. By using gentle nature-based activities and uplifting essential oils, these one to two hour-long sessions will give people tools to feel reinvigorated, more resilient and relaxed.

Her values are connection, creativity and freedom, which she uses in these sessions to bring people together. Nicolette loves seeing people grow in confidence, making new friends and sharing or learning new skills.

In our episode we talk about why we need nature, what happens when we're outdoor, how we can use modern technology to enhance nature connectedness and why making a pause is rewarding.

Website: Nature Works Wonder

Linkedin: Nicolette Evans

Jun 07, 202147:37
(03) Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh: Grow Your Mind, Grow Your Life

(03) Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh: Grow Your Mind, Grow Your Life

How do you grow your mind and life?

In this episode I welcome Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh, PhD research scientist, certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, life coach, author and global speaker. We talk about the impact of our mindset, mindfulness, the benefits of looking up from the screen from time to time and why she has written her new book.

At a crossroads in her personal and professional life, Dr. Narjes encountered meditation and the science of the mind and has spent the past ten years studying both to create a unique model for achieving a happy and stress-free life. Bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, her innovative strategies and unique teaching style promote peace and positivity in mind, and clarity, focus, and greater success in life. Dr. Narjes is the creator of the G.R.O.W. program and several breakthrough concepts such as Mindful Distraction, Describe the Moment, and Design Your Best Future.

Dr. Narjes has been featured in several international magazines on wellness and personal growth, including LifePositive magazine in India, LivingNow magazine in Australia, and HealPreneur magazine in the US.

Her work has touched thousands of lives around the world. In her programs, workshops, online courses, and private coaching, she helps individuals and employees of companies train their mind to increase their focus, inner peace, and productivity to unlock their highest potential and live their best life.

Her mission is to empower every person with science-based wisdom and practical tools to create a life of happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Website: Dr. Narjes
Book: Grow your Mind, Grow your Life: 7 Simple Strategies to Increase Focus, Heal Your Pain, and Unlock Your Best Life

May 31, 202150:29
(02) Semaj Rramal Crawford: Healing Yourself and Allowing Change

(02) Semaj Rramal Crawford: Healing Yourself and Allowing Change

How much healing and change do you allow yourself?

In this episode I welcome Semaj Rramal Crawford. Semaj lives in Fort Wayne, U.S. state of Indiana, and has over 40 years of experience as a holistic healer and coach. He is a licensed massage therapist and a certified Life Coach in Strategic Interventions, having been trained and certified through the Robbins-Madanes Coaching. He is also the “The Man on top of the Mountain” which you can find on YouTube and the author of the book, “The “C” Word”, a book that will challenge your old thought patterns and help you discover a new way of thinking.

From his years of experience and learning he founded the MBS Balancing System, a system that works with the natural connections of the mind, body and spirit, and helps people find relief from chronic and long-term pain. On the way, they also find freedom in their body and mind that allows them to feel more valuable and productive.

In our episode we talk about what healing really means, the law of allowance, gratitude, simple mindsets, perception, the impact of our wording as well as why we need to go out in nature. 

Semaj Rramal Crawford, MBS Balancing System
Youtube: The Man on top of the Mountain
Book, The “C” Word

May 24, 202152:18
(01) James Allen: The Unbeatable Mind

(01) James Allen: The Unbeatable Mind

What is an unbeatable mind and what can we do to have one?

In this episode I welcome James Allen (LinkedIn: James Allen Unbeatablemind). James Allen is located in Saint Albans, England, and worked over 25 years as a commercial solicitor in the UK, spending more than half of that time as the head of legal and strategic advisor at C-suite level in international technology and supply chain logistics companies. After his redundancy he changed profession and qualified in the Unbeatable Mind System created by Mark Divine. With his vast experience in the legal industry he mainly coaches lawyers to transform themselves, access more insight and power, be more aligned with their purpose and serve the world in a larger capacity.

We talk about the Unbeatable Mind System, how we limit ourselves, the benefits of classical music and what a short walk in nature can do with us.

James Allen, Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach

May 18, 202146:45