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Pobsa’s Dharma Lounge

Pobsa’s Dharma Lounge

By Popsa Sa Frank Jude

Pobsa is one spelling of Poep Sa, a Korean term meaning "Dharma Teacher." Pobsa Frank Jude presents an occasionally irreverent but always sincere take on Buddhism... philosophy, practice, and history. Ordained in the Korean Seon (Zen) tradition, Pobsa presents an approach to Zen Buddhism he calls "Zen Naturalism", a secular religious approach eschewing all forms of supernaturalism. Most episodes will present a teaching or practice. Other episodes will involve conversation with other teachers and practitioners.
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Pobsa’s Dharma LoungeApr 24, 2023



Inspired by a conversation with some students and remembering a song from the Sex Pistols, Pobsa shares about problems and how to work with their inevitability. This episode ends with a somewhat humorous and quite telling story of the Buddha and a Brahman who sought relief from his 85 problems.

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Apr 24, 202321:47
Big Sky Mind: Opening to Choiceless Awareness
Mar 15, 202337:04
Diving Deep With Barrie Risman

Diving Deep With Barrie Risman

I think you will enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Barrie Risman as much as I did! Prompted by a Facebook post, I reached out to Barrie and she gracefully accepted my invitation to chat about some of the philosophical aspects of the Yoga Tradition(s).

Barrie is an internationally-recognized yoga teacher, public speaker, and author. Her book, Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice, is a guide for yoga teachers and continuing students to deepen, expand, and integrate the benefits of yoga in their lives. I'm pretty sure, as I make my way through her book, that I will be inviting Barrie for further exploration.

Barrie’s alignment-oriented approach to postural practice is grounded in principles of healthy, functional movement. Her events weave together the technical precision of alignment-based practice with principles of yoga philosophy distilled from decades of intensive study and made accessible and relevant to practitioners from all walks of life.

She teaches yoga around the globe through her ongoing classes, workshops, mentoring programs, and trainings, both online and in person. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and on CBC Television.

For further information about Barrie and her work:

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Feb 13, 202301:17:26
SO, What IS Mindfulness
Feb 05, 202334:28
Naikan: The Practice of Gratitude
Dec 15, 202227:38
Suffering & The End Of Suffering
Nov 16, 202212:50 or Who Carries This Corpse?
Oct 21, 202231:33
Sep 25, 202222:60
11 Samu Sunim: A Personal Reminiscence

11 Samu Sunim: A Personal Reminiscence

The Venerable Samu Sunim, a Korean Seon (Zen) Master who was my teacher, preceptor and who ordained me as a Poep Sa (Dharma Teacher) died this past August 6, 2022. In this episode, I offer a personal reminiscence. If you wish to learn more about Sunim and The Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom, please check out their website.

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Sep 05, 202219:23
Smiling to the Body
Jul 15, 202230:11
Shinzan Muhan Jose Palma: Bringing Zen to the Hispanic Community
Jun 13, 202246:02
Neo-Liberal Buddhism
May 30, 202223:03
Embrace Reality: The Five Remembrances
May 20, 202236:40
May 02, 202211:05
Is This A Religion, Or What?!
Apr 20, 202213:03
Meditation: An Introduction & Guided Practice
Apr 04, 202228:17
Right Action: Sila, The Ethical Teachings of Buddhist Yoga
Mar 21, 202216:34
Dana or The Perfection of Sharing
Mar 01, 202211:17
1. Intro to Pobsa's Dharma Lounge

1. Intro to Pobsa's Dharma Lounge

In this episode, Pobsa describes what to expect from this new podcast. He talks frankly about how all teachers present their interpretation of what it is alleged that the Buddha taught and that his perspective is informed by critical thinking, skepticism, the western philosophical traditions, and science. He presents Zen Naturalism as an aspect of the growing Religious Naturalism movement. Dharma Lounge will take a broad view of what counts as 'Dharma' and do so in a relaxed, informal way. Maybe even with a drink in hand....

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Feb 23, 202209:51