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Point Counterpoint

Point Counterpoint

By Counterpoint Media

Point Counterpoint is a podcast where host Chris Wright discusses exciting topics in long form conversation format. He covers many topics from space exploration to social media and everything in between. Exciting guests are brought in that bring in valuable insights from unique perspectives.
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#86 - Onomatopoeia as the First Words in Language Evolution?

Point CounterpointJan 09, 2022

#86 - Onomatopoeia as the First Words in Language Evolution?

#86 - Onomatopoeia as the First Words in Language Evolution?

Host Chris Wright will be exploring the origins of human language regarding onomatopoeia and word echoic bases. Could it be that all words originate from the sound that the object makes in nature?   

Point Counterpoint links:


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Additional Resources:

Borges, J. L. (1944). Pierre Menard, Autor del Quixote. Ficciones. Buenos Aires:​

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Jan 09, 202234:28
#85 - The Syntax of Tool Use
Nov 20, 202153:54
#84 - Peter Sawkins, the British Bakeoff Burgess of Edinburgh

#84 - Peter Sawkins, the British Bakeoff Burgess of Edinburgh

Peter Sawkins is the 2020 winner of the Great British Bakeoff and student at the University of Edinburgh. He has a book out now called "Peter Bakes" and has been given the title of "Honorary Burgess" of the City of Edinburgh. 

The article based on this episode can be found here:

All other links, including all the books of my guests can be found in the link below:

Nov 09, 202113:47
#83 - Squid Game and Monkey Language
Oct 16, 202127:12
#82 - Cognac and Comanches
Jun 20, 202130:03
#81 - The Return of the Graeson
Apr 13, 202146:28
#80 - Andrew Calderella on Finding the Way for Humanity
Mar 11, 202101:59:27
#79 - Luke West on Masculinity
Mar 08, 202117:39
#78 - Roland Ennos on Trees and Human Origins
Feb 17, 202101:20:41
#77 - Dan McCrory on Capitalism and Creativity
Feb 15, 202101:05:60
#76 - 2020 Won not 2021 and the Roaring 2020s 2.0
Jan 01, 202102:28
#75 - A Political Carol | When Radio Was
Dec 25, 202040:50
#74 - Bill Thompson Interview | The Host Has Become the Guest
Dec 15, 202001:01:17
#73 - Time Travel and Flash Fiction
Dec 02, 202001:01:57
#72 - Eek, A Metal Monolith! I'm Verklempt
Nov 24, 202057:33
#71 - Red Wine and JFK
Nov 18, 202054:20
#70 - Kevin the GOAT on Goats, Aliens, and North Dakota
Nov 11, 202058:30
#69 - Election Malarkey and Jorge Luis Borges
Nov 04, 202059:11
#68 - Deepfake Shenanigans and I'm Almost There
Oct 28, 202001:03:44
#67 - Mike Tyson, The Time Has Come
Oct 14, 202050:30
#66 - Zach Leary on Psychedelics and Better Living
Oct 02, 202045:10
#65 - The Nightmare That Is a Reality: But How Real Does It Seem?
Aug 26, 202044:38
#64 - A Very Artificial Podcast
Aug 16, 202002:20
#63 - What's Going on in Xinjiang?!
Aug 04, 202042:54
#62 - Language and the Fermi Paradox
Jul 15, 202001:01:17
#61 - The Ballad of Solemnity and Snakes
Jul 01, 202001:00:41
#60 - 2020 Is A Bad Trip
Jun 03, 202033:33
#59 - Consciousness and The Music of Now

#59 - Consciousness and The Music of Now

Host Chris Wright has some cool topics. He talks about music from India and plays a sample. He wishes the late Israel Kamakawiwoʻole a happy 61st birthday. He tells the old tale of the Sapsorrow and discusses consciousness. 

May 21, 202039:50
#58 - The Anthropic Principle and The Tale of Three
May 14, 202034:39
#57 - The Tragic Tale of Lady Jane Grey
Apr 30, 202001:03:17
#56 - The Beatles and Alabama Song Origins
Apr 16, 202041:02
#55 - A Distraction from Corona and Intelligent Economies
Apr 09, 202051:52
#54 - Lord Fleming and the Weeping Willow: The Last Stand

#54 - Lord Fleming and the Weeping Willow: The Last Stand

Host Chris Wright brings on roommate Nico Lovichi from France as a guest on the show. He is the host of the amazing podcast ¡Choúkrüt! Together, they comprise the singer-songwriter duo, Lord Fleming and the Weeping Willow. This is the concert that you always wanted, but never got! The two play songs on the guitar and ukulele and also discuss the significance of these songs, as well as their personal experiences with some of these songs. Some of the original songs are making their first public appearance on this episode of the podcast. They also dedicate their songs to some other international students such as Tommy Markovic (Austria), Johana Hidalgo (Venezuela), Kaja Burdová (Czech Republic), Lisa Terwer (Germany), and Patricie Woloszcuková (Czech Republic).

Mar 20, 202001:46:58
#53 - Alien Encounters and.... The Proof?
Mar 13, 202054:58
#52 - Ulysses S. Grant and Answering Your Questions

#52 - Ulysses S. Grant and Answering Your Questions

Host Chris Wright kicks off the episode by answering some fan questions. They ranged from dead presidents, to animals, to woodchucks, to 3D-printing, to Joe Biden, to Roque de la Fuente. He also explains why standing is better than sitting (when referring to the health implications of a sedentary lifestyle). He talks about how we never truly see ourselves. Chris also mentions how podcasting helps one truly know themselves by listening to their own voice. He also tells a story from Joey Diaz's podcast. The scientific article was about human "photosynthesis." 

Mar 06, 202052:41
March 1, 2020

March 1, 2020

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Mar 01, 202000:60
#51 - Honey Badgers and Music For Your Cells

#51 - Honey Badgers and Music For Your Cells

Host Chris Wright celebrates National Kahlúa Day by starting out with a throwback to some of his old YouTube videos (even the cringy ones). He also discusses the significance of the spiritual "Ain't Got Time to Die" and its history to honor Black History Month. He also looks at a journal article on the effects of music (and sound in general) on a cellular level, as in the vibrations affecting the cells. He discuss how honey badgers are badasses, as are Chimps (in true Rogan style). He also discusses a past MMA/UFC fight that he watched between Matt Mitrione and Sergei Kharitonov (Mitrione kicked the Russian in the nuts and it was hard to watch). He also plays the classic Schubert piece, "The Trout."

Feb 28, 202055:25
#50 - Fiftieth Anniversary Spectacular

#50 - Fiftieth Anniversary Spectacular

Host Chris Wright brings on some exciting guests to make the show extra awesome. Michael House comes on the show again. Graeson Korte decides to make his grand return to the show, for the first time since last spring. They are also joined by a mystery guest. He is called many names, including: Elton Jagger, Chase, Joe Schmoe, John Doe, John Smith, and Lucas. They talk about a myriad of topics including handpans, famous last words, crocodilian zen, and national anthems (particularly those of Canada, the United States, and Iceland). A couple of great quotes are mentioned as well as an interesting moral dilemma posited by Michael (the quantum version of the trolley dilemma). Graeson also goes on a tangent about Halo. 

Feb 21, 202001:00:25
#49 - Antimatter and Frozen II

#49 - Antimatter and Frozen II

Host Chris Wright dives into some pretty awesome topics this week, as he is returning to KUST for the first time since the last decade (2019). He talks about a 2016 performance by Bemidji Vocalmotive, as well as some interesting memes on YouTube. He plays a good "Let it Go" meme from "Frozen". A "Frozen II" joke was made at the Oscar's which then killed itself, unlike Jeffrey Epstein who obviously did not kill himself. As part of his new segment, "Journal Club," he also reads part of a scientific article on Antimatter propulsion for the purposes of space exploration. 

Feb 14, 202057:06
#48 - Maui and Humpback Whales

#48 - Maui and Humpback Whales

Host Chris Wright records another episode on the beautiful island of Maui. As part of a class studying humpback whales this J-Term, he is helping research efforts with the Pacific Whale Foundation. He has lots going on in this episode, so don't miss it!

Jan 18, 202047:19
#47 - Ricky Gervais, Whiskey, and a Guitar

#47 - Ricky Gervais, Whiskey, and a Guitar

Host Chris Wright kicks off the New Year with some fun stuff. He plays music on the guitar. He reviews "Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker." He analyzes Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes monologue. He also points out the distinction between whiskey tasting and drinking. The Roaring Twenties 2.0 are going to be a fun decade, especially 2020. Also, all of the month of April this year will be 4/20. Also, check out the awesome podcast ¡Choúkrüt!

Jan 08, 202001:00:11
#46 - The Roaring Twenties and Meditation

#46 - The Roaring Twenties and Meditation

Host Chris Wright starts out by talking about his plan to improve the campus. He gets into some news and eventually into some fun music. He also mentions that this is the last episode, not only of this year, but of this decade. Soon it will be the Roaring Twenties 2.0 . He also talks about the Waking Up app and how it's free for the rest of the year. Then he does a guided meditation and some singing to wrap it all up.

Dec 19, 201901:04:44
#45 - Jaw Harps and a Puppy with Amnesia

#45 - Jaw Harps and a Puppy with Amnesia

Host Chris Wright talks about an instrument he plays called the "jaw harp" (or "Jew's harp"). He also says what he would do if he were president of the university, he mentions a spiritual/religious teacher Eckhart Tolle and explains his views. Then a puppy from the 1980s is mentioned that had a hard life and had dissociative amnesia due to her traumatic experiences and embarrassing incontinence. She became a prostitute and after being rescued from the streets, her story was finally pieced together. He also looks for a long forgotton, though popular song that can no longer be found (on YouTube) anymore. As per usual, singing is involved. Make sure to check out the awesome podcast: ¡Choúkrüt!

Dec 12, 201901:08:20
#44 - AI Music and Pompeii Graffiti

#44 - AI Music and Pompeii Graffiti

Host Chris Wright starts off the day with some talk of the clinical benefits of many hallucinogenic compounds (DMT, LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, ayahuasca, mescaline, peyote, quechua, THC). He then talks about how artificial intelligence can make music and art even better than we can using algorithms. Is this okay? Plenty of examples are given, including Frédéric Chopin and a reference to South Park. He briefly discusses the way ideas spread online and the way gift giving SHOULD be done (not really). He also mentions the fabulous "klein bottle." Make sure to check out the awesome podcast: ¡Choúkrüt!

Dec 04, 201901:07:27
#43 - Life Is Good and We Just Suck
Nov 21, 201901:01:46
#42 - Voodoo and Music

#42 - Voodoo and Music

Host Chris Wright arrives late to the show, but quickly gets the ball rolling with some talk about voodoo and an interesting hypothetical [question]. He also expands more on a previous topic of preference falsification in regards to online extremism. As per usual, he sings and plays some music (part of which is funny).

Nov 13, 201941:06
#41 - J Scott Christianson on Artificial Intelligence and Technology
Nov 10, 201946:51
#40 - Dr. Lunide Louis, Meditation, and Improving Your Life
Nov 08, 201950:01
#39 - Panpsychism and The Mandela Effect

#39 - Panpsychism and The Mandela Effect

Host Chris Wright has a fun episode that includes some of our generation's hottest songs. Chris even sings some of them. He explains panpsychism as a philosophical idea and educates people on some ideas in the world of quantum physics. He also describes a recent experience involving the Mandela Effect. Make sure to check out the hot new podcast ¡Choúkrüt!

Nov 07, 201901:14:26
#38 - Russian Lullaby and Genetic Engineering

#38 - Russian Lullaby and Genetic Engineering

Host Chris Wright is going on a magical journey of wonder through the world of podcasting. He first analyzes the jazz standard "Russian Lullaby" by Irving Berlin and its important social and cultural significance. He also compares and contrasts the eugenics movement to contemporary genetic engineering and explains why the two are not the same. Then he asks the question "are we living in the Truman Show?". As per usual, there is some singing as well!

Oct 30, 201959:04
#37 - Mark Whitney Guest Stars | 2020 Presidential Candidate
Oct 26, 201901:01:24
#36 - Rugby and Evolution of Dance
Oct 23, 201901:04:49
#35 - Robert Burns and Moral Dilemmas
Oct 16, 201901:01:50
#34 - Pigeons and Entropy
Oct 09, 201958:46
#33 - Harry Guiremand Interview and Circumcision
Oct 03, 201927:30
#32 - A Fresh Start and Guy Noir

#32 - A Fresh Start and Guy Noir

Host Chris Wright is at it again with Season 2 of Point Counterpoint. He talks about comedy, deer, some crazy news, and the "Storm Area 51" movement. He prepares for the next episode where he will interview Harry Guiremand from the "Bloodstained Men" organization which opposes circumcision.

Oct 02, 201901:08:22
#31 - Best of Point Counterpoint and Highlights

#31 - Best of Point Counterpoint and Highlights

Host Chris Wright takes you on a magical journey through the halls of Point Counterpoint. He brings out some ancient archives from episodes gone by and makes sure that you are ready for the coming of season two. Buckle your seatbelts. It ain't over yet kid.

Sep 15, 201905:48
#30 - Nature, Greenland, and Tulsi Gabbard

#30 - Nature, Greenland, and Tulsi Gabbard

Host Chris Wright comes in with the last episode of the summer and some great new content. He discusses some hot new issues that everyone is talking about. From Greenland to Tulsi Gabbard and "A Prairie Home Companion," Chris has some fun content for viewers from every walk of life. Also Podcoin is a great way to get paid to listen to podcasts.
Aug 28, 201925:34
#29 - Nature and Portals

#29 - Nature and Portals

Host Chris Wright brings to you what may be the best episode (in his opinion). He talks about portals (the topic of Eric Weinstein's podcast), goals in works of literature compared to the real world, good and evil in literature, and a little science. He talks about Jeffrey Epstein and pays tribute to "A Prairie Home Companion." He also plays some music and mentions why Podcoin is the best way to listen to podcasts since it pays you to do so.
Aug 15, 201934:59
#28 - Nature and Guided Meditation

#28 - Nature and Guided Meditation

Host Chris Wright starts out with a brief guided meditation to increase and practice mindfulness and help create a greater awareness of one's own consciousness. He also talks about interesting ideas such as whether various elements in our society (which seem arbitrary) are truly necessary. He discusses the importance of mindfulness and gives a shoutout to Sam Harris' app awesome meditation app "Waking Up." He also gives credit to Podcoin, the greatest way to listen to podcasts of all time.
Aug 02, 201931:33
#27 - Nature and Neuralink

#27 - Nature and Neuralink

Host Chris Wright brings another great episode to you. He talks about topics such as the White-Tail Deer population, revolvers, and a new knife he got a while ago, but forget to mention a couple episodes back. He also talks about some news stories including Elon Musk's company "Neuralink." The idea is that we will be connecting human brains to computers in order to ensure that artificial intelligence does not develop goals that are in direct opposition to our own. One solution to the coming of artificial intelligence? Universal Basic Income. This show can be watched on Podcoin.
Jul 18, 201931:37
#26 Nature and Looking for Answers

#26 Nature and Looking for Answers

Host Chris Wright brings you on a deep journey through the wisdom taught in "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse. He also discusses Little Shop of Horrors, the new movie "Yesterday" and a Beatles song. Podcoin is also mentioned as the top place to listen to podcasts of all time. Listen, to make sure you hear all the great stuff in this episode. It also features some catchy background music!
Jul 12, 201924:52
#25 - Nature and Mindfulness

#25 - Nature and Mindfulness

Host Chris Wright has another very interesting episode where he starts off with some poetry reading and discussion. He gets into mindfulness and how to get in touch with the inner self as well. He then has a brief meditation session where he becomes the instructor and gives a little homework to meditate better. He also talks a little bit about Podcoin. Once again, he is podcasting outdoors in nature.
Jul 02, 201932:57
#24 - Nature and Memes

#24 - Nature and Memes

Host Chris Wright is at it again with another episode of "Podcasting in Nature." The sound quality is much better as he has found a way to drastically reduce the wind noise with a simple DIY (do-it-yourself) fix. He talks about memes, a new podcasting app (the Podcoin app), social media, mental illness, and nature. He also reads from some historical events from this day in history as well as some quotes. Chris also sings a couple of fun songs.
Jun 22, 201935:31
#23 - Nature and Pareto Distributions

#23 - Nature and Pareto Distributions

Host Chris Wright, for the first time in the podcast's history, records the show outside with a new microphone. He apologizes for some of the annoying noises caused by the wind. He sings a summer song, discusses Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment," and explains Pareto Distributions. As per usual, he says a quote to ponder on, and talks about some things in nature. He also discusses some things going on in his own life.
Jun 13, 201922:42
#22 - Musical Season Finale and Canada

#22 - Musical Season Finale and Canada

Host Chris Wright and guest co-host Michael House have another fun episode to conclude Season 1 of Point Counterpoint, musical style.  Graeson Korte drops in for a little while for fun and merriment. Chris plays the harmonica and they all show off their singing abilities.

May 22, 201901:07:24
#21 - Mushrooms and Songs

#21 - Mushrooms and Songs

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte are back at it as they watch and/or listen to some of the greatest songs ever created. From sad songs, to bangers, to remixes, Point Counterpoint has 'em all. Chris also brings up some news stories before Graeson shows up, particularly the fact that Denver will soon decriminalize psilocybin (magic mushrooms a.k.a. "shrooms"). They also watch some classic adverts (advertisements in Britain) and have great discussions about the songs they listen to. Fun and music abound on Point Counterpoint.

May 07, 201952:55
#20 - Sports and Star Wars

#20 - Sports and Star Wars

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte are back at it with another episode. Graeson was on time for the first time in a while which was a little off-putting. They handle heavy topics such as what a sport is, whether "e-sports" are sports, and whether the new Star Wars movies are any good. Chris' new fish "Bob Newhart" died because his older fish "Lenny Bruce" was a little too dominant. Graeson goes on a rant about how Star Wars has been ruined via the new movies. Make sure to see the next two episodes which will feature a fake news episode where they will spew false pieces of information. The season finale will be a musical as there will be no speaking and only singing. Make sure you keep watching the show and showing your support. If you don't eventually it'll be me in lingerie doing stuff. WEIRD STUFF. And I don't mean the kind of stuff that's FCC okay when you pitch it to writers and say "is this weird enough, but kinda weird, okay for TV?"  I'm talking about INTERNET DARK CORNER WEIRD STUFF. So just become a regular listen already!

Apr 30, 201954:10
#19 - Elon Musk and a Technological Future

#19 - Elon Musk and a Technological Future

Co-host Chris Wright, with just a tiny bit of help from co-host Graeson Korte, brings another awesome show that's sure to inspire millions of people. Crazy news stories are discussed to keep the audience informed and Elon Musk somehow makes it into the episode to add another layer of depth. This leads to some interesting talking points. Chris got a new fish named "Bob Newhart" to befriend his other fish "Lenny Bruce". It certainly was a swagalicious episode.

Apr 24, 201952:38
#18 - Virtue and Riddles

#18 - Virtue and Riddles

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte are making another episode in which Graeson puts forth no effort and Chris does all the heavy-lifting. Chris starts the ball rolling with some really good riddles that Graeson does a pretty good job at. They discuss whether a man who lives along in the woods can be virtuous or whether to be virtuous requires the presence of other people. Chris  is schooled in the game of Minesweeper because he generally prefers to trouble himself with more important issues, like stand-up comedy (he did an open-mic last Friday). The so-called "Mystery Bus" (inappropriately named as there was no mystery), is discussed as it had recently gone to Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America.

Apr 16, 201952:14
#17 - Internet Hierarchies and Poetry

#17 - Internet Hierarchies and Poetry

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte make another episode of your favorite podcast of all time. Chris is alone for most of it and does most of the talking. He talks about what the internet is and what its future will be (in an evolutionary sense).  He also brings up the modern engineering marvel of herbal cough drops from Ricola® (not sponsored). Chris will probably do an open-mic this coming week and he shares one of the jokes he will be performing. Chris also reads a poem in a Scottish accent. Graeson did a fine job too by the way.

Apr 10, 201957:29
#16 - Music and a Surprise Guest

#16 - Music and a Surprise Guest

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte have possibly their most fun-filled episodes ever. Graeson was late thought, but it didn't matter. We were joined by two surprise guests, Tina O' Malley, and Justin Amaker. We play a couple of fun games plus we sing some great songs. We pay homage to the great and powerful god, Harambe, in Elon Musk's latest song "RIP Harambe". Fish and different accents in the English language are also discussed.

Apr 03, 201954:20
#15 - Halo and George H. W. Bush

#15 - Halo and George H. W. Bush

Co-host Chris Wright once again has to cover for co-host Graeson who ran late again. Graeson has his longest and most intolerable speech about Halo (and the future of the franchise) yet and Chris tries to lighten it up with more light-hearted discussion. Chris tries talking about extremely old video games (Pong, Winky Dink), and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (as opposed to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). He also tried dropping a beat to Graeson's rant to at least make it musical. He finally resorted to singing some classic songs.

Mar 20, 201953:30
#14 - Virtual Reality and Comedy

#14 - Virtual Reality and Comedy

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte have got a banger of an episode this week. Graeson was late and unfortunately missed the bitching introduction of the show that Chris commenced. But that didn't stop him from talking about his favorite space franchise, Halo ®. Chris will not be performing stand-up on Friday because of "Dueling Pianos". Graeson rants about Apple and virtual reality. Chris brings up a news story involving a boyfriend meeting his girlfriend's parents and discovering that he had slept with her dad previously. As per usual, Chris tries to stay hip, down with the times, and really doing what the kids is up to these days. Graeson is having none of that and puts a stop to it.

Mar 13, 201952:52
#13 - Free Will and Mardi Gras

#13 - Free Will and Mardi Gras

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte explore some new topics in this episode. Chris presents arguments both for and against free will (as Graeson ignored him and did "more important" things in the background). The two also celebrate International Women's day. Chris was going to read a few lines from the "Vagina Monologues," but Graeson thought that would be a bad idea. Chris also thought of a great idea for a psychology experiment based on the old phrase "if you don't know-teach". Chris recently got into some research regarding the so-called "Mandela Effect" and went about disproving it. It's based on the idea that some people have the false memory of remembering that Nelson Mandela died during his imprisonment despite the fact that he became president of South Africa years later. The pseudoscience explanation is that a parallel universe (one where he did die in prison), has collided with our own and left that memory with some people. There are other examples of this conspiracy such as the Berenstain Bears. Chris' fish, Lenny Bruce, is now a Satan worshiper. The guys honor many holidays including Mardi Gras, Carnival, International Women's Day, and Ash Wednesday.

Mar 06, 201955:50
#12 - The Blues and Multilingual Comedy

#12 - The Blues and Multilingual Comedy

Co-hosts Chris Wright and Graeson Korte dive into fascinating topics yet again. What kind of video games are the best? Is Chris able to explain the joke that he came up with completely in Spanish? (Answer: yes) What is the least funny country? (Answer: inconclusive but the poll done on it was completely wrong) What is the proper way to pronounce "coupon". Graeson decided that his prior time commitments were more important and left in the middle of the show, leaving Chris with the job of keeping the show going. Now Chris has the podcasting blues. Luckily he takes advantage of this and plans to create a new blues album. One question still remains unanswered though: will Chris create a completely new podcast? 

Feb 27, 201949:23
#11 - MMA and Brexit

#11 - MMA and Brexit

Host Chris Wright has to single-handedly host this episode because Graeson Korte was unable to make it because he was "busy". Chris goes into a whole lot of issues such as recent MMA news, and a couple of TV shows. Some news issues are covered including Belarus possible merging with Russia, Brexit, and the European. Out of fairness, he tried to show both sides of the issues. He also was required to delve into some historical context to explain some things. He now has a fish named "Lenny Bruce" after the foul-mouth comedian who was arrested for obscenity. This ties into a wild and crazy dream that he had the night before. School clubs are also covered as well as a myriad of other issues.

Feb 20, 201950:01
#10 - Cannibalism and Tattoos
Feb 13, 201956:18
#9 - Christmas Special
Dec 20, 201856:12
#8 - Pigeons and Curling
Dec 13, 201853:49
#7 - The Milgram Experiment and Quora
Dec 06, 201854:22
#6 - Evolution and Menthol
Nov 29, 201857:13
#5 - Hypnosis and Reincarnation
Nov 15, 201852:00
#4 - Artificial Intelligence and Elections.
Nov 08, 201851:25
#3 - Halloween Spooktacular
Nov 01, 201839:60
#2 - Conspiracy Theories and Meditation
Oct 25, 201846:27
#1 - The International Space Station and Scotland
Oct 22, 201851:04