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By Portia & Nakia

TF? is a diverse social and cultural examination of pop culture, current news events, and race relations in America. Unfiltered commentary provided by fiction writers, Portia A. Cosby and Nakia R. Laushaul.
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Just the Two of Us

TF?May 01, 2021

Just the Two of Us
May 01, 202152:23
The Art of Uncoupling
Apr 15, 202101:32:13
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth I$
Apr 09, 202150:43
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Mar 26, 202145:11
Issa Birthday
Mar 18, 202101:16:30
Good Vibes Only: The Truth About Holistic Healing
Mar 11, 202145:43
TF is Wrong With Your Credit
Mar 05, 202101:08:37
TF Are You Doing With Your Money
Feb 18, 202156:23
Part II: That's What HE Said About Love, Sex & Relationships
Feb 12, 202101:22:44
Part I: That's What HE Said About Love, Sex & Relationships
Feb 12, 202101:01:29
Frenemies: How Many of Us Have Them?
Jan 29, 202101:04:51
A New F'n Day
Jan 22, 202149:01
What TF is New
Jan 15, 202101:03:42
What TF Are You Thankful For?

What TF Are You Thankful For?

In this season finale, Nakia and Portia prepare for the holidays and reflect on the many things they're thankful for. Somehow, the Gucci/Jeezy Verzuz battle and the Biden student loan debt cancelation promise make their lists. With 2020 coming to a close, they just want to overdose on holiday cheer. So, eat the turkey. Drink the wine. Put up the tree. Jingle all the bells. Do whatever makes you happy. And join the ladies for Season 2 after the new year!

Nov 26, 202001:13:02
Go TF Back to Africa

Go TF Back to Africa

They been telling us to go back to Africa since we got here. With the current climate in the United States, Nakia and Portia seriously consider a visit to the motherland and elsewhere – as long as Donald Trump and Kanye West aren’t there. Friends of the podcast, Christie and Nti, share their experiences visiting Africa and living abroad with stories full of laughter and lessons.

Nov 20, 202001:29:19
TFing Aftermath
Nov 13, 202001:02:29
Shut TF Up and Teach

Shut TF Up and Teach

Portia and Nakia discuss the $154 lesson Shonda Rhimes taught Disney / ABC. Assistant Principal in one of the largest school districts in the country, Miss Sheryl, pops in to talk about remote learning, COVID, and the educator's oath to put y'all kids first.

Don’t forget to follow TF? on IG, @podcastTF!

Oct 30, 202001:06:14
Go Ahead and Write TFing Book
Oct 23, 202001:14:47
How TF to Love a Black Woman

How TF to Love a Black Woman

Nakia and Portia discuss what love looks like for Black women in America because let’s face it, we haven’t been getting much of it.

Oct 15, 202055:21
Yes TF We Kam

Yes TF We Kam

Nakia and Portia discuss the very un-presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, how COVID is running rampant in what should be the safest house in the country--the White House. They also discuss the VP debate between, Kamala Harris, Mike Pence, and "the fly."

Oct 09, 202052:20
Breast Cancer? TF?

Breast Cancer? TF?

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Portia and Nakia discuss getting mammograms and Portia's very personal experience with breast cancer. They also welcome a friend of the podcast, Antwone Muhammad, to discuss his inspiring breast cancer survivor journey. This October, think pink and f*ck cancer.
Oct 01, 202001:02:27
Walk TF Away

Walk TF Away

Nakia and Portia discuss Cardi B filing for divorce from Offset of the Migos. They also discuss when they've had to walk TF away from toxic relationships in their personal lives and the peace it brings.

Sep 24, 202056:21
Who TF Has Time for Self-Care

Who TF Has Time for Self-Care

Portia and Nakia discuss the fires burning up and down the West Coast, praying for Aventer Gray to realize that Pastor John Gray ain’t shit, Verzuz with Auntie Gladys Knight and Auntie Patti Labelle, Tamar’s messy boyfriend David Adefeso and getting in some much needed self-care. Woo-sah.
Sep 17, 202059:15
Where TF Are Your Cousins

Where TF Are Your Cousins

Portia and Nakia discuss what the world needs now. And that's a big-ass family reunion, complete with plenty of cousins. They also give plenty of side-eye to Tim Norman of Sweetie Pie's.
Sep 10, 202039:56
Who TF? Are We

Who TF? Are We

Nakia and Portia have a moment of silence for the King of Wakanda, Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), discuss Brandy Verzuz Monica...who TF won the epic battle and let you in on starting this podcast and their personal long-distance friendship. #WakandaForever

Sep 04, 202044:39
TFing Twilight Zone

TFing Twilight Zone

Portia and Nakia discuss the exhaustion of being Black in America in 2020, the attempted murder of Jacob Blake and the subsequent protests in Kenosha.

Sep 01, 202055:06
TF is a WAP?

TF is a WAP?

Nakia and Portia discuss Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion's new song, WAP. Does WAP have a negative influence on Black girls/women in America? Or is it just music?

Aug 11, 202027:29
TF? Podcast Trailer

TF? Podcast Trailer

Welcome to TF?, a for-the-culture podcast hosted by Portia A. Cosby and Nakia R. Laushaul.

Aug 05, 202001:48